The Young and the Restless revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. The lives and loves of a wide variety of characters mingle through the generations, dominated by the Newman, Abbott, Chancellor, Baldwin and Winters families. ­ When The Young and the Restless premiered in 1973, it revolutionized the daytime drama. It continues to set the standard with strong characters, socially conscious storylines, romance and sensuality. Add to my shows

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Ep. #12128 2021x108

season 34

Ep. #8604 34x250
Ep. #8603 34x249
Ep. #8602 34x248
Ep. #8601 34x247
Ep. #8600 34x246
Sharon confronts Phyllis for blackmailing Brad. Jack asks Ji Min to help him stop Gloria from appearing on television as he is worried it could hurt his political campaign.
Ep. #8599 34x245
Amber manages to convince Jill and Cane to have DNA test redone. Later Cane has a change of heart and asks Amber to move to Australia with him. Brad tries to convince Victoria to go along with what Phyllis wants and later tells Sharon that Phyllis knows about their night in New York. Victoria learns from Korbel that he has cooled things off with Colleen. J.T. is surprised when he learns that Colleen is going on a date with Rocky.
Ep. #8598 34x244
Brad is shocked that Phyllis would try to blackmail him. Colleen refuses to give her relationship with J.T. another chance. Nikki decides to run again Neil for place on the board of the company. Amber and Cane are shocked when Jill opens the envelope with the DNA results in and reveals that it says Cane is not her son.
Ep. #8597 34x243
Victoria tels Brad that she is expecting a baby. Phyllis tries to find out more about the time Brad and Sharon spent in New York together last year. David is ruined that Jack's involvement with Sharon could ruin his changes of being elected. Brad and Victoria aren't happy with the company's plans for the Clear Springs project. Phyllis tries to blackmail Brad into voting the way she Victor and Nicholas want him to.
Ep. #8596 34x242
Colleen lies to the Dean to try and save Korbel's job. Jack's plans impress Sharon. Phyllis overhears Sharon and Brad talking about their past relationship.
Ep. #8595 34x241
Korbel decides to resign from the university to protect Colleen's reputation. After meeting Ines the judge decides that even though Drucilla must continue with her therapy there is no need for her to stay in hospital. Amber gets Daniel to help her once again as she forces Cane to admit that he loves her.
Ep. #8594 34x240
Amber convinces Cane to talk to Jill and have the DNA test. Colleen decides to move into Jack's place which makes Brad unhappy. David reluctantly agrees to testify on Drucilla's behalf and as Drucilla is on the stand Ines enters the court room.
Ep. #8593 34x239
Jack manages to gain Victor's support. Kevin refuses to accept J.T. apologies. Amber asks Daniel to help her stay married to Cane. Amber sends Daniel a bizarre thank you gift. Cane is upset when Jill wants him to take a DNA test.
Ep. #8592 34x238
Neil takes Ines to see Drucilla to prove to her that she wasn't going mad. Phyllis makes plans for the wedding. David becomes Jack's campaign manager. Some of Jack's campaign ideas don't please Phyllis and Nikki.
Ep. #8591 34x237
Kevin's family are relieved at the hospital when they learn that he is going to be fine and arrested for attacking him. Colleen thanks Kevin for saving her life. When Colleen describes the man working with Jana, Brad and Victoria realize that it's the same man they saw in the Czech catacombs. Neil learns that the Carmen look-a-like is her cousin when she sees her talking to David. Jill admits the truth to Cane and he tells Amber that they can have their marriage annulled.
Ep. #8590 34x236
Lauren offers to throw Cane and Amber a party to celebrate their marriage. Amber tries to force Jill into admitting to Cane that he is her son. When David learns that Neil saw the Carmen look a like he asks her to leave town before she is spotted again. Kevin looks for evidence to try and clear his name. Traci returns to town to be near her daughter. J.T. knocks Kevin out. When Colleen wakes up she tells her parents that Kevin saved her life and that it was Jana who tried to kill her.
