The Young and the Restless revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. The lives and loves of a wide variety of characters mingle through the generations, dominated by the Newman, Abbott, Chancellor, Baldwin and Winters families. ­ When The Young and the Restless premiered in 1973, it revolutionized the daytime drama. It continues to set the standard with strong characters, socially conscious storylines, romance and sensuality. Add to my shows

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season 38

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Ep. #9534 38x172
Jack tells Ronan that Victor is responsible for everything that has happened involving the Newman Fund. The blood found doesn't match Adam's. After learning that the blood matches that of Skye, her disappearance is now being treated as a murder case. Nicholas enjoys Thanksgiving dinner with Phyllis, Noah, Summer, and Faith at Gloworm. Victor tells Nicholas to get Sharon to return home. Nikki is released from rehab early but Victor doesn't want anything to do with her. Nick is concerned after someone makes a call from Sharon’s phone and informs him that she lost it on her way to New Orleans. Nicholas decides to go to New Orleans to find Sharon and Lauren suggests that Michael goes with him. Both Daniel and Lauren agree that the best thing for the the baby would be for it to be given up for adoption. Kevin goes to see Daisy and tells her that he wants to be named as the baby's legal guardian. Victoria and Billy enjoy Thanksgiving together and are thrilled after Chloe ends up allowing Delia to spend the night with them.
Ep. #9533 38x171
Kay asks Jill to stay for Thanksgiving. Blake ends up agreeing to Lily's request that he joins the family for Thanksgiving. Kay attempts to convince Nina that Ronan showed up because he wants a relationship with her. Abby decides to reach out to her father on Thanksgiving. Jack attempts to salvage what is left of the Newman Fund. Jack lets his sister know that Tucker was working with Victor. Victor attempts to convince Abby that Victoria, Jack and Vance are trying to turn her against him. Ashley tells Abby what Victor did to Jack just as she is starting to think she can trust him. Jack finds Skye's room trashed and her missing. Ronan tries to reach out to Chloe before he is called into walk. Chloe is confronted by Kevin about her feelings for Ronan. When Victor shows up at Sky's room, Ronan informs him that blood has been found in the room.
Ep. #9532 38x170
Michael learns from Victor that he intends to destroy Adam and Jack. Jack gets the news about the Newman Fund and realizes what Victor is up to. Michael learns that Jack and Victor have tapped into Skye’s computer in order to learn what companies she has invested in after Jack confronts Victor. Jack attempts to save some of his investment. Skye is served with divorce papers. Skye is furious when she realizes that she has lost everything. Sharon explains to Nicholas why she needs some time alone. Nicholas shares his current problems with Phyllis. Phyllis later shares Nicholas and Sharon's problems with Adam. Chloe refuses to agree to let Delia spend Thanksgiving with Billy and Victoria.
Ep. #9531 38x169
Ronan turns down Nina's offer to join her and the family for Thanksgiving. Heather is surprised when Michael offers her a job. Heather attempts to convince Ronan to spend Thanksgiving with Nina and continues that she will tell Nina about him being sick if he doesn't attend. Nicholas learns about his father's plan to destroy Adam. Diane finds out that Jack has payed her bill at the place she is staying and he offers his continued to help until she finds a job. Diane is invited by Jack for Thanksgiving. Phyllis isn't happy when she finds out Jack and Diane will be spending Thanksgiving together. Sharon tells Adam the reasons why she isn't wearing her engagement ring. Sharon tells Nicholas that she wants to go away for Thanksgiving.
Ep. #9530 38x168
Cane gets Blake ready to meet with Tucker and Sofia who are surprised to learn that they are old friends. Blake manages to gain Tucker’s seal of approval. Lily wants Blake to come to Thanksgiving but Cane says he would rather it be only family. Neil wants Sofia to look into Blake's past. Sharon takes off her engagement ring until they break the news to everyone else. When Adam runs into Sharon he notices that she isn't wearing her engagement ring.
Ep. #9529 38x167
Ronan attempts to get Heather to back off. After she sees Ronan nearly collapse at Glowarm, Heather demands to know what is wrong with him. Victor thinks that Michael should offer Heather a job. Phyllis is advised by Jack to call Vance Abrams for help about what to do about the baby. Phyllis and Jack meet with Vance and Phyllis ends up offering to let Daisy live with her. Jana is determined to see Daisy behind bars. Daniel isn't pleased when he finds out about his mother's meeting with Vance and about her plans. Jana learns from Lauren about Kevin’s plans for the baby.
Ep. #9528 38x166
Everyone is surprised when the paternity results prove that Daniel is the father of Daisy's unborn child. Daisy wants Phyllis and Daniel to help her. Phyllis talks to Lauren about Daisy. Kevin wants to raise the baby if Daniel wont. Daniel tells Daisy that they should give up the baby for adoption. Ronan drops his cup of coffee as he is talking to Heather and she is concerned. Murphy learns that Meggie is being extradited to Alaska to stand trial. Ronan drops a prescription bottle out of his pocket and Heather sees it. Heather later does research on Ronan’s prescription and then confronts him about it.
Ep. #9527 38x165
Sharon ends up agreeing to marry Nicholas again. Both Nicholas and Sharon try to break the news to Phyllis and Adam respectively. Jack tries to comfort an upset Phyllis. Victor learns that Jack is behind Abby's lawsuit. Victoria tries to get Victor to reach out to Abby on her birthday.
Ep. #9526 38x164
Cane snaps at Lily as he feels the pressure and later brings her flowers to say sorry. Blake introduces himself to Tucker as James Colllier. Heather tells her father she is going to make sure that Adam ends up back in prison. The new D.A. informs Adam that he has no intention of reopening his case and ends up firing Heather. Sharon asks Nicholas to move back in and he agrees to the idea. Adam is devastated when he looks through the window and sees Sharon and his brother about to make love. Nicholas asks Sharon to become his wife. Diane agrees to allow Jack to pay for their son's tuition fees and agrees to allow him to have Kyle for the weekend. Phyllis and Diane continue to clash. Diane tries unsuccessfully to seduce Jack.
Ep. #9525 38x163
Tucker and Sofia met with Cane about James Collier. Blake pays Lily a visit. Cane freaks out when he finds Blake holding one of the babies. Cane promises Blake that he will get the money. Gloria learns about her son's arrest. Kevin is offered a deal by Heather but he refuses to tell her anything. Heather is forced to release Chloe and Kevin due to lack of evidence. Lauren is determined to see Daisy remain in jail for a long time. Kevin warns Daisy to stay away from the people he loves. Jana hears them talking but takes it out of context . Daisy ends up being able to manipulate Jana into helping her.
Ep. #9524 38x162
Michael doesn't want Daisy’s arrival back in town setting Lauren back. Daisy insists that she has no reason to lie about the paternity of her baby after Abby goes to see her at the jail. Phyllis wants Daisy to be released to a private hospital. Kevin and Chloe end up in the same holding cell as Daisy at the police station. Phyllis makes plans to have a DNA carried out on Daisy's baby. Jeff learns of Kevin and Chloe's arrest. Diane tells Victor about how Phyllis attacked her and that her son saw it.
Ep. #9523 38x161
Phyllis tries to convince Billy not to write a story on Daisy so that she can protect her son. After Kyle learns that the things that Phyllis wrote in the article are true he feels wrecked. Kyle ends up throwing coffee over Phyllis's magazine and Jack thinks that he and and Phyllis should have a break from seeing one another. Kevin talks to Jeff about why he is holding out on paying Hogan and Jeff informs him that he doesn’t know what happened to the money. Kevin and Jeff later realize Gloria took the money to buy him a present. Adam gets a job as a bartender at Gloworm. Sharon is surprised when she sees him working there and informs him that she and Nicholas are going to give their relationship another try now that Nicholas and Phyllis are divorced. Nicholas kisses Sharon when he shows up. Sharon and Nicholas make love after returning home.
Ep. #9522 38x160
Meggie learns from Victor that the drugs she gave him were fakes. Ronan, Heather and Murphy show up as Meggie tries to make a run for it. Victoria learns about Meggie's plan to kill her father. Victor works out that Meggie is responsible for Nikki falling off the wagon. Deacon and Nikki make love. Victor discovers Nikki and Deacon together and Victor ends up attacking him. Nikki learns the truth from Victor about what Meggie has been up to. Victor is upset about what has happened between Nikki and Deacon and leaves. After running into Diane, Victor offers to go to New York with her. Jack is determined not to allow anything come between him and his son. Nick and Phyllis are officially divorced. After Heather sees Ronan popping a pill she wonders what is going on.
Ep. #9521 38x159
JT and Mac say goodbye to their family and friends as they leave Genoa City to start a new life in Washington. Nikki finds herself needing soembody to lean on in her fight against the booze.
