The Young and the Restless revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. The lives and loves of a wide variety of characters mingle through the generations, dominated by the Newman, Abbott, Chancellor, Baldwin and Winters families. ­ When The Young and the Restless premiered in 1973, it revolutionized the daytime drama. It continues to set the standard with strong characters, socially conscious storylines, romance and sensuality. Add to my shows

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Ep. #12128 2021x108

season 36

Ep. #9109 36x252
After Katherine tells Victor off he no longer has any doubts about her identity and agrees to help convince Jill to exhume the body. Victor tells Jill that he will give her back the Jabot stock if she agrees and she reluctantly does. Jack asks Sharon if she is okay with Billy and Chloe living in the pool house. After Cane proposes to Lily she tells Cane that she can't be a mother to Delia and doesn't think it is right if Cane takes her away from Chloe. Katherine questions Nikki about her feelings for Victor.
Ep. #9108 36x251
Amber gets Kevin to let her out of the closet but it doesn't take long before she irriates him enough for him to force her into a coffin he was making for Clint. Michael explains the Daniel that Terrible Tom did some very awful things to Kevin when he was little that caused post-traumatic stress disorder. Nikki realizes that Katherine really is Katherine because Marge would never return the ring. Her and Paul realize that only way to settle this is to exume the body they buried thinking it was Katherine. Paul calls Heather who tells them the only way to get that done is for Jill to approve which she refuses. Nikki and Paul head to Murphy's where Nikki apologizes for doubting Katherine. They tell her they have a plan to prove she is Katherine. Later, Nikki arrives at Victor and shows him the ring was returned and she needs his help to get the proof they need and he attacks her for continuing to fall into the hands of a scheme when Katherine walks in and tells him to stop talking to Nikki like that. Jack discuss his public image with Mary Jane when Jill arrives wondering why they are shelling out money to someone for PR.
Ep. #9107 36x250
Adam congratulates Victor on Ashley's pregnancy and thinks that this child will make up for the disappointment he has been. Amber calls Daniel to check in and while talking with him gunshots go off. Amber is able to find an injuried Kevin, who takes her back to the cabin but not before a passerby sees Kevin and recognizes him. Kevin freaks out on Amber and locks her in the closet where she finds Clint's body. Daniel and Michael head to the latest crime seen as Gloria and Jana stay behind. Gloria refutes Jeffrey's advances but later the two embrace as he promises to help her find Kevin and get him better. Jana collaspes and grabs her head. Nikki informs Paul of that latest in the Marge/Katherine DNA drama. Later, Victor sees Nikki at the club and realizes she is not wearing the ring and that she gave it back to "Marge." He chastises her for easily falling into people's schemes. Katherine arrives back at Murphy's and the two grow closer. Paul tracks Katherine back to Murphy's and sees them through the window kissing. Later, he returns to Nikki and informs her of Katherine's whereabouts. A hotel employee gives Nikki a message from "Marge" and apologizes for the delay. Nikki opens it and find the ring.
Ep. #9106 36x249
Victor is able to having a hearing called and get Adam put on house arrest for the remainder of his sentence. Ashley helps Adam when the office drops him off and tells him that she is pregnant and asks him to try and get along with Victor. Kevin robs a bank and returns to Clint, who suffers a heart attack. Kevin takes Clint's body and puts it into the closet. Daniel, Amber and Jana wait for Michael to arrive from Adam's hearing to go search for Kevin. Amber leaves to visit Katherine at the club. When she arrives she sees Jill and Nikki already there with Katherine. Nikki informs Jill that she used some of her hair that got caught in her ring to run a DNA test. When the results come back and tell them that Katherine and Jill are not a match, Katherine is distraught and leaves the room. Nikki promises Jill she will prove her wrong. A hotel informs Nikki that Katherine checked out using cash she received from Amber. Jill tells her she played right into Marge's scam including giving her the emerald ring. Sharon tells Billy things have to end between them. Jack meets the new PR rep that Billy hired, Mary Jane. After telling Jack that he should be the face of the company she heads to Victor and tells him Jack bought in to everything she said. Sharon decides to move back to the Abbott manison just as Billy convinces Chloe to come back as well.
Ep. #9105 36x248
Devon confronts Neil that he saw him and Tyra together. Neil is then late for the meeting with the social worker about Ana's adoption. Victor and Ashley visit Adam and are shocked when they see that he has been beaten up. Chloe tells Billy that she is moving back to the Chancellor manison. Phyllis threatens to reveal that she saw Sharon and Billy together. Sharon has a breakdown when Phyllis tells her to leave. Later, Phyllis notices a knick-knack missing.
Ep. #9104 36x247
Jana, Amber and Daniel show Michael the video of Kevin robbing the cash store. Michael realizes that Kevin is perfectly capable of robbing someone after catching him and Jana at Phyllis and Nick's. Nikki and Katherine continue to reconnect. They call Michael about getting another DNA test done but he says no judge would agree to another test and they will have to do it independetly. Sharon accidently sends a text message meant for Billy to Nick, which Phyllis sees. Chloe leaves Delia with Billy, who gets a call from Sharon so he leaves Delia with Jill. When Jill gets a call from Nikki she has to leave Delia with Cane and Lily. Chloe is served with custody papers. Phyllis catches Billy and Sharon making out and has a message sent to Nick from Sharon to hurry and meet her at her room. Chloe calls Billy and tells him to meet her at Jill's where they find Cane and Lily with Delia. Jill arrives at the club where Nikki pretends to be distraught over seeing Marge. Nikki tries to get Jill to have a drink and when she refuses she embraces Jill and is able to get her ring caught in Jill's hair, which they use to have another DNA test run. Sharon is able to cover when Nick shows up that she thought she saw Noah skipping school.
Ep. #9103 36x246
Victor expresses his doubts about Adam to Ashley. Later, he brings an opthamologist to see Adam who diagonses Adam with the beginnings of the same condition Hope had that caused her to lose her eyesight. Nikki congratulates Ashley on her pregnancy much to both Ashley and Victoria's surprise. Kevin returns with the cash from the robbery and calls Clint dad. Daniel is sent a video of Kevin robbing the store and shows it to Jana when she recognizes the scarf as Kevin's. The two think it must just be a concidence until Amber tells them that the scraf is one of a kind because she made it. Neil tells Tyra that he is letting her go and the two end up kissing and begin taking each others clothes off just as Devon is entering the club. Katherine visits Murphy, Pearl and Joe Jr. at the diner and thanks Murphy for being there for her. Later, Katherine runs into Nikki again and is able to remember a story Nikki told her about Victor that Marge would never be able to know. Nikki embraces Katherine realizing it is really her.
Ep. #9102 36x245
Victor writes a letter to Adam and goes to see him at the jail. Adam doesn't even notice that Victor has entered the room at first but he eventually realizes. Victor tells Adam that Heather told him about his eyesight problems and Adam denies it. Victor gives him the letter and pretends to leave and Adam tries to read the letter but has it upside down. Victor takes the letter and reads it to him. Kevin continues to act like a seven-year-old and images Gloria in the room. Clint eventually lets him out of the closet but makes him dress like a chipmunk to rob places for him. Katherine runs into Jill at the club and Jill lashes out at her. Jill tells her she overheard she admit that she is Marge and Katherine tries to tell her why she did that but Jill refuses to believe it. Neil tells Karen that he will let Tyra go from the club. Katherine approaches Nikki at the club and Nikki lays into her as well.
Ep. #9101 36x244
Heather visits Adam and knows that he is having problems with his sight but he refuses to admit it. When she asks him for the pen on the table he searches around for it and she tells him there is no pen. Adam tells her that he doesn't want anyone else finding out because it will make him and even bigger target. Heather goes to the ranch to inform Victor, who refuses to listen and slams the door in her face. Heather then shouts the news through the door. Victor goes to visit Adam who doesn't even realize Victor has entered the room. The evidence mounts against Kevin as the search of the apartment found Katherine's purse. Gloria makes matters worst by calling a reporter and telling them about Kevin's terrible childhood. Jane lashes out at Colleen for the interview done with the reporter. Annie and Roger decide to make a run for it and leave Kevin behind with Clint, who has locked him in a closet just like Tom used to do. After Dr. Braun cannot get Katherine's dental records she tells Katherine she will have to stay longer for evaluation. Katherine tells her there will be no need because she is Marge, of course she only does this because she doesn't want to stay in the hospital but Billy has convinced Jill to come down and see Katherine for herself and they overhear the "confession."
Ep. #9100 36x243
Esther tells Det. Wallace that she remember that Kevin was at the motel talking to Clint. Later, at the coffee house, Jana accuses Gloria was setting the whole thing up. Everyone is yelling when Det. Wallace arrives with a search warrant for the coffee shop and for Kevin and Jana's apartment. He informs them that Kevin made a phone call to the motel's room. Billy visits Katherine and is convince she is really Katherine but Cane is another story. He refuses to believe it and questions her about recent events which Katherine can't remember because of her memory loss. Victor purposes to Ashley. When Ashley asks Estella where a gold egg that Sabrina gave Victor is, Estella thinks Ashley is accusing her of taking ti. Estella visits Nikki, who is at Phyllis and Nick's babysitting to tell her that she doesn't like Ashley. Phyllis takes pride in filling Jack in on the latest developments with Ashley and Victor.
Ep. #9099 36x242
Katherine is rushed to the hospital with a head injury. She appears to make a full recovery and insists she is Katherine. Esther loses it when Jill refuses to believe that Katherine is alive. Billy and Chloe tell Esther that they are moving in together. Kevin's family worries about what happened to him. Clint and Roger let Kevin out of the trunk but wonder why he is acting like a six-year-old. Annie thinks it is because of the drugs and they later have to shove him back in the trunk. Gloria takes advantage of the situation by calling the media and telling them she saved Katherine. Det. Wallace shows everyone that picture of Kevin with the bomb. Sharon calls Jack over after Nick leaves and things start to get intimate until she accidently calls him Nick. Nick and Phyllis make love in the shower. When Sharon accidently calls Nick instead of Jack to tell him he forgot his jacket, Phyllis can't resist letting Sharon in on the details. Murphy, Pearl and Joe Jr. come to see Katherine but she doesn't remember any of them.
Ep. #9098 36x241
Paul doesn't understand why Heather wants to help Adam after everything he put her through. At the jail, Adam attempts to read a book but his vision becomes blurry. When Heather visits he becomes angry and tells her to leave and he accidently knocks her purse out of her hand spilling the contents all over the floor. Later, she returns to retreive an item and Adam doesn't even notice her. Noah tells Sharon that he is seeing a new girl. Sharon spills Doris' tea and when she goes to get more, Sharon blanks out and steals someone's phone. Doris sees all this and pulls the phone out of Sharon's purse without the women realizing the phone was ever gone. At Victor's birthday dinner, Ashley tells him that she is pregnant but doesn't want to announce it to the rest of the family just yet but Victor can't control himself and announces it anyway. Nick misses the announcement when he leaves the table to go to Sharon's room and the two kiss. Amber arrives at Crimson Lights wondering where Kevin is since he left her a message. Jana is annoyed by the whole Katherine situation. After relistening to the message, Amber realizes that Kevin went back to the motel. Kevin reverts back to his childhood memorie of Tom locking him in a closet while he is in the trunk. Amber arrives at the motel and breaks down the door with one a cleaning cart. Gloria also arrives after realizing that Katherine is really Katherine. They barely get Katherine and Esther untied and rush out the door. Katherine stumbles just as the bomb reaches zero.
Ep. #9097 36x240
Gloria attempts to disguise herself so she can be out in public but is still accosted by two women at Crimson Lights. Jana sticks up for Gloria and later tells Gloria she should dump Jeffrey. Gloria takes Jana's advice and signs the divorce papers. Jill calls things off with Jeffrey when she realizes he still has feelings for Gloria. Jana is sick of Kevin running around after Katherine, which she doesn't believe is really Katherine. Kevin suddenly realizes that he remembered seeing a coat that Katherine had worn and rans off back to the motel. Annie injects Kevin with a syringe and he passes out and Roger takes pictures of Kevin with a bomb, because they plan to blow up the hotel with Katherine and Esther still inside the room and make an escape. Clint then has Kevin put in the trunk of their car. Chloe is worried when Billy never shows up at Jack's house and bring Delia with her to Billy's place. Cane and Lily show up where Cane informs the two he will now be seeking sole custody. Ashley refuses to back down over filing a lawsuit against Gloria when Jack tells her it's not a good idea.
Ep. #9096 36x239
Daniel tells Amber not to go chasing after Clint but she refuses to listen and her and Kevin use a mint wrapper to track down the motel he is staying at. Gina warns Jill about Clint making contact with Amber. Katherine remembers that Clint gave Gina a pair of diamond earrings and he realizes she really is Katherine. He writes a ransom note for Esther to deliver to Jill, who refuses to believe it. Sharon finds the picture frame in her purse and doesn't know how it got there. Phyllis tells Nick that she saw Sharon swipe the frame at Victor's, when Nick asks Sharon about it she tells him that she was having the frame engraved for Victor's birthday. Phyllis also tells Jack about the incident because she thinks Sharon will need someone to lean on. Chloe tells Billy she doesn't want just a name only marriage. Billy tells her that he will move into Jack's and give it a try. Billy meets up with Sharon at her hotel room.
