The Young and the Restless revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. The lives and loves of a wide variety of characters mingle through the generations, dominated by the Newman, Abbott, Chancellor, Baldwin and Winters families. ­ When The Young and the Restless premiered in 1973, it revolutionized the daytime drama. It continues to set the standard with strong characters, socially conscious storylines, romance and sensuality. Add to my shows

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Ep. #12128 2021x108

season 39

Episode 9869 - Friday, March 23, 2012 39x254
Episode 9868 - Thursday, March 22, 2012 39x253
Episode 9867 - Wednesday, March 21, 2012 39x252
Episode 9866 - Tuesday, March 20, 2012 39x251
Episode 9865 - Monday, March 19, 2012 39x250
Episode 9864 - Wednesday, March 14, 2012 39x249
Episode 9863 - Tuesday, March 13, 2012 39x248
Episode 9862 - Monday, March 12, 2012 39x247
Episode 9861 - Friday, March 9, 2012 39x246
Episode 9860 - Thursday, March 8, 2012 39x245
Episode 9859 - Wednesday, March 7, 2012 39x244
Episode 9858 - Tuesday, March 6, 2012 39x243
Episode 9857 - Monday, March 5, 2012 39x242
Episode 9856 - Friday, March 2, 2012 39x241
Episode 9855 - Thursday, March 1, 2012 39x240
Episode 9854 - Wednesday, February 29, 2012 39x239
Episode 9853 - Tuesday, February 28, 2012 39x238
Episode 9852 - Monday, February 27, 2012 39x237
Episode 9851 - Friday, February 24, 2012 39x236
Episode 9850 - Thursday, February 23, 2012 39x235
Episode 9849 - Wednesday, February 22, 2012 39x234
Episode 9848 - Tuesday, February 21, 2012 39x233
Episode 9847 - Monday, February 20, 2012 39x232
Episode 9846 - Friday, February 17, 2012 39x231
Episode 9845 - Thursday, February 16, 2012 39x230
Episode 9844 - Wednesday, February 15, 2012 39x229
Episode 9843 - Tuesday, February 14, 2012 39x228
Episode 9842 - Monday, February 13, 2012 39x227
Episode 9841 - Friday, February 10, 2012 39x226
Episode 9840 - Thursday, February 9, 2012 39x225
Episode 9839 - Wednesday, February 8, 2012 39x224
Episode 9838 - Tuesday, February 7, 2012 39x223
Episode 9837 - Monday, February 6, 2012 39x222
Episode 9836 - Friday, February 3, 2012 39x221
Episode 9835 - Thursday, February 2, 2012 39x220
Episode 9834 - Wednesday, February 1, 2012 39x219
Episode 9833 - Tuesday, January 31, 2012 39x218
Ep. #9832 39x217
Victor gives Sharon the annulment papers. Adam ends up taking Patty's gun from her and when they argue she throws some chemicals in his eyes. Sharon finds Adam in the shed unable to see. Nikki that Jack learn from Victor and Gen bought Beauty of Nature. Jack realizes that Gen is behind FMN. Cane confronts him mother about betraying Jack. Gen decides she can't go through with marrying Jack and sends him a letter to the church. Patty decides to take Gen's place after finding the letter. Deacon informs Ronan and Paul about a strange woman in the park and Paul works out it was Patty. Tucker runs into Emily and says he can't believe he's seeing her twice in one day. When Jack lifts his bride's veil and everyone is shocked. He thinks it is Emily, but she declares that she is actually Patty and she shoots him.
Ep. #9831 39x216
Another secret trip to the Abbott house is made by Patty. Victor's actions shock Adam.
Ep. #9830 39x215
Two marriages end up being annulled. Jill sees Jeffrey. Kevin is helped by Angelina.
Ep. #9829 39x214
The tension between the murder suspects increases. Deacon remembers the night of the murder.
Ep. #9828 39x213
Victor wants to know where Sharon has been. Adam is told by a policeman that he needs to come with him. Ronan gets the suspects in Diane's murder case together and says they may not have killed Diane, but they did their damndest to stop him from finding out who has. Sharon ends up turning to Avery for assistance. Paul demands some answers from Myrna.
Ep. #9827 39x212
Sharon is about to convince Adam that she's telling the truth and they make love. Abby returns to Genoa City and she confronts Walsh about tormenting her family. Summer wants to see her parents getting back together. After Nikki and Victor are reunited they make love. Michael and Tucker end up realizing that something's gone wrong after the deadline passes and Adam fails to make contact. Adam promises that he will protect Sharon. Michael has to tell Victor that Adam didn't call Tucker and Beauty of Nature was sold to the highest bidder. Genevieve learns that’s she is the new owner of Beauty of Nature.
Ep. #9826 39x211
Sharon feels caught ilike she is caught between Victor and Adam. Nicholas doesn't understand his father's decision. Jack wonders where Genevieve is getting her money from.
Ep. #9825 39x210
Adam ends up coming out on top following a secret ballot vote. Nikki starts to become suspicious of Chelsea. Nicholas and Phyllis end up making amends.
Ep. #9824 39x209
Devon is not sure about Tucker's motivations. Eden has questions to ask about Chloe. Angelina wants to be honest.
Ep. #9823 39x208
Jack asks Ashley and Genevieve if they are ganging up against him. Genevivie informs Jack they're just staging a friendly little intervention. After Walsh asks Nikki if she paid Deacon to create the footage, she says no. Michael accuses Walsh of fishing for information. Adam wants to know if he and Tucker have deal or not.
