This weekly reality-docu looks at the lives and concerns of MTV's viewers. The series includes a diverse mix of fun reports on pop cultural trends, hard hitting pieces on breaking news issues, and continued coverage on matters relating to health, sex, spirituality, sex, money, drugs, and sex as well. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Save My Teen Marriage 17x15
I'm Having Second Thoughts 17x14
The show features two young men who are at a crossroads as they second guess the life paths they have decided to take.
I Hate My Butt 17x13
My Parents Love Their Weed 17x12
With marijuana becoming legalized across America, parents are becoming more open with their use of the substance.
True Life: Update Show 17x11
Get an update on the latest True Life.
I'm the Black Sheep 2 17x10
Young women feel shunned by their families, and find themselves forced to live with their disapproval.
I Have Epilepsy 17x09
Two young women suffering from epilepsy are struggling mightily to get their symptoms under control.
I'm Obsessed With Staying Young 17x08
Meet two young people who are putting their health and relationships on the line in their quest to look like teenagers forever.
I Have Pushy Parents 17x07
A couple of young men fin it hard to break free of the controlling nature of their parents so that they can lead their own lives.
I'm Being Slut Shammed 17x06
These girls are tired of being shamed for their appearance.

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