Ep. #9095 36x238
Amber and Daniel head to a local bar to meet up with someone who has seen Katherine, which turns out to be Clint. Clint tries to mislead Amber into thinking he saw Katherine leave town. Gina arrives to meet up with Daniel and gives him a check from his father to help open up with art gallery. Gina notices Clint leaving and warns Amber about him. After, she explains she was once married to him and that he is just a con artist. Suddenly, Amber remembers the name from the note spelled out Clint. Katherine convinces Annie that she really is Katherine. Roger brings Esther to meet up with Jill to try and sell her Esther's half of the house. Jill refuses the offer and Roger is back to square one. Noah arrives at the Newman ranch after a call from Victor but doesn't realize they are throwing him a surprise birthday party but he ends up surprising them by bringing Eden home. Eden decides to leave since Abby has already dug into her about her role in the ice skating incident. Victor surprised Noah with a new car much to the dismay of Sharon and Nick. As everyone is leaving the party, Phyllis catches Sharon putting a picture frame in her purse. Chloe agrees to marry Billy and move in with Jack. Jack tells Chloe that Billy will eventually come around.
Ep. #9094 36x237
Engagements are in the air as Billy proposes to Chloe and Cane to Lily. Chloe accepts Billy's proposal but changes her mind after he tells her it will be in name only. Lily happily agrees to marry Cane, and the two waste no time celebrating. Amber visits Chloe, where she holds Delia and have an emotional moment thinking about the baby she lost. Katherine is able to break free but her, Esther and Annie don't make it far. Billy vents to Ashley and Victor his troubles. Jack visits Chloe and tells her that she and Delia should move in with him. Chloe decides to give Billy another chance. Murphy brings the letter Katherine wrote to Kevin and Amber. They try to decipher to see if there are any clues in it and Kevin puts together the first letters of each sentence spell out Clint, but the three have no idea who Clint could be. Jack admits to Ashley and Victor that he was the one that told Colleen about the by-laws. Victor meets with a bandaged women and tells her that she will be good as new once they come off.
Ep. #9093 36x236
Cane tells Neil about the situation with Chloe and that he plans to fight for custody of Delia. While Neil finds it admirable that Cane wants to be part of Delia's life, he wants Cane to keep Lily out of it. Cane doesn't listen and meets up with Lily and asks her to marry him. Meanwhile, Billy visits his daughter and asks Chloe to marry him. Roger tries to get Esther to sell her half of the mansion to Jill but she refuses. After Roger leaves, Chloe encourages Esther to follow him and she does right to where Katherine is being held. Katherine has just convinced Annie to free her and the two start to make a run for it when Roger enters followed by Esther. Katherine has a memory of the protein shakes that Esther used to make her and Esther realizes it is really Katherine. Esther lays into Roger for deceiving her and as the three are preparing to leaving Clint arrives. Gloria attempts to surprise Jeffrey but ends up being the one surprised since Jill and Jeffrey are together. Michael is able to get Eden off with a slap on the wrist for the shoplifting charges.
Ep. #9092 36x235
Billy and Cane get into a physical confrontation over Delia. Jack lashes out at Nick over the way he treats Sharon. Sharon admits to Doris that she is losing pieces of time and doesn't know what she does when it happens. Doris realizes that Sharon is under stress just like she was after Doris was in her car accident. Sharon accidently spills her purse open and doesn't know why she has Brad's elephant figurine. Michael and Lauren arrive at the bookstore and learn Eden was caught shoplifting. Eden insistes she had nothing to do with how the books got in her bag. Michael has to leave for Gloria's hearing. Lauren and Phyllis both try to convince the bookstore manager that it was a misunderstanding but he refuses to listen. Phyllis calls Nick to come down and reason with the manager. Nick also informs Sharon of the situation and she loses it and refuses to allow Noah and Eden to see each other anymore. At Gloria's hearing, the Judge seems to be ready to throw the book at Gloria but due to lack of evidence he concedes that all the charges have to be dropped. Sharon uses a hidden key to enter Brad's home and return the elephant but suddenly freaks out and drops in and runs from the house.
Ep. #9091 36x234
Sharon has an awkward run in with Billy at Jack's house. Chloe admits to Esther that Cane is not the father. Later, Esther is able to figure out that Billy is the father. Chloe signs the birth certificate with Cane's signature already on it. Cane informs Jill and Chloe that he plans to fight for custody. Adam calls Heather to call visit him because he would like to see a doctor for a rash he has developed. Heather is able to pull some strings to get him to one and tries to inform Victor about Adam but he acts like he could care less. Victor realizes that Jack is probably the one behind Colleen's figuring out she could take over Brad's board seat. Ashley confronts Jack about using Colleen to get back at Victor. Sharon steals some books at the store and Eden ends up getting caught with them.
Ep. #9090 36x233
Katherine manages to befriend Annie. Amber and Kevin are to busy working on a Find Katherine campaign to notice the Daniel is upset about is art work and the fact that Jana's contact didn't like his work. Jana comforts him and tells him he needs to follow his heart with his art work. Nikki wishes Colleen the best of luck with the Newman board seat and tells Victoria that it may be a good thing to have someone willing to go against Victor. Jill informs Esther about what Paul uncovered about Roger but she refuses to believe any of it. Jeffrey visits Gloria and tells her that he is moving ahead with the divorce because she sold the stock to someone else. Later, Michael visits Gloria and after she pours her heart out about tainting the face cream, Michael tells her that Emma Gibson died from a food allergy and had nothing to do with the face cream.
Ep. #9089 36x232
Victor figues someone is behind giving Colleen the idea to take over Brad's board seat and he puts J.T. in charge of figuring out who it is. Ana uses Tyra cell phone to call Neil and he is able to hear Tyra's plan to run away with Ana. Neil makes it to the bus station to stop them in time and is able to convince Marisol and Det. Wallace that it was all a misunderstanding. Katherine attempts to reason with Annie. Billy goes to tell Jill that he is the father of Delia but Cane beats him to it. Paul overhears Roger getting a wavier to get married before the waiting period and he figures out that Roger is a bigamist. Chloe tries to tell Esther the truth about Delia, but she is interrupted everytime. Roger arranges for him and Esther to get married in Chloe hospital room. Cane calls Michael to start divorce proceedings and to get shared custody of Delia.
Ep. #9088 36x231
Victoria is not pleased when Victor informs her that he has asked Ashley to take over Brad's board seat. Sharon wakes up with a hang over and memories of her night with Billy. When Billy makes it into work, Jack continues to encourage him to claim his daughter. Chloe has the breathing tube removes and finally admits to Cane that he is not the father and Billy is. Cane refuses to not be there for Cordelia and signs the birth certificate. At the Newman board meeting, Colleen shocks everyone by telling them that she will be taking over her father's board seat. Neil lies to Karen about seeing Tyra and Karen, in turn, lies to Tyra that Neil wants to push ahead with the adoption. The social worker brings Ana to visit Tyra at Crimson Lights and Tyra makes a run for it with Ana.
Ep. #9087 36x230
Sharon and Nick decide to take Phyllis' advice and let Noah have more freedom. This includes allowing him to have Eden over while he watches Summer. As Sharon leaves their house she pockets a trinket from a table. Colleen, Abby, Ashley and Jack gather for the reading of Brad's will. Colleen is put in charge of Abby's trust which surprises Ashley but the lawyer hands her a letter that explains Brad's reasoning. In the letter, Brad tells Ashley that he doesn't agree with her renewing her relationship with Victor and he will end up hurting her again. Billy gets drunk and heads back to the hospital where him and Cane get into an argument. Cane yells at Jill that she made a mistake putting Billy in charge at Jabot. Jill tries to convince Victor to change his mind about Billy. Chloe's monitors go off because she had a bad reaction to an antibiotic. Billy heads back to the bar where he runs into Sharon and the two drown their sorrows together and share a kiss.
Ep. #9086 36x229
Victor visits Adam in prison on the one year anniversary of Hope's death and gives him Hope's bible. Ashley informs Jack of Victor's offer. Billy drowns his sorrows at the bar where Jack finds him and questions if he really wants to let Cane raise his child. Rafael tells Neil and Karen that Yolanda parental rights have been terminated and Karen wants to start adoption proceedings. Tyra expresses her feelings for Neil and the two share a kiss, that Karen walks in on. Cane asks Lily why Chloe was at the cabin and she tells him he will have to ask Billy or Chloe. Cane names his daughter, Cordelia Katherine Valentine Ashby.
Ep. #9085 36x228
Complications arise after Chloe gives birth and she is losing a lot of blood. Jill tries to prevent Esther from going to Vegas to get married. Clint is shocked when Katherine shares her memory of the last time the two where together. Jill is able to stop Esther from leaving when she gets a call that Chloe had the baby. Billy and Cane make a make shift stretcher to carry Chloe to the ambulance. Chloe is rushed to surgery to stop the bleeding. When Nikki notices the chair Victor bought for Ashley, he informs her that he has offered Ashley the vacant board seat at Newman. Ashley isn't sure if she can do both her duties at Abbott and at Newman. Nikki surprises Paul at the bar.
Ep. #9084 36x227
Chloe goes into labor at the cabin and Lily must stand in the snowstorm getting instructions from Olivia to help deliver the baby. Cane rushes up to the Abbott cabin to declare his love for Lily and steals instructions at the Ranger station. Cane ends up running into Lily in the woods at professes his love as the walkie talk goes off with the baby crying. Clint kidnaps Katherine and has her watched by crazy Annie. Esther and Roger move ahead with their plan to marry. Amber and Kevin refuse to give up on Katherine.
Ep. #9083 36x226
Chloe decides to drop in on Billy and Lily and arrives just in time for Billy to tell Lily the truth about the baby. Nick and Sharon agree that they can no longer work together and Sharon resigns from Newman. Cane can help but remember his time with Lily on Valentine's Day. The DNA results come back and Jill and Katherine are not a match. Chloe's water breaks. Clint kidnaps Katherine.
Ep. #9082 36x225
Sharon arrives at Nick and Phyllis' where he tells her that a water bottle was found in alcohol in it near his stuff at the lake. Noah and Eden are hanging out at Crimison Lights when they are both summoned home. Esther tells Roger that they will have to wait to get married because of the DNA test results. Chloe confronts Billy about taking the CEO job away from Cane. Jill tells Esther to choose between Katherine and Roger and Esther chooses Roger, but changes her mind later. Katherine informs Joe Jr. and Pearl that she isn't Marge. Eden admits to Michael and Lauren that she stole whiskey from their cabinet. Noah calls out his father for lying and sneaking around. Roger calls Clint and tells him Esther backed out and Clint tells him they need to eliminate the problem....Katherine.
Ep. #9081 36x224
Nick shows Phyllis the water bottle that contains alcohol that Det. Wallace dropped off with Noah's things. Jill refuses to submit to the court order DNA test. Roger gives Esther plane tickets to Las Vegas for Valentine's Day so they can elope. Jill tells Esther that Roger is just after her money. Det. Wallace questions Jack and Sharon about why Brad was out at the lake. Phyllis seeks comfort from Michael. Lauren has an interest in selling Amber's jacket at Fenmore's. Katherine is worried about her upcoming doctors appointment. Katherine gets the call from her doctor that she does not have Alzheimers or dementia. Nick tells Lauren that Eden and Noah are no longer to see each other. Esther convinces Jill to submit to the DNA test.
Ep. #9080 36x223
Gloria informs Jack that she has already sold her shares of the Jabot stock. Jill visits Victor and wants him to choose Cane over Billy for the CEO position but Victor refuses. Traci, Ashley and Lily try to comfort Colleen. Billy is shocked when Jill will be the new CEO of Jabot. Jack tells Traci and Ashley that Gloria sold her 5% and he can't trace who it was sold to but is number one suspect is Victor, which Ashley refuses to believe. Gloria wants Kevin to get close to Katherine for her. Victor meets with a mysterious woman.
Ep. #9079 36x222
J.T. and Victoria inform Michael and Lauren that Brad died saving Noah's life and the Abby is blaming Eden. Brad's family and friends gather at Brad's house to remember him. Colleen is not pleased Victor is at the house. Sharon and Nick are surprised to learn that Phyllis didn't tear into Sharon when they met up at the cemetary since she knew about them sleeping together at the cabin. Victor suggests to Abby that they pick out a charity and he will donate a million dollars in honor of Brad which causes Colleen to unleash her anger on Victor. Traci and Lauren mend fences over fighting over Brad when they were younger. Victor calls Jill and tells her it is time that their plan is put into motion. Sharon steals the elephant that Victoria gave Brad. Sharon continues to blame herself for Brad's death.
Ep. #9078 36x221
Victor tells Jack that soon he will have no hold over Ashley. Sharon visits Brad grave and talks to him. Phyllis asks her husband if he slept with Sharon whilst they were stranded at the cabin.
Ep. #9077 36x220
When the pawnbroker is taken to meet Kay, he tells Michael that he has never seen her before. The pawnbroker is shown the receipt that Kevin and Amber took. Kevin and Amber are determined to get their hands on Kay's dental records so that they can prove who she is. Michael informs Amber and Kevin that the pawnbroker has admitted the truth. Ashley and Abby learn from Victoria that Brad was the person who saved Noah's life. A child sees Brad's face staring at him from under the ice. Colleen, Ashley, Abby and Victoria learn about Brad's death. Nicholas and Sharon learn that the roads are now safe for them to return home. When Nicholas returns home, Phyllis tells him about Brad's death.
Ep. #9076 36x219
Sharon tells Nicholas that it was not her intention for him to ever read the letter. Nicholas and Sharon make love. A message is found on Brad's cell phone with Victor threatening him. Noah tries to remember who saved his life. J.T. and Colleen fill everyone in on what they have found out. Noah finally remembers that Brad was the person who saved him.