Ep. #8589 34x235
When Jack tells him that he has decided not to run for senate, Victor decides to try and change his mind and turns to David for help. Nicholas is disappointed that his father didn't tell him about the reason why he was going to the Czech Republic. Sharon and Jack learn of Nicholas and Phyllis's pending second marriage. Neil tells Drucilla that he also believes that he has now seen Carmen and Drucilla tries to get herself checked out of the psychiatric ward. After Neil returns home Drucilla is put in a straight jacket and transferred to a private room.
Ep. #8588 34x234
Sharon comforts Brad who is upset over what has happened to Colleen which Victoria witnesses. Korbel tells Colleen that he loves her. Michael tells J.T. to find Jana. Kevin learns that he is to be charged with Carmen's murder and Devon learns that all the charges against himself have been dropped. Drucilla's continued erratic behavior worries her family. Drucilla ends up checking herself into a psychiatric ward. Neil bumps into somebody looking like Carmen.
Ep. #8587 34x233
Drucilla continues to act paranoid. Amber and Cane return home. Jill is surprised when she learns that Cane and Amber are married and decides this not a good time to tell Cane that he is her son. Nicholas and Phyllis are furious when they realize that Lauren and Michael knew that Sheila was alive for ages and didn't tell them.
Ep. #8586 34x232
Amber convinces Cane that they are married even though he cant remember it. Brad says sorry for ever doubting Korbel as he goes to see his daughter at the hospital. Daniel believes in Kevin's innocence but Lily and J.T. aren't convinced. When Kevin is released from the hospital he is arrested for the attempted murder of Colleen.
Ep. #8585 34x231
After having been able to escape Victoria is able to get Brad and Victor out. Sharon calls Brad to let him know that Colleen is in hospital. Amber drugs Cane and gets her friend to pose as him so that they can be married.
Ep. #8584 34x230
Brad, Victoria and Victor are taken further into the catacombs by Milan who leaves them stranded. Jill learns that Cane is her son after Paul does some investigating. Amber proposes to Cane and tells him she has a Vegas wedding arranged and Cane believes she is doing it just to help him stay in the country. Jill tries to locate Cane and when she tries to call him Amber puts his phone in an ice bucket. At the hospital J.T. and Korbel believe that Kevin is responsible for what happened. Kevin insists to to his mother and brother that Jana is alive and that she is responsible for what has happened.
Ep. #8583 34x229
In the Czech Republic Brad, Victoria and Victor are unaware that Jana's father Milan is following them. In the catacombs they discover a tomb with the same words on it as the reliquary. Later when they break into the tomb they find gold and silver worth millions of dollars. Milan confronts them asking them what they think they are up to. Drucilla's family are concerned about her mental state. Drucilla still refuses to believe that Carmen is dead even after Neil says the DNA results prove it. After Jana sets fire to the building the freezer in J.T. and Korbel manage to get there and find Kevin and Colleen passed out.
Ep. #8582 34x228
Nicholas remembers his wedding to Sharon eleven years ago. Drucilla is frantic to prove that Carmen is still alive. William agrees to a DNA test being performed on Carmen's body. Brad and Victoria realize that they have a difficult job in the Czech Republic. Jana takes Kevin to the freezer and then surprises him and Colleen by pointing a gun at them. She tells them that she intends to kill Colleen and frame Kevin for the murder. Jan continues that she only got close to them to find out what the inscription on the reliquary meant and Colleen realizes that she put the hair extensions and Carmen's driving license in Korbel's apartment. After admitting to killing Carmen, Jana tells them they will be next.
Ep. #8581 34x227
Jana tells Colleen that Korbel locked her up and that she believes he killed Carmen. Colleen and Jana are threatened by a masked man who wants to know what the inscription on the reliquary means. J.T. breaks in Korbel's apartment when he realizes that Colleen is missing. Kevin is surprised when Jana suddenly shows up.
Ep. #8580 34x226
Paul fills Kay and Katherine in on what he has learned about Philip so far. Drucilla remains convinced that Carmen is really still alive. Concern about Jana's safety increases. Colleen takes the hair extensions and Carmen's driving license and leaves Korbel's apartment. As she is about to get into her car she is over powered from behind by a cloaked person. When Colleen wakes up she finds herself with Jana locked in a freezer.