Ep. #9822 39x207
Adam and Nick argue about Sharon marrying their father. Sharon and Nikki clash over Victor. Billy and Victoria are offered some advise from Michael regarding Chelsea's baby. After Chelsea orders herself a beer, Billy and Victoria decide that she should move in with them. Nikk ends up turning herself in. Michael informs Victor that Nikki killed Diane in self-defense. Sharon wonders if she is doing the right thing. Adam watches Sharon and Faith as they sleep at the ranch.
Ep. #9821 39x206
Diane's real killer is finally revealed. Victor and Sharon continue with the plan to get married. The deal between Adam and Tucker isn't above board.
Ep. #9820 39x205
Nikki issues a warning to Deacon. Angelina and Kevin end up receiving a request. A trap is set for Deacon.
Ep. #9819 39x204
An intruder is discovered by Kevin and Angelina. Nikki discovers some evidence against Deacon. Ronan looks for information about a lover Diane could have been secretly seeing.
Ep. #9818 39x203
Katherine decides to try and persuade Neil to return to work. Cane joins Lily in a booth at Jimmy's. Victoria and Billy come to a decision regarding his baby.
Ep. #9817 39x202
Chelsea argues with Billy and Victoria after they learn the results of the DNA test. Michael thinks that Phyllis has made a mistake going up against Victor. Billy wants Chelsea to be honest with him about what really happened between. Billy manages to get Chelsea admitting on tape that she seduced him. Nicholas goes to see Adam in jail. Adam says he'll sell Beauty of Nature. Adam learns from his father that he is going to marry Sharon tomorrow. Nicholas isn't happy when he hears the news. Deacon deletes some files from his computer after he sees Nikki looking at it.
Ep. #9816 39x201
Victoria and Billy receive the DNA test results. The judge comes to a decision. Adam wants the restraining order on him removed.
Ep. #9815 39x200
Patty puts Genevieve's life is in danger. There is something Ricky wants from Phyllis. Two Genoa City residents end up facing off in the courtroom.
Ep. #9814 39x199
Chelsea causes probelms at Jimmy's Bar. After drinking with Daniel, Chloe loosens up. Harmony ends up celebrating Devon's success with Neil.
Ep. #9813 39x198
Billy informs Chelsea that he will not allow anybody to get between him and Victoria. Nicholas admits to Phyllis that he still has feelings for her. Nicholas confronts his father about asking Sharon to marry him. Phyllis gets a new story. Nikki wants some answers from Sharon.
Ep. #9812 39x197
Victoria and Billy learn from Chelsea she is carrying Billy's baby after he forced himself on her while drunk. Avery ends things with Nicholas, telling him he's not over her sister. Ronan leaves after noticing that Phyllis has been watching Nicholas all night. Nicholas shows up at Phyllis's door and and ends up kissing her. Gen takes Jack home to bed. Patty calls her pretending to be Myrna, asking her to come home. Patty ends up getting into bed with Jack, who recognizes her voice. Patty leaves a cat in Jack's bed. Ronan is asked for help by Gen to get to the bottom of the strange goings on. Nikki is furious with Sharon and Victor over his proposal of marriage. Adam goes to see Sharon and she tells him about her marriage plans. An upset Nikki is comforted by Kay.
Ep. #9811 39x196
Victor makes a surprising proposal. Patty's plan doesn't go the way she hoped. Sparks fly at a New Year's Party.
Ep. #9810 39x195
Harmony and Devon talk about making amends. Victoria is upset. Adam and Sharon find themselves being ripped apart.
Ep. #9809 39x194
Sharon and Adam make love. Nikki wants Deacon to be honest.
Ep. #9808 39x193
Nicholas attempts to convince Sharon to take legal action against Adam. Victor wonders if Sharon really wants to be with Adam. Billy informs Victoria that they need to talk about what happened in Myanmar. Michael is fired from Newman Enterprises by Adam. Michael grows suspicious about Angelo.
Ep. #9807 39x192
Cane and Lily enjoy Christmas with the twins. Kevin is worried that Angelo is going to cause trouble. Billy and Victoria get amrried again. Chloe is offered support from Daniel. Gloria is Gloworm as a gift from Angelo. Phyllis and Avery clash. Victor is not pleased about his daughter's marriage.
Ep. #9806 39x191
Nikki features in a special Christmas episode in which she is taken on a journey looking at her life by an angel.
Ep. #9805 39x190
Chloe and Kevin's wedding plans don't go the way they planned. Sharon and Victor reconnect. Nikki starts to drink again.
Ep. #9804 39x189
The children's Christmas pageant is held. After Sharon runs into Adam, Nicholas isn't happy. There is a Christmas surprise for Devon.
Ep. #9803 39x188
Nicholas and Adam end up clashing in the boardroom. Tucker ends up having the deciding vote on the Newman board but hasn't decided which way to vote yet. Nikki informs Victor that she's determined to discover what happened to her that night.
Ep. #9802 39x187
Patty ends up destroying the blanket Jack and Genevieve were using and screams. Jack and Gen tell Ashley and Billy about their engagement. Nicholas, Phyllis and Ronan decide to work together to dsicver the identity of the real killer. Nikki's sent to jail following her outburst in the courtroom. Nicholas and Victotia talk to their mother and later confront Deacon. Ronan confronts Victor in jail and informs him he won't stop looking until he's found the real killer.
Ep. #9801 39x186
Phyllis and Ronan receive a video. Sharon interferes with Victor's latest arraignment. Jack has a proposal for Gen.
Ep. #9800 39x185
Neil has doubts about marrying Sofia when he thinks aouut Dru. Nicholas and Deacon clash in public.
Ep. #9799 39x184
Lily supports Cane as he grieves for his sister, Samantha. Nicholas gives Phyllis receives a warning about Ronan. Nikki clashes with someone after drinking.