Ep. #9075 36x218
Jack refuses to leave Noah's side after Victor tries to throw him out. Eden attempts to visit Noah but is caught by Jack. Noah does not want Eden to leave. J.T. and Colleen manage to follow a trial left by Brad's cell phone and they find his abandoned car. Noah has a flashback and remembers being saved on the lake. Phyllis panics when she realizes that Nicholas and Sharon are stuck at the cabin together. Nicholas finds the letter that Sharon wrote it and reads it.
Ep. #9074 36x217
Victoria is surprised by J.T. on their anniversary. Colleen is worried about where her father is. Colleen interrupts J.T. and Victoria's anniversary to ask him for help in finding her father. Billy wants Lily to spend the weekend with him at the cabin. Eden is told off by Michael for putting her life in danger. Phyllis attempts to stop her husband from going after Sharon and he tries to explain to her why he needs to. The power at the cabin goes out. Nicholas and Sharon become stranded at the cabin.
Ep. #9073 36x216
Jack informs his sister that Brad will never allow Victor to be a full time father to Abby. Phyllis blames herself for Noah and Eden's disappearance. Brad hears Noah's calls for help.
Ep. #9072 36x215
Noah is worried they will be found out as he and Eden show up for the party at the lake. Eden offers Noah some alcohol and Nicholas finds out that his son lied. The ice cracks as Noah skates on it and he falls through.­ Brad tries to convince Sharon that he loves her. When Sharon does not respond the way he hoped, Brad leaves the cabin. Brad's car breaks down. After arguing with Victor, Nikki tells about her sister's illness.
Ep. #9071 36x214
­Victoria admits the truth to her father that Brad stole company secrets. Victor tries to force Brad into resigning. Nikki learns that her sister is seriously ill. Traci urges Brad to go after Sharon after they remember the past that they shared. Eden and Noah lie so that they can spend some time together. Michael and Kay go to see the jeweler who brought her ring from the pawnbroker and it is a perfect fit when she tries it on.
Ep. #9070 36x213
Chloe is not happy when she finds out that her mother has another date with Roger. Roger starts to have doubts about what Clint wants him to do. Billy helps Lily get a job interview. Roger tells Esther that he loves her. Billy and Cane try unsuccessfully to stop Esther from agreeing to marry Roger.­ Kevin is honest with Kay about what he did. Nicholas and Phyllis attempt to sort out their problems.
Ep. #9069 36x212
Amber, Daniel, Kevin and Amber try to get the proof they need from the pawnbrokers. Nicholas demands to be told the truth and ends up punching Brad. Victor tries to get Gloria to agree to sell her Jabot stock to him and she ends up agreeing. Victor forces Jill to agree to his terms and make Billy CEO of Jabot.
Ep. #9068 36x211
Nikki does not think that it is a good idea for Victor to set up house with Ashley and Abby. Paul and Nikki meet with Katherine but Nikki still refuses to believe she is Katherine. Jack tries to get his hands on Gloria's stock. Jill wants Jeffrey to convince Gloria to sell the stock to her. Phyllis is set up by Brad.
Ep. #9067 36x210
Brad learns that Victor wants him removed from the company's board. Victor is determined to be a good father to Abby. Brad is not happy when he discovers Victor at a meeting for Abby he was going to attend. Paul needs Kevin and Daniel to help him prove that Kay is who she says she is. Nikki agrees to meet Kay with Paul.
Ep. #9066 36x209
Amber and Daniel try and get Kay's ring back. Kevin is able to convince Paul that Kay is who she says she is. Nikki tries to work out what is going on between her son and Phyllis. Lily speculates with Colleen if Chloe and Billy have a past together that they are keeping a secret. Jack is caught by Sharon with a hooker. Chloe is worried when somebody shows up who knows about her past with Billy. Phyllis clashes with Sharon. Brad hears Sharon asking Jack if she can stay at the Abbot cabin whilst she thinks about things in her life.
Ep. #9065 36x208
Jill is shocked when she finds out that Roger spent the night with Esther. Roger is told by Clint that he has to marry Esther. When Jill believes that Roger is being dishonest she fires him. Daniel remains unconvinced about who Kay is. Amber hopes to prove that Kay is who she says she is. Victor refuses to help Adam. Brad is not happy when he hears Abby calling Victor 'dad'. Rafe gives Neil and Karen advise on how to adopt Ana.
Ep. #9064 36x207
Ep. #9063 36x206
Ep. #9062 36x205
Micheal takes Lauren with him to go see Kay and he ends up convinced that she is not Kay. Gil learns from Amber that she thinks that Kevin is to blame for Kay's death. Kay decides to go thank Kevin when she finds out that he gave Murphy the money to pay her bail. Billy is forced to cover when Lily questions him about Chloe. Phyllis tries to apologize to Nicholas for what she has done. Phyllis tells Brad that she will get even with him for betraying her.
Ep. #9061 36x204
­Nicholas tries to find out from Brad why he is in New York and he replies that he should ask his wife. Brad admits to Sharon that Phyllis sent him and he tries to convince her that they belong together. Brad tells Nicholas and Sharon how Phyllis has been working to wreck Sharon's marriage. Phyllis is shocked when she finds out that Brad has told Nicholas and Sharon the truth. Adam hopes that his father will help him. Adam is forced to accept the deal offered to him. Noah finds himself caught between Abby and Eden when they don't get on.
Ep. #9060 36x203
Phyllis gets Nicholas to come home from New York and she then lets Brad know that Sharon will be there alone. Brad's flight is canceled and he is surprised to see Brad. Phyllis decides to use Jack, Bill and Cane in a photo shoot for the magazine. Lily is worried that she is going to get hurt by Billy.
Ep. #9059 36x202
Kay is determined to get her old life back and tries to convince Niki that she is who she says she is. Cane clashes with his brother. Murphy gives back the left over money to Kevin. Nikki refuses to believe that Kay is who she says she is. Michael decides to uncover the truth. Nicholas learns from Sharon that she intends to divorce Jack.
Ep. #9058 36x201
Paul tells Niki about Marge being arrested and claiming to be Kay. Jeffrey follows Kay and Murphy. Kay decides to pretend to be Marge until she can prove her real identity. Ashley is lied to by Victor. Sharon is furious when Jack finally admits the truth to her about what he has been up to.
Ep. #9057 36x200
Gloria refuses to tell her son what she is up to. Daniel agrees to appear on the cover of the next issue of the magazine. Kevin tells his wife about seeing Kay at the jail. Michael works out why his mother messed up her bail hearing. Jeffrey attempts to find out what Gloria is up to. When Murphy shows up Kevin gives him the money he took from Kay. Jeffrey tries to get information out of Jill. Murphy shows up with the money to get Kay released. Jill put her plan into motion to regain control of Jabot. Gloria calls Jack and tries to convince him that it really is Kay in jail.
Ep. #9056 36x199
Kevin goes to see Kay at the jail and she remembers that he owes her money. Gloria makes sure that her bail is denied so that she can continue to work on Kay. Kevin admits the truth about the money to his brother. Michael talks to Eden about the money. Nicholas and Phyllis learn that the magazine has been delayed being published. When Neil learns that Victor has returned to work he wants to know where he stands. Victor helps Nicholas find a new printer. Phyllis wants her husband to choose between the magazine and Newman Industries.
Ep. #9055 36x198
Victoria is worried that her father is replacing the rest of his family with Ashley and Abby. Kevin tries to retrieve the money with Jana but ends up being caught by Michael who ends up helping them get out of the tack house. Cane turns down the chance to work at Chancellor Industries. Billy bonds with the unborn baby when he feels it kick. Billy assures Lily that he wants to be with her and they make love.
Ep. #9054 36x197
Neil and Karen's first night as a married couple is interrupted by Tyra showing up. Karen and Neil gain temporary custody of Ana and Tyra learns she can only see her with a social worker present. Victor returns to work at the company. Jack wants to return to work at Jabot and Victor advises Ashley it would be a good move. Victor calls Jill and asks her to help him bring Jabot and Jack down. Gloria uses Kay's memory loss to her own advantage. Paul is asked by Michael to look into the case against his mother. Heather is asked to prosecute Gloria and she and Paul find out they will be on different sides.
Ep. #9053 36x196
Billy learns from Jack that Gloria was behind the tainted cream and he asks him to move back into the Abbot house. Gloria and Kay end up in jail together. As Neil and Karen get ready to become man and wife Olivia once again urges Tyra to tell Neil how she feels. Neila and Karen are married as Tyra refuses to speak up. Eden and Noah secretly spend the new year together. Kevin finds out that Eden and Noah now have the missing money and he and Jana makes plans to steal it back. Phyllis continues to plot to push Brad and Sharon together. Brad leaves after Sharon pulls away when he tries to kiss her at midnight.
Ep. #9052 36x195
Jana says sorry to Kevin for giving all of the money to River. Daniel is not happy when Amber changes Kevin's Christmas present to a copy of Kay's book. Kay tries to convince Jill that she is not Marge but Jill calls the police. Kay is arrested and calls Murphy for help. When Olivia finds out that Tyra has feelings for Neil she urges her to tell him about them before he marries Karen.
Ep. #9051 36x194
Kay gets Murphy to help break into the Chancellor mansion after she remembers more about what happened. Kay promises Murphy that they will always be friends. Tensions are strained between Billy and Cane when they are forced to spend Christmas together. Jill is shocked when she comes face to face with Kay. Lily tells her friends Sonny's real identity. Sharon tells Jack that she is moving out of the Abbot house. Victor remembers his wife and the child that was due to be born on Christmas day. Abby returns home for Christmas.
Ep. #9050 36x193
After Michale continues to drink he has a weird experience with Phyllis. When Michael runs into Paul he sees what life would of been like for his family and friends if he had never existed. After Michael is relieved to be reunited with his family for Christmas.
Ep. #9049 36x192
Ashley moves in with Victor at the ranch. Victor tries to remember what happened when Walter died. Michael goes out drinking alone. Ana is allowed to spend Christmas with the Winters family. Billy shows up to spend Christmas with his mother. Murphy gets help for Kay who remembers her real name.
Ep. #9048 36x191
Kay's memoirs are finally published. Billy finally tells Lily that he is Sonny and she is happy that he turned out to be him. Victor refuses to help Adam. Michael is able to get Victor released. Kay's family remember her as Christmas approaches. Kay has an accident. Amber has a weird dream.
Ep. #9047 36x190
Kay has a flashback as she decorates a Christmas tree with Murphy. Murphy and Kay share a kiss. Lily makes a date to meet Sonny still unaware that he is really Billy. Nikki pays a visit to Victor and decides to start her life a new after. Victor is payed a visit by the Mexican bartender who lets him know that his secret is safe. Adam is refused bale by a judge. Adam decides that he wants to make a deal and tell what he knows about Jack.
Ep. #9046 36x189
An upset Jack goes to see Sharon to talk about what Gloria did. Ashley lets Gloria know that the company will be suing her. Jeffrey wants Gloria t agree to a divorce. Kevin and Jana argue after he tells her he knew about his mother's guilt. Gloria learns what has happened with River. John's ghost urges Jack to regain control of Jabot. Heather is adamant that she wont leave town with Adam. Adam goes to see his father at the jail to say goodbye. As Adam prepares to leave he is arrested. Eden and Noah find the money that her father hid. Eden is upset when her father returns and is only interested in retrieving the money.
Ep. #9045 36x188
Adam insists to Heather and the DA that he has done nothing wrong. Heather decides to find prof of Adam's guilt. Jeffrey lets Jill know that Gloria was responsible for the tainted cream. Jack is determined to make sure that Gloria stays in prison. Kay pawns her ring and after the pawnbroker tries to find out more about it.
Ep. #9044 36x187
Michael tells Lauren what he found out about his father. Gloria asks her son t help get her released. Eden is shocked when her brother tells her what their father has been up to. Adam goes to to the airport and hopes that Heather will show up and leave with him. Heather ends up going to the airport but arrests Adam. Billy clashes with his mother after refusing to give up his position at Jabot. Jeffrey lets Jack know about Gloria's arrest.
Ep. #9043 36x186
When Adam refuses to admit to Heather that he was involved in altering Victor's diary she tells him that they are through. Adam ends up admitting the truth to her and he asks her to leave the country with him. Heather refuses to leave with Adam but she tells him that he should run whilst he still has the chance. Gloria tells Kevin at the police station that she has been tricked by Jeffrey. River refuses to give himself up. Michael tells Heather about his father's guilt. Gloria is booked at the police station as Michael finds out what has happened.
Ep. #9042 36x185
­Michael goes back over the evidence of his father's trial as Eden returns home. River needs to get to his daughter as the money Jana gave him he hid inside her teddy bear. Eden tells Michael everything that she knows. Michael confronts his father with what he knows. River refuses to admit to his guilt. Kevin is furious when he finds out Jana gave Kay's money to River. Neil gets to spend some time with Ana and has to tell her she wont be home in time for Christmas. Karen offers to marry Neil straight away to improve his chances off getting Ana back. Kay has a flashback involving Ana and Murphy offers her his help in helping her get her memory back.
Ep. #9041 36x184
All the charges against River are dropped and as everybody celebrates Gloria gets a telephone call from Jeffrey asking her to come to the hospital. Michael works out that he has been played by his father who then wants to leave town with Eden immediately. Gloria is conned by Jeffrey at the hospital into admitting about the tainted cream and she ends up being arrested. Heather refuses to marry Adam there and then. When Ashley visits Victor they start to work out Jack's involvement in the forged diary. Paul warns his daughter about Adam and he tries to convince Adam to confess about the part he played in forging his father's diary. Ashley clashes with her brother.
