The Young and the Restless revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. The lives and loves of a wide variety of characters mingle through the generations, dominated by the Newman, Abbott, Chancellor, Baldwin and Winters families. ­ When The Young and the Restless premiered in 1973, it revolutionized the daytime drama. It continues to set the standard with strong characters, socially conscious storylines, romance and sensuality. Add to my shows

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Ep. #12128 2021x108

season 37

Ep. #9362 37x253
­Adam calls his father to let him know about the article on Victor warns Jill she will come to regret it if she prints the lies Adam is spinning. Billy tries to delete the article that Jill wrote as Jack shows up. Jill is warned by Billy if she ever does anything like that again he will have no choice but to fire her. A nurse listens in as Victor threatens his son. Jana tries to convince Ryder to let her go. Jana learns from Daisy that Kevin is on a date with another woman. Gloria and Jeffrey watch Kevin on his date with Alison. Kevin decides not to give up on Jana. Lauren tells Michael she was drugged and that is why she kissed Paul and she tries to convince him that nothing else happened. Michael is determined to find out exactly what is going on. Daisy soon becomes the prime suspect.
Ep. #9361 37x252
Kevin tries to convince Lauren to tell his brother about the pictures. After Paul shows up they realize they have to tell Michael before somebody else does. Michael finds copies of the pictures before they get the chance. Jana continues to hope that Kevin will find her. Jana tries to think of a way to escape and she ends up managing to break the lock on the cage she is being held in. Michael throws Paul out of Lauren's office after confronting them with the photos. Kevin ends up agreeing to go a blind date that his mother has arranged. Ryder catches Jana as she is trying to escape. Kay learns from Victor that he intends to give her back control of Jabot but she thinks it is a bad idea. Tucker goes to see Ashley to see how she is doing. After Jack, Victor and Michael offer a tax shelter for Jabot, Kay ends up accepting the offer. Neil finds Tucker there when he goes to see Ashley. Kay, Jack and Victor are confronted by Tucker about their meeting regarding Jabot. Tucker informs them he intends to gain control of Jabot for himself.
Ep. #9360 37x251
Michael and Paul get ready for 'Patty’s' hearing. Jack is caught off guard by 'Emily's' actions. Patty is able to stop Jack from being allowed to see 'Patty'. Jack grows more concerned about his wife's actions. Victor promises his daughter that she wont loose custody of her son. Adam tells Chance about what happened in the cabin after he questions him. Billy admits to Chance that some of what Adam said is true. After talking to Adam, Jill starts to write an article for the magazine.
Ep. #9359 37x250
Nicholas learns about Phyllis' accident and works out what she was doing at the Abbott cabin after he finds Faith’s plaque among her belongings. Emily continues to try and convince Paul that she isn't his sister. Paul still refuses to believe what she is saying. Adam and Sharon come face to face after he has a therapy session with 'Emily'. Everyone is surprised when 'Emily' says that Adam might not be responsible for his actions. Emily receives a visit from Patty. Ashley and Sharon get ready for the DNA test to be performed on Faith. Patty is determined to silence Emily. Cane turns to Billy for help following his escape. Billy takes Lily to see Cane. Lily thinks that Cane should stop running and turn himself in. Devon finds out where Cane and Lily are and tells Michael. Cane is taken into custody. Michael tells Lily he will stop Cane from being deported.
Ep. #9358 37x249
Ashley continues to refuse to believe that Faith might not be her daughter. Adam wants to die after Victor gives him annulment papers for his marriage to Sharon. Victor is able to get through to Ashley their is a chance that Faith might not be their daughter. Heather tells Adam that 'Emily' is going to be his new therapist. Phyllis' car is involved in an accident. Kay offers Jill her support. Cane fleas from the immigration center as he is about to be deported.
Ep. #9357 37x248
Kevin finds the picture of Lauren and Paul in his brother's briefcase. Lauren is able to convince him that she has not been cheating. Daniel tries to convince Lily to be honest With Cane. Lily admits the truth to Cane after his appeal to stay in the country is denied. Faith flees with Faith. Ashley runs into Tucker after her plane is delayed and he offers her some advise. Ashley ends up returning home.
Ep. #9356 37x247
Nicholas tries to reassure Phyllis that everything will be OK. Sharon is worried about Ashley who tries to continues to try and convince herself that Faith really is her daughter. Sharon sees a vision of Cassie who tries to convince her to go and see the baby and discover the truth. Jack and Victor argue and then learn that a body has been found in the ravine. Victor finds Adam who is barely alive and he is taken to the hospital. J.T. is disgusted after Victoria tells him everything that happened at the cabin. Victoria and Bill continue to grow closer as J.T. decides to fight for full custody of the baby. After Sharon, Nicholas and Phyllis show up to see Faith, Ashley decides to leave town for good.
Ep. #9355 37x246
Everyone thinks that Adam is guilty of the accusations against him. Billy and Nicholas try and force the truth out of him. Phyllis shows up with the letter and gives it to Ashley. Ashley refuses to believe it's contents and screws it up. Victor picks the letter up and reads it out aloud. After Ashley ties to remember things everyone realizes that Faith could be Sharon's baby. Ashley refuses to believe that Faith is not her daughter. Adam is able to escape.
Ep. #9354 37x245
Adam works out that he has been set up and he is forced to stand trial in front of all the people he is wronged who are determined to discover the truth. Phyllis is able to get her hands on a letter which shows Ashley had a miscarriage. Phyllis isn't sure what to do with what she has found out. Tucker refuses to believe that Kay wasn't working with Jill on the article. When Tucker confronts her, Jill tries to convince him that Kay wasn't her source. Tucker decides he is going to completely destroy Chancellor Industries.
Ep. #9353 37x244
­Lily is concerned about what will happen to Cane if he is deported. Cane shares his concerns with Jill. Tucker tells Kay he would like to make her a partner in Chancellor Industries.Cane overhears Jill telling Neil that Cane plans to escape from custody if Lily's latest test results come back bad. Jill also reveals to Neil about her expose on Tucker. Tucker ends up agreeing to sell Kay enough stock so she will regain control of the company. Chance and Chloe admit their feelings to each other. Lily lies to Cane and tells him everything is OK after she gets her test results. Tucker is furious when he sees toe expose about him in the latest issue of Restless Style. Daisy continues to spike Lauren's water as she remembers what happened with Paul. Daisy put a picture of Lauren and Paul together in Michael's things. Paul tells Lauren that he wont tell Michael about what happened.
Ep. #9352 37x243
Adam writes a letter telling Sharon that he will always love him and is then approached by a man called Richard. Sharon tells Victor that she thinks her baby is still alive. Victor asks Sharon to help him and Jack with their quest to discover to the truth. Ashley is shocked after her brother tells her about his and Victor's plan. Billy asks Rafe to help in the plan to bring down Adam. Phyllis tries to get Heather to agree to help. Sharon tells Nicholas that she thinks there is a chance the baby she had is still alive. Sharon meets with Adam. Adam is knocked out.
Ep. #9351 37x242
Heather tells Victor that he can not prosecute Adam without more evidence. Ashley and Jack wonder if they should tell Sharon their theory that Adam stole her baby. Sharon starts to remember things about the night she gave birth. Ashley and Sharon work together to try and discover the truth. Victor agrees to give Jabot back to Kay so that Jack will help bring down Adam. Kevin still refuses to believe that Jana has left him and he later receives another telephone call. Daisy takes a picture of Lauren and Paul kissing.
Ep. #9350 37x241
Cane breaks the news to Lily that he is going to be deported following his hearing. Emily tries to convince Paul of her real identity but he just dismisses her claims. Patty learns of Emily's claims. Patty goes to see the real Emily and causes trouble so that she will have to be sedated. Michael is concerned about the pills that Lauren is taking. Daisy continues to spike Lauren's water. A drugged up Lauren ends up kissing Paul. Ashley is shown Skye's diary by Sharon. Adam is confronted by his father. Ashley and Jack start to believe that Adam's plan was to steal her baby. Ashley wonders if the baby Sharon had is still alive.
Ep. #9349 37x240
Nicholas and Phyllis give Victor an update on what they have discovered about Adam. Sharon lets Adam know that she has read Skye's diary. Sharon tells him that their marriage is over. Adam has a daydream involving Skye. Adam is determined to save his marriage. Phyllis, Nicholas and Victor offer Sharon their support after she shows up at the ranch. Neil tells Ashley they should get more proof before they confront Adam. Jill decides to talk to Kay. Chloe thinks that Billy is making a mistake writing the article. Jill is upset after seeing Kay hugging Tucker.
Ep. #9348 37x239
­Sharon reads more of Skye's diary and discovers more truths about Adam. Sharon looks forward to confronting him on his return. Both Sharon and Ashley have weird dreams. Adam returns home from his trip.
Ep. #9347 37x238
Tucker lets Kay know that his future is in her hands and she lets him into her home. Tucker questions her about his father.Cane receives a visit from Billy and refuses to give him the goods on Tucker.Jill is surprised when she sees Kay and Tucker together. Amber ends up loosing her job after Lauren looses control. Jana continues to try and get Ryder on side. Kevin refuses to believe the evidence in Chicago which makes it look like his wife was there with another man. Ryder and Daisy consider there next move after Kevin texts Jana's phone saying he will never give up looking for her. Lauren gives Amber her job back after saying sorry. Jana is forced to write a goodbye letter to Kevin.
Ep. #9346 37x237
Paul enters the room and Emily is able to call out that Patty is trying to kill her. Phyllis clashes with Diane as Jack bonds with his son. After Patty leaves, Emily tries to convince Paul that she is really Emily and asks him to go get Jack. Nicholas shows Sharon the proof that Adam has been lying to her. Kevin steps up his search to find Jana and Daisy put her plan into action.
Ep. #9345 37x236
Cane lets Lily know that he might be deported and explains to her the reasons why. Billy kisses Victoria and she ends up slapping him. Lily is determined to stop Cane from being deported. Phyllis tells Sharon she is following a lead which will prove exactly what Adam is really like. Jack and Victor present their cases in the court hearing. Adam fails to show up for the hearing and the judge decides to delay the sale of Jabot for thirty days. Diane shows up and introduces herself to 'Emily'. Patty starts to loose control when Diane talks about her. Patty learns from Paul that Emily's condition is improving and when she opens her eyes she tries to smother her when she is alone in the room with her.
Ep. #9344 37x235
Billy and Jill realize they need more goods on Tucker to sell their cover story for the magazine. Victor and Tucker find out that Jack managed to convince a judge to put a hold on their deal for Jabot until it can be looked at more thoroughly. Jill finds out that Kay has the goods on Tucker but isn't going to use the information. Chloe and Chance get ready to celebrate Delia's birthday. There is a surprise for Jack which sends Patty into a panic. Chloe learns from Chance that Riggs is dead and he will never discover the truth now. Kay thanks Tucker after he tells her he has put the sale on hold of all the Chancellor companies. Cane is held by an immigrations officer who tells him that he is in America illegally.
Ep. #9343 37x234
As Kevin tries to find Jana she believes he will locate her in the end. Things continue to be strained between Victoria and J.T. Jana tries to convince Ryder to let her go. Daisy practices speaking like Jana so that she can try and convince Kevin that she has left him. Victor wants the truth from Adam after Nicholas and Phyllis fill him in on what they have discovered. Kay tells Tucker she has no intention of going public with what she has found out about him. Tucker refuses to transfer Adam to a European division of the company. Tucker tells Adam to stop the sale of all Chancellor companies.
Ep. #9342 37x233
Cane and Neil are forced to miss Lily's last chemotherapy session due to work commitments with Tucker. Cane learns of Tucker's plans to dispose of Chancellor Industries. Kay finds the information she needs to bring Tucker down. Cane is secretly watched as he spends time with his family. Kay confronts Tucker. Adam once again tries to convince Sharon to leave town with him and she ends up agreeing.
Ep. #9341 37x232
Ashley demands the truth from Adam after confronting him with the blood stained piece of cloth. After Phyllis confronts him as well with what she knows, Sharon starts to doubt him. Ashley, Nicholas and Phyllis are determined to prove that Adam is a liar. Jack and Patty return home. Patty finds out that Emily is still in a coma after calling to check on her condition. Adam wants Sharon to leave town with him. Jack attempts to make Adam doubt Victor. Kevin wants Chloe to ask Chance for help as Jana is still missing. Jana remains locked up in the cage.
Ep. #9340 37x231
Kevin is worried about Jana and tells his brother and Lauren that she is missing. Daisy is confronted by Lauren. Ryder is confronted by Kevin who tells him he will kill him if he has done anything to Jana. Jana is revealed as being locked in a cage as Ryder and Daisy look on. Sharon defends her husband to Ashley. Nicholas decides he needs to tell his father what Phyllis has found out about Adam. Nicholas tells his father ans Victoria what Phyllis has found out. Victoria decides to quit her position at Jabot. Sharon offers to look after Faith when Ashley needs to go out. Phyllis tells Ashley what she has found out. Nicholas tries to convince Sharon that Adam is lying to her. Billy finds out from Victoria that she is divorcing J.T. Victor isn't happy when he sees his daughter having a good time with Billy. After she leaves, Victor warns Billy to stay away from her. When Ashley sees Nicholas holding Summer’s doll she recognizes that a piece of cloth around the doll is the same cloth that Adam showed her on the night he tried to convince her that she hit Sabrina with her car.
Ep. #9339 37x230
When Victor goes to see Adam on the anniversary of his mother's death he learns that he and Sharon have moved out from the ranch. When Sharon begs Adam to be honest with her he continues to lie. Victor catches up with his son and tells him that Hope would of been proud of him. Patty continues to try and live as Emily. Adam talks to his mother and wonders what has happened to him. Adam admits to Sharon he has been working with Victor. As Jana discovers the truth about Daisy and Ryder's mother she is attacked.
Ep. #9338 37x229
Malcolm officially becomes part of the magazine team after signing his contract. Lily reluctantly agrees to let Malcolm write a story about her. Jana is determined to find out what the connection is between Ryder, Daisy and Max .Daisy discovers her half of the picture is missing and works out that Jana took it. Tucker wants Kevin to find out who is looking into his past. Jill is able to convince Billy to give her a job. Phyllis tells Sharon what she has found out about Dr. Taylor. Sharon refuses to believe that Adam knew about Taylor's past. Sharon later begins to doubt Adam but later assures him she still still believes in him.
Ep. #9337 37x228
After being confronted by Nicholas, Phyllis tells him what she discovered in Boston. Nicholas tells his wife about working with his father and Adam to gain control of Jabot. When Victor finds Ashley and Neil together he wonders what is going on between them. Phyllis tells Ashley and Neil what she has found out. Phyllis tries to convince Adam to be honest with Sharon after they return home from their honeymoon. Paul discovers there is chance 'Patty' might pull through after all. Emily's actions make Jack suspicious. Kevin doesn't want to hear what Jana has to say when she tries to tell him about the connection between Ryder and Daisy. Daisy discovers that Michael and Lauren are trying to find her somewhere else to stay. Jana discovers an article about Max the boy who is in the picture with Ryder and Daisy.