Ep. #8579 34x225
Brad asks J.T. to keep an eye on Colleen and Victoria as he is going to be out of town for a while. Cane sets Devon up with a girl at Indigo. Brad reluctantly agrees to let Victoria go on the trip with him. Korbel tells Colleen that their relationship is wrong but they end up spending one last night together. When Colleen goes to get a glass out of a cupboard to have a drink of water some hair extensions and Carmen's driving license fall out.
Ep. #8578 34x224
Now that Senator Bodi has resigned Victor tells Jack that he should stand for office. Kevin, Michael and Gloria try to convince the police to look for Jana. Lauren is relieved that Maggie has decided to stay quiet. Korbel continues to work on trying to find out what the other letters on the reliquary mean and works out that they spell the name of a town in the Czech Republic. Nicholas gives Phyllis a special Valentine's gift.
Ep. #8577 34x223
Michael hops that Maggie decides to keep quiet as otherwise it could spell trouble for everybody. Amber kisses Cane when she goes to his apartment with him. Lily tries to make Colleen see that her relationship with Korbel can't lead anywhere. Kay informs Jill that she has remembered who she gave the baby to.
Ep. #8576 34x222
When Sheila tries to grab Summer, Lauren shoots her. When Phyllis talks to Lauren about only things she could know Lauren realizes that she has shot the right person. Michael is relieved when he shows up with Will to find Lauren and Phyllis safe. Will confirms that Sheila is dead and that Lauren shot her. He tells her that no charges will be pressed against her. Paul asks Maggie not to mention that Lauren and Michael had been involved in keeping Sheila captive. Everybody is relieved that Lauren and Phyllis are safe. Brad believes that Korbel bugged his house. Kevin gets a lead on Jana.
Ep. #8575 34x221
Kevin records the conversation when Sheila contacts Paul. When they play back the tape they hear a train and cows in the background. Paul has an idea where Sheila might be and leaves Lauren with a gun as he and Michael head off. Sheila contacts Paul again as he shows up at the location and laughs at how she has tricked him. Nicholas receives a picture of Phyllis and Summer from Sheila and notices a sign on it. After the picture is enlarged Victor says that it's from a retirement home close by and Lauren rushes off there. As Sheila talks to Paul, Phyllis manages to get free and struggles with Phyllis. Lauren shows up and Paul hears a shot being fired on the walkie-talkie.
Ep. #8574 34x220
Victoria worries that Brad is pushing Colleen away. Brad isn't happy when he finds out that somebody has planted a bug in the house. Colleen sleeps with Korbel again. Jill tells Ji Min about her past. Cane tells Amber that his visa ends in three days and that he will have to leave the country.
Ep. #8573 34x219
Paul manages to contact Sheila when he realizes that he still has one of the walkie-talkies. After watching Nicholas and Daniel's pleas on television Sheila tells Phylis that they will never be found. Sheila demands to talk to Lauren on the walkie-talkie.
Ep. #8572 34x218
Sheila disguises herself as an old lady and takes Phyllis and the children to a retirement home. Michael and Lauren try to help the police by telling them what they know about Sheila. Bodi is arrested after he agrees to take Jack's bung. Jack tells Victor about the success of his plan. Kevin is worried when Jana still has showed up. Carmen's murder trial is postponed. Drucilla believes that Carmen is still alive and the woman found behind the club murdered was somebody else.
Ep. #8571 34x217
With help from Korbel, Colleen cracks the code on the reliquary. Victor, Brad and Victoria learn what the code means from Colleen. Bodi falls into Jack's trap. When Lauren shows up at Phyllis she is shocked to find her tied up in the closet when she goes to hang her coat up. Sheila then ties her up and later leaves with Phyllis and both their babies. When Nicholas returns home Lauren tells him what has happened. When Michael goes to check on Sheila he is shocked to find Maggie and Paul in the cell instead of her.
Ep. #8570 34x216
Drucilla suspects that somebody is playing mind games with her. Sheila tells Paul that she isn't going to get any help for him or Maggie. Sheila goes to Phyllis' house and after they come face to face she ties her up. Pretending to be Phyllis, Sheila calls Lauren and invites her over. When Senator Bodi refuses to change his mind about allowing a a new N.V.P. spa, Jack calls a federal agent and tells him that he believes Bodi is corrupt.