Ep. #9040 36x183
Eden is pleased to have her father home as the family celebrate his release into Michael's custody. Jana gives Kay's money to River against Kevin's wishes. Jeffrey's face is taken a look at by a doctor at the hospital. Billy tells Jack that he is the father of the baby that Chloe is carrying. Phyllis sees Jack and Adam arguing. Adam receives a call from Frank telling him that he needs to see him. When Adam shows up to see Frank he realizes that he has been set up as it is Victor who wants to talk to him. Adam refuses to help Victor set Jack up.
Ep. #9039 36x182
Sharon accepts an assignment in New York offered by her from Nicholas. Nicholas learns that Phyllis was in Paris for the magazines photo shoot. Sharon wants to tell Noah that she and Jack aren't together at the moment. Phyllis ends up telling Nicholas that she saw him and Sharon kissing. Daniel and Amber quit their jobs. Phyllis is upset when she realizes that Sharon was the one who stopped the kiss and not her husband. Nicholas tries to convince Phyllis that it is her that he loves and nothing will ever happen with Sharon again. Jana does not want Kevin using anymore of Kay's money. Gloria's testimony manages to get River freed from jail and placed into Michael's custody until his full trial. Jeffrey is determined to bring Gloria down and uses the tainted cream on himself.
Ep. #9038 36x181
When Kay discovers her ring in Pearl's bag, Pearl says she was having it valued for her. Michael is worried that he might not be able to win his father's case in court. Lauren visits Gloria to tell her that she is disappointed in her for letting Michael and River down. Chloe is examined at the hospital and Cane assures her that the baby will be OK. Lily tells Billy that what happened is her fault. Chloe and Cane learn that the baby is going to be OK as Billy starts to realize that the child could be his. Chloe insists to Billy that the child is Cane's and not his. After Billy talks to one of the nurses he believes that the child is definitely his after she tells him she believes that Chloe's pregnancy is further down the line than she is saying. Lily agrees to stay away from Cane as he and Chloe look forward to being a family with the baby once it is born.
Ep. #9037 36x180
Victor calls Nicholas and asks him to come and see him at the jail. Victor tells him that he has proof about his dairy being tampered with but he does not want to use that proof until he can cause the most trouble for Jack, Adam and Heather. Sharon tells Brad that she has realized that she and Jack have no future together. Phyllis continues to make sure that Sharon and Brad spend time together. Jack is confronted by his sister. Sharon runs into Nicholas and becomes upset when she tells him what has happened with Jack. Chloe isn't happy with Billy as she believes his actions are pushing Lily and Cane back together. Billy clashes with his brother at Jabot. Chloe clashes with Lily as she is painting her unborn child's nursery. Cane shows up to hear the argument as Chloe falls from the ladder she was on.
Ep. #9036 36x179
Victor tries to get the upper hand over Frank. Phyllis continues to try and push Sharon towards Brad. Sharon tries to call Nicholas who is busy with Phyllis. Jack isn't happy when he sees Brad comforting his wife but he ends up being the person thrown out. Frank and Victor reach a deal and Frank admits that he was working with Adam and Jack. Jack learns from Michael that Frank's confession isn't enough to nail Jack. Ashley learns from Victor about her brother's involvement in forging his diary.
Ep. #9035 36x178
After talking to Jack, Phyllis gets an idea about how to improve things between herself and Nicholas. Things heat up between Eden and Noah. Victor is shocked when hand writing experts so that the writing in the diary is all his. Frank offers Victor a deal. Jack sees Nicholas hugging his wife and he then informs her about the Jabot takeover and that they are going to go out to celebrate. Jack isn't happy when Michael interrupts his night out with his wife. Sharon is shocked when she sees an escort service on Jack's credit card bill. To cover in front of Michael, Jack says that he is a sex addict.
Ep. #9034 36x177
Noah lies to his mother about where he is going so that he can spend time with Eden. Nicholas is furious when he sees Noah out with Eden. Phyllis tells Michael about seeing Nicholas and Sharon kissing in Paris. Phylis continues that she has information which could destroy Jack and Sharon's marriage once and for all. Michael issues her a warning not to meddle. Noah refuses to stay away from Eden. Jill is shocked that Billy has betrayed her. Everybody is shocked when Ashley suddenly announces that she will be running Jabot. Jill issues a warning to Ashley before leaving.
Ep. #9033 36x176
Esther and Niki discover that one of Kay's rings is missing and they think Jill might have hidden it. Pearl sees the ring on Kay's finger and informs her it is worth a lot of money. Kay is frustrated by still being unable to remember anything. Pearl steals the ring when Kay takes it off to clean her hands. Nikki and Esther decide to report the ring's disappearance. Everybody gets ready for the Jabot board meeting. Jill insists to Nikki that she did not take her mother's ring. Everyone is shocked when Billy announces that he will be running the company at the board meeting.
Ep. #9032 36x175
Michael tries to get his mother to agree to testify for his father. Jeff is sure he will become the new CEO at Jabot after Jack tells him that a board meeting has been called. Gloria is made to believe by Jack that she will be the next CEO at the company. Jack makes a mysterious phone call. Jana is shocked when she finds the money that Kevin has hidden. Amber and Daniel decide to go into business together. Tyra and Devon are determined to get Ana back and when they get to see Ana they promise her everything will be OK.
Ep. #9031 36x174
Victor tells his children that he has told their mother that he wants nothing more to do with her and that he is certain that his diary will be proved to have been tampered with. Nikki wakes up next to Paul in bed. Adam wants Heather to marry him at Christmas. Tyra sees Karen's engagement ring. Neil is concerned when his daughter tells him that she has been spending time with Billy. Victor receives a visit from Jack. It is revealed that Yolanda has reported her daughter as missing and Tyra is forced to admit that she is Ana'a aunt when questioned by social services. Devon refuses to allow Ana to be taken away. Thanksgiving is held at the Chancellor house without Kay. Kay still cant remember who she really is. Esther clashes with Jill.
Ep. #9030 36x173
Phyllis tells Brad that she will help him make sure that Sharon ends up with him after she leaves Jack. Jack manages to answer all the questions the FBI throw at him. Nicholas tells his brother that he cant trust Jack. Jack continues to lie to Sharon after she tells him that she is giving him one last chance to be honest with her. After seeing Neil's connection with Tyra, Olivia advises him against marrying Karen. Karen is given an engagement ring from Neil. Nikki stands up to Victor and she continues to grow closer to Paul as she moves into his place. Paul and Nikki end up sleeping together. Olivia catches up with Ashley. Nicholas tells his father that he knows Jack played a part in getting his diary published.
Ep. #9029 36x172
Paul tells Nikki that he is there for her. Nicholas tells Sharon that they should never have kissed in Paris and that they need to forget about it and move on. Phyllis tells Jack that she knows he lied and that he was in Mexico and not in New York when he said he was. Sharon lets Nicholas know that her husband was partly responsible for Victor's diary being published. Nicholas tells Michael that Adam and Jack are in it together. Sharon isn't happy that Jack didn't tell her about regaining control of Jabot until after the fact. The DA isn't happy when he catches Heather kissing Adam. Victor tells Michael that he is sure he will be proved innocent once the dairy is looked at properly. Heather refuses to leave town with Adam. Victor decides that he wants to see Nikki. Nikki decides to move in with Paul whilst she recovers from everything that has been happening recently. Nikki shows up to see Victor.
Ep. #9028 36x171
­Tyra and Ana find out about Neil asking Karen to marry him. Lily agrees to meet her Internet date. Ashley refuses to help Jack gain control of Jabot. Ashley works out that her brother and Gloria are working together. Ashley finally agrees to help Jack after he uses their father to influence her. River is certain that Gloria will end up helping him. Amber and Daniel continue to worry about Kevin. Amber sees him with a large amount of money buying a present for his wife.
Ep. #9027 36x170
Kay still cant remember who she really is as her family prepare to listen to her will. John's ghost visits different members of the family and offers them all advise. Everyone is shocked when it is revealed that Kay has left her share of Chancellor Industries to Esther. Nikki is left Kay's jewelry whilst Amber is left the rights to her memoirs. Everyone is surprised when Kay leaves 5% of Jabot to Gloria. Katherine refuses to let Murphy take her to the hospital and later he talks to her about her life as Marge.
Ep. #9026 36x169
Victor finds himself being arrested by Heather. Nicholas argues with his brother and ends up punching him. Jack tells Adam that they need to stick to the story they have agreed on. Victor tries to convince Heather of his innocence. Nikki is upset when Ashley admits to her that Victor still blames her for Sabrina's death. Victor vows to ruin Adam's life. Noah is surprised when Eden kisses him. Lauren and Michael are worried when they find out that Eden is still seeing Noah. Phyllis discovers that Brad is still harboring feelings for Sharon. Phyllis discovers that Jack lied about the time when he said he was in New York after she discovers he really was in Mexico.
Ep. #9025 36x168
­Jack tries to find out why his sister is with Victor. Lily is happy when she learns that her father has asked Karen to become his wife. Victor tells Ashley that he has decided to stay in town. Victor wants Nikki out of the ranch. Victoria and Nicholas are reunited with their father. Victor tells Michael that he is ready to face up to what he is accused of doing. Kay is suffering with memory loss and starts to believe that she is Marge.
Ep. #9024 36x167
Murphy find a disoriented Kay and thinking she is Marge takes her to the cabin. Adam learns from Heather that the FBI are trying to to agree a deal with Frank. Brook becomes upset when he reads an eulogy for his mother. Katherine's family and friends remember her life. Paul takes Nikki home when she nearly collapses after the ceremony.
Ep. #9023 36x166
Jack tries to save his marriage to Sharon. Jack's mother and his sister arrive for Kay's funeral. Jill discusses the family business with her sons before the funeral.Ashley arrives for the funeral and tries to offer Nikki some advise concerning Victor. Brock arrives for his mother's funeral. Marge's ghost realizes that everyone thinks Kay is dead. Jill learns that her mother changed her will recently. Everyone is surprised when Victor shows up for the funeral.
Ep. #9022 36x165
Heather thinks Adam should be honest with the FBI when they question him. Both Adam and Jack are worried that Frank could land them in it. Paul learns that his daughter has agreed to marry Adam. Ashley tells Victor that she has to return home to attend Kay's funeral. Ashley attempts to convince him to come back with her. Amber is determined to get Kay's book published. Neil proposes to Karen again and she shares her fears with him. Karen agrees to become Neil's wife. Phyllis lies to Jack when he questions her about Nicholas and Sharon. Phyllis tries to act like nothing is wrong when Nicholas returns home.
Ep. #9021 36x164
Jack isn't happy when he hears Nicholas in the background when he calls Sharon. Nicholas and Sharon aren't happy when they find out Noah has been arrested. The charges against Noah are dropped and Nicholas and Sharon decide to take Noah and Eden back to America with them. Jill and Esther are comforted by Cane and Chloe. Jill shares her grief with Billy and Cane after Billy is told the news. Sharon is upset when Jack calls her and tells her that Kay is dead. Victor is adamant that he is never returning to America and he wants Ashley to stay with him in Paris. Victor's diary is headline news and he tells Ashley that it is all lies.
Ep. #9020 36x163
Victor and Ashley end up making love and he tells her it is the first time he has felt alive in ages. Some teens steal a necklace from Eden that her mother gave her and she is determined to get it back. Noah ends up getting arrested. Phyllis is shocked when she finally catches up with Nicholas and witnesses him kissing Sharon. Sharon walks away from him after telling him she refuses to be the other woman. Jill and Nikki find the crashed car and they believe that Kay is dead. Jill and Nikki are unaware that the dead woman is actually Marge.
Ep. #9019 36x162
Esther wonders how Kay could of kept it a secret that she is drinking again. Daniel and Amber are worried about Kevin and he tries to convince them that nothing is wrong. Victor is shocked to see Ashley and she tells him that she believes that he has done nothing wrong. Sharon and Nicholas enjoy spending some more time in each others company. Somebody gets out of the car that was involved in the crash. Ashley stops Victor from leaving and she ends up kissing him.
Ep. #9018 36x161
Adam tells Jack that he is wanted for questioning by the FBI and Jack tells him what to say. Nicholas meets up with Sharon whilst he is in Paris. Ashley finally is able to find Victor. Eden tries to get Noah to go off with her on their own. Jeff sees Marge out drinking again and mistakes her for Kay again. Gloria tells Jill what Jeff saw. Marge tells Kay about the calls from Kevin concerning the money. Kay asks Kevin to bring the money he found to her house. Kay gives Marge some of her clothes to wear. Whilst driving Kay and Marge are involved in an accident.
Ep. #9017 36x160
Phyllis looks forward to surprising her husband in France. Daniel wonders why his brother wants the money he found. Kevin wonders whether he should keep the money. Billy and Lily talk on line not knowing they are talking to one another and arrange to meet. Nikki starts to think that Jill could be right about Kay. The doctor tells Kay that they need to run some tests on her. When Kay finds out Marge has been drinking again she leaves to go see her. Kevin calls Kay and Marge answers her phone saying she knows nothing about the money he found. Ashley continues to look for Victor.
Ep. #9016 36x159
Gloria tries to explain her actions to her son. River tells Michael not to be too hard on Gloria. Kay is determined to help Marge after finding her drunk again. Phyllis is forced to fly to Paris for a photo shoot. Kevin finds a bag of money that Kay leaves behind at the coffee shop. Ashley gets a new lead on Victor's whereabouts. Tyra is asked out on a date.