Ep. #9336 37x227
Victor tells Nikki that they are moving back into the ranch after he gives her a key. Nikki reads about what has happened to Patty. The wedding ceremony gets under way and Jack and 'Emily' are announced as husband and wife after Patty manages to make it through her vows. The wedding reception is held at the Abbot house. Jack makes love to Patty following the reception. Paul learns that is is doubtful that 'Patty' will survive the night.
Ep. #9335 37x226
Cane surprises Lily with a romantic evening. Adam is worried what Phyllis might have found out about him. Sharon attempts to romance Adam. Phyllis tells Neil that she might have some useful information. Sharon promises Adam she will never leave him. Jack gets ready for his wedding. Victoria tells Billy that she wont do anything to harm Jabot and he tells her that his family will try to get the company back. Todd learns from Paul about what happened to Patty. Jack learns what happened to Patty. Patty gets ready to go through with the wedding pretending to be Emily. Emily crashes as Paul sits with her at the hospital. Patty freezes after realizing that Todd is going to be the person conducting the wedding ceremony.
Ep. #9334 37x225
Patty bleaches Emily's hair so that it looks like hers. Traci shows up in town for her brother's wedding. Patty sneaks out of the hospital after putting Emily's clothes on. Patty then dyes her hair. When Paul shows up to see his sister he thinks Emily is Patty and calls for help. Paul calls Emily and Patty goes to the hospital where she pretends t be Emily. Ashley decides that Victor can have the ranch back. Paul learns that 'Emily' is in a coma and might not make it. Victoria accepts her father's offer to run Jabot and becomes the new CEO. Billy is surprised by Victoria's appointment. Traci tries to offer her brothers and sister some advise.
Ep. #9333 37x224
Sharon is thankful to Adam for taking her away.Sharon promises Adam that he will never loose her. Chloe finds it tough organizing the wedding, running the magazine and being a mother. Victoria returns home and the distance between her and J.T. is still evident. J.T. talks to Mac about how he feels. Heather tells Billy what she has found out about Dr. Taylor. Both Victoria and J.T. realize that their marriage is over. Jack informs Billy that both he and Ashley have been fired from Jabot. Jack turns down Billy's offer of a job at the magazine. Paul is worried about Patty and asks Emily to take a look at her. A furious Patty tries to make Emily drink some drugged water.
Ep. #9332 37x223
Tucker receives a visit from Kay. Jack learns that Jabot’s new Ambassadress is going to be Gloria. Victor makes it clear to Jack that he is going to destroy him. After Victor doesn't want to her ideas, Gloria realizes that Jack could be right about him. Amber wants to have a child with Daniel but he wants to wait.
Ep. #9331 37x222
­Ashley and Jack are shocked to learn they where out bid for Jabot. Victor, Nicholas and Adam celebrate gaining control of Jabot. Noah shares his fears with is mother before leaving for Paris. Adam discovers that Phyllis has been looking into his past. Sharon is surprised when Adam tells her he is taking her on a honeymoon. Jill is shocked when Kay tells her she is firing her. Victor fires Ashley and Jack from Jabot. Kay is given some information to use against Tucker by Neil. Chance tries to find out who broke into the house. Billy wants Chloe to run the magazine whilst he is out of town.
Ep. #9330 37x221
Paul is worried that Patty will see Jack and Emily's wedding announcement in the newspaper. Patty ends up seeing the announcement and is upset when she finds out that they are to be married in the same church as she and Jack were. Adam secretly meets with Victor and gives him a key to Tucker's office. Billy is asked by Jack to be best man at his wedding. After learning that Jack has kept him out of the bid for Jabot, Billy tells him to find another best man. Nicholas learns what his father is planning to bid for Jabot. Jill is surprised when Tucker tells her that they should stop seeing one another. Adam manages to get hold of copies of the sealed bids for Jabot. Adam wonders if Tucker suspects that he is up to no good.
Ep. #9329 37x220
Patty continues to hide the medication as she is supposed to take and she receives a visit from Paul. Gloria tells Jeffrey about the deal she has made with Jack to buy Jabot. Jeffrey is fed up with her making decisions without speaking to her first. Kay clashes with Jill after learning she has dinner plans with Tucker. Jack tells Gloria and Jeffrey that he cant make them any promises. Ashley isn't impressed by Tucker when they finally meet. Patty looses control in front of her brother. Somebody breaks into the Chancellor house.
Ep. #9328 37x219
Adam is questioned by Phyllis about his relationship with Dr. Taylor. Adam isn't happy when he finds out that Sharon is with Nicholas and Faith. Victor and Nicholas discuss the final part of the plan to bring Tucker down. Phyllis questions Rafe about Adam's connection with Dr. Taylor. Phyllis and Neil decide to work together to uncover the truth. Ashley tells Neil that she knows Adam is lying. Gloria wants Jack to buy Jabot with her. Daisy lies to Jana about why she was talking to Ryder. Noah looks through Daisy's room. After Noah hears Kevin and Jana talking about Daisy, Noah decides to talk to Jana after she leaves. Lauren and Michael decide that Daisy should find somewhere new to live. Noah shows the picture he found in Daisy's belongings to Jana.
Ep. #9327 37x218
Sharon shows up as Ashley is freaking out looking for a peice of purple cloth. Sharon agrees to look after Faith. When Adam shows up Ashley asks him how he could of let her think she had murdered somebody. Adam tries to make Ashley think she is confused. Phyllis shows up and hears Ashley ask Adam why he is trying to send her crazy. Nicholas and Sharon notice how similar Faith is to to how Noah was. Sharon tries to convince Nicholas that she is happy with Adam. Ashley tells Neil about what happened with Adam. Neil offers Ashley his support in discovering the truth. Michael tells Lauren that he called Eden who insists that she is being set up by Daisy. Kevin goes to find Ryder after Jana tells him about being homeless. Kevin gets Ryder a place to stay and pays the rent. Jana sees Daisy with Ryder and wants to know what the connection is between them.
Ep. #9326 37x217
­Victor and Adam clash in public. Noah and Abby are upset by Victor's behavior. Phyllis is pleased to see Malcolm after running into him. Sharon and Nicholas agree to let Noah go to Paris. Adam and Nicholas end up in another fight. Victor meets with Adam and they plot to help Kay get the company back. Cane reads a letter to Lily that Harry wrote before his death.
Ep. #9325 37x216
The new issue of Restless Style featuring Victor's article on Adam goes on sale. Adam is upset after reading it. Phyllis isn't happy when she finds out that Victor is trying to get the ranch back from Ashley. Noah confronts Victor about the article. Adam attacks his father. Lily, Cane and Mac hear the babies’ heartbeats for the first time. J.T. and Mac grow closer.
Ep. #9324 37x215
Abby is upset after hearing her parents arguing over the ranch. When Ryder finds out that Abby has been drinking he tries to get the alcohol off her. When Noah shows up he takes over. Victor and Ashley later try and talk to an upset Abby. Jack and Emily learn that the venue for their wedding has to be changed. Jill is confronted by Jack about her continued involvement with Tucker. Kay tries to find out from Tucker what his plans for Chancellor Industries are. Tucker lets her know that he intends to sell the company off in small pieces. Jack learns from Kay that Tucker is intending on selling Jabot. Jill tries to convince Tucker not to sell Jabot and not to sell it to Jack. Tucker tells Jack that Jabot will be auctioned off.
Ep. #9323 37x214
­Kay is concerned that Jack and Victor wont be able to beat Tucker. Kay is also worried that Victor and Jack's truce wont last. Sharon offers to look after Ashley's baby so that she work at Jabot with Jack for the day. Ashley wonders if Adam can be trusted after she learns he is now working for Tucker. Jill is confronted by Cane about sleeping with Tucker. Cane wonders if she is in love with him after she says she cant walk away from the opportunities that he has to offer her. Victor, Jack, Michael and Neil are determined to bring Tucker down. Sharon refuses to agree to Adam's request they leave the ranch. Sharon wonders why Adam is so determined for them to leave. Tucker's announcement shocks everyone. Michael isn't happy that Lauren asked Daisy to stay with them. Jana starts to feel sorry for Ryder when she learns he is homeless.
Ep. #9322 37x213
Victor thinks Adam is making a mistake in resigning. Sharon learns from Victor about Adam's decision to leave the company. Adam goes to see Tucker wanting a job. Victor isn't happy when he finds out that Adam is now working fro Tucker. Victor tells Billy he has a scoop for him. Noah learns via an email from Eden that her aunt wasn't the one who wrote the letter. Lauren offers Daisy a place to stay whilst Eden is away. Sharon agrees to allow Noah to go to Paris to see Eden as long as Nicholas is fine with it. Lauren finds something which makes her think Eden could of sent her the rat. Billy apologizes to Chloe for the way he has behaved recently and he asks her to come back to her old job at the magazine.
Ep. #9321 37x212
Jack informs Gloria that if she doesn't pay back the money she owes she will go back to prison. Nicholas turns down his wife's request to quit Newman Industries with her. Michael informs Victor, Adam, Jack and Nick that he hasn't been able to find anything yet to void Tucker’s take over of Chancellor Industries. Victor wants his sons to call a truce. After telling them how he feels Adam ends up quitting. Kay isn't happy that Jill is sleeping with Tucker and starts to thinks Jill was helping him all along. Brock confronts Tucker. Cane can't believe that Jill is still going to work with Tucker. Kay breaks down after a visit from Tucker.
Ep. #9320 37x211
­Ashley and Jack agree to work together. Victor comes face to face with Tucker. Ashley and Jack receive an unnerving memo from Tucker as they try and reassure the staff at Jabot that everything will be OK. Everyone is thrilled when they learn that Mac is expecting twins. Malcom's family are surprised when he tells them he is engaged to be married and his fiancee will be coming to town. Jill hears Kay telling Nikki that she wishes she was her daughter. Kay gets the DNA results. Tucker refuses to sell to Victor his interest in Chancellor Industries. Nikki and Ashley clash after Nikki goes to to the ranch. Victor and Jack agree to work together to take down Tucker. Kay finds Tucker and Jill in bed together when she goes to see him with the DNA results. Noah tells Eden that he loves her before she leaves for her trip to Paris. Daisy tries to get closer to Noah. When Eden arrives in Paris she finds out that the note wasn't sent by her aunt. Daisy tries to replace Eden in Michael and Lauren's lives with herself.
Ep. #9319 37x210
­Patty starts to go through withdrawal as she continues to hide the medication she is supposed to take. Emily offers to postpone the wedding because of everything that Jack currently has to deal with but he refuses. Patty's actions concern Paul. After talking to Patty, Emily decides that she needs her medication increased. Victor decides to hold a dinner party to try and bring the family together. Victor wants to know what is going on between Jack and Emily after seeing them kissing. Victoria learns everything that has been going on after J.T. calls her and he tells her about his decision to continue working for Tucker. Victor draws a line in the sand with Jack after learning about his engagement to Emily.
Ep. #9318 37x209
Billy is shocked after he learns from Mac about Tucker claiming to be Kay's son. Billy and Kevin decide to put their differences aside so that they can support Kay. Kay wants a DNA test so she can find out the truth. Chance is allowed to return to work but has to stay away from Riggs' case. Chance receives a call which tells him he is danger. Kay's family unite in their support of her. Eden shows Michael and Lauren a letter she has received from her mother's sister asking her to come to Paris. When Daisy finds out that Eden could be leaving town she is happy. Amber and Daniel argue about little D. Daisy is able to manipulate Daniel so that she can spend some time with him. Eden tells her brother and Lauren that she has decided she wants to go to Paris.
Ep. #9317 37x208
­Cane and Mac are still ecstatic about the ultrasound revealing she is expecting twins. Nikki, Michael and Victor promise to help Kay anyway they can. Michael tells Kay that he isn't sure that Tucker has done anything illegal with the takeover. Tucker admits to Jill that he used her when they first met. Kay convinces Cane not to quit his job. Mac calls her father and tells him Kay needs his help. J.T. wants to know why Tucker employed him. Paul gives Kay news that she did give birth to a boy and not a girl all those years ago and that the nurse was paid to lie. J.T. agrees not to quit. Victor finds Ashley with Neil. Billy questions Heather about what she knows about Dr. Taylor. After managing to charm her, Billy and Heather end up in bed together. Victor announces to everyone that he is taking back the ranch.
Ep. #9316 37x207
Victor isn't happy with his sons for fighting. Sharon thinks Adam is hiding something from her and questions him about his association with Dr. Taylor. Adam tries to convince her that nothing is going on. Phyllis helps Billy with his story on Adam but reminds him not to mention her. Ashley and Sharon discuss the night at Fairview Psychiatric Hospital when Faith was born and Ashley insists she had no idea Sharon was there too. Sharon is surprised when Ashley tells her that Adam delivered her child. When Jack shows up the two women question him. Jack, Billy and Ashley learn from Neil that Tucker has gained control of Chancellor Industries and Jabot. After Billy and Jack leave Neil returns and ends up sharing a kiss with Ashley. Katherine, Neil, and J.T. are shocked to find out that Tucker is Katherine's son. Tucker admits he has known the truth for years and they learn of his plans. J.T is upset that Tucker has used him. Jill is shocked when she finds out what has been going on. Victor offers Katherine his support. Jill confronts Tucker.
Ep. #9315 37x206
Adam is confronted by Sharon by what she found out at the hospital. Phyllis is intrigued after finding out that Billy is planning on running a story about Adam. Adam is able to convince Sharon he has done nothing wrong. Adam leans about the article Billy is writing. Phyllis offer Billy help with the story. Ashley and Sharon work out that they were both at the hospital on the same night and Dr. Taylor delivered their babies. Victor returns to town as his sons are arguing and he wants to know what is going on. Mac, Lily and Cane learn that Mac is expecting twins. Tucker shows up with a gift for Jill as the DNA results show up. Tucker reveals that he is the owner of Cell Tron and that he is keeping his stock in Chancellor. Kay works out that Tucker is now in control of Chancellor Industries. Jill discovers that Jo-Jo isn't really Kay's daughter and that she has always known it. Kay is shocked when Tucker tells her he is her son.
Ep. #9314 37x205
When Mac finds out that Billy is planning on running a story about Adam's marriage to Sharon she tries to talk him out of it. Rafe tells Billy that Adam is a devious person. Billy is shocked when Rafe lets it slip that he and Adam slept together. Adam gives a statement to the police about the accident. Phyllis tells Nicholas about seeing Adam. Nicholas is determined to discover the truth about what is going on. Phyllis decides to go see Dr. Taylor at the hospital and talk to him. Sharon discovers that Dr. Taylor has died. Phyllis tells Sharon about what she saw. Jo-Jo is caught by Esther trying to sell some of Katherine's antiques. Jo-Jo learns from Esther that a secret DNA test is being performed. Jo-Jo meets with Tucker at Jimmy's and tells him the DNA test has been performed and everyone will know the truth soon. Mac sees them together and wonders how they know one another.
Ep. #9313 37x204
Emily wants to talk to Jack about his involvement in his ex wife's life. Nicholas tells Sharon he wants Noah to come stay with him. Dr. Taylor tells Adam that he wants to share the truth with Ashley and Sharon. Phyllis sees Adam and Taylor arguing and witnesses a car hit Dr. Taylor. Phyllis confronts Adam and wants to know what the argument was about. Tucker and Jill attempt to get Cane to agree to return to work at Chancellor Industries. Malcolm learns about the baby. Lily wants Malcolm to make peace with Neil. Eden finds a clue that makes her think Daisy started the fire.