Ep. #9520 38x158
Paul goes to see J.T. before he leaves town and is surprised by his decision to move to Washington. Kay supports Mac's decision to move to Washington after finding out about it and promises to come visit. Kay asks J.T. and Mac about their plans to get married and she decided to arrange them a wedding before they leave town. Victoria is frustrated that there is nothing she can do to stop J.T. taking Reed with him to Washington. Meggie makes plans to fly to Vegas with Victor and then kill him. Heather learns that she is leading the polls. Paul remains concerned about Heather's connection to Victor. Heather receives a call asking her to comment about the article in Restless Style. A furious Heather confronts Billy. Heather ends up being forced to pull out of the campaign. Victoria goes to see her mother and fills her in on about J.T taking Reed to Washington to live. Victoria refuses to allow Nikki to call Victor for help. After Victoria leaves, Nikki decides to call Victor for help anyway. Nikki ends up finding out from Meggie about her trip with Victor to Vegas. Meggie drugs Victor's drink who on the plane has a change of mind about going to Vegas. Meggie is able to get a confused Victor to propose to her and she tells the pilot to fly the plane to Reno. After the plane lands in Reno a drugged up Victor and Meggie are married. Billy goes to see J.T and Mac about their decision to move to Washington with Reed and the pain it is causing Victoria. Kay tells J.T. and Mac she has made all the arrangements for them to get married. Victoria tells Billy she will never forgive J.T. for taking Reed away.
Ep. #9519 38x157
When Lily returns home she finds Cane with Blake. Blake manages to charm Lily. Ronan is brought in by Kay to help communicate with Murphy and after he realizes that he is using Morse code he realizes that Murphy is saying the word danger. Deacon is attacked by Victor at the rehab center. Heather offers Billy a deal after he works out the connection between her and Victor. After J.T. tells her that he intends to take Reed to Washington to start a new life with him and Mac, Victoria is determined to stop him froming taking Reed.
Ep. #9518 38x156
Nikki ends up admitting to Deacon that she is upset that Victoria hasn’t come to see her. Victor tells his daughter that Nikki doesn't want her to visit her. After Billy goes to see Nikki they both work out that Victor has been stopping Victoria from coming. Victoria finally gets to see her mother and airs her frustrations concerning Victor. Meggie tells Deacon about the next bit of her plan. Nikki is furious with Victor. Paul tries to find out from his daughter if Victor is funding her campaign. Heather ends up admitting that Victor is helping her. Paul attempts to convince her that she should cancel the deal she has made with Victor. Heather ends up deciding to take Victor’s money to help her campaign. Paul is disappointed by his daughter's actions. J.T. learns that he can go home. J.T. and Mac think about leaving Genoa City.
Ep. #9517 38x155
Daniel discovers that Daisy's baby is his child. Daisy tells him that they slept together the night that she drugged him. Phyllis, Michael, and Lauren inform Ronan about seeing Daisy at Jimmy's. After finding Daisy's motel room Michael, Kevin, and Ronan realize that she is pregnant. Abby manages to text somebody without Daisy seeing. Daisy thinks that that Daniel should have a DNA test performed on the baby if he thinks it isn't his. Ronan shows up and arrests Daisy as she is about to leave. Things heat up between Jana and Noah but she throws him out when Kevin texts her to say he is coming to see her. Noah sees Jana messing up her apartment after he leaves. Jana asks Kevin to stay the night after telling him that Daisy trashed the apartment. Victor tells Kay about Nikki's relapse and continues that he isn't sure he still wants to marry her. Victor and Kay work out that Murphy is trying to send them a message. Deacon ends up deciding not to spike Nikki's drink with the alcohol that Meggie has given him.
Ep. #9516 38x154
Daisy lurks in the shadows as Daniel and Abby show up for Billy's Halloween party. After Lauren insists that she has seen Daisy everyone tries to find her. Billy and Michael say that she is nowhere to be found. Daniel tells Abby he was wrong and that he now wants to date her. Phyllis sees Daisy in the background of a picture she took at the party. When Daniel and Abby return to Daniel's apartment they find a pregnant Daisy waiting there for them. Chloe turns to Rafe for help in finding out if Kevin is gay. After being confronted by Chloe, Kevin admits the truth about what he is up to. J.T. learns that he wont be able to become a policeman after he receives his acceptance letter by his doctor. Adam lets Sharon know that she is the reason that he decided not to leave town and he makes plans to leave Skye.
Ep. #9515 38x153
Adam learns from Sharon that Skye will call the police on him if he goes on the run. Adam decides to go see Justin Hightower to make things right before leaving town. Sharon drops her gloves as she makes one final plea to stop Adam from leaving town. Heather refuses to help Victor have the court order against him stopped. Victor refuses to take no for an answer. Nick confronts his father about keeping Victoria away from Nikki. Billy is furious when he finds out from Victoria what Victor has done. Daniel's divorce papers show up in the post. Abby is upset when Daniel says he is happy to be single. Lauren isn't sure she can give Jana second chance after she tries to reach out to her. Daisy is revealed as being back in town.
Ep. #9514 38x152
Chloe follows Kevin when he acts mysteriously and jumps to the wrong conclusion that he might be gay. Noah thinks that his mother is allowing Adam to take advantage of her. After Skye learns from Adam that he plans to leave town, she goes to see Sharon to ask her to help get him to change his mind. Victor and Victoria clash over the Beauty of Nature. Victor is forced to hand over Newman Industries financial records by a judge to Victoria and Abby. Victor bans Victoria from having access to Nikki.
Ep. #9513 38x151
Victor is told by Meggie that she will look after things whilst Nikki is away. When Nikki finds out that Deacon has checked into the same place as her she confronts him as to why. Devon and Noah work together on some music tracks. Noah turns down his father's offer to move into the tack house. Victoria is furious that her father didn't tell her about Nikki being in rehab. Victor tries to call a division between Abby and Victoria. Abby and Victoria decide to turn down Victor's latest offer. Vance comes up with the counter offer for Victor wanting Beauty of Nature.
Ep. #9512 38x150
Jack is disappointed with Phyllis that she isn't sorry that she attacked Diane. Diane attempts to blackmail Tucker. Things heat up between Phyllis and Jack. Diane is furious when she finds out that Jack has forgiven Phyllis and she threatened to stop allowing him to see Kyle. Victoria tells Vance that they want Beauty of Nature from Victor in order to settle out of court which leaves Abby feeling thrown. Victoria offers Tucker a deal. After Nikki is checked into rehab, Meggie wants Deacon to check into the same place.
Ep. #9511 38x149
Ashly wants her daughter to say sorry to Tucker but she doesn't want to. Ashley attempts to convince Victoria to get the law suite settled before it enters the court room. Abby ends up saying sorry to Tucker. After having a run in with Phyllis, Diane tries to make Jack think she is the victim. Billy isn't isn't happy when Phyllis writes an article about Diane and posts it on line instead of waiting and having it on the front cover of the magazine. After reading the article, Tucker decides not to offer Diane a job after all. Nikki denies to Victor that she has been drinking. Meggie drugs Nikki's drink. Nikki passes out after she goes to Deacon's motel room. Meggie makes sure that Victor sees Nikki and Deacon in bed together. Deacon and Meggie believe their plan has worked.
Ep. #9510 38x148
Lauren's actions surprise Jill. Deacon and Meggie wait for a chance to give Nikki another drink. Meggie manages to put some vodka in Nikki's drink after she convinces her to go shopping with her for a new dress for the wedding. After Jill smells the vodka in the cup that Nikki was drinking from she calls Victor to let him know. Murphy has a dream involving Meggie. Victor confronts Nikki with what Jill has told him. Cane creates a false identity. Blake contacts Cane again demanding the money.
Ep. #9509 38x147
Jack and Diane attempt to help ease fears about going to a new school. Phyllis is determined to make sure that Diane leaves town. Meggie learns about Victor and Nikki's marriage plans and plots to stop it from happening. Skye becomes stuck in a lift with Victor. Adam attempts to win Sharon back.
Ep. #9508 38x146
Victoria and Billy learn that Victor is attempting to use what has happened to J.T. as away for Victoria to regain custody of Reed. Victoria tells J.T. at the hospital that Reed is fine and she she apologizes for everything that has happened recently between the two of them. Mac tells Kay about what has happened to J.T. and that she is going to have his baby. Meggie goes with Nikki to see Murphy who attempts to let her know that Meggie is no good. Nikki ends up taking another drink. Victor ends up agreeing to marry Nikki the day after tomorrow.
Ep. #9507 38x145
Nick looks for Sharon after finding her car.Sharon digs Adam and Faith out from under the rubble and sees that Adam risked his own life to save her daughter. When Nicholas shows up Sharon tells him that Adam saved their daughter's life. Diane and Tucker are discovered in a compromising position by a shocked Abby and Daniel. Abby doesn't buy Tucker's explanation about what she has seen. Cane and Lily see J.T. crashed car as they drive home. After being able to get J.T. out of the car, Cane tries to save his life. After he is rushed to the hospital Mac vows to marry J.T. if he recovers.
Ep. #9506 38x144
After J.T. can’t reach anyone at the cottage, he decides to drive there. Blake warns Cane that he will lose everything if the truth comes out about him, but he will keep Cane’s secret for five million dollars. J.T. is involved in an accident in his car and ends up getting electrocuted. Diane flirts with Tucker. The storm gathers pace over Genoa City. After Sharon gives Adam a lift they become stranded together in an old barn with Faith. Adam ends up risking his own life to save Faith's.