Ep. #9015 36x158
Kay confronts her family with what Esther told her. Cane tells Lily that he still loves her. Michael tries to help Nicholas, Phyllis and Victoria discover the identity of the person who sold Victor's diary. Phyllis learns that Adam was involved. Michael discovers something about his mother. Ashley shows up at the church Victor was at in France and discovers that he has gone.
Ep. #9014 36x157
Jill tells her children about her plan to force Kay to seek help. Kay tries to get Marge to get help but she ends up having another drink. After hearing Jill and the her children talking, Ester tells Kay what she heard. Adam tells Heather that he sold his father's diary to the magazine. Heather agrees to marry Adam after he proposes. Ashley refuses to give Nikki an answer as to whether she will help Victor. Sharon works out that Jack is responsible for Victor's diary being published. Ashley makes plans to go to France.
Ep. #9013 36x156
Jill tries to force her mother to see a specialist. It is revealed that Nikki is in London and she makes plans to meet with somebody who turns out to be Ashley. The priest in France calls Nicholas to let him know where Victor is. Sharon tells Jack that she finds it impossible to believe what he says anymore. Jack is pleased that his plan against Victor is coming together.
Ep. #9012 36x155
A Halloween party is thrown at Crimson Lights. Eden and Noah try unsucessfully to gatecrash the party. Neil learns from Karen that she will never be able to have children. Amber clashes with Colleen.
Ep. #9011 36x154
Katherine and Amber come close to finishing the book. A friend of Marge tells her that she needs to give up the drink. Phyllis asks Nicholas when he returns home why he didn't tell her about going to see Sharon. Sharon learns of the plan to protect Victor. Sharon is happy for Brad when he tells her all the charges against him have been dropped and Phyllis witnesses a close moment between them. Heather tells Victor's family that she knows they have been trying to dupe her into believing that Victor was in South America. Nikki tells the family she has a new plan and that they have to trust her on it.
Ep. #9010 36x153
Adam and Frank work out that they have been duped by Jack. Sharon tells Jack that they need to spend more time together. Phyllis isn't happy when she learns from Heather that Nicholas was with Sharon earlier. Kevin learns from his mother that Jeffrey still has the tainted Jabot cream. Jeffrey tells Gloria about seeing Katherine drinking.
Ep. #9009 36x152
Nikki and Victoria look at the strange gift that Nikki has been sent and they go see Jana to see if she knows what it is. Victor is offered a place to stay by a priest in France. Jack manages to get himself out of a difficult situation. Gloria tries to convince Jeffrey that she wants to be with him. Later when they are at home Jeffrey tells Gloria that he has the tainted Jabot cream and if she steps out of line he will give it to the police. The woman is the bar is revealed as an old look a like called friend of Kay's called Marge. Kay shows up to see her and attempts to sober her her up and they remember the past. Jill is worried when her mother misses an appointment and when Kay tries to explain who she was with Jill thinks Marge isn't real. Jeffrey is shocked when he sees Marge thinking she is Katherine drunk.
Ep. #9008 36x151
Heather tapes a conversation about Victor that Nikki and Victoria are having. Nicholas finds a bug in the house and leaves to warn his mother and sister. Nikki and Nicholas decide to use the bugs to their advantage. Victor goes to confession in France. Jill is worried when her mother refuses to see a doctor. Kay is seen in a bar alone.
Ep. #9007 36x150
Michael learns more about the bombing from his parents and witnesses them growing closer. Lily returns home from her trip to New York. Chloe agrees to help Billy get closer to Lily. Olivia arrives for a visit and Neil finds out that she knows Karen already. Lauren convinces Eden to go on the school trip to Paris.
Ep. #9006 36x149
Jill wants her mother to get help. Phyllis is shocked when she learns that Daniel is back with Amber. Kevin tells Jan that he has been helping his mother look like Kay is loosing her mind. Michael realizes that his mother could of been involved in the bombing after seeing a photo. Gloria tells her son what he wants to know.
Ep. #9005 36x148
Cane doesn't want his mother interfering in his work at Jabot. Billy gets Cane to tell him exactly what happened between him, Lily and Chloe. Kevin tells Cane that his brother can't be trusted. Jill is able yo stop her mother from signing over her Jabot stock to Gloria. Heather is determined to find out where Victor is. Nikki remains convinced that Victor killed Walter but Michael is convinced that he is innocent.
Ep. #9004 36x147
When his mother returns home from Brazil, Nicholas isn't happy that she has put herself in danger. Both Nikki and Nicholas think that Victor could be Walter's killer. Heather isn't happy with her father. Jack is forced to lie to Sharon to stop her from finding out what he has been up to. Nikki is questioned by Heather. When Victor calls asking to speak to Nikki, Michael lies and says it is her son on the phone. Victor tells Nikki that the truth about everything will be exposed soon. Noah wants to go on a school trip to France and wants Eden to go as well. Victoria learns from her brother about the chateau burning down that Victor had bought for Sabrina. When Heather discovers that Victor is really on the phone, Victor tells Michael to let him speak to her.
Ep. #9003 36x146
Nicholas tells Phyllis about the job he has given to Sharon. Nicholas is shocked when he learns of the plan to help his father. It is revealed that Victor is in France in a castle that he had bought for himself and Sabrina. Victor sets fire to a picture of her and then sets fire to the room with himself in it.
Ep. #9002 36x145
Victoria shares her fears with her mother about what they are planning to do. Paul questions Nikki about Victor but she tells him nothing. Heather tells Adam that it really looks like Victor was the one who killed Walter. Adam continues to plot with Jack. Devon tries to find out the real reason that Tyra wants to leave town again. Devon offers Tyra and Ana a place to stay. Amber and Daniel are discovered sharing a kiss by Billy. Colleen is upset when Daniel tells her that he is back together with Amber.
Ep. #9001 36x144
Tyra shows up Genoa City looking for Ana. Tyra explains to Neil what happened and before Neil can call the police they show up with Tyra. Lily offers Colleen some advise. Lily decides to pay a visit to her aunt. Ana doesn't want to return to Seattle. After getting some advise from Kay, Amber calls Daniel to come see her. Daniel admits to Amber that he still loves her.
Ep. #9000 36x143
Phyllis wants to sack Amber after she finds out that Billy is staying with her but Daniel stops his mother from doing so. Colleen and Billy are shocked when they hear Daniel admit that he still loves Amber. Jill becomes increasingly worried about her mother's state of mind. Michael manages to talk his father into giving himself up and tells him that he will prove his innocence. Katherine goes out drinking on her own.
Ep. #8999 36x142
Michael learns about his father's escape. Eden isn't happy when her father refuses to allow her to go on the run with him. Jeffrey decides to end things with Gloria. Billy's family decide to throw him a welcome home party. The police catch up with River and Michael tries to convince them to let him talk to him in attempt that he will give himself up.
Ep. #8998 36x141
River puts his plan to escape into action. River is taken to the hospital after taking some pills and Michael and Lauren are informed. A press conference is held to welcome Nicholas back to the company. Nicholas offers Sharon a job and she decides to talk to Jack about it before making a decision. Eden attempts to help her father escape from the hospital. Jack tells his wife that she should accept the job offer. Noah is worried that Jack and his mother's marriage could be affected by her working with his father. Adam's plans are nearly ruined by Heather's arrival.
Ep. #8997 36x140
Michael is determined to get his father freed from prison and Gloria offers her help. Heather questions Nikki about Walter. Neil and Karen find out that Ana is no longer a pupil at her old school. Neil and Devon discover that Ana and Tyra are missing.
Ep. #8996 36x139
Nick and Phyllis get ready for the latest edition of the magazine to be released. Sharon talks to Brad about how she is feeling. Brad clashes with Nikki. Brad learns from Heather that he could go to jail without Walter and David to back up his story. Adam isn't happy when Neil wants Nicholas to return to the company and not him. Nicholas is asked to return to the company on a part time basis which he accepts.
Ep. #8995 36x138
Jana believes that Kevin is up to no good and talks to Amber about it after she becomes trapped during a storm with her, Kevin and Daniel. Jana reads the Tarot cards for each of them. Billy asks Chloe if the baby she is carrying belongs to him. Lily and Cane become trapped in a lift together. After Billy has gone, Chloe tells her unborn child that Billy is actually it's father. Jack tells Sharon that he is worried that he could loose her.
Ep. #8994 36x137
Phyllis continues to grow jealous and Nicholas isn't pleased when he finds out that Phyllis is trying to cause problems in Sharon's marriage. Nicholas is shocked when he reads the article Phyllis wants to publish in the magazine. Jack plots with Billy to regain control of the company. Gloria and Kevin work together to make Kay think she is forgetting things. Eden visits her father at the jail and accuses him of lying to her. River refuses to allow Michael to use Eden to help in his defense.
Ep. #8993 36x136
Colleen informs Lily that she has changed her mind about accepting the job at Jabot. Amber's presence at the dinner makes Chloe jealous. Nicholas goes to see Sharon when he finds out that Noah hasn't returned home from the party. Nicholas and Sharon go to pick him up. Phyllis feels jealous of the time that Nicholas is spending with Sharon and decides to get even through the magazine. Michael is furious with Eden when she returns home. Noah and Jack witness Nicholas and Sharon hugging.
Ep. #8992 36x135
Nicholas and Phyllis look forward to the first edition of the magazine without Jack and Sharon being involved in. Noah is allowed to go to a party after Sharon and Nicholas set his some ground rules. Jack and Adam meet a magazine editor in an attempt to sell their story on Victor. Adam begins to have second thoughts after the meeting. Lauren and Michael aren't happy when they find out that Eden skipped class. Noah finds Eden at the same party as himself. Cane invites Billy to dinner which Chloe isn't happy about. When Bill shows up Chloe tells him not to tell anybody about the past that they shared together.
Ep. #8991 36x134
Colleen tells Lily that Cane has offered her Lily's old job and Lily says that she should accept it. Jill is happy that her son is back in town. Billy meets Cane for the first time. Billy asks Amber if he can stay at her place and he finds about his brother getting Chloe pregnant. Lily tells Devon and Roxanne that she really isn't happy that Colleen is taking her old job. Colleen is surprised when Lily tells her how she really feels. Karen moves back in with Neil. Nikki sends a message to Victor telling him that his family needs him.
Ep. #8990 36x133
Cane tries to get Chloe to sort things out with her mother. Lily decides to give up her job at Jabot. Kevin agrees to help his mother in her latest plan. Jack wants Billy to help him gain control of Jabot. John's ghost warns Jack against trusting Billy. Billy surprises his mother with a visit.
Ep. #8989 36x132
Jack meets his two sisters and attempts to convince them that their family should be back in charge at Jabot. Victor's family try to find clues to where he might have disappeared to. Jeffrey discovers that Gloria lied to him. Lauren attempts to connect with Eden who is finding it hard to adjust. Michael refuses to give Nicholas any clues on to where Victor could have gone. Gloria and Jeffrey decide to use Kay's problems to their own advantage. River agrees to allow his son to represent him. Victor arrives on an airplane in an unknown destination.
Ep. #8988 36x131
Victor is evaluated to see if he should be committed or not. Nicholas goes along with his sister's decision that Victor should be committed. Sharon is told by Phyllis that Jack has lied to her. Victoria and Nicholas convince their father that being committed is the best thing for him but later they realize that they have been duped by him. Sharon is surprised when Ashley answers Jack's phone.
Ep. #8987 36x130
Heather thinks her father hasn't told her everything that happened in Mexico. Nicholas finds out that his father has been starving himself after taking him to the hospital and lets his sister and mother know. Michael refuses to represent his father in court despite his sister's pleas. Heather learns that she is suffering with Epstein-Barr disease after coming close to passing out again. Victor refuses to allow anyone to visit with him at the hospital. Victor thinks that her father needs psychiatric help but Nikki disagrees. Eden visits her father in prison. Victor refuses to listen to Heather's pleas to give Adam another chance. Victor wants Michael to get him released.
Ep. #8986 36x129
Jack lies to Sharon about where he has gone. Gloria admits to Kevin that sometimes Jeffrey scares her. Adam and Jack attempt to find out exactly what Victor did whilst he was in Mexico. Eden rebuffs Noah's attempts to become friends. Phyllis works out that Jack has lied to Sharon about where he has gone. Eden finds out that it was Jeffrey who reported her father to the police. Victor sees a vision of Sabrina. Nicholas finds his father passed out.
Ep. #8985 36x128
Billy tries to find out more about Lily. Daniel and Colleen make love. When Amber realizes what has happened she decides to seduce Billy. Jill is happy when she is cleared by the SEC and decides to return to work. Kay has problems remembering things. Eden blames her brother for River's arrest. River asks Michael to look after Eden. Billy questions Amber about Cane and Lily.
Ep. #8984 36x127
A mysterious woman asks questions about River as he is taken away. Amber explains to Amber why he has used the name Liam. Daniel and the others aren't happy to see Billy. Chloe is determined to make sure that nobody finds out the real date her unborn child was conceived. Kevin tells Amber that Billy is bad news. Billy tells Colleen that he is no longer addicted to gambling. Jeffrey admits to Gloria that it is his fault that River has been taken into custody. Michael's sister shows up at his door.