Ep. #9798 39x183
Kyle tells Jack that his mother is no longer here because Victor killed her. Patty tells God in church that she's been having terrible thoughts concerningt Genevieve. John appears to Jack whilst he is at the Christmas tree lot.
Ep. #9797 39x182
Nick lets Avery know that he only wants her. Nikki lets Deacon know how unhappy she is about their marriage. Phyllis informs that Billy if she was still working at the magazine it never would have been hacked into. Phyliis learns from Ronan that he has lost his job. Victor thinks that Victoria and Nicholas should support Nikki. Sharon leanrs that Avery and Nicholas are seeing each other. Billy and Victoria make love. Victor informs Sharon that what he is doing is none of her business.
Ep. #9796 39x181
This backward episode features a hush-hush alliance and some unexpected nuptials.
Ep. #9795 39x180
Nikki is told by Deacon that what he saw could destroy her family. Sharon wants Nicholas to do some digging on Adam.
Ep. #9794 39x179
Adam is challenged by icholas at Newman Enterprises. Victor continues to insist that he killed Diane. Sharon has a request for Avery.
Ep. #9793 39x178
Sharon lets Nicholas know that she'll do anything for Faith. Nicholas wants her to stay away from Adam. Eden and Daniel end up sharing a kiss.
Ep. #9792 39x177
Adam ends up giving a statement which corroborates Victor's confession. Billy and Nicholas agree the sale of the magazine. Michael learns from Victor the real reason he confessed. Sharon, Nikki, and Nicholas attempt to get Victor to give the real reason why he's confessed. Adam is confronted by Sharon for saying he saw Victor murder Diane. Nicholas agrees to run Newman Enterprises. Lily finds out the real reason why Cane left America. Patty pretends to feel ill tin an effort to stop Gen from going to Jack's and seeing Emily.
Ep. #9791 39x176
Nicholas thinks about starting anew. Tucker's new therapist causes problems with Ashley. Victor attempts to protect Nikki.
Ep. #9790 39x175
Nicholas is fed up with Phyllis. Harmony attempts to defend herself to Tucker. Victor hears an admission from Nikki.
Ep. #9789 39x174
Victor is upset after evidence points to Nikki. Victoria is surprised by Billy. Nikki runs into Deacon at an AA meeting.
Ep. #9788 39x173
Avery informs her sister that what she think you heard was wrong. Billy asks Nicholas to sell him back the magazine. Jack and Ashley end up offering Billy a choice.
Ep. #9787 39x172
Nicholas and Nikki talk about Diane's murder and the family being suspects. Ashley and Tucker make love on their honeymoon. Victoria informs Billy that she was in the park the night Diane was killed. Genevieve sees Patty talking to Adam. Jack and Kyle discover that Diane's body is being exhumed so that a second autopsy can be performed. Kyle ends up accusing Victor of murdering his mother. Genevieve gives Kyle Patty's cat. Billy and Victoria's divorce becomes final. Chloe and Billy talk about his absence. Victoria and Michael are surprised when Adam says he'll step in for his father at Newman. Victor is pleased to see Nikki at the ranch.
Ep. #9786 39x171
Nikki reyurns to town. Avery ends up beingstuck with Phyllis on Thanksgiving. Adam finds out what Patty is up to.
Ep. #9785 39x170
Victoria thinks that there is still something that Billy isn't telling her. Neil sees Harmony with a man outside Crimson Lights. After Jack and Genvieve pass out on his sofa, Patty pulls Genvieve out of the way and gets on top of Jack.
Ep. #9784 39x169
Chloe learns the truth from Kevin about the marrow donation. Chlie is furious and ends up asking Kevin to get out. Victoria learns the complete truth from Billy and is shocked that her father watched her and Delia suffer. Adam is forced by Patty to help her. Abby and Traci snd up leaving town. As Neil lays into Harmony at Crimson Lights, Devon and Olivia show up. Jack learns from Jill that she knows about Billy.
Ep. #9783 39x168
Tucker and Ashley get married again. Victoria wants Billy to explain what he has been up to.
Ep. #9782 39x167
Victoria is reunited with Billy. Cane wonders if he should tell Jill about Billy's secret. Kevin refuses to back down infront of Victor.
Ep. #9781 39x166
Moses is christened. Victoria and Jill are both in danger.
Ep. #9780 39x165
At Myanmar, Cane is approached by a man who tells him that he knows he has been asking many questions. Angelina clashes with Chloe. Victor has to deal with some unsettling evidence. Jill and Victoria attempt to find answers about Billy's disappearance in Myanmar. Billy ends up getting some help.
Ep. #9779 39x164
Adam is accuded by Abby of luring them to the warehouse and setting them up to look guilty. Adam insists that he didn't kill Diane. When Nicholas receives another call with the recording of himself threatening Diane, he tells Avery what's been happening. Avery offers tocome be his lawyer. Ronan offers Phyllis a deal and tells her that he will get the charges against her dropped if she tells him what happened at the warehouse. Phyllis is forced to hide when Nicholas and her sister show up to see Ronan. After Patty lets herself into Jack's house, she is nearly caught by him and Genevieve. Katherine ends up suggesting to Tucker that they work together to turn things around with Devon but Tucker turns down her offer. Adam is involved in a confrontation with Patty.
Ep. #9778 39x163
Billy gets Kevin to use his computer skills to help him try and get even with Victor. There is a new assignment for Chance. Chloe discovers something new about Delia's illness.
Ep. #9777 39x162
After Avery apologizes things heat upbetween her and Nicholas. Ricky and Paul argue about Heather.