Ep. #9312 37x203
Jill is complimented by Tucker for her research on the Cell Tron stock swap. Jo-Jo invites her biker friends to the mansion. Jo-Jo refuses to have a DNA test. Jill, Esther and Murphy decide to get their hands on some of her DNA. Lauren thinks that Eden could of started the fire accidentally.Sharon agrees to move into the mansion. Daisy explains her reason for starting the fire to Ryder. Adam is worried when Sharon starts to connect with Faith.
Ep. #9311 37x202
Daniel learns that he is still not of the hook yet with the DA. Michael thinks they should speak with Ryder. Daisy thinks that her and Ryder's mother is in town. Kevin decides that Ryder should move out when he wont tell him anything. Daisy tries to force her brother into sticking with the plan. Daniel promises Amber he will help her find little Deacon any way he can. Adam rescues Noah and Eden from the fire. Nicholas is forced to stand in when Adam doesn't show up for a business meeting. Nicholas is grateful when he finds out that Adam saved his son's life. Daisy tells Ryder that she is the person who started the fire.
Ep. #9310 37x201
Chloe helps Jack and Emily plan their wedding. Ashley surprises Adam and Sharon with a wedding present. Nicholas and Phyllis make plans at the same restaurant that Ashley wants to take Sharon and Adam too. Amber and Daniel talk to Deacon and try to find out where Little D is. Deacon ends up admitting that he is with his mother. Sharon's house is set alight whilst Noah is inside with Eden. Daniel and Amber learn that the DNA found in the ski mask belongs to a female.
Ep. #9309 37x200
Jill tells Cane about Kay's daughter and how she wishes she had never tracked her down. Cane later tells Billy about Jo-Jo. Kay decides to have a DNA test performed to prove Jo-Jo is her daughter. As Chance is about to be questioned by Internal Affairs, Chloe and Nina offer him their support. Chance learns that he is being suspended. Malcolm accepts a job offer from Billy. Neil finds out from Sharon that Drucilla told her about Malcolm being Lily's real father. Neil is shocked when he finds out that Sharon has married Adam. J.T and Reed say goodbye to Victoria as she prepares to leave.
Ep. #9308 37x199
With Jill's help, Kay prepares to meet her daughter for the first time. Kay is shocked when she sees her for the first time. Paul tells Murphy and Nina that Joanne has a criminal record. Joanne is impressed when she realizes Kay has money. Chloe follows Chance when he decides to meet Riggs. Chance finds out that Riggs has been beaten up. Chance is attacked from behind. When Chloe shows up she finds Chance but Riggs has vanished. When Heather and Sid show up, Sid arrests Chance after his jacket is found with drugs in the pocket.
Ep. #9307 37x198
Chance is issued with a warning by Sid when he asks too many questions about his stabbing. Riggs texts Chance asking for help. Noah lets his mother know that he isn't happy that she married Adam. Ashley is shocked when she finds out from Adam that he has married Sharon. Patty comes up with a plan. Jack asks Chloe to help plan his and Emily's wedding. Emily tells Patty that she can no longer be her therapist. Patty hides the medication she is supposed to be taking.
Ep. #9306 37x197
Billy wakes up with a hangover and remembers the previous nights events. Victoria remembers what happened too but sees it slightly differently. Mac hopes that Billy got home OK. Victoria shows up at Billy's place looking for her scarf. J.T. wonders where Victoria is as he talks about the child he lost with Mac. Ashley is surprised when she sees Malcolm after she pays Lily a visit. Ashley is worried about Neil. Both Neil and Cane want Malcolm to leave. Lily tells Malcolm she wants him here. Emily wants to marry Jack on Valentine's Day. Patty continues to be in a fantasy world. Jack isn't happy when he finds out that Billy has leaked news of his engagement to Emily. Patty isn't happy when she finds out about the engagement.
Ep. #9305 37x196
Everyone gets ready to see in the new year. Can and Mac decide not to serve Billy anymore drinks at Jimmy's. After Billy leaves he breaks the globe that Delia gave him for Christmas and he receives a visit from John's ghost who gives him a glimpse of where his future is heading. After John tells Billy that he needs to change.
Ep. #9304 37x195
Malcolm explains to Lily how he found out about her illness. After Neil asks his brother why he hasn't been in touch for five years and Malcolm explains his reasons. Nina decides to go with Paul when he pays his sister a visit. Victoria and J.T. decide to see the new year in together. Victoria tells J.T. that she has decided to go to Dubai for a while as they need some time apart but she will be leaving Reed on Genoa City. Jack continues to romance Emily and he asks her to marry him. Emily agrees to become his wife. Phyllis goes to see Jack to talk to him about her marriage problems and learns of his engagement. Sharon isn't happy when Nicholas says if she really knew Adam she wouldn't have married him. After he urges her to have the marriage annulled she tells him to go home to Phyllis. When Nicholas gets home he tells Phyllis about the marriage. Phyllis wants Nicholas to focus on their relationship and kisses him. Billy learns about his brother's engagement when he rings him to wish him a happy new year. Mac isn't happy when she sees Billy drinking again.
Ep. #9303 37x194
Phyllis receives a call from Nicholas to say he has been at the airport all night as he is worried about the missing plane. Phyllis goes to see Lauren to tell her about her fight with Nicholas and tells her about the plane going missing. When Noah shows up he finds out what has happened. Adam cradles Sharon in his arms following the plane crash and she has a head injury. He tells her he is sorry for everything. When the rescue team show up Sharon is rushed to the hospital. Nicholas calls Phyllis to let her know what is happening. Nicholas finds out that Sharon should make a full recovery as she just has a mild concussion. Nicholas is shocked when Sharon tells him she and Adam are married. Cane tries to lift Lily's spirits at the hospital. Lily is surprised when Malcolm shows up at the hospital.
Ep. #9302 37x193
Eden lets Daisy know that she saw her hugging Ryder. Lauren isn't happy when Eden upsets Daisy and she tries to convince that Daisy isn't as she seems. Mac drives Billy home after he gets drunk. Jack is surprised when his sisters show up to spend Christmas with him. Katherine is surprised when Nikki pays a visit. Katherine tells Jill she is not going to try and find her real daughter. Nicholas learns that Sharon is on the company jet with Adam. Adam and Sharon are married. As they return home the plane gets into difficulty and Adam writes a note for Sharon which says 'your baby is alive'.
Ep. #9301 37x192
Jill wants Tucker to act carefully in front of Kay as she doesn't want her finding out they are together. Billy lets slip to everyone about Mac's pregnancy. Paul tells Jill that he has managed to find out the name of Katherine's daughter. Katherine is stunned when Jill tells her she has the name of her daughter for her. Ashley is surprised when her sister shows up for Christmas. Neil finds out from his daughter and Cane that Mac is pregnant. After Lily and Cane leave, she tells him she isn't feeling very well and she wants him to take her to the hospital. After Adam tries to give Sharon an engagement ring she tells him she isn't ready. Adam tells her he will keep the ring until she is ready. Nikki surprises everyone when she shows up to spend Christmas with them. Sharon ends up having a change of heart and decides to elope with Adam.
Ep. #9300 37x191
Ryder has nobody to spend Christmas with after Kevin tells him he will be spending it with his brother. Amber breaks done after thinking about little Deacon. Emily decides to ask Billy to spend Christmas with her and Jack. Eden witnesses a close moment between Daisy and Ryder. Nicholas decides to truce and call a truce with Sharon but when he mentions Adam she asks him to leave. Sharon ends up blurting out that she is in love with Adam. Adam and Sharon both admit their feelings to one another. Nicholas ends up being slapped by Phyllis after he tells her about his argument with Sharon and how part of him wasn't ready to let her go. A shocked Sharon receives a marriage proposal from Adam.
Ep. #9299 37x190
When Daisy lies about where she is staying, Eden tells Michael. Jill and Gloria vie for Tucker's affections. After being confronted by Lauren and Michael, Daisy tells them why she lied. After Michael finds out she is telling them the truth they invite her to spend Christmas with them. Nina learns from Paul that he has a lead about a nurse who was involved in the adoption. Tucker accepts Kay's invitation to spend Christmas with the family. When Neil finds out that Devon wont be graduating until the spring now as he failed one of his classes he isn't happy. After spending time with Emily, Jack lets her know how happy she makes him feel. Emily tells Jack that she loves him.
Ep. #9298 37x189
­Phyllis and Nick find themselves at odds about the secrets they are keeping from each other. Cane has a Christmas ornament for Lily to put on the tree. Neil and Ashley grow closer and she agrees to spend Christmas with him. Ashley learns that Lily hasn't told Neil about the baby she is expecting. Billy has Chloe thrown out of the building after she refuses to accept his decision to fire her. Jack wants Emily to spend Christmas with him. Adam tries to gain Sharon's sympathy after cutting his hand on purpose. Nicholas isn't happy when he finds out that Adam knocked over Cassie's picture and broke the glass. Nicholas manages to catch up with Phyllis as she is choosing a tree and promises her they will have a great Christmas.­
Ep. #9297 37x188
Eden starts to think that Daisy could be responsible for the rats. Daisy finds out that Michael has run a background check on her after she hides out in his and Lauren's apartment. Daniel wonders what has happened to Amber. Daniel manages to catch up with Deacon and Amber who tells him that Phylis asked him to kidnap Amber. Nicholas wonders what is going on when he takes a call meant for his wife. Deacon is arrested before he can get away after realizing that he has been set up. J.T refuses to go Dubai with Victoria. Billy finds out that Chloe told the judge the name of the juror and he fires her.
Ep. #9296 37x187
Amber, Kevin and Jana get a party ready for Daniel's release. Phyllis continues to plot to get Amber out of her son's life. Ryder receives a text message from his mother and realizes that she is close by. Daniel refuses to accept Ryder's apology. Daisy receives a warning from Ryder that his mother is in Genoa City. Amber is kidnapped by Deacon after Phyllis asks her to get something from the car for her. Chloe is worried how Billy will react when he finds out what she has done. Billy learns that he is being released. Michael and Lauren are watched as they celebrate their wedding anniversary. Michael and Lauren talk about Sheila and how they are glad she is out of their lives for ever. An anonymous bottle of champagne is set to Lauren and Michael.
Ep. #9295 37x186
Billy learns from Mac that she is pregnant. Michael wants Chloe to help Billy and she goes to see him. Billy ends up getting a different cellmate. Chloe ends up telling the judge the name of the juror who leaked the information. Jack learns that Emily is going to turn over Patty's care to somebody new. Ashley wants Jack to focus on the future. Patty tells Emily that she remembers kidnapping Colleen but then breaks down and thinks that Jack is her husband still. After telling Jack what happened, Emily says she has decided to continue with Patty's therapy. Adam learns that Kay sold the entire IPO to Tucker and breaks the news to Victoria. Victoria is upset when she finds out that J.T. betrayed her so that he could stay loyal to Tucker. Victoria tell him that she has decided to accept a job at Newman Enterprises in Dubai and is taking their son with her. J.T. receives a call from Tucker before he can respond.
Ep. #9294 37x185
Michael confronts Ryder about the rat that was found at the boutique. Kevin is stopped by Jana from confronting Deacon with the new evidence that was found. Ryder is given a restraining order to stay away from Lauren. Daniel thanks his mother for looking after Amber and he lets them know that Billy is his new cellmate. Billy refuses to tell Rafe who his source is. Billy tries to help Daniel when the prisoner who attacked him confronts him again. Phyllis continues to plot to get Amber out of her son's life. Billy receives a visit from his brother. Sharon kisses Adam in public. Jack offers Sharon a job in an attempt to keep her away from Adam. Adam tells Phyllis the real reason he was made Nicholas’ partner at Newman Enterprises. Phyllis confronts Sharon thinking she is only with Adam to try and make her husband jealous. Sharon lets Nicholas know what happened with Phyllis. Phyllis lies to Nicholas.
Ep. #9293 37x184
Jill wakes up next to Tucker and wonders what his intentions are. Tucker tells her they need to keep business and pleasure separate. Jill lets him know that she intends to try and convince Kay not to accept his offer to buy all 25 percent of the IPO. Nicholas and Jack learn from Kay she intends to sell Tucker the entire 25%. Kay tells Tucker that she has decide to go ahead and sell him the entire 25%. Jack meets Tucker. Daniel's family and friends show up to try and help Phyllis find the gym bag. Heather shows up to oversee the search. Daisy finds out from Abby what is going on. Daisy shows up as Eden finds the bag. Heather deices to have the contented tested for DNA. Phyllis manges to find the shooters phone in the rubbish. Amber lets Phyllis know that Daniel is heading back to prison. Phyllis blackmails Deacon into helping her and she wants him to kidnap Amber and leave town. Bill ends up being Daniel's new cellmate.
Ep. #9292 37x183
Billy learns from Mac that she will find out today if the produce to be a surrogate has worked. Mac later learns that she is pregnant. Kay is still unsure about Tucker's involvement in the IPO deal. Jill remembers the night she spent with Tucker. Tucker makes a good impression when he meets Kay. Jill is shocked when she finds out that Tucker is the man she spent the night with. Tucker wants to purchase the entire 25% of the IPO. Phyllis learns that her son has had an accident whilst being held in custody. Phyllis is determined to make sure he doesn't have to return to jail. Bill is told that he has to reveal his source or he will be held in contempt of court. Billy ends up being sent to jail. Phyllis is determined to find the gym bag at the landfill site.
Ep. #9291 37x182
Jill runs into Tucker in a bar in New York and thinks he is the barman. Jill receives a call from Katherine. When Amber goes to visit Daniel, she sees Deacon there visiting another inmate. Paul has some good news for Phyllis about the case which she later shares with Amber. Amber then goes to see Daniel again to tell him about the surveillance tape. When the assistant district attorney says the new evidence is useless Amber and Phyllis are determined to discover the truth themselves. Murphy leans from Paul that Jill has hired him to try and find Katherine's real daughter. Victoria goes to see Katherine who offers her some advise about her marriage as Paul does the same to J.T. Billy is served with papers.
Ep. #9290 37x181
Nicholas tells his sister about what happened with Adam. Sharon finds Adam opening up to her. Michael learns what Adam wants to have the lawsuit against Nicholas dropped. Nicholas refuses to give into the idea. Nicholas tries to offer his sister some advise. Billy is confronted by Victoria who tells him she will get even with him. Bill is bothered when he sees Chloe and Chance kissing. The man who stabbed Chance wants to see him but when he shows up at the jail he learns he has escaped. Lauren discovers another rat as she is locking up the store.
Ep. #9289 37x180
J.T. shows Victoria the magazine story about her and Deacon's affair. Sharon tells her son about her and Adam's relationship and Noah later tells Abby the news. Nicholas punches Adam after clashing with him. Paul agrees to help Phyllis with Daniel's case. Adam decides to sue his brother for assault. Nicholas goes to see Sharon and tries to convince her that Adam is up to no good. Kevin isn't happy that Ryder has been lying to him. Ryder tells him that Deacon had insisted that he said nothing to the grand jury and that he is scared off him. Michael tries to force Ryder into telling him what he knows.