Ep. #9505 38x143
Jack meets with Victor so that he can pass on the information he managed to get from Skye’s computer. Phyllis refuses to give anything away about what she is doing to Adam. Jack learns from Skye that Adam doesn't trust him. Jack is able to convince her to take his money. When Victor shows up at the magazine offices he hears Adam threatening Phyllis. Phyllis tells Tucker it is a bad idea when she learns he is thinking of giving Diane a job. Tucker finds out that Diane and Victor were once married. Victor ends up offering Diane a job as does Tucker. Mac is surprised by J.T. Cane wants Lily to stay with Neil whilst he goes back to Australia to deal with the people who are after him. Cane is threatened by Blake.
Ep. #9504 38x142
When Nikki wakes up she finds herself in Deacon’s hotel room with a bad hangover. Nikki begins to trust Deacon as she opens up to him. Deacon promises to keep Nikki's drinking a secret and they decide to work together to become sober again. Victor decides to postpone eloping with Nikki after she denies she has been drinking. Jeff is threatened by Hogan from the gambling ring to get him the money that he owes him. Chloe ends up being the third wheel on Alison and Kevin’s date. Ashley sees Tucker with Diane. Ashley decides to tell Tucker about the trouble Diane has caused in the past. When Adam rejects her, Sky is not happy. Jack is caught by Skye trying to hack into her and Adam's computer. Phyllis kisses Adam so that he wont see Jack. Phyllis and Adam see Jack and Sky in a compromising position after they enter the hotel room.. After Jack and Phyllis leave, Skye and Adam wonder what they are up to.
Ep. #9503 38x141
Ep. #9502 38x140
Ep. #9501 38x139
Daniel shows his mother the artwork he has created in preparation for his show and she is very impressed. Abby is reminded by Victoria and Billy that she needs to be on her best behavior if she is to win the lawsuit. Jana says sorry to Noah for just leaving him at the festival. Noah ends up agreeing to sing after Jana dares him too. Daniel manages to impress critic Mark Fletcher with his work. Kay sits with Murphy shocked by the news that somebody could of caused his heart attack. Nikki hears Meggie talking on the phone about Murphy. Jack and Victor clash at the hospital again. After talking to Kay, Victor surprises his daughters by offering them a settlement. The offer is refused by Victoria. Nikki wants Victor to elope with her. Jack and Phyllis are surprised when Diane shows up at his door. Meggie injects something into Murphy's IV.
Ep. #9500 38x138
Jill goes to the hospital to see Kay after leaning about Murphy's heart attack. Ronan tells Kay there is a chance Murphy's heart attack wasn't an accident. Meggie tries to cover her tracks. Billy, Abby, and Ashley celebrate Colleen’s life. When Ashley witnesses a close moment between Tucker and Jill she misreads the situation. Lily finally learns the truth from Cane that they could be in danger. Jack and Phyllis continue to reconnect.
Ep. #9499 38x137
Kay finds Victor’s donation lying on the ground at the festival. As Murphy suffers a heart attack, Meggie leaves making sure that his pills are out of reach. When Kay finds Murphy she calls for help. Meggie panics when she finds out that Murphy is still alive. J.T. and Mac suspect that Murphy wasn't alone when he suffered his heart attack. Colleen is remembered by both Abby and J.T on the anniversary of her death. Victor and Jack clash at the hospital. Lily and Cane share stories with the twins as they remember Colleen. Cane hears noises outside the cabin as Lily showers.
Ep. #9498 38x136
Meggie plays on Nikki's insecurities. Lily thinks that Cane should take the babies to the Harvest Festival. J.T. quits his job at Tucker Unlimited to go to work for the G.C.P.D. Cane attempts to convince Lily to leave town for a while. J.T. thinks Cane should tell Lily about the threats after he turns to him for help. There is tension at the fair. Adam ends up giving Murphy a large donation for the Veterans Fund. Murphy recognizes Meggie at the fair. As he tries to call Victor to warn him about her, Meggie attacks him in his car. Meggie refuses to help Murphy when he needs his pills.
Ep. #9497 38x135
After Skye pays Phyllis a visit he lets Phyllis know that he is setting Skye up. Nicholas sees Phyllis with Jack. Adam attempts to convince Sharon to tell him that she still cares for him. When Nicholas shows up he warns Adam to back off. Jeff attempts to make sure that Gloria doesn't find out about the gambling ring. After finding out that Kevin and Chloe are going to the Harvest Festival together, Jana invites Noah to go with her.
Ep. #9496 38x134
Skye attempts to get Adam to agree to continue to play the perfect husband for the sake of the hedge fund. Adam and Skye end up putting on a very convincing show for their investors. Sharon shows up and witnesses the whole thing. Jack breaks up a fight between Phyllis and Sharon over the latest issue of the magazine. Things end up heating up between Jack and Phyllis. Nicholas refuses to become involved with Abby's lawsuit against his father. Victoria and Abby stand firm after their father confronts them. As Nikki orders a vodka tonic at Gloworm, Meggie watches on. Nick wants Sharon to be his date at the Harvest Festival.
Ep. #9495 38x133
Jack learns about the magazine cover story exposing his affair with Skye. Skye is furious when she finds out. Victor learns that Victoria is supporting Abby in the lawsuit. Faith's first birthday is celebrated. Sharon tells Nicholas about Adam's visit. Sharon and Nicholas grow closer.
Ep. #9494 38x132
When Phyllis sees Skye is flirting with Jack she wonders what is going on. Phyllis ends up getting a job at the magazine when Billy is swamped with work. Adam goes to see Sharon and tells how just how much he hates Skye. Sharon isn't happy when Adam comforts an upset Faith ans warns him to stay away from her and her daughter. Nina and Ronan begin to grow closer. Chloe is furious when she finds Ronan at Chance's place. Jana gives Kevin the signed divorce papers. Jana goes to work dressed like Chloe. Kevin discovers that Jeff has been laundering money at Glowarm. Kevin ends up agreeing to help Jeff.
Ep. #9493 38x131
JT and Mac discover that Mac is going to have a baby. After Victor offers to help Victoria end her marriage to Billy she sends him away. JT is offered the chance to join the police force. Ronan starts sort things out now that the corrupt policemen have been arrested. Christine is able to get Nina and Paul to sort out their problems. Abby and Victoria decide to work together against Victor. Cane learns that his family is in real danger.
Ep. #9492 38x130
Deacon tries to help Nikki overcome her problems with alcohol. Victoria ends up loosing the baby she is carrying. Victor ignores her father call when he tries to contact her. Victor learns from Heather that once Skye left Brazil the judge suddenly disappeared along with a big amount of money. Heather ends up confronting Adam and Skye. Skye kisses Jack after telling him that she can handle Adam. Jack informs Abby that her father has been using her trust fund to pay his SEC fines. ­
Ep. #9491 38x129
Heather is shocked when she finds out that half her staff has been suspended. She learns that Ronan is the FBI agent in charge. Nikki ends up at the same AA meeting as Deacon. Victor agrees to give Abby part of her trust fund but there are some strings attached. Tucker cancels Jack’s CEO contract with Jabot unless he gets Abby back on side before the end of the day. Abby ends up agreeing to see her father after all. Skye is able to convince Billy to put her on the cover of the magazine but Victoria isn't happy when she finds out. Victoria clashes with her father. Victoria suffers with stomach pains.
Ep. #9490 38x128
Adam is furious with Jack for sleeping with his wife. Adam tells Skye he wants the fighting to stop and that they need to work together. Adam wishes that he had remained dead and never came back. Adam goes to see Heather about his case being reopened. Heather hears Chance's last moment on tape and breaks down. Cane is worried when he is unable to contact Lily after he arrives in Australia. Neil, Malcolm and Lily are watched. Meggie inds out that Paul has run a background check on her. Nikki ends up having a drink when she cant fight the urge anymore. Meggie is happy when she fonds out that her plan is working. Meggie tells Victor that she knows Paul has done a background check on her and that she has decided to leave. Victor is able to change her mind and Nikki sees them hugging.
Ep. #9489 38x127
Paul questions Nina about her and Christine's meeting. Nina discovers that Kay knows the truth about Chance. Nina ends up dumping Paul after the burden of knowing the truth about Chance becomes too much. Tucker tells Ashley how the rest of the family shut him out when he tried to be there for Kay. Tucker ends up clashing with Murphy when he refuses to allow him to see Kay. Neil tells both Sofia and Cane that the Australia bio-fuel project is on and that they can leave today. Cane is reminded by Philip of what could happen to him if he returns to Australia. Sofia comes up with the idea that they hold their meetings on the plane. Lily receives a delivery from a mysterious person with a card attached that says “A Taste from Down Under.”
Ep. #9488 38x126
Nick and Sharon are surprised when Noah shows up at the ranch. Phyllis finds out that Jack invested in Skye and Adam’s hedge fund. After Skye and Jack share a drink at the bar they end up having sex. Adam discovers Jack in his room when he returns home and Skye is surprised by his reaction. Victoria decides to turn down Tucker's job offer. J.T tells Mac that he would like to have a baby with her and she informs him that there is a chance she is pregnant already.