Ep. #9776 39x161
Memories of Ricky's mom, Isabella, come to the surface after Christine shows up in Genoa City. Daniel lets his feelings be known after some family secrets are revealed.
Ep. #9775 39x160
Phyllis learns from Michael that her sister just filed a lawsuit against her. Angelina informs Devon that she always gets what she wants and that she wants him.
Ep. #9774 39x159
Avery lets Phyllis know that she's with Nicholas aftter Phyllis calls his phone. Phyllis is upset when she finds out that Nicholas slept with her sister. Ronan quizzes Nicholas, who wants to know why Ronan let Phyllis hear the telephone call. After Avery informs Phyllis that she's staying in town, they end up arguing about their father. Daisy is promised by Averey that she'll get her back with her daughter. Adam and Victor agree the terms of Adam's return to working at the company. Patty is taken home from the hospital and she reacts after seeing Jack.
Ep. #9773 39x158
Phyllis is accused by her sister of some wrongdoing. A request is made by Sharon. Heather finds out that Ricky was behind the pictures.
Ep. #9772 39x157
Phyllis's latest article shocks everyone. Adam has to face some accusations. Sharon has to answer Nicholas's question.
Ep. #9771 39x156
Some new evidence at Sharon's trial changes everything. Cane helps Billy. Kevin wants to slow down the wedding plans.
Ep. #9770 39x155
Ricky is asked by Avery if he's got something for her and he replies that he does. Nicholas asks his father why he cares so much about Sharon. Adam's plan sees some results.
Ep. #9769 39x154
Chloe and Kevin inform Delia that they are going to get married. Billy gears Delia ask Kevin if he'll be her new daddy. Billy sneaks in and spends time with Delia after dressing up as Santa. Victoria hosts Billy's annual Halloween party and ends up getting drunk. Phyllis looks at Ricky's photos of Adam and Heather, and she ends up offering him a job. Adam goes to see Sharon and lets her know he's helping somehow. Billy, still dressed as Santa, helps a very drunk Victoria into the house and he sees the signed divorce papers.
Ep. #9768 39x153
Adam begins to plot against Heather. Victor risks everything to help Sharon. Things really heat up between Ronan and Phyllis.
Ep. #9767 39x152
Chloe's surprise stuns Kevin. Nicholas ends up turning his back on Sharon.
Ep. #9766 39x151
Cane and Lily continue to reconnect. Phyllis and Ronan's flirtation increases. Abby's feelings for Devon end up being derailed by Roxy.
Ep. #9765 39x150
Colin wants back the thing that Genevieve took from him. Ronan questions Adam. Victor informs Avery that she's not obligated to him or Adam. Jill goes to see Colin. Nikki contacts Victor.
Ep. #9764 39x149
The people at the warehouse end up turning on one another when the film reel shows each of them fighting with Diane prior to her death. Genevieve finds out that Ronan didn't send the text message to Jack. Adam works out that Patty has returned. Adam is confronted by his father who accuses him of calling everyone together at the warehouse. After Jack joins Genevieve in the housekeeper's hospital room, they share a kiss which causes the woman distress.
Ep. #9763 39x148
Lily learns about what Cane has been doing. Colin's plan see a stranger being hurt. The murder suspects are all brought together by a text message.
Ep. #9762 39x147
Jill attempts to lure Colin. Cane's warning to Lily is ignored. Tucker thinks about what to do with Jabot.
Ep. #9761 39x146
Ronan and Cane have to try and put a stop to Colin's plot to eliminate someone. Devon and Tucker are not pleased when they find out that Harmony is staying with Katherine. Gloria gets some upsetting news about her husband.
Ep. #9760 39x145
Adam lets Sharon that he knows things aren't going well and she blames him. Nicholas isn't happy that Avery had someone take a picture of Faith and Sharon. Billy overhears a conversation.
Ep. #9759 39x144
Avery makes a one last effort to Adam to help Sharon. Adam suffers a nightmare in which Sharon is sentanced to the electric chair. Malcolm gets Sofia to sign some divorce papers. Victor is confronted by Phyllis about hiring her sister. Nicholas informs Sharon that he won't bring Faith to see her in court. After Phyllis finds out that Nicholas gave her sister a video game, she confronts him. Neil asks Sofia and Moses to live with him. Malcolm tells Phyllis he forced Sofia to cut him off, so that she, Neil, and the baby could form a family. He says goodbye.
Ep. #9758 39x143
The test results on Sofia's baby are in. An offer is made to Harmony by Tucker. Lily ends up realizing that something is going on involving Cane.
Ep. #9757 39x142
Harmony and Tucker come face-to-face. Jill and Genevieve end up arguing. An investigation into Colin gets underway.
Ep. #9756 39x141
Billy finds his hopes being dashed by Victor. Cane doesn't tell Lily everything. A threat is made against Genevieve.
Ep. #9755 39x140
Devon ends up accusing his mother of being after money. Malcolm tells his brother that the father should be present when the baby's born. Tucker ends up panicing after he finds Katherine's hospital room empty.
Ep. #9754 39x139
Devon informs Katherine that he wants nothing from her. Phyllis is confronted by Malcom about printing the story. Phyllis sees Nicholas with her sister again. Daniel argues with his mother over her decision to print the story. Neil quits his job. Devon's mother ends up showing up at his door. Sofia argues with Neil and ends up going into labor and calls Malcolm to take her to the hospital.
Ep. #9753 39x138
Kay and Tucker clash over Devon.
Ep. #9752 39x137
Billy is confronted by Cane. Devon finds out the truth about Tucker. Victoria thinks about filing for divorce.