Ep. #9288 37x179
­Billy talks to Chloe about changing the cover story and she thinks it is a bad idea. Billy clashes with Cane when he runs into him at the coffee shop. Billy is approached by one of the jurors with information about Victoria's testimony. Amber and Phyllis visit Daniel at the jail following his arrest. Jack attempts to to get information out of Kay. Kay decides the only way Ticker will be involved in the IPO deal is if she meets him face to face. Sharon goes after Nicholas after he sees her in bed with his brother. Nicholas tries to find out if Noah knows what is going on between Sharon and Adam. Nicholas wants his son to move back in with him and Phyllis.
Ep. #9287 37x178
Sharon tells Adam they need to take things slowly after agreeing to let him come over. Adam decides to make sure that Nicholas sees them together and he ends up seeing them make love. Daniel is concerned when Ryder hasn't showed up at court yet. When Michael shows up he tells Daniel he wants him to plead the fifth and explains the reasons why. Ryder finally shows up and learns he is going to be the first witness called to the stand. Phyllis throws some water over Deacon after he riles her. Deacon and Victoria are called to testify after Ryder. Daniel is then called and questioned by Heather. Heather finds herself forced to give into Michael's blackmail threats. Daniel ends up being arrested for murder. Jack tries to guilt Jay into inviting him into her I.P.O.
Ep. #9286 37x177
Mac stops things from going too far with Billy. When Kelly shows up Mac realizes that Billy slept with her. Mac decides not to be with Billy. When Chloe shows up she feels bad for Billy but remembers that she doesn't love him anymore. Ryder is uneasy at the thought of helping Daniel. Heather is blackmailed by Michael. Daniel learns from Amber about his mother's idea. Michael works out what Phyllis and Amber have planned after talking to them. Ryder is questioned by Daniel, Kevin and Jana. When Daisy shows up she accuses Ryder of lying. Heather refuses to give into Michael's blackmail.
Ep. #9285 37x176
When Kay decides to ask Kevin to help take Chancellor Public, Neil is not happy with the idea. Michael refuses to help his mother and Jeff find out what is going on at Chancellor. Victoria tells her husband about the chance to buy into the Chancellor IPO. Kevin isn't happy when his mother and Jeff try and get information out of him. J.T. is against the idea of investing in Chancellor. Billy tries to win back Mac. Mac, Lily and Cane talk to Michael about the surrogacy.
Ep. #9284 37x175
Noah knocks on the door as Sharon and Adam wake up in bed together. Ashley isn't happy when her brother shows up at the cabin demanding she returns home with him. Emily is confronted by Paul about kissing Jack. When Emily later bumps into Jack she tells him about what happened with Paul. There continues to be problems for J.T. and Victoria on Reed's birthday. Both Deacon and Victoria are served with subpoenas. J.T. isn't happy when he finds out his wife is considering returning to work at Newman Industries. Phyllis work with Michael and Daniel to try and get the charges against her son dropped. Amber wants Deacon to help Daniel but he insists there is nothing he can do. Deacon makes a mysterious call. Phyllis wants Amber to consider going on the run with Daniel.
Ep. #9283 37x174
Jack wants to know what is going on between Adam and Sharon. After Phyllis shows Nicholas a plaque she has had made Nicholas is overcome. Jack tries to make Sharon remember just what sort of person Adam is. Jack is thrown out and he warns Adam nor to hurt Sharon. When Nicholas and Phyllis return home, Jack shows up wanting to talk to Nicholas. Phyllis stops Jack from talking to her husband. Adam tells Sharon that he loves her as they make love. Daniel decides to confront Ryder. Michael tells his wife that he is worried about Daniel.
Ep. #9282 37x173
Kevin attempts to convince Ryder to spend Thanksgiving with him. Michael and Lauren find themselves forced to ask Ryder to spend the holidays with them when they find out Kevin wont come without him. Daniel is served with a grand jury subpoena at the end of the Thanksgiving dinner. Daisy is revealed as having been in the car on the day of the shooting. Sharon enjoys spending time with Adam. Mac is determined to continue with the surrogacy plan. Jack sees Sharon and Adam share a kiss. Phyllis and Nicholas go to the cabin and Ashley later shows up with Faith.
Ep. #9281 37x172
­Adam remembers the kiss he and Sharon shared. Sharon finds herself home alone for Thanksgiving when Noah goes to Nicholas' house. Jack asks Emily to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Adam agrees to spend Thanksgiving with Sharon. Nicholas and Phyllis are surprised when Victoria and J.T. show up. Abby is rude to Emily. Nicholas learns that his sister and J.T. are returning for good. Things don't go to plan with the turkey. Chloe tells everyone about Mac's plans. Kay offers Mac some advise.
Ep. #9280 37x171
Adam ends his and Sharon's evening early. When Ashley returns she encourages him to go after his date and he and Sharon end up sharing a kiss. Jack listens to the message that Nicholas has left him telling him their deal is off. Kay asks Nicholas to be part of the IPO deal. Jack runs into Phyllis when he shows up to see Nicholas and she tells him about what happened with Patty. Chloe admits to Chance that she is glad that Mac and Billy have split up. Kay tries to offer Chloe some advise. Billy picks up a girl at a bar. Chloe tells Chance how she feels and they share a kiss.
Ep. #9279 37x170
Chance and Chloe are shocked when they find out that Mac is planning to be a surrogate for Cane and Lily. Chance asks Chloe why she is so happy with the news. Ashley tells her brother about her plans to invest in Chancellor IPO. Paul and Emily spend some time with Patty. Phyllis tells the truth to Nicholas about what happened with Jack and she breaks down. Nicholas tries to show his wife that what happened isn't her fault. Patty hides her true self from Emily and Paul who buy her act. Emily and Jack go out on their date. Adam and Sharon find themselves forced to look after Faith. Jack receives a call from Nicholas telling him he has changed his mind about the Chancellor IPO deal. Jack shares a kiss with Emily. When Sharon hold the baby, Adam becomes alarmed.
Ep. #9278 37x169
Lauren tells Kevin that she thinks Ryder sent her the unwelcome surprise. Michael informs Daniel that he is the number one suspect again in the murder case. Michael tells Ryder that he is no longer going to be his lawyer. Kevin isn't happy when he finds out that his brother has dropped Ryder. Ryder calls the person who really sent Lauren the rat. Kay demands to know the reason why Phillip has to return to Australia. Billy tries to help Phillip. Cane tells the real reason why Phillip has to go home. Chance tells Phillip that he is doing the right thing. Lily talks to Mac about what will happen to the baby if she doesn't make it through her cancer battle.
Ep. #9277 37x168
Billy tries to explain to Mac his reasons why he doesn't want her to be a surrogate mother. Phillip tells Cane that he needs to return to Australia. Chloe clashes with Nina. Chloe and Cane are determined to make a go of their relationship. Phillip tells Nina he has to return home. Phyllis takes a call for Nicholas from a nurse asking him to go see Patty. Phyllis goes to see Patty. Emily tells Nicholas about Phyllis' visit.
Ep. #9276 37x167
Gloria isn't happy with the amount after Nicholas gives her a cheque for the money she lost. Jack tries to find our from Neil again about the Chancellor stock becoming public but he refuses to tell him anything. Jack offers Sharon a job at Jabot. Jack talks to Nicholas about a deal. Paul catches up with his daughter about what has been happening in their lives. Adam is worried when he sees Sharon talking to Ashley about the baby.
Ep. #9275 37x166
­Chloe takes Chance home. Mac learns that she might not be the best candidate to be a surrogate for Lily and Cane. Jack asks Emily out. Paul tells Jack about his visit with Patty. Amber and Daniel celebrate their wedding. A mysterious gift is left for Lauren. Kay offers Kevin a job. Lauren finds a rat in the box when she opens it. Lauren thinks that Ryder had something to do with it.
Ep. #9274 37x165
Billy continues to refuse to accept Mac as being a surrogate for Lily and Cane and he clashes with Cane. Mac tells Lily she still want to be a surrogate for her. Paul goes to see Patty. Phyllis finds out that her son is planning on marrying Amber today. Phyllis tries to stop the wedding but it goes ahead anyway. Somebody secretly watches Amber and Daniel as they are are announced husband and wife.
Ep. #9273 37x164
Billy tells Katherine that he will never accept Cane. Mackenzie informs Cane that she has passed her medical and can be a surrogate for him and Lily. Billy is still not happy with the idea and is determined it wont happen. Billy tells Mac she has to choose between him and being a surrogate for Lily and Cane. Daniel explains to Amber why he cant marry her. An upset Amber takers off her engagement ring and storms out. Daniel and Amber manage to sort out their problems and she agrees to marry him that very night.
Ep. #9272 37x163
Daniel learns that he could be the main suspect again as Ryder seems to have an alibi. Phyllis learns that her son and Amber have set a date for the wedding. Ryder admits to Deacon that he has no real alibi. Phyllis warns Deacon not to mess with her son's life again. Daniel finally tells Amber that there is no way he can marry her. Michael comes up with proof that Ryder didn't commit the murder. Nicholas and Jack agree to keep an eye on Adam and tell each other what is going on. Ashley wants to talk to Adam about a business idea.
Ep. #9271 37x162
­Chloe sits by Chance’s bed waiting for him to recover and after she admits her feelings he opens his eyes. Billy thinks it is a crazy idea for Mac to carry Lily's child for her. Chloe shows Chance her divorce papers. Abby continues to cause problems for her mother. Amber makes wedding plans with Daniel. Daniel warns Kevin that Ryder can not be trusted.
Ep. #9270 37x161
Lily tells her father that she wants to start a family with Cane right away. Chance's spleen might have to be removed. Jill tries to comfort a worried Phillip and tells him everything will be fine. Nina listens in as Chloe and Kay talk about how amazing Chance is. Jack tries to sort things out with Nicholas and Phyllis. Billy shows up with an injunction to stop Nicholas from having the magazine thrown out of the building. Billy goes to the hospital after receiving a text. Phillip tries to comfort Nina. Phyllis goes to see Patty and threatens her after she receives a letter from her. Emily defends Patty and has Phyllis removed. Phyllis wants Emily to stay away from her family.
Ep. #9269 37x160
Cane and Neil support one another as they wait on news about Lily. Mackenzie leaves Billy to work on the magazine when she learns that Lily is back in the hospital. Emily talks to Neil and Cane about Lily's condition. Jill offers Cane her support. Lily talks to Emily about how she is feeling. Kay lets Jack that Jabot is not for sale. Phillip tries to talk to his son. Lily wants to make future plans with Cane. Chance is stabbed and taken to the hospital. Ashley wishes she had never given her brother the money to buy the magazine. Billy wants Nicholas to drop the lawsuit he has started against him. Victoria returns to town to tie up some loose ends. Gloria and Jeffrey learn that they should get back most of the money they lost. Jack tries to convince his sister to return to Jabot after telling her about Kay's decision to make Chancellor Industry public. Ashley decides to buy as much stock as she can in Chancellor Industry. Chloe signs the documents to end her and Billy's marriage.
Ep. #9268 37x159
Lily comes down with a fever and Cane lets Neil know. Lily learns that her life could be in danger if the doctors cant contain her fever. Billy finds a temporary new home for the magazine. Mackenzie comes up with an idea for the next issue which Billy likes. Kay catches Jill talking to talking Paul about her daughter. Billy sees Emily and thinks she is Patty. Jack attempts to explain who Emily really is. Emily isn't happy when she finds out that Jack was behind her job offer but she ends up taking the job anyway.
Ep. #9267 37x158
Lily wakes up in bed next to Cane. Neil later gives them his blessing after seeing how happy his daughter is. Chance learns from Chloe about Billy trying to kiss her. Emily gets a job offer. Kay informs Jill and Neil about her plans. Jill wants Paul to find Kay's daughter.
Ep. #9266 37x157
Lily is reassured by Cane. Lauren offers Amber a job. Ashley surprises Nicholas when she tells him she intends to remain on the board at Newman Industries. Ashley isn't happy when she finds out that her daughter lied to her. Nicholas is determined to keep Adam away from Sharon. Sharon tells Billy that she has decided to quit her job. Nicholas learns that the SEC’s investigation is to proceed. Mackenzie decides to forgive Billy.
Ep. #9265 37x156
Billy admits to a furious Mackenzie that he has written about Victoria's affair on line. Abby and Daisy are bought some drinks by Amber and Chloe. Ryder remembers a past Halloween. Amber and Chloe only give Abby and Daisy soft drinks. Abby flirts with Ryder. Abby is shocked when she finds out that she has only been drinking soft drinks all night. Daniel and Amber end up getting locked in the back room after they sneak in there to make love. Bill pays a visit to Colleen's grave and later tries to kiss Chloe. Nicholas isn't happy to see Adam with Sharon. After being given J.T.'s goodbye letter Victoria tells her parents that she has decided to leave the company. Victor tells his sons about Victoria's decision and that that he decided to put Nicholas in charge at the company. After Sharon defends Adam, Nicholas believes that she is starting to develop feelings towards him. Victoria is able to reach J.T. before he leaves town and she boards the plane with him. Victor is surprised by Nikki.
Ep. #9264 37x155
Billy is impressed when finds out how many copies of the magazine have been sold. Jack remains angry with his brother. Nikki tells Victoria that she hopes that she and Victor will get back together. Victoria tells her about being unfaithful to J.T. and admits it was with Deacon. Nikki tells her daughter not to give up on her marriage without a fight. When J.T. shows up Victoria decides she needs to be honest with him about what happened with Deacon. Deacon shows up as they are talking and informs Victoria it looks like their affair is about to be exposed. Victor pays a visit to the ranch see Abby before leaving for Belgium. Ashley and Victor talk as Jack shows up. Ashley turns down her brother's offer of returning to work at Jabot. Jack and Victor end up arguing and Jack admits he created the fake diary which Nikki overhears as she shows up. Victor promises Jack that he will return to Genoa City and get even with him. Adam goes to see Sharon and when Nicholas and Phyllis show up in their Halloween costumes with Summer he answers the door.
Ep. #9263 37x154
­Kay, Ashley and Jack all have a go at Billy for writing the magazine article on Victor. Billy is offered the rights to use the pictures of J.T. hitting Deacon. After Victor wakes up with Nikki he begins to make plans for their future. Victor leaves a rose at Colleen's grave. Kay learns that Victor has given Nikki a ring. Nikki insists to her that it is not an engagement ring. Victor makes a video for Faith. Victoria tells her brother that she believes the case with the SEC could be over. Nikki, Nicholas, Victoria, Adam and Kay wait to hear Victor's announcement.
Ep. #9262 37x153
Ashley and Abby help Noah move his things out of the ranch and then Ashley lets her daughter know that Victor wont be returning home. Victor wants Nikki to come with him to Belgium. Abby is upset and goes to see Victor. Nikki agrees to go with Victor and Abby sees them share a kiss. Mac isn't happy with Billy for writing the report on Victor. Nicholas and Sharon see the latest edition of the magazine. Ashley isn't happy with her brother. Nicholas decides to have Billy and the magazine thrown out of the building. Jana turns to Lauren for help in finding out what secret Ryder is hiding. After reading the article about Victor, Gloria and Jeff come up with an idea. Lauren tries to find out from Ryder about his mother. Noah stops Abby as she makes a play for Ryder.