Ep. #9487 38x125
Kay is allowed to return home. Nikki informs Victor about what happened to Kay. Skye forces Adam to attend an interview. Victor wants Heather to reopen Adam’s case but she tells him that she needs to focus on the case against Owen. Victor offers to help Heather become the new DA if she reopens Adam's case. Chance, Ronan, and Christine explain that Chance’s death was a rouse they came up with so that Chance will remain safe. Nina realizes that it is going to be hard to keep the secret from all Chance's loved ones.
Ep. #9486 38x124
When Kay wakes up and is more like her old self at the hospital, Murphy and Nikki are relieved. Tucker is stopped from seeing her by Murphy. Kay asks Murphy to promise to her that if she was ever hooked up to a life support machine he would have it turned off. Kay learns she is suffering from dehydration and exhaustion and that she can go home. When Nikki returns home she ends up having a drink.
Ep. #9485 38x123
Emotions are running high on the day of Chance's funeral. Paul and Kay have to break up a fight between Chloe and Heather. Ronan shows up at the funeral with Christine and ends up flashing his F.B.I. badge and orders the arrest of Owen and Meeks. Kay later collapses at the mansion. Jack tries to make Abby see that she is making a mistake dropping the lawsuit. Victoria refuses her mother's request to sort out her problems with Victor.
Ep. #9484 38x122
Neil and Sofia learns from Tucker that he has something in New Orleans that he would like them to work on. When Sofia and Neil have an argument, Malcolm ends up defending her. Later Sofia tells Malcolm that she doesn't need him to defend her. Jill welcomes Victoria into the family at Chance's wake. Chloe isn't happy when she sees Delia with Billy and Victoria. Tucker offers Victoria a job. Kay has a dizzy spell at the wake. Nikki learns from Victor what he has done. Nikki's drinks continue to be spiked by Meggie. Victoria refuses to speak to her father. Abby tells her father she has dropped the lawsuit and that she wants to sort out the issues between them.
Ep. #9483 38x121
Cane shows up to offer his condolences. Daniel pays Lily and the twins a visit. Owen shows up at the mansion with a search warrant and Nina learning from him that they investigating Chance’s involvement in the drug ring. Nina, Paul and Phillip learn from Heather that she has been reinstated. Abby is scared that Victor will do the same sort of thing to her that he has done to Victoria. Abby tells Jack that she wants to drop the lawsuit. Victoria ends up telling her father she wants nothing more to do with him. Victor ends up making a telephone call and takes the blame for the bribe. Victoria and Billy end up getting their wedding band tattoos completed.
Ep. #9482 38x120
Ronan is arrested by Owen and Meeks for Chance’s death. Ronan claims to Heather he killed him in self defense. Paul has to break the news about Chance's death. Nina refuses to see Christine when she shows up to speak to her. Nina later confronts Christine for keeping Ronan's secret. Victoria, Billy, and Nick learn from Vance that Victoria is the only person being charged and they realize that she has been set up by Victor. Nikki confronts Victor and tells him that Billy and their daughter managed to complete their wedding vows. Victor is confronted by Billy who tells him that as long as he and Victoria remain married he will continue with his vendetta.
Ep. #9481 38x119
Billy and Victoria prepare to be married. After Gloria is forced to fire Deacon as bartender at the wedding, Phyllis invites him as her guest. Before Victoria can complete her wedding vows, the FBI show up and place her under arrest. Billy and Victoria are able to finish their wedding vows as Victoria is put into the back of a police car. Victor is pleased when he finds out that his plan was a success. Chance fills Heather in on what is going on after he apologizes to her. Heather tells him that she loves him. Chance comes face to face with Owen. Nina hears Heather and Chloe’s talking about Chance and they fill her in on what is happening. After Chance finds the drugs, Owen lets him know he will have the chance to testify against him. Ronan shows up with a gun. Chloe informs Nina that Ronan is her son. When Nina and Paul show up at the warehouse they see Ronan standing over Chance’s bleeding body. Chance is announced as being dead as Heather and Chloe show up.
Ep. #9480 38x118
Meggie continues to spike Nikki's drinks. Nicholas refuses to support his sister's marriage plans. Abby is confronted by her mother about hiring Vance Abrams. Abby asks Vance to go to the wedding with her. J.T. is furious when he learns about the wedding. Rafe agrees to be Billy's best man. Victor puts his plan into motion to stop the wedding. .
Ep. #9479 38x117
Jack learns from his sister that Abby is suing Victor for mismanagement of her trust. Jack is concerned when he finds out that Victor plans to dismantle Abby’s trust. Victor isn't happy with the idea of his daughter marrying Billy. Billy ends up asking Victoria to marry him tomorrow which she agrees to. Nikki attempts to make Victor see reason. Victor tells Jack and Ashly that he has a plan to stop the wedding. The computer aged picture of Nina's son looks nothing like Ronan. Chloe tells Chance how she found out that Ronan was his brother. Ronan agrees to kill Chance to prove his loyalty to Meeks and Owen. When Chance confronts him, Ronan denies that they are brothers. After they fight, Ronan reveals his real story to Chance.
Ep. #9478 38x116
Nikki attempts to convince Victor to let their daughter back into his heart. Victoria asks Billy to ask her the question again and after he does she agrees to marry him. When they look at the pregnancy test results it confirms she is pregnant. Chloe learns from Ronan that he intends to leave Genoa City once the case is done with. Kevin realizes that his feelings for Chloe are stronger than he thought. Heather is talked out of exposing the investigation by her father. Chance learns from Ronan and he and Chloe made love. After Chance confronts Chloe she ends up telling him that Ronan is his brother. Owen is revealed as being Ronan's boss. Owen tells Ronan to eliminate Chance. Victor and Nikki show up to see their daughter and when Victor sees the ring box he realizes she and Billy are engaged. After having taken a second test, Victoria excitedly runs into the room and conforms that she is pregnant.
Ep. #9477 38x115
Abby meets with Vance Abrams but Abby is not happy with the idea of working him. Jack is able to convince her to. Abby’s lawsuit papers are served to Victor. As Chance talks on the phone, Ronan and Meeks hear him. When there is no sign of Chance, Ronan realizes it is a set up. Chloe becomes upset when Chance thinks she is the one who tipped Ronan off. Chloe lets him know that it was Heather who told Ronan. Ronan meets with the dirty cops on the G.C.P.D. as they male plans to eliminate Chance. After an argument with Ronan, Chloe admits her feelings towards him and they make love. J.T. agrees to assist Ashley and Tucker in their plan to acquire information on Newman Enterprises. Mac isn't happy when she finds out about J.T. agreeing to help Ashley and Tucker. Billy receives a visit from John's ghost and he then returns home and proposes to Victoria.
Ep. #9476 38x114
J.T., Mac, Billy, Victoria, Chloe, and Kevin prepare for the children to return school and there is tension. Both Kevin and Jana are offered new jobs. Heather is asked by Ronan to help with the case by spying on Chance. Nina learns from Chance that he has a plan to clear his name. Chance finds out that Chloe knows he slept with Heather again. Chance tells Chloe about his plan to meet with a man from The Examiner. Heather lets Chloe know that Chance is in trouble and that she needs to know where he is. After Billy finds the pregnancy test kit, Victoria admits to him there is a chance she is pregnant. When Victoria comes out of the bathroom she discovers that Billy has disappeared.
Ep. #9475 38x113
­Phyllis remains unhappy with Sharon for moving back into the ranch. Nikki suffers with a nightmare about taking a drink. Ashley says sorry to Nikki for everything that happened between her and Victor over the last couple of years. Nikki tells Kay about her nightmare. Nikki wants Meggie to make her another smoothie. Jill continues to get on Lauren's nerves. Chloe refuses to help Heather concerning Chance and Heather realizes that Chloe is developing feelings for Ronan. Abby tells her mother she will never make the same choices she has over a man.
Ep. #9474 38x112
­When she sees Kevin and Chloe on the magazine together, Jana continues to feel jealous of their closeness. Gloria givers her son his divorce papers to sign. Chloe ends up being the person to comfort an upset Jana. When Jana asks Kevin for another chance he says goodbye and leaves her with the divorce papers. Meggie is happy that her plan is working as she listens in as Victor and Nikki talk. Jack and Ashley wonder how Victor was able to get Adam to agree to drop the lawsuit. Jack learns from Skye that she is the reason that Adam dropped the lawsuit. Victor tells Jack and Ashley what he found out from Skye and Ashley is shocked by the depths of Adam’s cruelty. Victor learns from Jack that Billy and Victoria have purchased a house. Meggie spikes Nikki's drink again.
Ep. #9473 38x111
­Billy thinks that he and Victoria should buy a house together after an upset Victoria says that the trailer is too small for Reed to live in. When Gloria shows them a house they end up falling in love with it. Skye isn't happy when Adam refuses to drop the lawsuit. Adam is surprised when he discovers that Skye is his father's secret weapon. Jack sees his sister and Tucker sharing a kiss. Jack tells Tucker that he wont sharing anything he has on acquiring Beauty of Nature until he has contract making him ta Co-CEO of Jabot. After Tucker agrees to his terms, Jack informs him about his plan to use Abby’s trust to make Victor’s empire bleed. They decide to keep Ashley in the dark about the plan. Ashley and Jack are surprised when they discover that Adam dropped his lawsuit. Meggie spikes Nikki's drink with alcohol as she heps her plan her wedding.