Ep. #9751 39x136
Tucker learns about Devon. Billy wants to be allowed to see Katherine. Cane is asked by Lily for help with the twins.
Ep. #9750 39x135
Ashley informs her daughter that she want her to put the resentment she has for Tucker behind her. Murphy is asked by a doctor if Katherine has a signed DNR. After Jack shows up at the hospital, Victor wants to know what he's doing there.
Ep. #9749 39x134
After Katherine discovers that Jack is taking sides with Tucker, she attempts to warn him about Tucker. Tucker manages to wins back Jabot thanks to Jack. Abby's confession is played to her and Ashley by Ronan and he tells her that if she gives him details from the park, he'll help her cut a deal. Michael attempts to convince Nicholas to tell Ronan everything. Avery doesnt tell Daniel they are related after she introduces herself to him. Phyllis ends up agreeing to Daisy's list of demands to stop her from revoking custody. Abby ends up being arrested for the attempted murder of Tucker.
Ep. #9748 39x133
Phyllis finds out the truth about Ashley and Nick's alliance. Victor wants to find Ronan. Adam has to answer questions regarding Diane's diary.
Ep. #9747 39x132
Tucker and Katherine are in the courtroom again. Ronan sets his sights on Adam and Victor. Jack finds it hard to make a decision.
Ep. #9746 39x131
Abby is concerned that the tape of her confession will show up. As Sam and Victoria talk, Billy listens in. Tucker and Jack come up with a deal.
Ep. #9745 39x130
Sharon wants to know from Michael if he thinks it was a mistake to refuse the deal that was offered. Noah's take on things surprise his mother. Colin runs into Lily with the children in the park. Cane and Ronan work together against Colin. Billy hides when Victoria shows up.
Ep. #9744 39x129
Daisy is helped by Daisy. Phyllis learns that she has to take Lucy to see Daisy in prison. Phyllis and Avery end up clashing. Victor tries to reassure Sharon that he knows what he's doing by testifying. Ronan offers Phyllis some advise. After Victor offers Billy some booze, he ends up pouring it down the sink. Billy wishes he hadn't been so rash after he receives an email from Victoria who informs him that she is moving on with his life.
Ep. #9743 39x128
Billy decides go see Victoria. Avery and Phyllis argue. An inmate is involved in an incident with Sharon.
Ep. #9742 39x127
Sharon thinks about a plea bargain. Jill has plans for a little romance on her mind. Cane has evidence of Colin's crimes.
Ep. #9741 39x126
Adam testifies at Sharon's trial. Avery's evidence is shocking. Colin's violence shocks Gloria.
Ep. #9740 39x125
Tucker shouts at Abby. Victoria learns from Kevin that there is something she should know. An email shocks Billy.
Ep. #9739 39x124
Ronan attempts to get Ashley to confess to killing Diane. WhenBilly tells him that staying away from Delia is his idea, Kevin refuses to believe him. Gloria and Colin attempt to escape from the cellar. Tucker learns from Jill that Devon is working for Katherine. Tucker attempts to find Devon. Chloe is comforted by Ronan.
Ep. #9738 39x123
Jill wonders where Colin is. Kevin helps Billy, but isn't happy about it. Someone shows up in the wine cellar.
Ep. #9737 39x122
Victor has a plan involving Billy. Lily and Cane attempt reach out to Chloe in her hour of need. Abby isn't happy after things don't work out the way she'd planned.
Ep. #9736 39x121
Tucker puts a plan into action to sabotage Jabot. Abby's plan to make Tucker look guilty doesn't go the way she hoped. Colin attempts to escape from Genevieve's wine cellar.
Ep. #9735 39x120
Avery is looking forward to cross-examining Adam. Neil lets Devon know that he does want him to succeed. Genevieve schemes against Colin and Jill.
Ep. #9734 39x119
Adam goes to see Sharon to tell her about his successful eye surgery, but she isn't interested in seeing him. Jack is approached by Tucker with a plan to get Jabot back but he is not interested. Jill works out that Devon is Tucker's son and ends up promising Kay she won't say anything. Genevieve and Colin spar and she ends up flirting with him. Genevieve is told by Jill that she has to go out of town on Jabot business. Genevieve tells Jack that she believes that Jill is just trying to get rid of her. As Delia starts chemotherapy, Victoria offers Chloe her support. Victor informs Billy that he will get him out of the jail to help Delia on the condition he agrees to never see Victoria again.
Ep. #9733 39x118
Phyllis attempts to tell Nicholas the truth about Avery. Neil wonders what the truth is about Katherine's deal with Devon. Chloe needs to find a donor for her daughter.
Ep. #9732 39x117
Delia's diagnosis shocks Chloe. The methods used by Avery in court surprise Sharon. Victoria asks Kevin to help find Billy.
Ep. #9731 39x116
Chloe tells Jill and Esther she will never forgive Billy for abandoning her daughter. Nina works out that Ronan is interested in Chloe. Victor promises Heather her career will not last long. Sharon's trial starts.
Ep. #9730 39x115
Katherine learns the identity of Tucker's son. Delia is rushed to the hospital after becoming ill. Chloe ends up giving in to her attraction for Ronan.
Ep. #9729 39x114
Jill and Genevieve end up having to share an office together. Daniel ends up being dismayed after going to see Lily. Chloe argues with Ronan.
Ep. #9728 39x113
After Cane tells Lily that he's returning to Australia it causes a reaction from her. Genevieve and Jill clash. Neil and Malcolm are given some news about Sofia's baby.
Ep. #9727 39x112
Devon learns from Tucker that he does not keep people employed out of charity. Devon wants a chance to prove himself. Jack offers Genevieve a job. Katherine wants Jill to spy for her. Malcolm's upset about his brother going to Sofia's sonogram appointment.