Ep. #8983 36x126
Jack's plan to make Victor talk to him fails. Heather is unable to get Adam released from jail. Jack ends up paying Adam's bail. Amber surprises everyone when she shows up in New York for Daniel's art exhibition. River would like to see his granddaughter before leaving Genoa City. Michael is issued with a threat. Amber is upset when Daniel informs her that he has decided to pursue a relationship with Colleen. River says goodbye to his family before being taken away by the authorities. Amber's boyfriend Liam shows up at the exhibition and everyone is shocked when they realize that he is actually Billy Abbott.
Ep. #8982 36x125
Sharon explains to Jack the reasons she went to see Victor. Adam isn't happy when he is unable to get a job. Nicholas clashes with Adam. Phyllis is worried about the direction Nicholas wants to take the magazine in. Adam ends up in jail after unsuccessfully trying to see his father. Heather is told by Brad to find Walter. Nikki is offered a job at the magazine. Jack attempts to force Victor out into the open.
Ep. #8981 36x124
When questioned Jill does not admit that it is her fault that Brad is in prison. Jeffrey isn't happy when he sees Gloria out with River. Nikki advises Cane against employing Adam. Nicholas learns from Sharon that she did ask Victor to help him. Jack shows up and gives Nicholas the letter that Sharon wrote. Nicholas and Phyllis disagree about the reasons why Sharon wrote him a letter. Victor refuses to tell Kay what he is hiding. Kay refuses to allow Cane to offer Adam a job. Adam pays Brad a visit.
Ep. #8980 36x123
Jeff discovers that Gloria was out all night. Jack reads the letter that Sharon was going to send to Nicholas. Sharon learns about Brad being arrested. Neil offers Karen her old job back. Gloria wakes up next to River. Michael wants his father to leave town. Jack shows the letter to Phyllis. Gloria lies to Jeffrey about where she spent the night. Sharon is concerned that Jack might have read the letter she wrote. Brad discovers that Jill turned him in to save her own skin. Jeffrey discovers that Gloria has lied to him.
Ep. #8979 36x122
Cane and Chloe have to decide what to do about their marriage. Sharon decides to write a letter to Nicholas. Nicholas learns from his son that Sharon went to see Victor to get him to help him. Michael attempts to avoid talking to his father. When Gloria runs into River they remember the past that they shared. Lily decides it would be best if she stays away from Cane so that he can try and save his marriage.
Ep. #8978 36x121
Lily decides after finding out about Chloe's lies that she wants a future with Cane after all. Chloe is determined to make her marriage work. Heather takes Jill to meet with an FBI agent. Brad is arrested by the FBI agent. Chloe attempts to make Cane jealous. Amber is honest with Daniel about how she feels and they consider a future together. Michael is surprised by a visit from his father.
Ep. #8977 36x120
Amber puts Colleen in her place after she flaunts her relationship with Daniel. Cane thinks that his mother should give up her control at Chancellor Industries. John's ghost pays another visit to Jack. Both Gloria and Jeffrey discover that they other has been working behind each others backs. Jack decides working with them is a bad idea but he is intrigued when Gloria tells him that she has gained more Jabot stock. Jill makes a deal with Heather to save her own skin. Cane manages to impress Katherine. Daniel admits to Colleen that he isn't over Amber yet.
Ep. #8976 36x119
Phyllis attempts to convince her husband that walking away from the magazine might be better for them in the long run. Nicholas is given a letter written by Victor. Adam wants Heather to relocate to New York with him but she tells him that if he leaves town they will be through. Jack is shocked when he learns that Victor has given Nicholas the money to buy him out of the magazine. Noah discovers that it is his mother's fault that Jack has lost the magazine but agrees to keep quiet. Victor refuses to talk to Adam. Both Jack and Heather decide to try and find out why Victor is acting so strangely. Phyllis tells Nicholas that she intends to have an equal say in what happens with the magazine. Adam agrees to help Jack destroy Victor.
Ep. #8975 36x118
Nikki and Victoria learn that Victor has fired all his staff at his home. Jack refuses to deal with Adam. Sharon, Jack, Phyllis and Nicholas try to decide who should own the magazine. Sharon suggests tossing a coin and her and Jack win. Victor gives Neil a free hand to do whatever he likes at the company. Victoria returns to work for the company. Nikki attempts to force Victor into talking to her.
Ep. #8974 36x117
After learning that Victor is still alive Jack wants him to feature in the next edition of the magazine but Phyllis and Sharon aren't happy. Jana and Kevin discover that Gloria and Jeff are up to no good. Both Jeff and Gloria want to be CEO of Jabot when they gain control of the company. Nicholas and Victoria are happy to be reunited with their father. Victor's actions worry Victoria and Nikki. Adam shows up at the magazine wanting to talk to Jack about his father.
Ep. #8973 36x116
Adam is shocked to see that his father is alive and Victor refuses to listen to what he has to say and sets up a meeting with Michael. Victor learns from Michael everything that Adam has done since he disappeared. Kay tries to find out more about Chloe from Esther. Cane tells Jill that he'll handle Chloe in his own way. Victor fires Adam and throws him out and promotes Niel at the company. Lily pulls away from Cane when he tries to kiss her. Chloe wants to move into the Chancellor mansion.
Ep. #8972 36x115
Adam calls a press conference with Brad. Nicholas and Victoria talk about the letters that Victor wrote them. Nikki decides to return home alone and tells Paul that she has seen Victor. Jack isn't happy that Sharon sided with Nicholas in their argument. Nicholas has a change of heart and decides to allow Noah to attend public school. Nikki tells the family about seeing Victor. Victor returns home to find Adam on the sofa with Heather.
Ep. #8971 36x114
Everybody is shocked by Chloe's true identity. Victoria and Nicholas are moved by the letters that Victor left them. Nicholas refuses to allow Noah to attend public school. Victor refuses to return to Genoa City with Nikki and he insults her. Adam doesn't read all of the letter that his father left him and Heather ends up reading the end of it. Adam refuses to make amends with Nicholas and Victoria. Jill tells her son that he needs to get rid of Chloe. Cane upsets Chloe.
Ep. #8970 36x113
Kevin and Jan are shocked when they find out about what has happened to Victor when they return home from their honeymoon. Lauren learns that River has disappeared. Adam makes Heather feel like royalty. Esther is offers money to spill the beans on Jill. Victor's will is read and it is reveled that he left the whole company to Adam. Each of the children has a letter written by Victor for them. Esther is shocked when Chloe shows up at the party to see that she is her daughter Kate. Nikki comes face to face with Victor on the beach.
Ep. #8969 36x112
Sharon isn't happy with Jack. Jill wants to throw a large wedding reception for Cane and Chloe. Brad agrees to be the new CEO at Newman Industries after Adam offers him the position. Paul decides to return to Mexico to help Nikki. Jill clashes with Jack. Adam fires Victoria. Katherine tells Jill that she is finding it hard to trust her anymore. Adam asks Heather to move into the ranch with him. Nikki asks the bartender in Mexico more questions about Victor.
Ep. #8968 36x111
Jack talks to the press about the article in the magazine. Nikki doesn't want to return home and when she finds out he was on the boat with Walter she thinks that he could still be alive. Tyra tells everyone she is moving with Ana to New Hampshire and Neil attempts to get her to change her mind. Lily learns about Chloe and Cane's marriage. Neil is upset by Tyra and Ana's plans to leave town and turns down Karen's request to spend some time alone with her. Cane tells Lily that he plans to end his marriage to Chloe as soon as the baby is born. When Nick falls asleep on the plane Nikki slips away and stays behind in Mexico.
Ep. #8967 36x110
Nicholas attempts to comfort his mother in Mexico. Nicholas and Nikki learn that they have to try and identify the body that has been found. Adam takes control at Newman Industries and fires Neil when he doesn't agree with his decisions. Michael talks to Adam about Victor's will. Cane and Chloe are married and Cane is determined to be a good father to the baby.
Ep. #8966 36x109
Jack isn't happy when he discovers an article about him in the latest edition of the magazine and that Nicholas approved it. Katherine receives a drunken call from Nikki. Karen comforts Neil who is upset at the possibility that Victor could be dead. Paul is worried about his daughter. Jack refuses to believe that Victor is dead. Adam is upset that nobody told him the news about Victor.
Ep. #8965 36x108
Nicholas calls Paul to let him know to be careful as he has found out that their there has been a hit ordered on Walter. Nicholas asks Daniel to help him with Noah's drinking problem. Ana doesn't want anything to do with Tyra. Brad tells Jill that he isn't planning on leaving Jabot at the moment. Adam upsets Heather. Jill and Chloe have problems getting along. After Heather collapses, Adam rushes to see her. Nicholas is shocked after receiving a call from his mother who fears that Victor could be dead.
Ep. #8964 36x107
Phyllis and Nicholas plot to get even with Jack and Sharon. Amber attempts to make Daniel jealous. Tyra and Neil learn that Ana knows the truth and as Neil comforts Tyra, Karen shows up. Jack agrees to help Gloria gain control of Jabot. Noah is caught drinking by his father. Katherine refuses to have anything to do with Gloria.
Ep. #8963 36x106
Victor doesn't let Walter know who he really is. Adam is furious after Victoria throws him out. Ana discovers the truth about her real mother. Paul and Nikki question the barman in the bar that Victor was in. An upset Ana is comforted by Devon.
Ep. #8962 36x105
Jill tries to offer Cane some advise. Nikki discovers that Victor is in Mexico trying to locate Walter. Michael's father wants him to hang around longer. Michael decides that he wants no further contact with his father. Nikki asks Paul to come to Mexico with her. Kay tells Jill that she believes that Cane shouldn't be in charge of Jabot. Victoria tells Nicholas that she intends to throw Adam out of the ranch.
Ep. #8961 36x104
Kevin and Jana are married. Devon discovers the truth that Ana is actually his sister. Jill discovers that Chloe was just like her when she was younger. Michael is shocked to have come face to face with his father. Jill decides to throw an engagement party for Cane and Chloe. Amber sees Daniel and Collen getting closer.
Ep. #8960 36x103
Neil is asked by Tyra not to tell anybody that Ana isn't actually her daughter. Colleen's arrival stops Daniel and Amber from getting closer again at Jana and Kevin's wedding. Cane tells Chloe that he will marry her and gives her a ring and asks her to move into his place. Adam isn't happy when he discovers that Victoria wants to run the company. Adam refuses to move out. Kevin and Jana's wedding gets underway and Gloria is shocked to find out that Lovell is the guru.
Ep. #8959 36x102
Amber isn't happy when she sees Daniel out with Colleen. Lily moves back home. Both Daniel and Colleen realize that they are not ready to be on the dating scene yet. Tyra tells Neil that Ana isn't actually her daughter and that she is really Yolanda's daughter. Kevin shows up at Jana's pre wedding party. Daniel finds Amber asleep and admits to her that he misses her. Chloe wants Cane to attend a doctor's appointment with her.
Ep. #8958 36x101
Phyllis clashes with Sharon. Amber decides to hold a pre wedding party for Jana. Katherine isn't happy with Jill's decision to make Cane CEO of the company. Noah returns home after hearing about what happened with Victor. Gloria and Jeffrey ask Jack to help them get rid of Jill and Cane from Jabot. Phyllis throws Amber out after learning that she and Daniel are through.
Ep. #8957 36x100
Cane talks to his mother about the situation with Chloe. Lily talks to Colleen about the results of the DNA test. Nikki is shocked when Adam tells her that David killed Skye. Devon tells Neil about the DNA results. Nikki accuses Brad of using David's problems to his own advantage. Chloe clashes with Colleen.
Ep. #8956 36x99
Cane tries to convince Neil that he hasn't been unfaithful to Lily. Adam acts like he is in charge of the company. Victoria blames herself for her father's disappearance whilst Nikki is tempted to have a drink. Cane tells Lily that he is now in charge at Jabot. When Cane and Lily discover that there is a possibility that he could be the father of Chloe's unborn child they are shocked.
Ep. #8955 36x98
Adam is surprised when Neil tells him that Victor left him control of the company. Jill promotes Cane at Jabot after learning that he and Lily are getting married. Brad turns down Phyllis and Nicholas' offer to become a partner at the magazine. Nikki isn't happy that Jack wants to feature a story about her and David's relationship in the magazine. Nikki is worried when Paul lets her know that he has found some of Victor's personal stuff at Sabrina's grave. Brad has an interesting offer fro Jack after learning that Cane has been promoted. Victor gets drunk in a Mexican bar.
Ep. #8954 36x97
Victor's family try to find out where he has gone. Katherine is forced to accept Nikki's resignation from the company. Cane takes a DNA test to see if he is the father of Chloe's unborn child. Lily agrees to marry Cane.Neil and Paul have to break up a fight between Nicholas and Adam. Neil is shocked when Jana lets it slip to him that Chloe could be carrying Cane's unborn child.
Ep. #8953 36x96
Everybody prepares to attend Sabrina's funeral. Tyra's actions annoy Karen. Nicholas decides that he does not want to sell his share of the magazine. Everybody is surprised when they find out that Victor had a private funeral for Sabrina earlier in the day. Michael decides that he would like to meet his father. Nikki throws David's ashes away at the place of the crash. Victor gets on a bus and heads out of town.
Ep. #8952 36x95
When Victor decides to get rid of all of Sabrina's belongings, Adam and Michael are worried. Kevin lets Amber know that Daniel isn't coping well on his own. Lily and Cane want Chloe to have a DNA test conducted on the baby. Tyra urges Devon not to give up on his studies and she impresses Neil. Neil tells Tyra that he does not want her to move out. A dead body is discovered by Paul. Heather and Adam are shocked when they find Sky's ring st the scene. Korbal tells Amber that he is leaving town. Colleen asks Daniel out. Kevin informs Jana that they are getting married in 7 days.