Ep. #9261 37x152
Michael wont help Adam. Jana doesn't think that having Ryder stay is a good idea after she sees him getting changed. Amber learns from Lauren that the jackets aren't selling. When Amber and Jana use the Ojai board all their questions are answered by the word dead. Ryder and Deacon try and dupe Michael and Lauren. Ashley isn't happy when Victor just shows up unannounced at the ranch. Ashley becomes upset when Victor threatens to have her thrown out of the ranch. Deacon shows up at the Newman press conference and declares that he owns stock in Savaneur. Deacon attempts to convince the stockholders and the SEC investigator that all his dealings with Victoria have been above board. Victoria wonders why Deacon stepped in to help her. Michael learns from Victor about his decision to leave town. J.T. ends up hitting Deacon in front of the press and the SEC investigator. J.T tells his wife he has got the job in New York and he wants her to move there with him.
Ep. #9260 37x151
Sharon is shocked after Adam admits to her what happened with Rafe. Victoria fears for the future of her marriage. Victor decides to control the company again. Kay tells Nikki that she has to make a decision about Victor. Victoria stands up to her father and refuses to let him take control again. Billy agrees to give Sharon a job. When Jack finds out what his brother is up to he decides to help him with the expose about Victor. Jack refuses to allow Billy to use Patty in the expose. Billy decides to go against his bothers wishes and use Patty in the article anyway.
Ep. #9259 37x150
Following Jill’s press release, Kay is confronted by Jack. Billy isn't happy when he sees the first cover of the magazine since taking over. Billy decides to write an expose about Victor. J.T. tells Victoria that she has become like her father. Nikki doesn't thinks it is a good idea for Victor to leave the hospital and attend the christening but he still ends up going. Victor and Jack clash over the baby. Adam ends up telling Sharon about what happened with Rafe after she is upset following the christening.
Ep. #9258 37x149
Paul explains to Victor and Jack who Emily is. Victor assures Paul he had no part in changing Patty's face to look Emily. Sharon offers Ashley the things she bought for baby. Billy buys the magazine. Chance isn't happy when he finds out that Billy is going to be Chloe's new boss. Chance tells Chloe that he doesn't want to be with her and that Billy doesn't either.
Ep. #9257 37x148
Billy asks his brother for a loan to buy the magazine. When Jack isn't convinced Bill can make a success of it he becomes even more determined to prove him wrong. After Traci refuses to loan him the money, Billy turns to Ashley who agrees to help him. Jack isn't happy when he finds out that Kay has decided to make Jill an equal partner in Jabot. Ashley thanks Victor for allowing her to keep the ranch in their divorce settlement. Ashley and Victor disagree about the baby's christening. Emily is shocked when she finds out that Patty had changed her face to look like her. Nikki shares her concerns with Kay about a future with Victor. Patty finds it hard to deal with the fact that she is no longer married to Jack. Paul learns from Emily how she first met Patty. When Paul takes Emily to meet them, both Jack and Victor are shocked at how she looks like Patty.
Ep. #9256 37x147
Phyllis offers to help out at Newman Industries for a while even though she hasn't forgiven Victor for what happened to her daughter. Nicholas learns about Billy's offer to buy the magazine. Nicholas ends up agreeing to sell the magazine to Billy. Cane talks to Mackenzie and tells her he is worried that he and Lily wont ever get back together because of all the lies he told. Roxy decides to give Devon another chance. Kevin wants his brother to help Ryder. Deacon tells Ryder that their deal is off but Ryder tells him it is not his decision to make. Kevin wants Jana to agree to let Ryder move in with them. Daniel puts Amber's engagement ring back on her finger. Michael agrees to represent Ryder whilst Amber reluctantly agrees to let him stay. Deacon discovers in an envelope from Ryder who his next targets are.
Ep. #9255 37x146
Phyllis is given changes for the Jabot advertisement campaign by Jack. Billy tries to get Chloe to sign the divorce papers. Billy hears Phyllis telling Chloe that she isn't sure if she wants to continue working on the magazine. Jack refuses to give Billy money from his trust fund. Billy wants Phyllis to sell the magazine to him. Victoria turns to Michael for advise. Adam offers his help in dealing with the SEC.­ Ashley is shocked when she finds out that Nicholas and Sharon had planned on calling their baby Faith. Victor is shocked when Ashley tells him she wants the ranch as part of her divorce from him and he asks Michael to represent him in the divorce. Traci tells her brother that she needs to leave town to get over the loss of her daughter. After Sharon talks to him about all the daughters she has lost, Adam feels even more guilty about what he has done.
Ep. #9254 37x145
Sharon moves into Brad's old house. Victor learns he will be able to go home soon. Ashley is determined to get everything she is entitled to from Victor. Victoria isn't sure she can trust Adam. Adam is worried when he realizes that Jack has had heard his conversation with Faith. Jack learns about Ashley's plans. Sharon invites Adam to join her for coffee. Jack doesn't want his sister allowing Adam to be part of her life. Sharon thinks that Adam should make peace with his father. J.T. gets a job interview in New York and wants Victoria to go with him so they can help save their marriage. Victoria tells him that she cant go. Nikki tells Victor that she has decided not to leave town.
Ep. #9253 37x144
Lily's doctor tells her that she can now leave the house and she pays a visit to Colleen's grave. After Cane shows up they end up renewing their vows. Nicholas gives Adam his first assignment. Victor tries to take his first steps following his surgery. Gloria and Jeffrey are caught by the police as they try and find the real painting. Victoria points Daniel out to the police inspector as the person who has the real Terroni. Daniel reveals that Victoria and he where working together to retrieve the real Terroni painting. Deacon is shocked when he is told that his painting is a fake. Gloria and Jeffrey are released when Daniel states that they where also working with him. Daniel gives the reward money to Kevin so that he can help Ryder. Amber shows up to see Daniel and hopes that he knows she wants him.
Ep. #9252 37x143
There continues to be tension at the Abbott cabin as the two couples play a game of Scrabble. Adam is confronted about his business idea by Nicholas and Victoria. Adam goes to see Victor and Nicholas tries to get their first. Victor decides to give Adam another chance at the company but Adam isn't happy when he finds out he will be working under Nicholas. Kevin discovers that his mother has stolen the painting. Jeffrey wants to know what Gloria is up to and she tries to get him put of the way before Deacon shows up. Amber lets Daniel know what is going on. Jeffrey learns that the painting that Gloria has is a fake. Deacon decides not to deal with Gloria.
Ep. #9251 37x142
Jack offers Sharon Brad's house to live in. Noah agrees to move in with his mother. Phyllis tries to cheer Nicholas up by inviting him to the fairground. Mackenzie goes to the Abbott cabin with Billy. As Billy and Mac are about to share a kiss, Chloe shows up with Chance. Chloe tries to make Billy feel jealous. Both of them refuse to leave the cabin. Emily reads an article in a newspaper about Patty Williams being caught. Emily is revealed as being a psychiatrist and she she is the double of Patty. Patty had her face made to look like Emily’s during the surgery which Victor paid for her to have.
Ep. #9250 37x141
Adam is caught on the telephone with Mitch talking about Newman Enterprises by Victoria. Nicholas spreads the baby's ashes with Sharon. Ashley learns that the baby can go home. Ashley admits to her brother that Victor is not like he was when they got married. When Paul visits Patty he finds out that she has no memory of the last two decades. Nikki learns that Victor has suffered a seizure. Ashley isn't happy when she shows up at the hospital and sees Victor and Nikki with the baby. Ashley tells Victor she wants to end their marriage. Paul is worried that Nikki is spending too much time at the hospital. Jack goes to see Patty and finds out that she thinks they are still married. Adam learns from Ashley that she is planning on divorcing Victor. Nikki learns from Victor that he and Ashley are getting a divorce.
Ep. #9249 37x140
The Abbott family family prepare to say a final goodbye to Colleen. Sharon tells her mother that she won’t allow herself and Nicholas to turn to one another ever again. Sharon decides to scatter the baby's ashes alone. Doris lets Nicholas know what Sharon is planning to do and Sharon is surprised when he shows up. Lily is devastated when she is told she isn't strong enough to attend Colleen's memorial service. Colleen's family and friends remember her at the service. Victoria hears Mac talking with J.T. and discovers that her father was out to destroy Colleen. Some red balloons are released in Colleen's memory.
Ep. #9248 37x139
Jack tells his sister how Sharon lost the baby and that Nicholas was it's father. Adam is worried that Sharon will want the baby's ashes and there aren't any. Adam steals some ashes just before running into Billy. Nikki works out that Ashley was driving the car which nearly hit her. Nikki notices the resemblance between Faith and her son. Nicholas goes to see his father and tells him he needs his support. Adam has the ashes delivered to Sharon. Adam breaks down when he feels guilty about what he has done to both Ashley and Sharon. Billy tells the rest of the family about his decision to leave Jabot.
Ep. #9247 37x138
Summer acts strangely around Nicholas but later finally tells him that she loves him. Phyllis thanks Sharon for what she has done and Sharon ends up breaking down. Chance kisses Chloe at the festival. When they get back to Chloe's place Chance stops thing from going to far. Gloria and Deacon decide to trade the Terroni for five million dollars cash that very evening. When Michael hears Daniel, Amber and Kevin arguing about what to do with the real Terroni he wants to know what is going on. After Deacon gives Amber a diamond necklace, Daniel issues her with an ultimatum. Gloria sees where her son hides the painting and then steals it.
Ep. #9246 37x137
Billy and Chloe grow closer as he tells her about his feelings about Victor getting Colleen's heart. Chloe is upset again though when Bill ends up turning to Mackenzie for support. Chloe ends up agreeing to go to the Harvest Festival with Chance. Billy decides to leave Jabot after Colleen's funeral. J.T. tries to offer his support to Victoria. Victoria learns from her brother about Sharon loosing the baby. Nicholas meets Faith for the first time unaware that she is actually his daughter. Victor survives the surgery.
Ep. #9245 37x136
Sharon sees a picture of her sonogram for the baby as she looks for a picture of Cassie. When Phyllis finds Nicholas he tells her that Sharon has lost the baby and that he was it's father. Sharon asks Cassie to look after the baby that she has lost. Ashley isn't sure about taking Faith to see Victor after Adam asks her to. Victor deals with the news that he is going to get Colleen's heart. The Newmans are grateful to Traci are allowing it to happen. Kay tries to help Billy deal with the pain he is feeling. Colleen's life support machines are turned off. Victor is prepared to have the surgery to receive Colleen's heart.
Ep. #9244 37x135
Ep. #9243 37x134
Ep. #9242 37x133
Ep. #9241 37x132
Ep. #9240 37x131
Ep. #9239 37x130
Ep. #9238 37x129
Ep. #9237 37x128
Ep. #9236 37x127
Ep. #9235 37x126
Ep. #9234 37x125
Ep. #9233 37x124
Ep. #9232 37x123
Ep. #9231 37x122
Ep. #9230 37x121
Ep. #9229 37x120
Ep. #9228 37x119
Ep. #9227 37x118
Ep. #9226 37x117
Ep. #9225 37x116
Ep. #9224 37x115
Ep. #9223 37x114
Ep. #9222 37x113
Ep. #9221 37x112
Ep. #9220 37x111
Ep. #9219 37x110
Ep. #9218 37x109
Ep. #9217 37x108
Ep. #9216 37x107
Ep. #9215 37x106
Ep. #9214 37x105
Ep. #9213 37x104
Ep. #9212 37x103
Ep. #9211 37x102
Ep. #9210 37x101
Ep. #9209 37x100
Ep. #9208 37x99
Ep. #9207 37x98
Ep. #9206 37x97
Paul is left devasted as Nikki calls off the wedding. Heather finds out about Adam and Rafe. Sharon is arrested.
Ep. #9205 37x96
Sharon sees the ring Nick gave Phyllis and later goes to a jewelry store and tries on the same ring. Ashley begins having hallucinations of Sabrina. Lily returns home and wants to see Cane. Neil doesn't like the idea but eventually agrees. Neil tells Tyra that she is trying to hard and that he doesn't like that Tyra kept Cane updated on Lily's condition. Victoria and J.T. argue over J.T. allowing Reed to stay up late with the babysitter. Nikki and Paul have their rehearsal dinner and go their separate ways for the night but Nikki finds Paul at the chapel and tells him that she can't marry him.
Ep. #9204 37x95
Nikki reminiscents about her relationship with Victor and begins to doubt marrying Paul. Victor and Ashley are heartbroken when Zapato is poisioned and dies. Jack informs Paul that Mary Jane dressed up as Sharon and he thinks she spiked his drink to sleep with him. Later, Jack visits the ranch where he finds out about the dog and that Victor suspects Mary Jane. The two agree to inform each other if Mary Jane pops up. Victoria and J.T.'s problems begin to grow as J.T. accepts a job with Paul without discussing it with Victoria first.
Ep. #9203 37x94
Billy returns a drunken Jack back to the Abbott Mansion before heading to pick Delia up from Chloe. Mary Jane disguises herself as Sharon and sleeps with Jack. Jill confronts Billy about going after Victor in public. Chance stands up for Jill and Chloe agrees that Billy was to harsh on Jill. Amber moves out of Daniel's apartment and he tells her that he is more upset that Amber kept her past a secret from him.
Ep. #9202 37x93
Billy has to deal with the fallout of confronting Victor. Nick finds out Sharon and Jack have broken up.
Ep. #9201 37x92
Ep. #9200 37x91
Ep. #9199 37x90
Ep. #9198 37x89
Ep. #9197 37x88
Ep. #9196 37x87
Cane gets Lily to agree to the surgery. Amber agrees to Deacon's terms. Chloe is shocked by Chance revelation. Billy and Mac enjoy some uninterrupted quality time.
Ep. #9195 37x86
Lily won't agree to the surgery. Nikki informs Victor about what she saw between Adam and Rafe.
Ep. #9194 37x85
Ep. #9193 37x84
Mac is able to stop Cane after telling him that Lily has cancer. Mac lets Cane stay at the trailer and Cane asks Mac to do something for him to help lift Lily's spirits. Gloria and Jeff boasts to Victor that they got the goods on Colleen and they would like a bonus but Victor tells them that they will be paid when the job is complete. Gloria gets Kevin to help her set up an untraceable e-mail address which she tells him is a erotic treat for Jeff. Kevin is disgusted but helps his mother out. Gloria sends the link of the video of Colleen at the bar lifting up her top to everyone at Newman. When Victoria sees it she calls Colleen to get over to Newman right away. Colleen leaves Billy with Lily and he thanks her for getting Cane to change his mind about the custody suit. Mac arrives and gives Lily a present of a bunch of DVD's and a laptop to watch them on. Lily looks at the titles and is surprised that Mac knew all her favorite movies. Victoria shows the video to Victor. Colleen arrives at Newman and wonders why everyone is staring at her and J.T. shows her that the video is on the Internet. Colleen tries to apologize to Victoria and Victor but Victor demands that Colleen be fired from the Newman board. Amber tries to tell Daniel that she thinks Deacon is not trustworthy. When Deacon arrives he makes small remarks about Amber's past that Daniel wouldn't think anything of. Deacon shows a picture of his son that they call Little D. Later, Amber shows up at Deacon's room and confronts him about shoving the picture of the little boy she raised as her son for awhile in LA in her face. Deacon tells Amber that everything will go away for Daniel if she gives him one night. Amber refuses and leaves angrily. Deacon says to himself that they will have to do this the hard way and calls in an anonymous tip. Jana notices a customer sitting at Crimson Lights not ordering anything and talks to him, Ryder (who is working for Deacon) asks if she is Jana and tells her he is a big fan of Kevin's. Jana introduces Kevin and Ryder. Amber returns to the apartment when Agent Grimes shows up and they go to a wall and hammer through finding the forged painting and Daniel is arrested.