Ep. #9726 39x111
Michael learns from Phyllis that things with her family were very bad and she had to get out and never go back. Michael thinks she could feel guilt about leaving Avery like he did about Kevin. Sharon learns from Avery that she is Phyllis's sister. Nicholas and Ashley look around Adam's room. Cane and Abby bump into Lily and Daniel. Lily tells Cane that she is moving on with her life and wants a divorce from him. Abby tells her mother that Daniel is dating Lily. Phyllis is called by Avery to give a deposition.
Ep. #9725 39x110
Avery's connection to somebody in Genoa City becomes known. Jill sees Jack and Genevieve out together.
Ep. #9724 39x109
More about Avery's secret is discovered by somebody. Jack admires Genevieve.
Ep. #9723 39x108
Sharon is shocked by Avery's news. Tucker is determined not to lose Jabot to Chancellor Industries and Katherine. The evidence makes Adam look guilty.
Ep. #9722 39x107
Ronan learns from Phyllis that she and Nicholas have a confession to make. Phyllis wants Nicholas to tell him what's up with him and Ashley. paul tries to get Deacon to tell him what he is hiding. Tucker and Kay clash.
Ep. #9721 39x106
Deacon learns from Nicholas that he was with Phyllis the night Diane was murdered. Deacon uses the lie to force Phyllis into another date with him. Adam is confronted by Noah about the memory card. Sharon learns from Averey that there is nothing new to report about her case. Sharon receives a visit from Adam and she tells him she didn't betray him as Sam shows up. Adam ends up calling Sharon a liar. Sam is offered the the apartment over the garage to stay in by Victoria. Things heat up between Lily and Ronan.
Ep. #9720 39x105
Phyllis and Nick actions end up drawing attention to themselves. Ashley and Abby clash. Avery confronts Adam with the evidence he has.
Ep. #9719 39x104
Colin asks Jill to give him another chance. Tucker learns from Sofia about the paternity issue surrounding her unborn child.
Ep. #9718 39x103
Things heat up between Lily and Daniel. Sam turns to Phyllis for assistance. Despite his feelings for Jill, Colin Colin ends up getting together with Genevieve.
Ep. #9717 39x102
Deacon attempts to manipulate Phyllis. Kyle tells Jack that he hid his ring. Diane's memorial ends up bringing everyone together. Lauren offers Adam some advise.
Ep. #9716 39x101
Kyle informs Jack that he would like to see where his mother died. Nina tells Paul that she needs him. Ashley learns from her daughter that she thinks Tucker killed Diane. Kay comes a step closer to gaining control of Jabot.
Ep. #9715 39x100
Kay receives an unexpected offer from Ashlay. An admission is made by Tucker. Ronan looks around the Abbott house.
Ep. #9714 39x99
Victor believes that Adam is the person who killed Diane. Chloe is upset about Billy leaving. Victoria attempts to look out for her sister.
Ep. #9713 39x98
Victor attempts to make a claim on Kyle. Both Ashley and Nicholas attempt to hide evidence. Phyllis finds herself in the hot seat.
Ep. #9712 39x97
Adam wants the woman from the bar to back him up about the other night. Avery is warned by Sharon about Adam. Tucker informs Ashley that he misses her. Victoria is offered support from Ashley. Jack has to break the bad news to his son that his mother is gone.
Ep. #9711 39x96
Daniel learns from Lily that she's going to file for divorce from Cane. Cane attempts to deal with Colin and Genevieve at a bar. Cane learns from Lily about her plans. Nina, Jill, and Esther discover that Chance is on a mission. Paul comforts Nina after she confronts Nina. Victoria finds out that Billy flew to Hong Kong. Genevieve plays things coy with Victor. Kevin warns Ronan to stay away from Chloe. Victor explains to Victoria why he has no choice but to cancel Abby's campaign with Beauty of Nature.
Ep. #9710 39x95
Adam offers Abby an alibi. Nicholas and Phyllis attempt to make sure they have their stories straight. Ronan takes a look at all the different clues.
Ep. #9709 39x94
Things heat up between one estranged couple. Jack is quizzed by Adam. Ronan is confronted.
Ep. #9708 39x93
After the truth about happened between Tucker and Diane is confirmed, Ashley reacts. Ronan returns to town. Tucker has to face a difficult challenge.
Ep. #9707 39x92
Adam takes a look out the door of hotel suite. Phyllis sees that Nicholas has been scratched. Victor's private plane is boarded by the police. Jack informs Katherine that he had a bad night.
Ep. #9706 39x91
Michael learns from Victor that Nikki is missing. Victoria shows up and she and Victor curse Diane who has posted photographs of Victor and Nikki on a web site. Ashley is furious after Diane informs her that she slept with Tucker. Diane tells Jack that he will never see his son again and he then threatens her. Diane argues with Nicholas and Phyllis one again at Crimson Lights. Michael attempts to convince Diane to leave Genoa City. Adam gives Diane one last chance to team up with him against Victor and she ends up agreeing. Diane leaves a document which recants her testimony against Adam. Both Abby and Victoria end up agreeing that Diane needs to be dealt with. Tucker offers to deal with Diane. Billy is arrested after fighting with Victor. Everyone ends up being texted by Diane to come meet her at the footbridge in the park. Nobody tells anyone they have received a text from her. Diane ends up up in the water with a head wound.
Ep. #9705 39x90
Diane's accusations sees Victor ending up behind bars. Katherine bests Tucker in court. Adam's seat on the Newman board ends up being removed.