Ep. #8951 36x94
Victor blames Nikki for everything that happened to Sabrina and tells her it should of been her in the car instead. Sharon tries to convince Jack to go and talk to Victor. Neil refuses to allow Devon to quit from going to school. Karen isn't happy when she sees Neil hugging Tyra and later hints to her that she needs to find her own place to live. Jack finds Victor in Sabrina's art gallery.
Ep. #8950 36x93
Jack tells Phyllis that he will buy her and Nicholas out of the magazine if they aren't happy. Lauren learns about Sabrina losing the baby she was carrying. Adam learns that Heather has got her old job back. After suffering a heart attack Sabrina passes away. Nikki has a nightmare which involves David and Sabrina. Sabrina's death shocks everybody. Victor is devastated by Sabrina's death and Nikki makes her way to the hospital.
Ep. #8949 36x92
Amber tries to stop Daniel from leaving after he tells her why things cant go back to the way they were before. Korbal shows up and Daniel and Amber say a sad farewell. Jana tries to offer Sabrina some comforting words. Victor shows his wife a photo of a house in Paris he has bought for them. Nikki tells Kay that she has decided to leave Jabot. Jill breaks down in Kay's arms as she is finally able to let Ji Min go. Nicholas attempts to help his mother. Kevin tells Jana that he doesn't want to wait any longer for them to become husband and wife.
Ep. #8948 36x91
Victoria still feels that it her fault about what happened to Sabrina. Katherine and Jill are surprised when they learn that Jill has put herself in charge at Jabot. Jeffrey continues to plot with Gloria to gain control of the company. When Victoria manages to spend some time alone with Sabrina they remember the good times they shared together in Europe. Victor learns that Walter ordered David's death. Jill learns from Heather that it is likely that David was Ji Min's killer. Amber is shocked when Daniel thinks they should be friends and nothing more. Lily continues to refuse Chloe's claims that Cane slept with her.
Ep. #8947 36x90
Victor thinks that Nikki is to blame for what has happened to Sabrina. Thinking that Nikki was in the car Jill puts herself in charge at Jabot. Paul has evidence that links David to Ji Min's murder. Victor gets specialist help for Sabrina.
Ep. #8946 36x89
Victor is told that the car carrying Nikki and David has been involved in an accident. Victor is then shocked when he discovers it was Sabrina in the car with David and not Nikki. Nikki learns that she was drugged. Nikki is shocked when she learns that David died in the car crash. Victor learns that Sabrina has lost the baby and that it doesn't look good for her either. Daniel persuades Amber not to leave town and they decide to give their relationship another go.
Ep. #8945 36x88
Nikki drinks the spiked drink. Both Cane and Lily don't believe that Cane is the father of Chloe's unborn child. Sharon refuses to side with Nicholas against Jack. Jill is shocked when she learns that Nikki has been drinking. A drunk Nikki is taken home by J.T. where Paul tells her he believes that David killed Ji Min . David offers Sabrina a lift home and she accepts. The driver makes a call and the car crashes into an oncoming vehicle.
Ep. #8944 36x87
Jack refuses to listen to Nicholas' warnings not to go to the gala. Jack tells Sabrina that he was the one who changed the article and that nobody else knew about it until it was too late. Amber and Daniel's eyes are fixed on one another at the gala. When Heather gives Paul a box of Ji Min's belongings he finds a picture of Ji Min with Walter in with the stuff. David tries to drug Nikki but fails. Before Cane can ask Lily to marry him, Chloe announces that she is pregnant with his child. Brad and Jill demand that David resign from the company after confronting him about his gambling addiction. When Paul is emailed another picture of Ji Min and Walter, David is in it as well. David tries to drug Nikki again.
Ep. #8943 36x86
Amber goes on to Loveline and finds herself talking to Daniel. After leaving the site they both make the decision to move to Los Angeles unaware the other has made the same decision. Cane and Lily move in together. Victoria clashes with her father after learning that her bother has been forced to leave the tack house. Victoria learns that her mother has left David. Victoria tells Sabrina that she believes she is only with her father for his money. Paul and J.T. learn something new about David and tell Victor.
Ep. #8942 36x85
Jeffrey returns home and tells Gloria he could not find Kyon but it does not mean they have to change their plans. David admits to Nikki who he really is and this time she him that they are really through. Paul and J.T. continue to look in to Walter's past. Jill learns fro Brad about David's gambling addiction. Nikki offers Heather some advise. David asks Nikki to wait until after the gala to tell every one they are splitting up. Sabrina urges Victor not to cut his children out of his life.
Ep. #8941 36x84
Victor takes all of Newman's advertising out of the magazine. Chloe starts her new job and offer to help Amber with her problem concerning Daniel. Nikki reads Paul's notes which contain information about David's other identity. Nikki confronts Victor when she learns that he has cut Victoria and Nicholas out of his will. Lily agrees to move in with Cane and he decides to ask her to marry him again. Paul looks into Walter's past. David is confronted by Nikki with what she has learnt.
Ep. #8940 36x83
Nicholas and Jack continue to clash at work. Neil and Karen try to find out how Tyra is doing in her new job. Sabrina refuses to listen to Nicholas' attempts to say sorry about the article. Victor decides to take action against the magazine and take Nicholas and Victoria out of his will. Victoria goes to see Sabrina. Nicholas tells his wife that he wants to buy Jack out of the magazine. Even though Sharon is disappointed in Jack she tells him that she will stick by him. Paul discovers that David isn't who he says he is.
Ep. #8939 36x82
Jack is confronted by Nicholas who wants him out of the magazine. Jack tells Nicholas that he could never afford to buy him out and that sales went up because of the change to Sabrina's article. Colleen tries help Lily kick Chloe out but Chloe warns her that she will never leave town. Colleen is shocked when she learns about Amber and Korbal sleeping together. David learns from Paul that Mina has been murdered. Daniel has to break up a fight between Amber and Colleen. Jack is confronted by Victor. Chloe is given a job by Jack. David learns from Nikki that she has bought them a new house to live in.
Ep. #8938 36x81
The latest edition of the magazine is published. Sabrina and Victor aren't impressed when they read the article about her. Nicholas is shocked when his father confronts him with the article as it is not the one he approved. Daniel issues a threat to his mother. Nicholas decides to confront Jack about the article.
Ep. #8937 36x80
An upset Daniel confronts Korbal about sleeping with Amber. Jeffrey tries to convince Michael that he no longer has the cream. Jeffrey decides to go to Korea to see if Kyon has taken the cream. David and Jack consider the idea of working together again. Kevin is surprised when he learns that Am,er and Korbal slept together. Korbal decides to leave town so that Amber and Daniel can try and sort out their problems. Daniel sees Amber hugging Korbal as he says goodbye. Daniel decides to move out.
Ep. #8936 36x79
Victoria shares her concerns about Sabrina with her brother and Phyllis. Jill isn't happy when she learns her mother has employed somebody new at Chancellor without telling her first.Michael agrees to help Jeff with his plan as long as he gives him the Jabot tainted cream. Jill goes to see Brad with a business proposition. Both Jack and Nicholas worry about the magazine's future.
Ep. #8935 36x78
Victoria changes her mind and agrees to appear on the magazine cover after talking to her mother. David looses more money in a fixed poker game. Lily learns that Can fired Chloe. Adam wants his father to use David's problems to the company's advantage. Daniel is shocked when Amber admits to him that she has been unfaithful.
Ep. #8934 36x77
Jack goes to see Philippe and is told more about Sabrina. Victoria is wanted for the next cover of the magazine. David insists to Nikki that they have no long term future together. Victoria bumps in to Philippe and later tells her father. Philippe goes to see Sabrina and asks her to come back to Paris with him but she refuses. Victoria tells her brother that she doesn't want to be on the magazine's cover.
Ep. #8933 36x76
Victor, J.T. and Paul are shocked when they learn that David's step daughter has been found dead. Nikki is able to get David agree to stay with her. Chloe attempts to convince Cane that they slept together. Amber is surprised by a visit from David. When Karen learns that Neil has offered Tyra a job and a place to live she is surprised. Lily is shocked when Chloe lets her know that she slept with Cane. Devon is not convinced that Chloe is telling the truth about what happened. Cane tells Chloe that she is fired and that he never wants to see her again. Cane tries to convince Lily that he would never cheat on her and they embrace.
Ep. #8932 36x75
Nikki refuses to give Gloria her old job back. Jeff tells Gloria he has come up with an idea which could end up with them owning both Jabot and Chancellor. Nicholas tells his mother he is finding it hard working with Jack. Chloe discovers that she is going to have a baby. Chloe tries to take advantage of a drunken Cane. Amber is scared that Daniel will find out that she has slept with Korbal. Nicholas tries to offer Phyllis some advise.
Ep. #8931 36x74
Chloe continues to plot so that she can get closer to Cane. Brads learns from David that he has left Nikki. Adam refuses to stop seeing Heather. When Skye returns to town she is seen giving Adam a kiss by Heather. Adam later tells Skye that he is now seeing somebody. After waking up in bed together Amber and Korbal agree not to tell anybody what happened. Skye agrees to help Brad set David up. Nicholas finds out that Jack is looking onto Sabrina's past and he isn't happy.
Ep. #8930 36x73
Victor isn't happy when he sees Adam with Heather again. Sabrina wants Victor to make things up with his children. Sharon is upset when Jack ignores her feelings. Jack attempts to find out more about Sabrina's past.
Ep. #8929 36x72
Nikki is unable to stop David from leaving. Adam and Heather go swimming. Victoria isn't happy when she finds out J.T. investigated David's past and didn't tell her. Korbel isn't happy when he sees Colleen out on a date. Victor doesn't want Adam spending time with Heather. David witnesses Paul comforting Nikki.
Ep. #8928 36x71
Jack and Sharon learn about Gloria remarrying Jeff. Gloria tells Nikki about seeing David. Nikki's children urge her to leave David but she tells them she is sticking by him. Tyra tells Neil and Devon why she was forced to come to town. Chloe continues to plot. Neil asks Tyra and Ana to move in to his place.
Ep. #8927 36x70
After clashing with Jill, Heather decides to look into Ji Min's murder again. Jill is touched by this gesture. David panics after he realizes that he has been seen. It is revealed that David was the person who killed Ji Min. Victoria and Sabrina clash when they learn they are working on a charity ball committee together.
Ep. #8926 36x69
David calls Nikki and lies to her about where he is. Gloria and Jeff are remarried in Las Vegas. David looses money and is seen by Gloria. Korbel and Amber spend time together.
Ep. #8925 36x68
Lily is wanted to be used again in Forrester's latest ad campaign. Phyllis and Sharon continue to clash. Gloria is upset when she learns that Jeff has to leave town but he surprises her by asking her to marry him again.
Ep. #8924 36x67
Jack and Sharon remodel the mansion. The magazine sales don't look good. Phyllis and Nicholas disagree with Sharon and Jack about about the magazines future direction. Jill isn't happy that Jeff chose Gloria over her. Paul tries to find out where Michael's father is for him.
Ep. #8923 36x66
Victor and Sabrina enjoy their honeymoon in France. Devon's Aunt Tyra and cousin Ana show up at the party. Jeff asks Gloria to give their relationship another chance and she agrees.
Ep. #8922 36x65
Lily's friends make plans for her 21st birthday. Nikki clashes with Gloria. Jill isn't happy when Jeff admits to her that he slept with Gloria. Chloe manges to get herself into Lily's surprise birthday party. Nikki is surprised when David returns and asks her to give their marriage another chance. Karen manages to get her old job back. Kevin wants Jana to elope with him.
Ep. #8921 36x64
David admits that he has a gambling problem to Nikki and she tells him she wants to fight his problem with him. David walks away. Victor and Sabrina are married. Kay works out that Sabrina is pregnant. Everyone is shocked when they find out that Adam and Heather are seeing one another.
Ep. #8920 36x63
Paul sees his daughter kissing Adam. The day of the wedding arrives. Sabrina realizes that her mother hasn't changed at all. Victoria decides to go the wedding after all. David finds it hard to fight his addiction and tells Nikki that he wants a divorce.
Ep. #8919 36x62
Nikki tries to convince Victoria to go to Victor's wedding. Sabrina is shocked when her mother shows up at the ranch to see her. Ashley returns to town to visit her brother.
Ep. #8918 36x61
Victoria sees David giving Brad back the money he owes him and wonders what is going on. David surprises Nikki. Colleen returns home earlier from China than was expected. Gloria is employed as Jabot's new receptionist. Colleen tells Korbal that they are through. Karen shows up to see Neil.
Ep. #8917 36x60
Victoria tells Heather about new idea she has for Jabot. Heather learns that Adam has the same idea for Newman. After sleeping with Jeff, Gloria accuses him of stealing her diamonds. Neil returns home an tells Lily and Devon that Karen doesn't want to marry him.
Ep. #8916 36x59
Sabrina asks Victor to keep quiet about the baby until her pregnancy is further down the road. Sabrina and Victor make plans for the wedding. Gloria causes more problems at the boutique. Victoria clashes with Adam about the changes he has made to changes to Beauty of Nature at Newman. An upset Gloria is comforted by Jeff. Neil asks Karen to become his wife. Lily throws Chloe out after she learns that she kissed Cane.
Ep. #8915 36x58
The residents of Genoa City spent Father's Day. Victor tells Adam about the first Father's Day they spent together. Sabrina tells Victor that she is pregnant. Michael finds out from Gloria more about his father.