Ep. #9472 38x110
Ep. #9471 38x109
Ep. #9470 38x108
Ep. #9469 38x107
­Sharon ends up agreeing to move back into the ranch. Phyllis isn't happy when she hears the news. Nicholas isn't happy when his brother shows up at the ranch and Sharon ends up letting him in. Phyllis ends up sleeping with Deacon. Abby strips at Glowarm. Tucker becomes frustrated when Ashley tells him that she isn't interested in him. Billy and Victoria decide to get matching tattoos but the tattooist has a heart attack before Billy's is finished. Victor offers Jack another deal to help him bring down Adam. Skye learns from Jack that he is having his money wired into their hedge fund tomorrow.
Ep. #9468 38x106
­When Phyllis runs into Sharon she realizes that Nicholas was somebody else. When Nicholas finds out that Summer is back into town he leaves to go see her. Phyllis confronts Nicholas when he shows up to see their daughter. Phyllis discovers that Deacon is Gloria's new bartender. Nicholas asks Sharon to move back into the ranch after he spends time with her, Summer and Faith. Phyllis slaps Deacon after he kisses her. Ronan attempts to stop Heather from helping Paul find Nina’s son. Christine admits to Nina that she still loves Paul and attempts to convince her that those feelings should remain in the past. Paul says goodbye to Christine. Billy refuses to walk away from Victoria despite Jack's efforts to get him to do so. Victoria resigns from the company after Victor tries to make her choose between him and Billy.
Ep. #9467 38x105
Ep. #9466 38x104
­Lauren is shocked Jill’s surprise witness turns out to be her mother, Joanna. Joanna admits that she knew about Neil’s illegitimate daughter and the judge then decides that he needs some time before he comes to a decision. Joanna is confronted by her daughter for taking Jill's side. After The judge rules in favor of Jill, Lauren remains determined not to give her anything. Chloe tries to cheer Kevin up on his wedding anniversary. Jana shows up to thank him for the flowers and sees him with Chloe. An upset Jana watches when Kevin ends up taking part in a photo shoot with Chloe. Everyone is surprised to see Deacon who tells them he is Gloria's new bartender. Mac gets to spend a little time alone with the babies.
Ep. #9465 38x103
Ep. #9464 38x102
Ep. #9463 38x101
­Victor remembers back to the time that he brought Adam back into his life as he and Nikki wait for the judge to make his decision. The judge ends up deciding that there isn’t enough evidence for Adam’s case to go to trial. Victor tells everyone that Adam will end up paying for his sins, but at his own hand. Adam thinks about his mother and how he has let her down.
Ep. #9462 38x100
­Malcolm and Sofia argue about where to stay. Neil learns from Tucker that Victor has been bribing a Japanese official. As Neil asks Tucker if he is trying to take Beauty of Nature over, Sofia listens in. Victor and Michael meet up with the Chief D.O.J. officer. Victor tells Tucker that there is no way he will gets his hands on Beauty of Nature. Nikki offers Meggie a job. Chance ends up opening up to Chloe. Ronan becomes suspicious of Meeks. Chance refuses to leave the prison after learning that he is being released. When Chloe runs into Heather an explosion occurs. After Chloe learns its both Nina’s missing son’s birthday and Ronan’s birthday, she begins to think that perhaps they are the same person. Owen learns from Meeks that Chance survived the explosion.
Ep. #9461 38x99
Adam continues to insist to Vance that he does not give Sharon a difficult time on the witness stand. Vance tries to make the judge see that everyone giving evidence against Adam had a vendetta against him. Sharon says thank you to Adam for stopping Vance from giving her a hard time. Victoria finds out that Jill has been fired by Billy from the magazine. Victoria says sorry to Billy for not believing him. Ashley doesn’t want Tucker staying for her testimony. Ashley tells the judge how she was brainwashed by Adam. When she sees that Tucker was there the whole time, Ashley offers to stand down from her position at Jabot. Tucker tells Ashley her job is safe that he doesn't think any less of her. Traci offers Abby some advise.
Ep. #9460 38x98
­Cane and Lily find out that they can take the babies home. Neil isn't happy about Sofia's arrival in his family's lives. Tucker shows up to see the twins and welcome them home. After Tucker shows up at the court room to support Ashley she begins to panic. The Abbot family are surprised to see Traci who has been flown into offer her support. Ashley reminds her daughter that no matter what she is her still her mother. Meggie is confronted by Nikki about her taking advantage of Victor’s generosity. After Nikki finds a note from Meggie saying she is leaving the ranch for good, she finds her in a coffee shop with Shaw. After Nikki attacks him she says sorry to Meggie forever doubting her. Skye remains determined to see Sharon brought down on the witness stand. When Adam finds out what Skye is planning, he warns both Skye to back off. As Sharon takes the stand, Vance attempts to convince Adam to let him attack her.
Ep. #9459 38x97
­Nicholas and Phyllis realize what they are losing with the loss of their marriage after he pays a visit to see Faith. Nicholas confronts Sharon with the newspaper showing her kissing Adam. Skye goes mad when Adam tells her that he has admitted everything to Sharon. Adam tells Vance that he will not let him attack Sharon on the witness stand. Adam wants Sharon to tell the truth on the witness stand and he assures her no one will attack her on the witness stand. Skye wants Vance to go after Sharon on the witness stand and to stop at nothing. Paul and Christine learn that Chance plead not guilty at his arraignment to make sure he would be sent to jail. Owen refuses to have the charges against Chance dropped. Paul and Christine attempt to explain what happened between them to Nina. Meeks makes plans to have Chance eliminated.
Ep. #9458 38x96
­Emily and Jack think about whether they have a future together or not. Emily decides that she needs to leave town. Patty ends up becoming Mary Jane again. Phyllis tells a surprised Nicholas that she is leaving town with their daughter for a while. Jana attempts to convince Kevin not to give up on what they had together. Gloworm is closed down by the police following Abby's stunt. Ashely refuses to let Tucker go and speak to the Justice Department about Victor. Billy learns from Victoria that Tucker knows about the gun. Victoria doesn't believe him when Billy tells her he didn't tell him about it. Billy fires Jill after working out that she told Tucker about the gun. Skye warns Adam that if he doesn't stop obsessing about Sharon will she will leave will all their money and divorce him. Adam ends up kissing Sharon after seeing her outside.
Ep. #9457 38x95
­Jack crates an early Christmas for Emily but their night together ends up being interrupted. Victor is confronted by Ashley and Tucker with their suspicions about what happened in Japan. Billy and Victoria admit to the press that they are dating when they attend the opening of Glowworm together. Abby shows up with a camera crew for the opening and she ends up climbing into the giant champagne glass where she strips off. Ashley shows up with Tucker in the middle of it. Victor tells his daughter they have been conned by Billy and that they are going to loose everything. Ashley and Adam come face to face. Christine and Paul remember the past and end up sharing a kiss which Nina sees. Jana wants Kevin back. Jill and Lauren continue to be at odds.
Ep. #9456 38x94
­Gloria and Jeff prepare for the opening of Gloworm and face several challenges. Sharon is surprised to see Adam at the opening. Jana attempts to explain why she reached out to Ryder instead of him after she asks him if he is seeing Chloe. Kevin gives Jana some money after telling her that he moved on with his life. Jan follows Kevin and Chloe after he invites her to the opening of Gloworm. Chance says that the drugs belong to him at the hearing which leaves Ronan, Heather, and Sid stunned. Heather insists that Chance is lying after he is taken into custody.
Ep. #9455 38x93
Ep. #9454 38x92
­Emily and Jack talk about Patty’s disappearance and they both think that Adam has played a part in it. When Nicholas shows up he discovers Sharon begging Adam not to die. Sharon is confronted by Skye at the hospital. Adam defends Sharon after he opens his eyes. When Lauren finds out that Jill is giving an interview by their father's grave she shows up to set the record straight. Lauren ends up pushing Jill into an open grave nearby. Sofia comes up with an idea which could put an end to Cane's immigration problems. Jack learns from Phyllis how she used Deacon to try and get back at Nicholas. Phyllis decides to leave town for a while.
Ep. #9453 38x91
­Jack and Victor clash over Abby. Ashley considers a compromise with her daughter. Jack tells Abby that they need to keep the fact that they are working together a secret. Victor and Ashley end up deciding to give Abby part of her trust as long as she agrees to no more public displays of nudity. Abby continues to plot to get hands on her entire trust fund. Nicholas returns as Sharon opens the door to Adam. Sharon refuses to return to Genoa City with Nicholas. Sharon is scared after Nicholas leaves and opens fire with a gun outside the cabon and she shoots Adam without realizing it. Deacon shows up and offers Phyllis his help with her flat tyre. Phyllis and Nicholas argue when he finds out that she was following him to the cabin and she ends up kissing Deacon in front of him. Kevin finds out about Chance sleeping with Heather. Chance is not happy when he finds out that Sid and Ronan left Heather unprotected. Ronan and Chance clash and end up in a fight. After Christine breaks up the fight she is forced to remind Ronan that he is fighting with his own brother.