Ep. #9704 39x89
Jack and Lauren appear on television show "The Talk." Abby and Victoria celebrate. Victor is not happy when he finds out that Diane is planning on suing Nikki.
Ep. #9703 39x88
Sam and Adam clash again. Victoria is shocjed to find out about Abby's new position. Diane upsets Jack.
Ep. #9702 39x87
Nicholas attempts to referee between Diane and Phyllis. Billy is accused by Chloe of following Delia and take her away. A furious Adam tells Sharon that she betrayed him.
Ep. #9701 39x86
Sofia ends up arguing with Katherine and goes to see Tucker, who ends up telling her the truth about his condition. Sam urges Sharon to take the deal and she ends up telling him that she has agreed to marry Adam. Adam surprises Sharon by saying 'I Don't' during the wedding ceremony. Sam decides to return back home. Kyle is put on a plane by hos mother. As Phyllis and Nicholas are having sex on the desk at Restless Style, Diane walks in on them.
Ep. #9700 39x85
Billy's family celebrate his birthday. Sam needs Adam to do something important for Sharon. Sharon has to make a very difficult choice.
Ep. #9699 39x84
Adam lies to Phyllis about the memory card. Sharon is stunned after Daine answers Adam's phone. Diane has an unexpected proposal for Victor.
Ep. #9698 39x83
Sharon is sentenced in court. Sam works with Victor. Adam's plan sees Diane framing his father.
Ep. #9697 39x82
Deacon informs Diane that it was actually Abby who hit Tucker. Tucker attempts to get the truth out of Abby. Victoria receives a worrying call from her father. Victoria ends up opening up to Billy following the crash. Diane is upset when Jack and Victor argue over Kyle.
Ep. #9696 39x81
Billy argues with Cane are he finds im tending the bar at Jimmy's. Billy gets drunk and ends up unconscious after crashing his car. Ashley and Tucker's marriage is revealed to a surprised Abby a the Jabot launch party. Victoria talks to her father about Billy. Victoria shows up at the Jabot launch and informs Jack, Jill, and Ashley that she has a feeling about Billy and that he needs help. After Tucker learns that Katherine put Sofia on paid leave he confronts her.
Ep. #9695 39x80
The Jabot launch party gets under way. Victoria and Billy ends up being involved in an emotional exchange. Chloe clashes with Kay with respect to the custody battle.
Ep. #9694 39x79
Noah is left feeling crushed by Adam's lies. Billy's chances of winning the custody battle are reduced when he is arrested. Victoria has no clue what her father has been up to.
Ep. #9693 39x78
Billy ends up receiving some unexpected support. Colin and Genevieve's strange relationship leaves Jill feeling confused. Lily is shocked after she learns that Sofia slept with Neil.
Ep. #9692 39x77
Sam is quizzed by Victor. Sharon receives some help. Chloe and Billy battle it out in court over Delia. Chloe's testimony ends up really hurting Billy's chances. Adam tells Diane about his new stance on life. Diane ends up ratting Adam out to the D.A.
Ep. #9691 39x76
Sharon's arrest ends up causes Piper to become very upset and Sam to feel really shocked. After Phyllis and Nicholas learn that Sharon is still alive, Phyllis thinks Sharon has been really selfish. Noah is shocked when he learns that his mother is still alive. Thews news makes Adam feel really happy. Noah decides not to go see his mother with Nicholas at the jail. Victor learns from Michael that Sharon's situation could have an adverse effect on the company. Nicholas is furious with Sharon but Adam is thrilled to see her. After Sam shows up, Adam puts two and two together and leaves feeling really upset. Adam throws the memory card away in a fit of pain and anger.
Ep. #9690 39x75
Jack expresses concern after his sister looks after Faith. Nicholas and Adam end up facing-off on the bridge. Noah attempts to help Hunter get a job at Restless Style. Nicholas and Phyllis end up making love after working together. Sharon ends up being recognized at the dance and ends up being arrested after sharing a dance with Sam. Jack is determined to stay in charge at Jabot. Adam discovers the footage that he needs to help clear Sharon's name.
Ep. #9689 39x74
Adam informs Noah he found footage with lava on it and Adam learns in return that they are spreading Sharon's ashes that day. Adam watches in secret and cries as Sharon's ashes are spread. Ashley ends up agreeing to take more of a part in Faith's life. After clashing with Cane, Jill tells him to leave town. Sharon goes to a dance. Cane sees Lily with Daniel.
Ep. #9688 39x73
Devon asks Cane why anyone should now trust him. Adam wants Nicholas' help in proving Sharon didn't kill Skye. Adam is dtermined to get the evidence he needs. Cane attempts to see Lily. Diane finds out more about Adam's plan.
Ep. #9687 39x72
Sharon tells Sam that what happpened between them last night was a mistake. Sam attempts to convince Sharon not to leave. Nicholas is confronted by Bill about his decision to employ Phyllis at the magazine after what she did to him and his sister. Adam clashes with Victor.
Ep. #9686 39x71
Sharon takes a look back at some of her past as she tries to make some decisions about her future. Sharon writes things down about the life she shared with Nicholas, her children and with Adam in a letter to Sam. Adam discovers some video footage of Sharon flirting with him which makes him realize just how much he misses her. Nick and Noah share a hug after thinking about Sharon. Sharon ends up ripping up the letter she has written.
Ep. #9685 39x70
Sharon and Sam end up taking their relationship to the next level when they make love. Phyllis and Jack end up arguing about what happened with Lucy. The magazine is put up for sale.
Ep. #9684 39x69
Adam and Diane end up having another go at Victor. Tucker and Victor both have offers for Ashley. Sharon goes out on a date with Sam.