Ep. #8914 36x57
Jack and Nicholas disagree about ideas for the next issue of the magazine. Jeff and Jill give Gloria at a hard time whilst she is at work.
Ep. #8913 36x56
Jack and Sharon come up with a plan so that Alistair will leave town. Jack sees his father's ghost again. Gloria's first day working for Lauren doesn't go well.
Ep. #8912 36x55
Lily tells Cane that she has decided to put her education in front of her modeling career. To try and convince Devon that she isn't interested in Cane, Chloe kisses him. Jeff punches Alistair after he lets him believe that he slept with Gloria. Korbel and Amber go out to dinner. Michael decides to find out more about his father.
Ep. #8911 36x54
Gloria tells Alistair how much she still loves Jeff but when Jeff sees them talking he thinks something else is going on. David tells Nikki about Paul's suspicions concerning his first two wives. Nicholas feels let down when he discovers that his father has asked Adam to be his best man at the wedding.
Ep. #8910 36x53
Gloria thinks that Jeff has told Jill about her tampering with the Jabot cream. David admits to Paul that he has a problem with gambling. David tells Nikki about Paul looking into his past. Victor isn't happy when the court battle with Jabot doesn't go his way.
Ep. #8909 36x52
Kevin is forced to fire his mother after the the prank she did on Jeff. Korbal gets a job working for the magazine.
Ep. #8908 36x51
Victor and Sabrina set a wedding date. Devon offers Lily some advise. Gloria is upset when she runs into Jeff with Jill.
Ep. #8907 36x50
Sharon isn't happy that Jack made the decision to let Gloria move back in without consulting her first. Phyllis sees Adam with Heather. Chloe tries to make Cane doubt Lily.
Ep. #8906 36x49
David tries to explain to Paul why Mina hates him. David looses more money gambling. Nikki learns that Gloria has been fired. Jack works out that Gloria is broke and that she mad the donation. He offers her the mansions pool house to stay at.
Ep. #8905 36x48
Michael and Lauren learn from Gloria why she cant contest the divorce. Lily and Cane grow closer again and make love. Paul talks with Mina a former step daughter of David's. Paul wants to talk to Nikki after listening to what Mina has to say.
Ep. #8904 36x47
Things heat up between Heather and Adam. Paul tracks down a former step daughter of David's who blames him for his mother's death. Jill fires Gloria. Michael and Lauren are forced to allow Gloria to move back in with them.
Ep. #8903 36x46
Jana starts her first day working for Sabrina. Paul tells J.T. what happened when he spoke with David's ex wife. Gloria is distraught that the diamonds are worthless.
Ep. #8902 36x45
Nicholas tells Phyllis that he has his full memory back now. Daniel says goodbye to an upset Amber. When Gloria goes to get her diamonds valued she discovers that they are fakes.
Ep. #8901 36x44
Paul catches up with one of David's ex wives. Daniel makes a decision about the tour. Phyllis learns that Nicholas has been in a car accident. Nicholas remembers the events that led to Cassie's death. Nicholas talks to Sharon.
Ep. #8900 36x43
Nicholas is upset because he cant remember the day Cassie died. Daniel considers his father's offer. David looses yet more money. Nicholas looses control of his car.
Ep. #8899 36x42
Paul decides to go to Bermuda to try and track down one of David's ex wives. Adam is given some advise by Victoria. Danny returns to town and wants his son to go on tour with him. Cassie's family remember her on the anniversary of her death.
Ep. #8898 36x41
Neil has doubts about Adam's work. Paul talks to Neil about David and Adam listens in. David tries unsuccessfully to get a loan.
Ep. #8897 36x40
Brad continues to put pressure on David to pay him back the money he owes. Cane is worried that Chloe will tell Lily about the kiss. Jeff decides to leave town.
Ep. #8896 36x39
Nikki, David, Sabrina and Victor are finally freed from the lift. Everybody learns that Nikki and David are married. Paul and J.T. discover that David has been married to many wealthy women before and gambled all their money away. Gloria is shocked when she realizes that she has slept with Alistair. Alistair tells Jill what happened.
Ep. #8895 36x38
Nikki and David are happily married. Sales for the first issue of the magazine are good. Nikki, Victor, David and Sabrina find themselves trapped together in a lift. Niki and Victor clash in the lift. Gloria realizes that she could be left with nothing.
Ep. #8894 36x37
Sharon is blamed when the new magazines web site crashes as she opened an email that contained a virus. Jill wants Alistair to find out why Gloria is so keen to give half of her assets to charity. Jeff demands $50 million from Gloria. Chloe gets drunk and attempts to kiss Cane.
Ep. #8893 36x36
Nicholas is furious with Jack for making changes without consulting him. Victoria learns that her mother is getting married. David and Nikki's wedding gets under way.
Ep. #8892 36x35
Karen decides to go to New York after Neil cant honestly say he is over Drucilla. David wants Nikki to elope with him. When Chloe's apartment is flooded, Lily asks her to move in to the campus house.
Ep. #8891 36x34
Brad tells David that he wants his money back. The deadline for the magazine grows closer and everyone is under pressure. Sabrina agrees to marry Victor. Colleen tells Korbal that she is going to China. Korbal learns that his book wont be published.
Ep. #8890 36x33
Nikki tries to convince Victoria that bother her and Victor have moved on. Adam asks Victoria to work with him against Sabrina. Victor proposes to Sabrina. Michael works to stop Korbal's book from being published.
Ep. #8889 36x32
Daniel agrees to move in with Amber. Jack calls Jamie Whitfield to ask for help to solve the problems the magazine is having. Adam agrees to move in to the ranch. Brad is determined that Korbal's book will never be published.
Ep. #8888 36x31
Lily learns that she will be on the cover of the first edition of Restless Style. Korbel isn't happy when he learns that Colleen gave her father a copy of the book. Victor wants Adam to move in to the ranch. Victoria starts her first day at Jabot. David and Nikki make wedding plans.
Ep. #8887 36x30
Sabrina offer Jana a job. Victor is upset that his daughter has left the company. Jana tries to offer Gloria some advise. Colleen asks Korbel not to publish the book he has written but he refuses. Colleeen shows her father an advance copy of the book.
Ep. #8886 36x29
Nicki tells Paul that if David is gambling again she will not be able to forgive him again. Skye wins the poker game leaving David even more in debt. Victoria finds working at Newman Industries unbearable and quits. Victoria asks her mother for a job at Jabot. After arguing with Gloria, Jeff kisses Jill.
Ep. #8885 36x28
On the night of their anniversary, Nicholas tells Phyllis that his memory is starting to return. Paul isn't happy when Heather flirts with Brad. Gloria pushes Jeff away even after he reveals his true feelings towards her. Lauren tries to offer Gloria some advise. Gloria decides that she wants to give half her fortune to charity. Jill listens in as Jeff's lawyer tells him that he is entitled to half of Gloria's estate.
Ep. #8884 36x27
Nicholas and Phyllis celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Lily returns to work. Jeff moves into the Chancellor mansion. Gloria is shocked when she finds out.
Ep. #8883 36x26
Skye gets Brad to allow her to take part in a poker game. When David discovers his account is overdrawn he asks Brad to get him involved in a poker game. Paul decides to take a look at David's past. Jack realizes just how much Sharon and Noah full fill his life.
Ep. #8882 36x25
Phyllis and Sharon argue at work again and Nicholas ends up taking Sharon's side. Lily is comforted by Neil and Cane after loosing the baby. Victoria considers coming to work for Jabot.
Ep. #8881 36x24
David's actions make Nikki suspicious. Sabrina gives Victoria a gift for the baby. The baby is christened. When Lily and Cane go for an ultrasound they learn that Lily has lost the baby.
Ep. #8880 36x23
Phyllis agrees to be Red's godmother after Victoria asks her. J.T. continues to look in to Adam's past. Daniel admits to Amber that he would like a future with him. After Gloria admits to Jeff her true feelings they end up making love.
Ep. #8879 36x22
Sharon enjoys her new position working for the magazine but later clashes with Phyllis. Jill attempts to stop a deal that Nikki is doing at Jabot. Sabrina is upset when Victoria changes her mind about her being a god parent to Reed. Kevin makes plans for his marriage to Jana. Daniel and Amber learn about the baby that Lily and Cane are expecting.
Ep. #8878 36x21
Jill tries to get Jeff to tell her the real reason he married Gloria. Michael tells Jack that he has decided to drop the lawsuit against him. Jana tries to convince Jeff that Gloria really loves him. Lily tells Cane that she isn't ready to get married again.
Ep. #8877 36x20
Jeff tries to find out from Alistair what he and Gloria have been up to. Jeff tells Gloria that he wants a divorce. Victoria continues to be unhappy about her father and Sabrina's relationship.
Ep. #8876 36x19
When Jeff sees Gloria kissing Alistair his reaction isn't what she was expecting. Nicholas and Felicia discover that they have something in common. Victor tries to convince Sabrina that they could have a future together.
Ep. #8875 36x18
Michael refuses to let his mother move in with him and Lauren. Jack hears Gloria asking Michael to drop the lawsuit. Cane is happy when Lily tells him that she has decided to keep the baby. Cane asks Lily to marry him.
Ep. #8874 36x17
After learning that Lily is pregnant, Chloe tells her that if she has the baby her modeling career will be over. Lily decides to keep the baby. Nicholas stands up to his father impressing him along the way. Brad attempts to make David look bad in front of Nikki and later tempts him to gamble again.
Ep. #8873 36x16
Whilst Cane and Lily talk about the baby, Neil asks Karen if she would raise the child with him. Phyllis and Adam both discover that they will be in New York at the same time. Victoria is shocked when Sabrina admits to her that she is seeing Victor and an upset Victoria tells Nicholas.
Ep. #8872 36x15
Jack, Sharon and Noah look forward to the future. Neil is shocked when Lily tells him that she is pregnant. Lauren and Jana attempt to convince Michael and Kevin to giver their mother another chance.
Ep. #8871 36x14
Jack tries to tell Adam what Victor can be like concerning business. Felicia Forrester flirts with Nicholas at the photo shoot. Gloria feels completely alone after having been curt off by her children. Jack and Sharon are surprised when Gloria tells them she had decided to give them the Abbott house. Nikki is worried about David.
Ep. #8870 36x13
Nikki tires to make Victoria accept that she and Victor has no future together. Korbel wants Colleen to read the book he has written. Brad flirts with Heather. Jana and Kevin try to decide when to get married.
Ep. #8869 36x12
Michael issues Jack with a lawsuit. Alistair ends up locked in the wine cellar with Gloria. After Gloria and Alistair escape she sees Jeff kissing Kyon. Nicholas warns Adam to stay away from his wife but Phyllis isn't pleased. Sabrina accepts Victor's job offer.
Ep. #8868 36x11
Kyon tries to tell Gloria that Jeff is no good when Alistair shows up at the house. After locking Gloria in the wine cellar Kyon seduces Jeff. Victor offers Sabrina a job hoping she will stay in Genoa City. Karen moves in with Neil. Lily tells Devon that she is expecting a baby.
Ep. #8867 36x10
After returning to Genoa City, Sabrina agrees to stay at the ranch over night with Victor and they end up making love. Daniel isn't happy when Amber flirts with Adam. Lily tells Cane that she is pregnant.
Ep. #8866 36x09
Nikki continues to stall on setting a wedding date to marry David. Brad is informed by a bookmaker after David places a bet. Kyon refuses Jeff's pleas to leave town. Lily takes a pregnancy test after Cane wonders that she might be pregnant.
Ep. #8865 36x08
Victor and Sabrina share a kiss. J.T. and Victoria decide to take a look at Adam's past. Jeff throws Alistair out of the mansion when he catches him trying to cosy up to Gloria. A woman from Jeff's past shows up as he is attempting to get closer to Gloria. Heather starts her first day working at Jabot.
Ep. #8864 36x07
Alistair refuses to leave town after Jack pays him off. Jack says goodbye to the family home for the last time. Daniel and Amber clash as work. Amber offers to make Jana her wedding dress.
Ep. #8863 36x06
Jack and Sharon whether they should just give in in their battle with Gloria. Later Jack hands over his set of keys to the house to Gloria. Victor tells Adam more about the time he spent with Hope.
Ep. #8862 36x05
Jeff and Gloria end up sharing a kiss after arguing but then Gloria walks away. Adam tries to find out from Nikki more about the time his mother spent in the city. Brad plots to get David to gamble again.
Ep. #8861 36x04
Jack is forced to admit to Michael what has been going on. Kay sees Alistair and he later asks her and Jill about Gloria. Brad gets David to gamble again. Sabrina calls Victor to ask him to come and see her in Los Angeles.
Ep. #8860 36x03
Gloria and Kevin work out what Sharon, Jack and Jeff have been up to. Michael learns that Lauren saw a John look alike when she recovers. Michael sees Alistair himself. Victoria tells Brad exactly what she thinks about him.
Ep. #8859 36x02
Phylis urges Danny to have a more active role in their son's life. Alistair decides to quit after Jack upsets him and he later admits to Jack and Sharon that he is starting to develop feelings towards Gloria. Jack tells Jeff that they need to get rid of Alistair. Victoria and J.T. discover that Brad has broken in to the Newman server. Nicholas tries to find out from his father why he attended the party. Lauren falls down the stairs when she runs in to Alistair.
Ep. #8858 36x01
The reporters at the party wonder who the woman with Victor is. Michael starts to work out that Jack and Jeff are behind what is happening to his mother. Nicholas wonders what is going on between his father and Sabrina. Kay admits to Jill that she had a stroke and tells her that she wants to return to work.

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