Ep. #9452 38x90
­Abby is helped by Jack to get control of her trust. Victor and Victoria attempt to reason with Abby. Victoria allows her father's distrust of Billy get to her. Billy doesn't want to become part of the Newman-Abbott war and ends up telling Victoria what his sister and Tucker are planning. Phyllis refuses to be bought after Victoria offers her a massive divorce settlement from Nicholas. Nicholas finds out that Sharon is at the Abbot cabin and he shows up there. Adam lets Phyllis know where Nicholas has gone and after she heads off there she gets a flat tyre. After Nicholas leaves, Adam shows up at Sharon's door.
Ep. #9451 38x89
­Chloe has a nightmare in which Chance and Heather are paired together. Chloe comes up with a plan to make Chance jealous. Heather ends up being trapped with the hit man and Chance tries to rescue her. After talking to Billy, Lauren decides to go see Jill to see if they can sort something out. Lily returns home. Neil discovers that Sofia is engaged to Malcolm. Lily and Cane are surprised when they learn that Sofia is Tucker’s new CFO.
Ep. #9450 38x88
­Jack pays Abby's bail after Daniel cant raise the funds to pay it. Jack, Daniel and Abby find out that Patty has escaped the hospital and Jack heads off to make sure Emily is OK. Abby shocks her mother by telling her since she legally owns the house she wants her to move out. Paul thinks that Adam is responsible for his sister's disappearance. After being confronted by Paul, Adam claims that he has had nothing to do with Patty's disappearance. Jack isn't happy when Emily decides to help go look for Patty. Mac becomes more depressed as she misses the babies. Lily learns that she is to be released from the hospital.
Ep. #9449 38x87
­Chloe is left reeling after finding out that Chance cheated on her. Chance wants Chloe to forgive him. Ronan is not happy when he finds out that Christine broke his cover. Christine and Ronan are able to convince Paul and Heather of the severity of what is going on and that it is necessary that Nina and Chance know nothing in order for them to be protected. Chloe confronts Heather and ends up slapping her. Emily is asked by Jack to choose between their relationship and her treating Patty. Adam makes an entry into Patty's diary. Emily decides to stop treating Patty so that she can save her relationship with Jack. Patty agrees to leave with Adam who tells her he has arranged for her to have a new identity in Canada as a nun.
Ep. #9448 38x86
Paul and Emily end up concluding that Patty's confession to Hightower’s murder is more questionable than ever after she suffers with nightmares. Skye that Adam are assured by Vance that Adam will be a free man soon. Adam discovers Patty’s confession isn’t solid after listening in on a conversation between Emily and Chance. After Chance accuses Ronan of putting the drugs in his car, Ronan exposes the affair he has been having with Heather. Chance ends up being suspended without pay. Christine steps in when Nina attacks Ronan. Chance decides to come clean to Chloe about the affair he has been having with Heather. Paul­ and Heather learn from Christine that Ronan is working undercover.
Ep. #9447 38x85
Kevin discovers that Jana’s phone has been disconnected. Kevin and Chloe find out from the club’s manager that Ryder and Jana left before they paid their bill. Kevin realizes that if the pol­ice don’t find them then he will end up losing everything. Paul offers to help Nina find the child that was stolen from her. When Chance turns down Chloe's romantic advances she asks him what is going on. Christine lets Ronan know that Nina and Paul are looking for him. Chance is arrested for drug possession. Victor and Nikki are shocked by Abby's actions. Victor destroys Daniel's cameras as he films everything. Abby ends up getting arrested and she learns she wont be arraigned until Monday.
Ep. #9446 38x84
Jack wants Abby to form a partnership with him. Victor turns down Abby's idea that he gives her a job at Newman and they produce “The Naked Heiress” together. Tucker wants Sofia to move to Genoa City in order to handle things with Jack. Jack ends up being impressed by her business sense. Billy tells Nikki about how he feels towards her daughter. As Victor and Nikki announce their engagement, Abby rides into the club naked on her horse.
Ep. #9445 38x83
­Phyllis isn’t happy about her son being on the cover of Restless Style. Abby finds out that she has no backer for “The Naked Heiress” and the show is now officially dead. Phyllis is furious after she learns about Abby and Daniel’s sex tape. Abby tells Jack that she is going to sell Brad’s house in order to pay for her show and Jack ends up telling her that there could be another way. Lauren is served with legal papers at Fenmores. Kay tries to get Laurena and Jill to resolve their differences. Lauren later tells Jill that she will never be her sister. Victor is confronted by Ashley and Tucker that he could have bribed a Japanese official. Ashley turns to Jack for help in getting Beauty of Nature away from Victor. Jack agrees to get Beauty of Nature for Tucker if he agrees t make him co-CEO with Ashley of Jabot. Tucker agrees to the deal. Sofia manages to get on the wrong side of Neil.
Ep. #9444 38x82
­Kay is surprised to see Christine and she wonders how Christine is dealing with Nina and Paul’s relationship. With Christine being in town, Nina is worried about her relationship with Paul. Michael, Paul and Christine remember old times together. Victor’s proposal to Nikki is interrupted by Meggie. Nikki decides that she needs time to think before making a decision. Nikki later agrees to marry Victor. Ronan ends up being arrested by Chance. Chance ends up being taken off the case after Ronan meets with Meeks.
Ep. #9443 38x81
When Paul comes out of the bedroom with Nina, Christine is surprised. After Nina leaves, Christine tells him she is happy for the pair of them. Christine later reveals her real reason for returning to town.Victor reluctantly ends up agreeing to let Meggie stay at the ranch. Paul is asked by Victor to delve into Meggie's past. Victor asks Nikki to become his wife. Jana learns that Ryder is wanted by the police for burglary. After refusing to let the police search the room she finds something expensive after they leave. After Ryder disappears, Jana turns to Kevin for help. When Ryder shows up he asks Jana to run away with him. Chance feels guilty after having slept with Heather. Chance and Heather discover the hidden bug. A mysterious phone call is made by Ronan saying they need to get rid of Chance.
Ep. #9442 38x80
­Nick says sorry to Sharon but he remains concerned about her safety. Skye tells Adam about her plan to save her image. Sharon decides to leave town. Meggie tells Nikki and Victor the reason why she is in town. Christine shows up at Paul's door as he is making love to Nina. Kevin is encouraged to go out with Allison. Jana is shocked when the police arrive with an arrest warrant for Ryder.
Ep. #9441 38x79
­Jack is surprised when he finds out from Phyllis that she has left Nicholas. Adam tries to explain to Sharon the reasons why he married Skye. Phyllis and Jack end up sharing a kiss.Nicholas isn't happy when he finds Adam and Sharon together. Tucker wants to protect Ashley from Adam. Abby and Daniel make love after he draws her in the nude. Ashly and Tucker move love. Meggie shows up at Victor and Niki's front door. Victoria is reminded by Sharon that Billy is out to destroy the Newman family.
Ep. #9440 38x78
Victor, Nikki and Sharon are shocked as they see Adam toast his new wife, Skye. When Nicholas shows up Sharon stops him from attacking Adam. Skye is furious when Adam admits to Sharon that he still loves her. Victoria is able to get her brother to admit that he is in love with two women. Adam receives a mysterious call and leaves Skye alone on their wedding night. Cane and Jill are concerned that Lily is trying to do too much. Lauren finds it hard to deal with the fact that that Jill is her sister. Lauren is shocked when Jill introduces herself as Jill Fenmore to a designer. The police show up with an arrest warrant for Ryder.
Ep. #9439 38x77
Victor is disappointed in his daughter’s choice after her declaration of love fro Billy. Billy decides to ask Victoria out on a proper date. Celebrity Weekly send a reporter to talk to Abby and reveal to Victor that Abby has a sex video. Phyllis wants Sharon to move out of the penthouse so that she can move in. When Nicholas shows up, Phyllis tells him that their marriage is over. Adam is introduced to his new attorney, Vance Abrams. Skye tells Adam she will post his bail if he agrees to marry her.
Ep. #9438 38x76
Paul attempts to plead on his sister's behalf in court but Patty tells him to stop fighting for her because she is guilty. Patty is later pushed to the edge by her brother as recounts Emily and Jack’s love in order to prove that her confession is coerced. Victor condemns Adam in front of the media as Nicholas thanks his family for their support. Adam admits the truth to Sharon about what happened the night of the ball. The judge ends up ruling that Patty is not competent to make a confession. Skye insists that Adam is not guilty as the judge asks him to enter plea. Phyllis tires of Nicholas always being there for Sharon. Victoria is furious after seeing the latest cover of the magazine and ends up telling Billy they are over. A furious Victor confronts Billy and as he is about to hit him, Victoria shows up and declares that she loves Billy.
Ep. #9437 38x75
Nicholas spends time with Sharon and Faith after being released from custody. Sharon and Nicholas ends up arguing after she tells him she went to see Adam. Nicholas ends up promising Phyllis that they will never be separated again. Michael tries to make Owen have all the charges against Nicholas dropped. Rafe refuses to take on Adam's case. Sharon isn't happy with Billy. Ronan learns that Ellis has escaped custody and he later makes a mysterious call. In a van, Ronan secretly listens to Chance and Heather’s conversation in the apartment.