Ep. #9683 39x68
Nick attempts to convince Billy to shape up as a person. Victor and Victoria talk about trusting one another. Tucker accuses Katherine of undermined his judgment. Victoria thinks more about taking a seat on the Newman board. Diane is pressured by Michael and Victor to recant her testimony in Ashley's case.
Ep. #9682 39x67
Noah is surprised after he learns that Abby has checked into rehab. Abby sees a familiar face enters the room at her first therapy group session. Victor is confronted by Kay with her suspicions. A shocking revelation is made by Tucker. Abby and Eden are assigned as friends in their group therapy session. Eden doesn't want Abby telling Noah that she has seen her. Michael attempts to track Eden down. Kay shows up as Tucker and Ashley are married in his hospital room.
Ep. #9681 39x66
Deacon listens in from behind the bar as Abby record her confession. When Kay shows up, Tucker tells her he wants some time alone with Ashley who tells him about the accident. Diane attempts to assure her son that they will no longer have to leave town. Jack is given a subpoena by Jack about the stock fraud. The camera Abby used to record her confession on vanishes and she is grabbed by an unseen person. Phyllis turns to Nicholas for support. Victor is revealed as the person who grabbed Abby. Ashley learns that Tucker has told Spencer that he can't remember who was driving the car.
Ep. #9680 39x65
Tucker wakes up from his coma. Adam is threatened by Diane.
Ep. #9679 39x64
When her father offers her an interesting proposal, Victoria is surprised. An admission made by Colin ends up shocking everyone involved. Neil and Malcolm clash.
Ep. #9678 39x63
After Kay lets Jill know that she cares about what she has been through, she is surprised. Malcolm learns the truth from Sofia. Nicholas and Adam are at odds over Sharon.
Ep. #9677 39x62
Chloe learns from Victoria about Billy's departure and Chloe isn't pleased. Adam warns Diane that both her and Jack will be in serious trouble with the SEC. Sharon is threatened.
Ep. #9676 39x61
Phyllis and Nicholas clash over her actions. Billy ends up leaving home. Adam finds out about Diane revealing her plan to Jack. Victor is determined to gain revenge. Jack is made the new CEO of Jabot by Kay. Abby pays Tucker a visit.
Ep. #9675 39x60
Victor attempts to deal with Diane. Jack and Adam move forward with their agendas. Phyllis and Daisy attempt to gain custody of the baby.
Ep. #9674 39x59
Michael and Lauren decide not to have anything to do with Phyllis anymore. Daniel and Victoria are left feeling shocked by the custody hearing. Victor is fooled by Diane.
Ep. #9673 39x58
Victoria is concerned that she could lose Lucy. Kay considers selling Jabot to Victor. The ghost of John revisits different family members once again.
Ep. #9672 39x57
Olivia tries to keep Sofia calm by telling her she will try to get her blood tests back by tonight. Kay is shocked to learn that Cane is alive and Colin is his father. Colin is confronted by Jill about not having divorced Genevieve. Cane attempts to explain to Lily why he went along with Colin’s plan. Lily ends up telling Cane that he will never be able to be afamily with her and the twins again. Kay goes to see Colin in jail and tells him that he should make no attempt to contact Jill.
Ep. #9671 39x56
Cane rescues the babies and after he comes face to face with Lily and Daniel she tells them that she is really Cane and not Caleb but Lily doesn't believe him. After trying to save Colin, Jill loosens her grip after Genevieve reveals she’s still married to Colin. Colin is taken to the hospital after the fall. Colin is surprised to see Genevieve there. Lily ends up confronting Cane for everything he has put her through.
Ep. #9670 39x55
Colin's plans are interupted by Genevieve. Jill discovers the truth about her marriage to Colin. Cane ends up putting his life on the line to keep his children safe.
Ep. #9669 39x54
Cane's missing letter is found. Genevieve is furious after she thinks about the past. Lily is comforted by Daniel.
Ep. #9668 39x53
Kay receives some bad news from Victoria. Kay's decision infuriates Jack. A visitor scares Sharon.
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Adam's Lies Dismay Sharon 39x41
Victor Makes a Deal With Adam 39x40
Diane Confesses Hidden Feelings 39x39
Loyalties Are Tested in the Newman Family 39x38
Jana Says Goodbye to Kevin 39x37
Chloe Objects to Jana's New Job 39x36
Victor Denies Allegations Against Him 39x35
Jack & Phyllis Find a Revealing Video 39x34
A Familiar Face Returns to Genoa City 39x33
Lily Mourns Cane's Death 39x32
Victor Gives Diane an Ultimatum 39x31
Phyllis Finds Evidence Against Victor 39x30
Lily Struggles With Cane's Death 39x29
Adam Launches a New Scheme 39x28
Jana Confronts Chloe 39x27
Jill Gets a Surprise Visitor 39x26
Ronan Collapses 39x25
Tragedy Strikes 39x24
Cane Tries to Stop Jill's Wedding 39x23
Nick Has a Change of Heart 39x22
Nick & Sharon Fight For Custody 39x21
Cane Opens Up to Lily About His Past 39x20
Tucker Learns the Truth About Cane's Ruse 39x19
Adam Offers Jack a Business Proposition 39x18
Jill & Colin Announce Their Engagement 39x17
Sharon Loses Custody of Faith 39x16
Sharon's Public Humiliation 39x15
A Stunning Proposal with the Worst of Intentions 39x14
Ronan Makes Plans to Leave 39x13
Victor Vows to Get Revenge Against Adam 39x12
Victoria Can't Accept Billy's Gift 39x11
Billy Has a Breath-Taking Surprise for Victoria 39x10
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