Ep. #9192 37x83
Kevin reveals to Michael his new plan for the Silver Chipmunk, making a line of T-Shirts and other products. Kevin wants Michael's help to get a patent for it and Michael is reluctant but agrees to help. Later, Kevin returns to Crimson Lights where Jana doesn't like the idea of Kevin making money off of his crimes and proposes that he give the money to charity. Chloe throws a small birthday part for Billy and Phillip arrives. Billy warns Phillip that if he ever hurts Jill or Katherine again he will kill him. Chance meets Chloe and the two flirt. Jill meets with Michael to discuss her will and tells him that she wants her assets split between Phillip, Billy and Cane. Michael informs her that it would most likely be contested because of how Cane deceived her but Jill won't listen. The test results come back on Lily and the news isn't good. Lily has ovarian cancer and when Lily asks for the statistics, Olivia tells her they are 45% survival rate. Neil comforts his daughter and tells her that she is a Winter and they will get through this. Mac meets Billy at Murphy's old trailer and while they are kissing they are interrupted again by someone calling Billy. Billy answers it and Colleen tells him about Lily's diagnosis and asks if he knows where Cane is but Billy doesn't know and doesn't care. Mac agrees with Colleen about finding Cane for Lily. Mac tries to call him and Lily calls his phone from her hospital bed but just gets his voice mail. Cane is at the bus station looking at his phone and starts to head off to get on his bus when Mac comes running in trying to stop him.
Ep. #9191 37x82
Victor takes Dr. Taylor's advice about sending Adam to a home for the blind and Adam doesn't take the news well. Cane meets with Amber to apologize for how he treated her when she lied to him. Olivia informs Lily that they found a mass near her ovaries and they will need to do the biopsy. Neil pulls Olivia aside and asks for the straight facts. Olivia admits that if it is malignant, Lily only has a 45% chance of survival. Devon suggests to Neil that they call Cane because it might help Lily get through this and Neil refuses. Jack meets with Mary Jane and tries to bring up the subject of Summer. Mary Jane ends up sneaking off on Jack and he calls Heather but there isn't much that can do done with little evidence. Jill, Katherine and Nina are all over joyed with Phillip IV return home. He tells them that he picked up the nickname Chance while in the army. Chance notices Phillip III but doesn't get angry and shakes his hand calling him Sir. Phillip warns Nina not to push Chance to talk about the whole situation and they all get good news that Phillip does not have the Huntington gene either.
Ep. #9190 37x81
Det. Wallace confronts Sharon about Victor's wallet being found in her room. Sharon has no idea how it got there and Victor believes her. Sharon is dismayed when Nick appears to have thought the worse about her. Adam tells Mary Jane that she almost ruined their plan by coming early. Mary Jane notices a blood stain on her clothes and Adam sneaks her some of Ashley's. Mary Jane changes and leaves the potting shed, calling Jack and telling him to meet her at Crimson Lights. Cane arrives to meet Lily but she can't get up the nerve to tell him that she is pregnant when he announces that he is leaving for good. Lily experiences cramps and Devon rushes her to the hospital where the doctor informs Lily that she is not pregnant and Olivia is on her way to talk with her. Cane says goodbye to Jill and Katherine but they don't want to hear any of it. Phillip tries to convince them that this isn't Cane's fault when they are all surprised to see Phillip IV walk through the door.
Ep. #9189 37x80
Gloria and Jeffrey get the goods on Colleen. Lily tells Devon that she might be pregnant. Ashley and Victor are married and Ashley sees Sabrina, who is really Mary Jane dressed in Sabrina's dress.
Ep. #9188 37x79
Phyllis and Nick get the results of Summer's MRI test. Ashley becomes increasingly insolated from people. Adam realizes that Mary Jane can help further his plan.
Ep. #9187 37x78
Cane asks Mac to buy Jimmy's bar. Phillip reveals the truth to Jill and Katherine. Ashley has an ultrasound.
Ep. #9186 37x77
Amber comes face to face with her past. Adam makes a new ally.
Ep. #9185 37x76
Adam needs to get creative when Ashley makes a request. Victoria meets an art dealer, unaware he is connected to Amber.
Ep. #9184 37x75
Nikki is shocked when she witnesses Adam and Rafe kissing. Phyllis asks Sharon for a favor.
Ep. #9183 37x74
Ep. #9182 37x73
Cane is exposed as a liar. Phillip has to answer to Nina, Jill and Katherine.
Ep. #9181 37x72
Ep. #9180 37x71
Phyllis is accused of the unthinkable. The DNA test results come back on Cane.
Ep. #9179 37x70
Katherine has a stroke. Kevin makes a decision about helping Daniel break the law.
Ep. #9178 37x69
Cane has his blood taken for the test. Mary Jane implicates Phyllis. Jeffrey and Gloria try to blackmail Victor.
Ep. #9177 37x68
Chloe reveals all the details about Billy and Sharon to Mac. Summer's life hangs in the balance.
Ep. #9176 37x67
Mary Jane puts Summer's life in danger. Sharon gets the paternity test results.
Ep. #9175 37x66
Victor asks Victoria to take over the Newman Art Foundation. Estella has her court arraignment. Noah seeks legal advice.
Ep. #9174 37x65
Jana's troubles go from bad to worse. Adam gets shocking news about his eyesight. Amber wonders if the person setting up Daniel is really out for her.
Ep. #9173 37x64
Daniel and Jana have their bail hearings. Adam is desperate to keep up his plan. Victor decides to move on.
Ep. #9172 37x63
Someone is arrested for gaslighting Ashley. Jill, Katherine and Nina learn more shocking news about the coffin.
Ep. #9171 37x62
Nina and Paul are in for a shock when Phillip III coffin is opened. Ashley receives a special delivery.
Ep. #9170 37x61
Howard Aucker gets a search warrant for the apartment and Crimson Lights. Jill agrees to the exhumation on one condition.
Ep. #9169 37x60
Nina announces to Jill and Katherine that she wants to exhume Phillip's body. Mac has seconds thoughts about her engagement to Raul.
Ep. #9168 37x59
Ashley has second thoughts about Estella's guilt. Nina refuses to give up until she has answers about Cane. Jill gets desperate for a job. Adam gets caught red handed.
Ep. #9167 37x58
Billy and Mac's make-out session is interrupted. Victor warns Mary Jane about her restraing order against Paul. Jack brings up an old flame to Phyllis.
Ep. #9166 37x57
Jeffrey sees Mary Jane at the Club and asks her Public Relations services. Mary Jane turns in down telling him that she caters to a higher end clientele and she is sure that doesn't include him. Michael lays in Nick when he drops by Phyllis house. Sharon moves out of the Abbott mansion yet again and Jack warns Nick to take care of her. Jack makes a call telling the person on the other end that he needs to see them right away. Later, Jack arrives at Mary Jane's room and neither are aware that Jeffrey is spying on them as they make out and close the door. Jeffrey rushes to tell Gloria about what he saw and the two deduce that Mary Jane must be a high end call girl. Nick and Sharon inform Noah that they are getting back together and Noah doesn't take the news well. Noah tells Eden that he is going to talk to Rafe about filing for emancipation. Chloe snoops around Mackenzie's room and find her box of high school memories. Billy shows up at Jimmy's as Mac is working but doesn't want to drink. The two spend the night talking and he helps her close up. As Billy is leaving the bar, the song they loved to listen to when they were going out suddenly plays on the jukebox. Mac suddenly grabs Billy and kisses him. After Jack and Mary Jane have sex he has to rush off and she figures it is to meet up with Phyllis again. Mary Jane calls the photo shoot location for Restless Style and cancels their shoot then calls the magazine as a employee of the location and tells them that they are double booked. Phyllis is trying to tell Summer that her and Nick are going through a rough patch when Mary Jane arrives at Phyllis house and tells her about the photo shoot location problems. Phyllis needs to go to the office and work everything out but has no one to watch Summer. Mary Jane volunteers and Phyllis agrees. Mary Jane asks Summer if she likes to pretend to be other people and there is a knock at the door and it is Jack who is surprised to see Mary Jane.
Ep. #9165 37x56
Daniel admits the truth to Howard Aucker that he was in the alley. A mysterious person drops the suitcase of cash at Crimson Lights. Paul is slapped with a temporary restraining order by Mary Jane. Victor and Nikki rush to the hospital upon hearing about Victoria. Nikki tells Victor about checking on Ashley and how Adam lied about Ashley's whereabouts. Mary Jane is about to add Paul to her enemy collage but can't do it.
Ep. #9164 37x55
Chloe visits Billy at the Abbott mansion, where he tells her he wants to get back together. Chloe tells him she will arrange for him to see Delia but she isn't getting back together with him just because he can't have Mac. Chloe leaves and runs into Katherine at the Club. She tells Katherine all about Sharon's pregnancy and that she has a hard time turning Billy down. Katherine tells her that she will be her sponsor and every time Chloe feels that urge she should call her. Billy runs into Mac at Crimson Lights. Mac shows him the scrapbook of the time they were dating. Billy pushes Mac to confess that she still have feelings for him and she finally admits it. Chloe overhears and thinks about calling Katherine but decides against it. Chloe hides as Billy leaves and Katherine arrives and see Mac. J.T. grabs Mary Jane demanding to know why she is lurking around the Newman grounds. Mary Jane tells him that she was visiting Phyllis and on her way out she was admiring the architecture. J.T. apologizes but tells her next time she should arrange a tour instead of wondering the grounds by herself. Mary Jane returns to the club where Paul tries to talk to her. Paul tells her that he looked into her IRS records and Mary Jane becomes extremely upset. Nina arrives at Crimson Lights to talk with Cane about his past. Nina asks him about his adoptive mother, Violet and tells him that she cannot find any record of her dead or alive. Later, Nina congratulates Paul on his engagement and questions him about Cane and Violet. Paul doesn't know anything and tells her that he didn't go and find Cane in Australia. Det. Wallace shows up as Nina leaves and tells Paul that he needs to be questioned because Mary Jane filled a complaint against him. Upstairs, Mary Jane talks to a stuffed cat and tells it that she killed the bird that was thrown into Phyllis' house. Amber and Kevin follow Jana to Jimmy's bar and she tells them everything about Daniel and the painting. J.T. is late arriving to the set-up because of dealing with Mary Jane. Daniel arrives in the alley and demands the impostor show himself. As the impostor points a gun at Daniel, a man dressed in black arrives and stabs the impostor. Daniel is stunned as the man runs away. The impostor goes for the gun and Daniel pushes it away and asks if he knows who stabbed him but the impostors says "you did this." Daniel hears Victoria heading to the alley and he takes off. Victoria calls out for the impostor and screams when she sees his dead body. Suddenly, the man dressed all in black pushes a bunch of crates on Victoria. J.T. rushes to find Victoria after hearing her scream and rushes to free her of the crates. The man in black sneaks behind J.T. and grabs the suitcase of cash and the painting and takes off without anyone knowing he was there. Jana, Kevin and Amber return to the apartment worried about where Daniel took off too and are at ease to find him in the apartment but he tells him he is in big trouble. Cane calls the man he has been talking to and tells him he isn't sure about this plan. Cane tells the man that Nina is questioning the whole story and then tells him "Phillp, your wife hasn't forgotten about you."
Ep. #9163 37x54
Mary Jane becomes increasing unhinged as she watches Phyllis' house. Jack has stayed the night and watches Phyllis as she sleeps. When she wakes up, she tells Jack that J.T. will be dropping by soon to drop Summer off and Jack takes off. Daniel is heading out to Jimmy's bar before Victoria meets the impostor. Daniel ends up getting distract by Amber who has returned home. J.T. walks in on Victoria being fitted with a wire and he refuses to allow Victoria to go through with the set-up. Victoria convinces him that she has to do this to stop the forgery from being sold. J.T. reluctantly agrees but he insists that he go with her. Adam has the doctor he knows from Harvard check Ashley out. Nikki arrives and demands to know why Adam lied about Ashley being out with Jack. Nikki doesn't buy Adam's story that he didn't realize Ashley was home and she stays while the doctor checks her out. The doctor gives her a clean bill of health and leaves some pills to help Ashley relax. The doctor visits Adam upstairs and tells him he doesn't know how Adam convinced Ashley that she was okay and that she had a miscarriage. Adam warns the doctor that he better keep him mouth shut or he will reveal everything that he did with the young girls and destroy his career. Mary Jane arrives to visit Phyllis under the guise that she was worried about her. Phyllis sends Summer upstairs so the two can talk and reveals that Nick left her the night before but doesn't mention anything about Jack. Nick arrives at the house to visit Summer and Mary Jane excuses herself but doesn't go far. Summer's teacher arrives and Nick ends up leaving while the teacher and Summer are upstairs. Summer's teacher tells Phyllis that Summer has been acting out at school lately and they might want to consider having Summer talk with someone. Jack meets Sharon at the club and she at first tries to cover up why she didn't come home the night before but finally admits that she was with Nick. Jack understands but tells her that if the baby is his he will be apart of its life and Sharon agrees. Sharon suddenly feels the baby kick for the first time and has Jack feel the kicking. Jack tells her he has to leave and rushes off. Victor meets him a doctor to discuss having Adam involved with a research study. Mary Jane gets annoyed by the chirping birds as Jack arrives back at Phyllis' and tells her that he felt the baby kick but he is worried about getting to close to baby and having it not be his. The two are left shaken when a bird appears to fly through the living room window. J.T. is on his way to meet Victoria at Jimmy's bar for the set-up and see Mary Jane lurking around the property.
Ep. #9162 37x53
Victoria gets a visit from the Howard Aucker Imposter who is trying to sell her the painting he had Daniel forge. Jana arrives to look at the piece and is suprised to see the man she already know is a con artist. When Victoria leaves the room he threatens Jana. Jana tells Victoria she should buy the painting and the imposter tells her the seller will take just $100,00 for it. Victoria agrees and wants to have a curator look at it but the imposter won't allow it out of his hands but agrees when Victoria says she will bring someone when they meet up with the money. After the imposter leaves, Victoria tells Jana that she didn't buy any of that and calls the feds. Meanwhile, the real Howard Aucker wants Daniel to submit to a lie dectector test. Phyllis and Jack discuss having sex and Jack tells her he didn't regret it. Sharon and Nick bask in having just made love. Nikki pounds on the ranch door and ends up calling and leaving a message that she is using her keys to enter the house. Adam has already moved Ashley back upstairs and she is bleeding. Adam tells Nikki that Jack took Ashley out to dinner and Nikki leaves. Mary Jane adds a picture of Phyllis to her enemies collage and heads downstairs and sees Jack and takes him back up to her room. Where she blindfolds him and tries to put the moves on him. Howard Aucker arrives at Victoria's and she informs him of what happened with the imposter and he asks her to wear a wire. Daniel arrives at Phyllis and see her crying and she tells him that her and Nick broke up and he went back to Sharon. Daniel asks Phyllis what she would tell him if Amber left him and she tells him she would tell him to fight and Daniel says that is exactly what Phyllis should do with Nick. Daniel returns to his apartment where Jane arrives and tells him what went down with the imposter. Daniel tells Jana he is going to get his painting back before the imposter gives it to Victoria. Jack come back to the lobby of the club and runs into Nikki, who questions him about Ashley. Nikki realizes Adam was lying to her but doesn't tell Jack instead she calls the ranch demanding Adam call her back. Adam is reassuring Ashley that it was just a dream and she was never out of her bed.