Ep. #9436 38x74
Sharon is lured to to the jail by Adam on the pretense that Nicholas wants to see her. Sharon receives a call saying that Patty has confessed. Adam tries to convince Sharon that he has not killed anyone. Billy calls Rafe to get him to agree to meet Adam.Mac tells J.T. that giving the twins ti Lily is harder than she imagined it would be. Lily faints after getting out of bed.
Ep. #9435 38x73
J.T. learns from Mac that Lily wants her and Cane to raise the twins together if she doesn’t survive the cancer. Lily's treatment gets underway. Abby tries once again to get Daniel to appear on the cover of the magazine with her. Adam agrees to give Billy a story if he gets Rafe to present him. Owen and Paul discover that Patty and Adam where in the mental hospital at the same time. Michael demands that Nicholas be released after hearing Owen telling Paul that Patty knows everything about the night Adam was killed.
Ep. #9434 38x72
Adam steals a flashlight from an orderly at the hospital. Adam makes it look like he is sleeping in his bed before removing the screws from the ventilation system and enters a duct work and makes his way towards Patty's room. Adam tries to convince Patty to confess to killing him. After he makes his way back to his room,a pair of police officers enter his room and tell him he is being arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. Michael and Lauren are surprised when they learn that Jeffrey has bought Indigo for Gloria as an anniversary present. Tucker asks Ashley to go with him to Katherine's party. Abby makes a spectacle of herself at the party and she is thrown out. Victoria and Billy make love again.
Ep. #9433 38x71
Chance is surprised when he finds out that Chloe is moving in with Kevin. Chloe finds out that Chance and Heather are sharing a studio apartment. Chloe secretly spies on Chance and Heather. Sharon pays Nicholas a visit and he asks her what happened in Brazil. When Victor pays Adam a visit he drops his crazy act. Michael and Victor learn from Owen that he is going to file charges against Adam, but he is still going ahead with Nicholas’s trial. Adam puts the next part of his plan into action.
Ep. #9432 38x70
Adam puts on an act at the mental hospital. Victor and Michael meet with Owen and try to get Nicholas bailed. Patty is set up Adam and he later torments her. Chloe tries to convince Kevin to allow her and the baby move in. Ronan hears Nina and Chloe arguing.
Ep. #9431 38x69
Neil and Ashley split up. Daniel turns down Abby's request to appear on the cover of Restless Style with her. Abby asks Tucker to go into business with her but he turns down the offer. Tucker tries to cheer Ashley up. When Abby sees Tucker hugging her mother she thinks he turned down her business offer because he is sleeping with Ashley. Friends and family show up for Kay's BBQ. Ronan shows up as Chance to to Nina about his engagement to Chloe. Paul wonders if his daughter is developing feelings towards Chance. Kay works out that Jill is going to make a claim for part of the Fenmore fortune.
Ep. #9430 38x68
­As Jamie gets ready to turn himself in, Emily thanks Paul for his help. Paul pays his sister a visit and is amazed by her progress. Emily and Jack make love after she tells him she is ready t move forward. Victor, Adam, and Sharon arrive back in town. Adam shows up in court with Adam. Adam pretends to be crazy when questioned. Adam ends up being sent to the same mental hospital as Patty.
Ep. #9429 38x67
­Phyllis gets ready to testify at Nicholas’s trial. Victor stops Adam from leaving. Nikki takes the stand in her son's defense. Phyllis ends up loosing it during her testimony. Skye plots her next move. The DNA results confirm that Jill and and Lauren are sisters. Lauren isn't sure she wants Jill to be part of her life. Phyllis ends up being comforted by Jack. Jack and Emily start to reconnect. When Jamie shows up, Emily wants to send some time alone with him.
Ep. #9428 38x66
After Adam lets himself into Sharon's room she tells him that she was worried she would never see him again. When Sharon attempts to convince him to stay, Adam wonders what she is up to. The stakes are raised in the card game. Adam kisses an off guard Sharon. Adam ends up being caught in a trap. Lily tells her family that she has decided to take part in the stem cell trial with the babies’ cells after they are born. Charlie and Matilda are introduced to their family following their birth. Nicholas learns from his sister that Tucker has been trying to find out more about Beauty of Nature’s monopoly in Japan but that she dealt with it. Nicholas thinks his sister was set up after learning that Billy was in Japan with her.
Ep. #9427 38x65
­Lily talks to Cane about her will. Cane reminds Lily that if anything bad happens to her he will be forced to return to Australia. Lily and Cane learn about Mac being taken to the hospital. Mac needs an emergency C-section. Victor learns from Michael that he has been subpoenaed and needs to return to Genoa City. Victor refuses to return home without Sharon. Nicholas learns that his bail is being revoked. Adam and Sharon come face to face. Victor takes his seat at the table for the game.
Ep. #9426 38x64
Abby tries to make Daniel believe that somebody hacked into her computer and posted the footage of them on the Internet. Lauren informs Jill that she has been through her father's things and can find no evidence that they could be half sisters. Lauren ends up agreeing to have a DNA test performed. Mac and Lily are relieved when Cane ends up deciding to drop the lawsuit. Mac is worried that she might have made a horrible mistake. Lilly tells Cane whatever time she has left she wants to spend with him. Mac goes into labor. Ashley and Tucker meet with the Department of Justice after returning home from Japan. Ashley decides she cant tell Neil about what happened in Japan.
Ep. #9425 38x63
Cane refuses to drop the lawsuit after Mac confronts him again. Lily shows up at the court hearing and says that the risk on the unborn children is too high. Heather and Chance learn from Frank Ellis that the police and prison personnel are trafficking drugs into the prison system. Heather discovers that somebody has been through her belongings in her room. Chance is asked by Owen to help him in the investigation. Chance and Heather are introduced to Ronan. Kevin punches Ryder after finding him and Jana in bed together.
Ep. #9424 38x62
Nicholas calls Sharon and tries to convince her to come home after finding out she is in Brazil. Adam is finally able to convince Skye to leave with him. After seeing Sharon's picture on the front page of a Sao Paolo newspaper, Adam has a change of heart about leaving. Jill tells a surprised Lauren that they are half sisters. Lauren later tells Michael that there is a chance that Jill is her sister.
Ep. #9423 38x61
Victor is given a briefcase full of money. Victor calls Sharon asking her to come to Brazil. Adam reluctantly agrees to let Skye play in the game. Nicholas' trial gets under way. Nicholas isn't happy when he finds out that his father has asked Sharon to fly to Brazil. Kay hears a deathbed confession from Liz. Liz says a final goodbye. Snapper decides to tell Jill the secret. Jill shows up see Lauren.
Ep. #9422 38x60
­Jack and Victor put their plan to trap Adam and Skye into action. Adam and Skye discover that Victor and Jack have been asking questions about them. Adam tries to convince Skye that they need to leave. Skye refuses to leave. Jack decides to return home to support Nicholas. Tucker and Ashley grow closer. Jill is surprised to see Greg. Jill, Kay and Greg learn that Liz doesn't have long left to live.
Ep. #9421 38x59
Snapper learns from Liz that she knows the identity of Jill's real parents and she makes him promise not to tell Jill. Kay works out that Liz has revealed their identity to Snapper. Nicholas learns from Sharon that she tried to call Adam again. Phyllis and Michael witness a close moment between Sharon and Nicholas. After arriving in Brazil, Jack and Victor search for Skye. Adam learns from Skye she has won five million dollars. Victor and Jack are able to discover where Adam and Skye are heading and Victor comes up with a plan to draw them out into the open.
Ep. #9420 38x58
Abby and Daniel are caught by Nikki and Phyllis sharing a kiss after their night together. Daniel ends up agreeing to keep his distance from Abby. Daniel finds out that somebody has posted a video of him and Abby on the Internet. Billy is offered a deal by Tucker and his sister. Jill and Kay fonds out Liz was taken to the hospital after collapsing on the plane. Jill and Kay are surprised to see Snapper at the hospital. Snapper hears a secret about Jill from Liz.
Ep. #9419 38x57
Tucker makes plans for him and Ashley to follow Victoria to Japan after learning that she has flown there. Abby gives her mother a hard tome about the trip. Victoria and Billy make love and later run into Ashley and Tucker. Daniel's divorce papers show up in the post. Jack tries to help save Victor before the boat sinks. Michael thinks the tape Nicholas has managed to get of Adam on the phone will not help his case much.
Ep. #9418 38x56
­Chloe tries to pretend she is happy with the idea of Chance working with Heather. Kevin learns that Jana is planning on moving out. Jana tries to reassure Kevin that she isn't involved with Ryder. Nikki wants Jack to convince Nicholas not to leave the country. Jack tells Nicholas he will go after Victor. Victor is numbered by Shaw and his cronies in Ottawa. Victor is shown by Shaw the boat that he took Adam out of the country on. When Nikki learns that Sharon is thinking of moving out of the ranch she thinks it is a bad idea. Adam refuses to listen to Skye's advise. Nicholas is stopped from leaving by Heather and Chance. Shaw points a gun at Victor. Jana and Ryder end up sharing a kiss. Nicholas tells Sharon about Skye’s cell number. Sharon wants to call the number but when Adam picks up the phone she stalls. Shaw locks Victor in the boat after firing a shot into the bottom of it. Victor tries to find a way of the boat before it sinks. Ryder stops the kiss with Jana. After Jana admits to him this is the first thing she has wanted to do in ages they begin to make love.
