Meet the "Total Drama All-Stars", 14 of your favorite contestants from past seasons facing off in the most dangerous, disgusting, dramatic challenges yet. See what's going on with Alejandro, Cameron, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Lindsay, Mike, Sam, Scott, Sierra and Zoey, and watch the drama unfold. Some of them are meeting for the first time, while others will rediscover old relationships and rivalries. Return to Camp Wawanakwa and watch as Chris and Chef put these contestants through the ringer as they compete for the one million dollar prize. It's an epic battle of good vs. evil as the Heroic Hamsters face off against the Villainous Vultures. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will simply lose their lunch? Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Final Wrech-ening 01x13
Zoey believes she will not see Mike again; Mal and Zoey face off in a final challenge.
The Bold and the Booty-Ful 01x12
Mike's alter ego hinders the team's chances of making it to the Grand Finale.
Sundae Muddy Sundae 01x11
The final five All-Stars search for ingredients for the ultimate sundae.
The Obsta-Kill Course 01x10
Alejandro has an important warning to share with the other contestants, but will he get the chance to tell them? Watch more Total Drama on Cartoon Network!
Zeek and Ye Shall Find 01x09
Chris is kidnapped by Ezekiel.
You Regatta Be Kidding Me 01x08
Complications arise during a boat race; Zoey rescues Mike from himself; and Duncan schemes.
Suckers Punched 01x07
A boxing match pits one of the all-stars against his arch nemesis and two best friends against each other.
No Eggspects the Spanish Opposition 01x06
The teams have an egg hunt in the Fun Zone on Boney Island; Cameron and Gwen bond; Heather and Alejandro team up; Zoey doubts her faith in Mike.
Moon Madness 01x05
Wildlife is altered by a blue harvest moon; Heather and Alejandro lock horns; Cameron dodges Sierra's affections; Gwen is homesick.
Food Fright 01x04

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