Ep. #9161 37x52
Nick tells Phyllis that things are not working and he says things are over. Jack arrives at the ranch and hears Ashley screaming after she has a nightmare about Sabrina. Jack hurries upstairs and wants to take Ashley home. Ashley refuses and before Jack can make Ashley go with him he received a phone call from Phyllis. Before Jack leaves he tells Adam that if anything happens to Ashley he is holding him responsible. Adam ends up dismissing the maid and furthering his plan. Ashley awakens and hears Sabrina's voice as she heads down the stairs she turns and see what she initially believes is Sabrina and as she pulls off her veil like she did in her dream we see that it is Adam wearing what Sabrina was wearing the night of her death. Ashley screams and ends up falling down the steps. Adam rushes down to her. Sharon and Mary Jane have a confrontation at the club where Mary Jane chastises Sharon for being pregnant and not knowing who the father is. Nikki overhears and Sharon can take discussing it with her. Nikki tells Paul that because of the thunderstorm the power has gone out at the ranch and Victor is is worried about Ashley but can't leave to check up on her because she has Reed and Summer. Paul suggests the two go check up on her and Nikki tells him that she will run over real quick on her own. When Nikki arrives no one answers because Ashley is out cold on the floor. Gloria and Jeffrey try to dig up more information on Mary Jane and Victor. Sharon sees the Nick has moved into the club and Nick tells her that he and Phyllis are over. Sharon doesn't want to believe that they can be together and Nick assures her that things will work out. The two end up making love. Phyllis tells Jack that they need to accept that Sharon and Nick will always be drawn together and they end up having sex. Paul tries to talk to Mary Jane and Jeffrey see him go into her room and takes it the wrong way. Later, Mary Jane tries to call Phyllis but she doesn't pick up so she heads over to her house where Mary Jane watches through the window as Phyllis and Jack are having sex.
Ep. #9160 37x51
Ashley and Olivia argue over her seeing a therapist. Ashley tells Olivia she is at piece after her dream of Sabrina. Later, Ashley goes for a walk and Nikki catches her talking to the statue of Sabrina. Nikki informs Nick about what she saw but she doesn't want to tell Victor because he will just get angry with her and they finally came to an understanding. Nick agrees to look in on Ashley while Victor is away on his business trip. Mary Jane drops in on Phyllis and the two discuss Sharon and Phyllis tells her that Sharon is pregnant. Billy breaks the news to Chloe that Sharon's baby might be his. Chloe is upset and ends up packing up the rest of her things when she runs into Sharon. Sharon tries to apologize and slips that she slept with Billy the night before their wedding.
Ep. #9159 37x50
Amber is rejected from Love Lines and tries calling a bunch of other talk radio shows. Amber ends up calling a show she thinks is hosted by a therapist but it is really Tommy Lasorda's LA Dodgers show. Tommy lets Kevin discuss his story and tells him that he thinks Kevin wasn't in the right frame of mind when the chipmunk stuff happened and even gets a call from a listener saying the same thing. The real Howard Aucker asks Daniel to draw a sketch of the imposter. Billy visits Mac at Cane's bar and bring her flowers to congratulate her on the engagement. Later, J.T. visits Mac to catch up. Chloe arrives at the Abbott mansion looking for Billy and he finally shows up and the two discuss their future. Billy tells Chloe that Sharon is pregnant and he might be the father. Cane showers Lily with gifts for her birthday which they are celebrating at the bar. Nina shows up and asks Cane is he would mind discussing how he ended up finding his way to Genoa City since Amber won't discuss it. Cane asks if he can tell her the story another time and she agrees. Later, Cane gets on the phone and calls them man looking like Phillip and tell him they have a problem. Neil questions Lily decision to start a family so soon.
Ep. #9158 37x49
Amber goes against Daniel's wishes and calls the police about the apartment being trashed. Det. Wallace is sent to fill out the report and Amber tells him it is probably one of the people that have sent them letters. Daniel tries to get a hold of Howard Aucker to no avail. Amber leaves to visit Kevin at the Crimson Lights and look for any threats in their letters. Amber gets an idea to call Love Lines to get their side of the story out. Jana arrives at the apartment and Daniel tells her that the only thing stolen was the forgery. There is a knock at the door and they are surprised when the man says he is Howard Aucker. Jill, Gloria and Jeff stage a fight for Victor and he throws them out of the ranch. Paul tells Nikki that he is looking into Mary Jane's background but is coming up with nothing. Nikki has Jabot fax over her resume and finds out none of her credentials were checked because Jack vouched for her. Victor congratulates Nikki and Paul on their engagement and as he leaves an employee at the club tells him the room hasn't been yet this month. Victor tells him to never discuss this with him in public again and he heads up to visit Mary Jane after she called begging him to come over. Jeff gets a call from someone at the club telling her that Victor is paying in cash for a room at the club. Jill heads out to check in out and catches Victor hugging a extremely emotional Mary Jane after Victor told her that he is dropping the plot against Jack. Paul gets a call from someone and tells Nikki he has a surprise when they arrive at Crimson Lights she is shocked to see Paul's brother Father Todd has arrived in town for a short visit. As the three talk, Mary Jane enters and as soon as she see Father Todd she rushes back out.
Ep. #9157 37x48
Adam is upset when Ashley become more upset after having a dream about Sabrina. Amber tries to make Kevin feel better by setting up a website with comments of support but she makes a mistake by including her own e-mail address on everything. Kevin appreciates how far Amber went to make him feel better. Daniel confides in Jana about the FBI making him make stole art. Amber and Daniel arrive home to find their apartment ransacked. Daniel figures in most by Howard Aucker but doesn't tell Amber who thinks it is one of the people sending nasty letters to her and Kevin. Olivia tells Jack about Ashley going to the hospital and he shows up at the ranch to bring her to the Abbott mansion but she refuses. Sharon tells Nick that she is staying with Jack no matter who the father of the baby is. Phyllis asks Nick to make a decision about what he wants.
Ep. #9156 37x47
Phyllis tells Nick that he needs to choose between her and Sharon.
Ep. #9155 37x46
Ashley is rushed to the hospital after experiencing labor pains and Adam plants a scrapbrook in her hospital room.
Ep. #9154 37x45
John makes ghostly visits to his children.
Ep. #9153 37x44
Lily surprises Cane with tickets to Australia to extend their honeymoon but he tells her he has no desire to revist his home country. Mackenzie says yes to Raul's marriage proposal. Nina, Katherine and Jill visit Phillip's grave. Jack confronts Billy about sleeping with Sharon. Later, Billy won't tell Chloe what is bothering him and leaves. Chloe has had enough and packs her things and leaves with Delia. Ashley nearly catches Adam sneaking around in her room but he covers and tells her that Victor wanted him to spy on her. Ashley goes back to sleep and wakes up screaming from a nightmare and Victor and Olivia rush in. A man looking like Phillip is seen at a bar.
Ep. #9152 37x43
A devasted Phyllis drops a bomb on Jack by telling him that Sharon and Billy slept together. Billy is surprised to learn that Raul wants to marry Mac. Det. Wallace gives Kevin some of the many letters the police station has received from angry citizens that Kevin and Amber got off on the charges. Devon confronts Tyra about never mentioning she isn't a blood relative.
Ep. #9151 37x42
A surprise guest arrives at Katherine's cook-out.
Ep. #9150 37x41
Chloe confronts Mackenzie about calling Billy. Paul starts to question Mary Jane about how he knows her.
Ep. #9149 37x40
Sharon has her first therapy appointment but ends up running out.
Ep. #9148 37x39
Amber catches the bouquet which adds to her wedding fever but Daniel tells her that he is not ready for the kind of commitment again. Devon questions his Aunt Virginia about Tyra and she tells him Tyra is not his blood relative. Aunt Virginia gives Devon a letter his mother wrote to his father but never sent. Devon realizes that his father doesn't know he exists. Billy wonders why Jill needed Jack's help and she tells him she lost all her money when the bank collapsed. Mackenzie demands Billy leaving Katherine's house when he stops by to apologize for what he said to Kevin.
Ep. #9147 37x38
Devon's Aunt Virginia tells him some shocking news about Tyra.
Ep. #9146 37x37
Cane and Lily's have their wedding. Ashley receives a shocking phone call.
Ep. #9145 37x36
Jill asks Jack for help in getting back to Genoa City. Karen makes a surprise visit at Lily and Cane's rehearsal dinner.
Ep. #9144 37x35
Jill, Jeffrey and Gloria all realize that Victor was behind the bank collapse.
Ep. #9143 37x34
Nikki gives Paul her answer to his proposal. Daniel is recruited to help with an art theft. Sharon moves back to the Abbott Mansion.
Ep. #9142 37x33
Murphy is able to help Katherine with the Governor. Daniel's paitings are bought. Lily and Cane participate in a photo shoot for Restless Style
Ep. #9141 37x32
Jill tries to sabatoge Katherine's dinner with the governor. Ashley receives a sonogram picture of Sabrina's baby.
Ep. #9140 37x31
Gloria faces her civil trail for tainting the face cream. Sharon contemplates telling Nick about her pregnancy.
Ep. #9139 37x30
Ashley thinks Estella is behind her gaslighting. Phyllis is upset that Nick is taking the job at Newman.
Ep. #9138 37x29
Katherine arranges a meeting with the Governor for Kevin and Amber. Jill, Gloria and Jeffrey hatch their plan for revenge against Katherine.
Ep. #9137 37x28
Jill makes a fool of herself at Katherine's wedding. Neil takes a new job.
Ep. #9136 37x27
Katherine and Murphy's wedding takes place. Sharon takes a pregnancy test.
Ep. #9135 37x26
Ep. #9134 37x25
Ashley prepares for her birthday dinner with Victor, when she find a dress and earrings laid out for her on the bed. Ashley thinks Victor must of picked out the dress and she puts it on and heads downstairs. When Victor sees her, he becomes upset and tells her to change. Victor questions Estella about laying out the dress, but she insists it wasn't her. Victor asks whoelse had been in the house and she tells him that Nikki had been over. Ashley comes back downstairs, but Victor has left. Ashley wants to know why Victor got so upset and Adam tells her that the dress and earring were the same ones that Sabrina wore the night of the accident. Ashley accuses Estella of putting the dress out since she never had liked her. Neil tells Olivia that he quit Newman and worries if he made a mistake. Later, Neil runs into Katherine at the club and asks her for a job at Chancellor and as he is telling her of his qualifications, she tells him the job is his. Lauren arrives at the police station to sign for the merchandise that Sharon stole and she sees Phyllis in custody. Lauren tells Phyllis that Eden wants her to drop the charges since Noah is being harrassed at school over it. Phyllis asks Lauren to follow Eden's advice and drop the charges, which she reluctantly does. Nick rushes to the club to stop Sharon from giving her confession letter to Heather. Heather leaves in a huff when Nick throws the letter in the fire and Sharon will no longer admit to anything. Lauren tells Sharon that she better go easy on Eden from now on or she will reinstate the charges. Victor finds Nikki at the club and berates her for setting Ashley up with the dress. Nikki tells Victor he had nothing to do with it and even suggests that maybe Ashley's mental problems have resurfaced. Ashley ends up finding a garment bag with the missing picture of Sabrina in the dress and a receipt with Ashley's credit card number on it. Ashley begins to doubt herself.
Ep. #9133 37x24
Sharon writes her lettter confessing, but is interrupted by hotel security that give her a DVD of Phyllis breaking into her room. Nick tells Phyllis that they should move forward together, but as they are leaving Det. Willis shows up and arrests her. Eden begs Lauren to not press charges against Sharon because Noah is being hasseled at school. Jack preps Colleen for the board meeting. At the meeting, Victor announces the Victoria will be taking over day to day operations so he can focus on Ashley. Colleen presents the information Jack gave her when Victoria lays out her plans for the new beauty line. Neil gives Victor is letter of resignation. Ashley finds the statue of Sabrina and the baby near the place where she heard the baby crying. Billy drops by during Jack's photo shoot and Jack ends up using Delia in his pictures, which doesn't please Billy.
Ep. #9132 37x23
Victor tells Heather that she isn't welcome at the Newman Ranch. Heather tells him as long as Adam invites her she will be there for him. Victor hears Ashley calling out and rushes to find her. When Victor finds Ashley, she insists she heard a baby crying. The guards search the grounds, but some up with nothing. Victor calls Olivia over, and she reminds him of what happened when Robbie died. Estella arrives home and says she didn't hear any baby crying. Mary Jane tells Jack that he should distance himself from Sharon. Kevin's family gathers at Crimson Lights and worry that he may never come out of his current state. Gloria's guilt gets to her and she tells Katherine that she had been trying to gaslight Katherine to sign over her stalk to her. Kevin's vision of the chipmunk intensifies, but he finally fights back. Daniel decides he should try and help Kevin and they visit him. Daniel is talking to Kevin as he comes out of his cataonic state.
Ep. #9131 37x22
Lily suggest to Cane that instead of converting the nursery to a den they keep it a nursery. Rafe reveals to Lily that he is gay, but asks her to come to Adam's birthday party with him. At Adam's birthday party, Victor is not pleased that he invited Heather. Later, Ashley goes for a walk and hears a baby crying. J.T., Colleen and Rafe head out to Jimmy's bar. J.T. thinks the two would be good together, but Colleen tells J.T. that Rafe is probably more into him than her. Victoria arrives at the bar and is upset to see J.T. and Colleen hugging.
Ep. #9130 37x21
Cane decides to buy Jimmy's bar. When Lily tells the Restless Style team about her wedding, Nikki throws out the idea putting it in the magazine. Katherine moves ahead with her wedding to Murphy, though Jill thinks it is a mistake. Jack is thrown when Mary Jane acts odd over his friendship with Sharon.
Ep. #9129 37x20
Michael, Gloria and Jeffrey all try to get through to Kevin who still envisions the chipmunk. Katherine hosts a memorial service for Marge. Gloria ends up showing up to ask for Katherine's help. Paul informs them that Clint's autopsy results just came back and Clint died from a massive heart attack. Amber then remembers that Kevin said that Annie and Roger were heading for Canada. Heather informs Phyllis that they won't be pressing charges against Sharon for stealing the monkey figurine because it wasn't worth much. Phyllis calls Victor to inform him that Sharon stole the egg but later realizes that Victor has a soft spot for Sharon so he probably won't press charges. Phyllis tries to play the whole thing off but Sharon doesn't buy her act. Nick agrees to go to the Earth Day celebration with Phyllis. When Heather drops by the ranch, Adam answers the door and knows it her which he says is because he recognized her perfume.