Ep. #9417 38x55
Emily learns from Michael that he managed to get copies of the prescriptions that A.P.A. is using against her. Emily works out that it was Jamie who wrote the prescriptions after seeing them. Skye tries to make Adam see that he can never go back to Sharon. Victor offers Shaw a deal. When Shaw refuses to agree to help him, Victor is forced to use some different tactics. Nick and Nikki are able to get Russ Curtis to hand over his phone and when Nick calls a number on it Skye picks up. Nick wants Chance to trace the call. After Phyllis throws Jeff and Gloria out of their penthouse she offers it to Sharon. Victor manages to get information out of Shaw. Adam tells Skye they need to leave Brazil straight away.
Ep. #9416 38x54
The Winter family family find themselves divided by Cane's lawsuit. After Victor wakes up, Meggie tells him everything she can remember about Adam. Victor is shown a picture of a woman called Skye and sees a message on the back meant for his son. Adam cant let go off his wedding ring. Devon takes Cane's side. Victor wants Meggie to call Shaw for him.
Ep. #9415 38x53
­Michael lets Victor Know that Owen still intends to indict Nicholas for Hightower’s murder. Victor gets a lead in Quebec. Sharon recovers in hospital. Devon graduates and celebrates with his family. Cane learns from Lily that her treatment hasn't been a success. Mac agrees to go a date with J.T. Cane decides to sue Mac for the babies’ stem cells. Victor discovers Shaw wearing his son's watch and wants to know how he got it. When Billy finds out that Victoria is going to Tokyo, he books a ticket on the same plane. Victor is knocked out after Shaw agrees to take him to his boat. Adam gets a call letting him know that his father is in Canada.
Ep. #9414 38x52
Jill and Nikki both show up at the trailer looking for Billy and Victoria. Jill fills her son in on what she thinks Tucker is up to. Chance and Chloe try to help Heather and Chance is able to get out of the car. Nikki warns her daughter that she cant trust Billy. Victor wants his daughter to keep an eye on the company whilst he is gone looking for Adam. Victoria admits to her mother she wants to continue seeing Billy. Jill learns that Tucker wants to steal Beauty of Nature from Victor and he asks her to help him. Jill fills Billy in on what Tucker has asked her to do. Billy tells Victoria what Tucker is planning. Billy agrees Victoria's request not to publish the story.Tucker gets his hands on Jill's tape. Tucker learns from Ashley that Victoria has left town.
Ep. #9413 38x51
Ep. #9412 38x50
­Victor wants Jack to help him dig up Adam’s grave. Michael tries to talk them and Nicholas out of doing it. Phyllis and Sharon follow up some leads. Lauren breaks all the mirrors in her home after not wanting to see her own reflection. Ryder receives a visit from Jana. Kevin is surprised when he finds out that Jana wants to help Ryder. Jack, Victor and Nicholas are secretly watched as they start digging up Adam’s grave. Sharon and Phyllis find Adam’s masquerade ball outfit. Lauren is offered some advice by Emily. Jana takes out a loan and posts Ryder's bail. When Owen shows up at the grave site Victor stops him from arresting them by showing Owen a letter from Hightower’s family giving them permission to dig up the grave. Phyllis is separated from Sharon after a crop-duster comes by and sprays the fields with poison.
Ep. #9411 38x49
Ashley learns from Tucker that he planning to use leverage from Beauty of Nature against Victor so that he can get him to sell. Jill learns from Jill that she is planning on writing another expose about Tucker. Ashley lets Tucker know she wants no part in his plan. Lily’s last will and testament in the mail arrives in the post and Cane confronts Mac with it. Victoria and Billy learn from Rafe that their marriage is invalid. Cane receives a call from Lily. J.T. and Chloe learn that Victoria and Billy aren't legally married. J.T. tells Tucker he wont do his dirty work for him. Jill manages to get the goods on Tucker.
Ep. #9410 38x48
Victor shows up at Billy’s trailer and catches his daughter with him there. Abby refuses to back down about making the show despite her mother's concerns. Both Jack and Paul feel responsible for Emily’s current predicament after bail is set at a high amount. Emily refuses to let them pay it but does ask Paul for help in finding out who wrote the prescriptions. When Jack asks her to move back in again, Emily believes he is responsible. Patty is questioned by Nicholas about her involvement with Adam and Hightower. Nicholas learns from her that there are two Adam's. Victoria refuses to leave with her father. Emily ends up agreeing to move into the pool house. Paul is unable to get any information out of his sister. When the judge rules in favor of her parents, Abby isn't happy.
Ep. #9409 38x47
Jack calls Michael for help following Emily's arrest. J.T. is furious with Victoria for marrying Billy. Billy and Victoria try to explain what happened. Abby is served with an injunction preventing her from airing any video footage of Victor and Ashley on the television show. Kent tells Abby he thinks others will follow their lead. Sharon tells Ashley that Adam could still be alive after everyone is called to a meeting at the ranch. Owen refuses to agree to allow Adam's body to be exhumed after he hears what Sharon, Nicholas and Phyllis have found out. A furious Abby confronts Victor about the injunction and lets him know about Victoria's marriage to Billy as Nikki listens in. Heather agrees to help Michael secretly look for Adam.
Ep. #9408 38x46
Emily agrees to allow Jack to accompany her to the hearing to find out if her license to practice is going to be revoked. Jack attempts to defend Emily at the hearing. The board end up deciding not to revoke her license but put heron probation for one year. Later as she celebrates with Jack a shocked Emily is arrested by a pair of DEA agents for selling controlled substances. Abby asks Victoria and Billy if they are seeing one another and they deny it. Abby then watches the video of their wedding again. Victoria quizzes Mac about her feelings for J.T. Abby shows up with a camera crew at Rafe's party and is then thrown out. She then goes back inside with a hidden camera. Chloe isn't happy with Heather hanging around Chance. Abby tries to convince Victoria to invest in her reality show idea. When Victoria turns down the offer, Abby turns her attention to Billy. J.T. agrees to allow Victoria to spend more time with Reed and she shares the news with Billy. Abby tells everyone at the party about Billy and Victoria's wedding and says she has video footage on her phone. Nicholas and Phyllis tell Sharon, Victor and Nikki they have found Richard Hightower and shock them by announcing that he is buried in Adam's grave. Nicholas explains his theory as to why. Adam is revealed as still being alive on a secluded beach.
Ep. #9407 38x45
Jana gives Ryder a magazine asks him if she can continue to visit him. Daniel tells Kevin about the kiss he shared with Abby. Victor and Nicholas meet Richard Hightower’s sister and son. Justin tells them that Adam saved Richard’s life. Daniel receives a call from Amber and he tries to convince her to come back to Genoa City. Abby finds Billy and Victoria's wedding video. Daniel is forced to face the fact that his marriage is over. Paul discovers that Adam donated bone marrow to save Hightower’s life because he had leukemia.
Ep. #9406 38x44
­Rafe lets Billy know that he is working on the annulment. Victoria isn't happy that Mac is spending alone time with her son. Victoria and Mac end up clashing. Abby tries to convince Jack to invest in her television program. When Victor sees them together he thinks that Jack could be the person helping her with the lawsuit. Ashley is quizzed by Jill about Tucker and Jabot. Victoria tells Billy to stop the annulment. Mac and J.T. work out that something is going on between Billy and Victoria. After arguing, Abby and Daniel end up making out. Jack and Victor clash about Abby.
Ep. #9405 38x43
­Cane attempts to convince Lily one last time to stay in Genoa City and use the stem cells from the twins but she refuses. Malcolm learns from Cane about his idea to sue Mac for the twins’ amniotic fluid if case Lily’s trial is not a success. Jack learns from Emily that she is going through withdrawal because of the drugs she took in the hospital and he offers her his support. A lawyer tells Cane and Malcolm they have a good case if they intend to sue Mac. Lily says goodbye to her loved ones. Jack asks Emily to move into the mansion after she tells him she believes she is being followed. Emily thinks Jack is responsible in an effort to win her back. Jack and Emily are secretly watched.
Ep. #9404 38x42
­After Lauren sees Ryder at Crimson Lights, Kevin and Ryder explain to her that he is there to turn himself into the police. Lauren refuses to believe that Ryder is sorry for what he has done. Victor is confronted by his son about Ellis’ claim that Victor had something to do with his attack. Victor tells him that it was the only way he could get him bail. Sharon and Phyllis work out that Richard Hightower was working with Adam and that he could have been the man that killed Adam. Victor and Ashley try to show Abby options for her future. Nicholas, Sharon, and Phyllis decide to try and find out more about Hightower after telling Chance what they have discovered. Michael is worried about his wife. Abby decides to sue her parents for control of her trust fund.
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