Now with help from a new team member, the Xiaolin Dragons-in-training return to fight the ever-growing Heylin side as well as find and protect more of the supernatural ancient artifacts known as the Shen-Gong-Wu. Add to my shows

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season 1

Drawn to Be Evil 01x20
Chase Lays an Egg 01x19
Super Cow Patty 01x18
Mi Temple, Mi Casa 01x17
The Mask of the Green Monkey 01x16
When the Mask of the Green Monkey surfaces, Omi ignores everyone's advice and insists on going after the mysterious object.
Rocco 01x15
Heal Me 01x14
Heylin Within 01x13
Tigress Woo 01x12
Planet of the Dragons 01x11
A mysterious mini-dragon arrives from the future causing Dojo to accidentally disappear. The Xiaolin Monks travel forward in time to rescue him, only to find that Dojo has become King of the Dragon Planet, where dragons rule and humans are kept as pets.
Princess Kaila of the Thousand Layer Mountain 01x10
Chase launches an all out attack on the Xiaolin Monks turning everyone except Omi into Cat Warriors. To save his friends, Omi must travel back in time to find Grand Master Dashi for advice.
Xiaolin Redemption 01x09
The heroes must escort the dangerous, slippery half-man, half-reptilian Salvador Cumo to prison. Along the journey, Raimundo winds up falling prey to Salvador's charm and childhood stories, which puts the Monks' lives and mission at risk.
Out of Ping Pong's Mind 01x08
Chase Young grows wary of Ping Pong's power. To destroy him, Chase uses Ping Pong's own mind as a trap, literally.
Laws of Nature 01x07
Chase Young discovers a weak link in the ecological order that, if manipulated properly, will cause a domino effect of cataclysmic destruction. Meanwhile, Jack's mishaps causes Chase's evil plan to backfire.
Magic Stallion and the Wild Wild West 01x06
Clay leads the Xiaolin Monks on a Wild West adventure, saving his Grandpappy's cattle from being turned into a casualty of Jack's latest evil scientific experiment.
Tokyo Madness 01x05
Kimiko must save the day by going inside Digital Tokyo, a virtual world built by her father to battle a giant cyber worm.
Buddy Blue Ray & the Golden Bunnies 01x04
Dojo dreams about the mysterious dancing bunnies, which lead to the Golden Bunny - a mystical talisman hidden amongst the giant bunnies in an ancient citadel. The Monks must do what it takes to find and protect the sacred object, while keeping the giant bunnies at bay or they will mutate into beastly creatures and destroy the village.
The Fall of Xiaolin 01x03
When Willow uses her charms on all the boys in the temple, Kimiko becomes even more suspicious and she eventually discovers Willow's secret double identity as Shadow. Meanwhile, Chase Young captures Ping Pong and takes revenge on Xiaolin, destroying the temple.
A Girl Named Willow 01x02
Willow and Ping Pong compete for the Xiaolin Apprentice top spot, as well as for Omi's attention. Meanwhile, Kimiko grows suspicious of Willow's motives.
New Monk on the Block 01x01
Omi takes newcomer Ping Pong on as his protégé, but eventually grows jealous of Ping Pong when he becomes everyone's favorite. This causes a rift between the Monks, further complicated by the arrival of a beautiful new candidate.

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