Ep. #9128 37x19
Sharon tells Nick that she is going to confess everything to the D.A> but he talks her out of it. Det. Wallace gives Phyllis and Lauren the pictures of items found in Sharon's room. They notice that the egg that Victor used to propose to Sabrina was stolen by Sharon. Later, at the club, Sharon tries to explain things to Lauren but she won't hear any of it and berates her for letting Eden take the fall for the books. Lauren informs Sharon she will be pressing charges for items Sharon stole from Fenmores. Phyllis gives Nick an ultimatum but he refuses. Jana goes to see Kevin and he is unresponsive and hallicunates about the chipmunk again. Kevin finally responds to Jana but asks for Amber. Jana goes to Daniel and Amber's and asks her to come visit Kevin and she agrees. Once there, Kevin informs Amber of the chipmunk and she tells him he needs to face it head on. Devon tells Neil that he can't forget what Neil and Tyra did but he also can't forget what Neil did for Ana. Lily finally accespts Cane's proposal. He gives her a gift of a date book with May 15th bookmarked and asks if that is a good day for a wedding and Lily happily agrees.
Ep. #9127 37x18
Neil makes his statement to the court, telling the Judge that Ana should be with Tyra. The Judge is shocked by the sudden turn and takes another recess, when she returns she tells Neil she appreciates his honesty but that he should of said something prior to her having to question Ana. The Judge then rules that Tyra should have sole custody of Ana. Tyra rushes from the room to hug Ana and tell her the good news. Karen is devasted and heads back to the apartment. Jill runs into Cane at the club and wonders why he is not at work and figures Katherine must of fired him. Cane informs her that Katherine actually offered him a position at Chancellor but he turned her down. Cane leaves to attend Delia's custody hearing and sees what Ana is going through being worried about upsetting people that love her. Lily talks to Cane and when Chloe and Billy arrive he asks to speak to Chloe alone. Chloe agrees and is shocked when Cane tells her he is going to drop the suit because he doesn't want to put Delia through all the turmoil a custody suit brings. Chloe tells Cane that she made a lot of mistakes but Delia has really changed her and she wants Cane in Delia's life. Mackenzie continue to think about the kiss she shared with Billy. Jill attempts to tell Ashley and Jack that Victor was behind them being fired from Jabot when he gave her the 5% of the shares but Ashley begins to feel cramping. Jack brings Ashley to the doctor then back to the ranch on orders to rest. Estella volunteers to make Ashley some tea but Ashley refuses and just asks for water. When Estells insists that it helped Sabrina, Ashley cuts her off and just asks for water. Neil returns home and tries to convince Karen to stay but she refuses. The two are in the middle of a heated arguement when Devon, Tyra and Ana arrive. Ana thinks it is her fault that Karen is so upset but Karen reassures her that none of this is her fault. Karen says her goodbyes to Ana and Devon and leaves.
Ep. #9126 37x17
Ana's custody hearing is held and Karen is shocked when Tyra enters a petition of adoption as well but realizes that Neil is behind it. The Judge asks to speak with Ana. When Ana arrives she expresses that she loves Karen and Neil but Tyra is her mother. The Judge takes a recess when they resume, she approves Karen and Neil's petition to adopt Ana. As the Judge is speaking, Neil gets up and stops her telling the court he has something to say. Billy tries to call Chloe's fears about the custody hearing. Chloe goes to church to ask God to forgive her and not take her daughter away. Later, Chloe is at Crimison Light and runs into Mackenzie and tells her that Billy has no interest in her anymore just as Billy walks in with Delia. Cane drops by Jabot thinking that Katherine will be removing him as CEO which she is but she wants him to work for Chancellor. Katherine tells Cane that Jill being removed from Chancellor was a misunderstanding from Mitchell Sherman. J.T. is reluctant to dig up dirt on Colleen but Victor is adamant that Collen be off the Newman Board as soon as possible. Victor informs Victoria that he is putting her in charge of the new cosmetics line.
Ep. #9125 37x16
Rafael informs Chloe and Billy that Cane could win the paternity suit. Karen tells Lily that Neil slept with Tyra. Esther drops by to visit Chloe and tells her Mac decide to stay in town after all. Mac runs into Michael at the cafe and asks to see Kevin. Kevin imagines Mac as a chipmunk but seems to have some sort of breakthrough after she leaves and says her name. Billy runs into Chloe at the bookstore and wants to know why she is staying in town and he grabs her and kisses her. Katherine tells Jill she had nothing to do with Jill being fired from Chancellor but Jill refuses to believe her.
Ep. #9124 37x15
Victor demands that J.T. find a way to have Colleen removed or step down from the Newman board. Murphy tries to talk to Jill to make things work with Katherine and just as he thinks he is getting through to her she sees the new cover of Restless Style and loses it. Lily takes Nikki up on her offer to return to modeling. Nick rushes to Sharon when he finds out about her being arrested. The thought crosses both their minds that Phyllis might of been the one the broke in to her room. Nick explains to Noah that Sharon was arrested and Eden finds them and tells Noah she didn't steal those books but it was Sharon.
Ep. #9123 37x14
Michael doesn't understand why Kevin is looked up at the hospital instead of receiving proper care and then realizes Heather got her way by having the judge to agree to this care. Sharon arrives back at her room surprised to find it in shambles and the police there. Det. Wallace questions her as to why there are numerous items of reported stolen merchandise in her room. Sharon calls Jack, who rushes to her aide. Sharon ends up admitting that she thinks she took the items and is arrested for grand theft. Jack calls Michael and when he arrives at the police station and finds out that Sharon had stolen books from the bookstore he refuses to represent her. Eden admits to Lauren that she slept with Noah. Gloria is able to see Kevin but he ends up hallicutinating her as a chipmunk and freaks out. Nick arrives home from dropping Eden off and Phyllis questions Nick about why he took so long to come home. Nick admits that he slept with Sharon again and tells her that it is over. Nick packs his things and moves in with Victoria.
Ep. #9122 37x13
Kevin and Amber's arraignment is under way but Amber can't help but make a scene. When the court officer goes to tell Amber to sit down, Kevin freaks out and is removed from the court room. The judge agrees that Kevin should be under a pychriatric evulation but tells Amber her bail is set at a $1 Million. Katherine remembers the car accident and what happened to Marge. When Nick doesn't return home, Phyllis knows that he and Sharon are probably having sex and loses complete control by heading to Sharon's room at the Club and destroys everything then calls the police. Later, Nick finally returns home and meets Phyllis at the door and the two walk in on Noah and Eden having sex.
Ep. #9121 37x12
Ashley begins to think that she is being haunted by Sabrina when the rattle that Sabrina had given Victoria suddenly appears. Amber and Kevin face their arraignment. Michael tries to talk to Heather about having Kevin evaluated by a psychriatrist but she refuses. Nick and Phyllis tell Daniel they will help pay Amber's bail. Noah and Eden head for the Abbott cabin when they are stopped by the Ranger. The ranger lets them go but calls Jack to inform him the two were heading up there. Jack runs into Sharon and tells her that the Ranger just called and she calls Nick, who has just finished promising Phyllis that he won't keep running to Sharon's aid. Noah and Eden head back into town and just miss Sharon and Nick.
Ep. #9120 37x11
Billy lies to Chloe about where he went when he comes back with no formula. Brock gives Mac the phone number Billy gave him. Mac suddenly changes her mind about leaving and opts to stay with Katherine. The social worker informs Neil and Karen that she is recommending the adoption go forth. Cane tries to get Neil to help him convince Lily that it is a good idea to pursue custody but Neil refuses. Devon confronts Tyra about sleeping with Neil. Later, he visits Karen and tells her that he already knows what happens but still doesn't think it is right to keep Tyra away from Ana. Neil informs Tyra that he has asked Rafael to try and get Ana put back in her care.
Ep. #9119 37x10
Jeffrey and the bounty hunter figure out where Kevin and Amber are and when Jeffrey goes in to the box car Kevin freaks out and think that it is Tom and bashes Jeffrey over the head. Michael, Daniel and Jana are not far behind Jeffrey and Michael goes into the box car and manages to get the gun out of Kevin's hands. He punches Jeffrey and encourages Kevin to do the same for all the terrible things Tom did to him. Michael is eventually able to convince Kevin to leave the box car as the police surround it and tells Kevin he won't leave him again. After Kevin is arrested he becomes completely detached and Michael can't get through to him. Jack gets Mary Jane to propose to Katherine why he should be renamed CEO of Jabot and Katherine agrees. Karen finds out the truth about Neil and Tyra just as the social worker shows up to visit. Victor's plan for Jack is going just according to plan.
Ep. #9118 37x09
Billy wonders if Mac ever thought what life would of been life if they knew six years ago what they know now. Chloe tells Delia about how she met Billy and then takes off to find him. Sharon worries about where Noah is and calls Nick but Phyllis tells her he is unavailable. Sharon shows up at Nick's house to find out he left after they got into an arguement. Noah returns home and is defaint with Sharon. Jack and Nick discuss Phyllis and Sharon and Jack informs Nick that he signed the divorce papers. Nick leaves and heads home where he and Sharon discuss Noah. Sharon leaves and watches the tense moments between Phyllis and Nick. Jack is surprised to find out Mary Jane has a husband. Katherine and Murphy discuss those in her life that have been affected by her return.
Ep. #9117 37x08
Billy is shocked by Mac's sudden appearance and even more shocked when Katherine informs them that she and Jill are not mother and daughter. Jill opts to move out of the mansion. Jack asks Billy if its worth losing his daughter over pursing his feelings for Mac. Chloe has no idea that Mac and Billy were once briefly married. Billy and Chloe head to their wedding night but Billy's mind seems elsewhere. When Chloe wakes up Billy has gone off to see Mac. Sharon tells Nick it's best if he leaves and Phyllis ends up catching him outside Sharon's room. Later, when they both arrive home they argue and Nick tells Phyllis that he won't be sleeping at their house tonight. Sharon gives Jack the divorce papers.
Ep. #9116 37x07
Phyllis witnesses Billy coming down the stairs of the club from Sharon's room and goes up to confront her. Phyllis harasses Sharon about the missing knick knacks and Sharon tells her to leave but Phyllis tells her she wants her items back or she will tell everybody that she has been sleeping with Billy. Sharon ends up calling hotel security when Nick arrives he chastises Phyllis for continuing to harass Sharon. Ashley figures that Billy was sleeping with some woman the night before his wedding. Nikki offers to stay behind for the DNA test results as Katherine and Murphy head to the wedding. Sharon arrives at the wedding and as it starts she suddenly says she has to leave and takes off forcing Colleen to step in as maid of honor. Nikki arrives and Katherine and Murphy rush out. The DNA test proves that Katherine is Brock's mother. This starts a war of words between Katherine and Jill because Jill has always thought Katherine perferred Nikki over her. Katherine grabs the wedding cake and throws it in Jill's face and a cake war starts with the rest trying to break it up. Sharon is back in her room crying when Nick shows up to comfort her. As Billy and Chloe are pronounced husband and wife, Mackenzie enters the mansion.
Ep. #9115 37x06
The insults fly at Billy and Chloe's rehearsal dinner. Noah sees an opportunity to see Eden as she babysits Delia and offers to accompany Sharon to the dinner. Chloe surprises Sharon by asking her to be her maid of honor. Billy and Sharon both end up at the bar again after the dinner and make it back to Sharon's room to have sex. Jill leaves the dinner to confront Katherine and Murphy. Rafe reads Adam the letter Victor wrote him. Adam tries to befriend Abby.
Ep. #9114 37x05
Billy imagines life would of been like with Mackenzie. Cane offers to give up the CEO of Jabot job if Billy walks away from Delia, which he refuses. Chloe hires Eden as a babysitter. Esther makes preparations for the wedding which Jill is upset to learn will be at the mansion and she then offers to buy Esther's half. Esther refuses because soon it will be Katherine's again. Nick and Noah are upset to learn that Sharon has moved yet again. Phyllis' vents her fustrations about Sharon in a computer document while writing the Katherine story. Kevin and Amber continue to hide out. Nikki brings Brock to see Katherine and as soon as he sees her he knows it's his mother. Katherine tells Brock about her symptoms and he suspects it might be Lyme disease. Katherine takes a blood test and in a few hours get the diagonsis that she must of been bitten by a tick and developed Lyme disease.
Ep. #9113 37x04
Kevin has hallucinations of Terrible Tom while hiding. Michael lashes out at the Detective and is handcuffed to a chair in order to calm down. Amber tries to go to the pharmacy to pick up some supplies and Daniel sees her but can't get to her. Gloria agrees to run the cafe as Jana rushes to Minnesota and when she arrives she notices that Amber has mouthed something to the camera. Jana refuses to believe that Kevin would hurt Amber. Esther pushes to put on a big ceremony for Billy and Chloe. Colleen tells Chloe that Billy doesn't truely love her. Phyllis is upset when she overhears Nick give Sharon a glowing review and then informs him that Sharon stole something from their house. Sharon becomes upset with Jack when she realizes he is using Colleen but then stops herself because she realizes that she is lying to him as well. Sharon decided to move out of the Abbott Mansion.
Ep. #9112 37x03
Kevin forces Amber to help in rob the bank. Amber mouths "please help me" to the security camera. Jana's headaches continue though when Daniel insists on bringing her back to the hospital she says they have cleared up but after finding out about the robbery she succumbs to them again. Adam eavesdrops on Ashley and Victor and later Ashley and Olivia. In his room, he attempts to free himself of the ankle monitor. Lily turns Cane down on his proposal. Gloria agrees to let Jeffrey and the bounty hunter try and find Kevin and Amber. Jill refuses to believe the new DNA results and suggests that Brock is tested who Nikki calls immediately. When Cane stops by, Jill confides her doubts about her being Katherine's daughter.
Ep. #9111 37x02
Jill uses her new control to fire Billy, Jack and Ashley. Cane is delighted when Jill reinstates him as CEO of Jabot. Lily and Chloe argue over Delia and Lily seems to nearly change her mind but still refuses Cane proposal if it means taking Delia away from Chloe. Adam asks Heather for help but she tells him no judge would commute his sentence. Rafe tells Billy that it is important that he marry Chloe. Later, Billy tells Chloe they need to set a date. Mary Jane becomes upset after being fired from Jabot and calls Victor. Katherine has her photo shoot at the diner. Back at the trial, Katherine receives the DNA test results and heads to share the news with Jill, who is stunned to learn that the woman they buried thinking was Katherine is not her mother either.
Ep. #9110 37x01
Marge returns to give her point of view on happenings in Genoa City. Nikki pitches a story idea to Nick and Phyllis to have Katherine on the cover the next issue of Restless Style and they happily agree. Phyllis can't help buy rub in Sharon's tryst with Billy. Jeffrey hires a bounty hunter to find Kevin. Kevin tells Amber that she is going to help him rob the next bank. Sharon writes an emotional letter to her mother. Victor questions where Katherine is really Jill's mother and Nikki has the same suspicions. Murphy proposes to Katherine and she accepts. The broken jukebox suddenly starts playing Marge's favorite song.

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