Ep. #8569 34x215
Sharon informs Drucilla that Carmen had a sister and Drucilla wonder if that is who she has been seeing. Drucilla learns that David is to be working at Newman Industries. Colleen refuses to discuss her family with Korbel. After overpowering Maggie, Sheila knocks Paul out with her gun he he shows up. Sheila locks him up with Maggie and shoots her in the stomach.
Ep. #8568 34x214
Brad isn't pleased when he learns that his daughter is sleeping with Korbel. J.T. tries to convince Colleen that Korbel is dangerous. Jill is shocked when she learns that the DNA test performed on Philip's body prove that he wasn't her son. Amber tries to manipulate Cane into asking her out. Jacks wants to blackmail Senator Bodi into letting them build a N.V.P. spa in a area he has blocked construction.
Ep. #8567 34x213
Victoria is worried that Colleen spending so much time with Korbel could put the family in danger. Victor and Brad return home. Nobody is able to understand the gothic writing on the reliquary. Sheila tries to jump Paul when he checks on her and he is relieved when he wakes up to find out that it was just a nightmare. Maggie shows up at Sheila's nursery and sees her injured there. Sheila begs her to help her and Maggie does.
Ep. #8566 34x212
Jana wonders if Korbel is the killer. Lauren doesn't want Sheila to be taken to see a doctor. Later Michael comforts an upset Lauren after she wrecks Fen's nursery.
Ep. #8565 34x211
Lauren is shocked by the news that Sheila is still alive. Michael takes Lauren to see Sheila and she is surprised by just how much she now looks like Phyllis. Things heat up between Colleen and Korbel again. Victor and Brad agree a deal to get their hands on the Grugeon Reliquary.
Ep. #8564 34x210
Victor and Brad continue to be in trouble in Switzerland. Drucilla tells Neil about seeing somebody who looked like Carmen. Amber and Cane double date with Lily and Daniel. Michael and Paul realize that they will have to take Sheila to the hospital. Michael breaks the news to Lauren that Sheila is still alive.
Ep. #8563 34x209
Brad and Victor run into trouble in Switzerland. Paul is worried when he sees that Sheila's condition isn't improving. Later Paul and Maggie share a kiss.
Ep. #8562 34x208
Colleen admits to Victoria that she slept with Korbel unaware that their conversation is being taped. Victoria tells her that Victor and Brad are in Switzerland looking for the reliquary. After working out what is going on Amber researches Philip Chancellor on line. After receiving a mysterious phone call Drucilla sees somebody who looks just like Carmen.
Ep. #8561 34x207
J.T. refuses to forgive Colleen and throws her out. Korbel cools things off with Amber. Nicholas tries to find out from Victoria what is going on. Paul gives Sheila some antibiotics after refusing to get medical help for her. Maggie wonders what Paul is up to when he is late for their date.
Ep. #8560 34x206
J.T. tells Colleen that they are through and confronts Korbel. Jill agrees to let let Philip's body be exhumed so that they can discover the truth. Will informs Kay that he would have to prosecute Kay for kidnapping if the body turns out not to be Philip's. Drucilla discovers that her car's tires have been slashed and later gets a threatening phone call.
Ep. #8559 34x205
After Sheila hurts herself, Michael and Paul agree to help her. Sharon doesn't like the fact that Jack is friends with Phyllis again. J.T. tricks Colleen into admitting that she slept with Korbel.
Ep. #8558 34x204
Paul and Michael discuss what to do with Sheila. Victoria, Brad and Victor decide to go to Switzerland. J.T. hacks into Colleen's email account and finds out about her crush on Korbel. Sheila's actions surprise Paul and Michael.
Ep. #8557 34x203
Colleen gives Detective Sullivan information that makes Kevin a new suspect in Carmen's murder. Neil tells David Chow to stay away from all of his family. Gloria is fed up when all Will does is talk about how wonderful Jill is.
Ep. #8556 34x202
Lily ponders if Drucilla really killed Carmen but some news from Jana makes Lily realize that she is innocent. Michael and Paul realize that they aren't capable of killing Sheila who threatens not to eat unless she is released.
Ep. #8555 34x201
Drucilla is worried that after David's interview with Leanna everybody will think she killed Carmen and that she is letting Devon take the blame. Michael goes to see Sheila. Ashley says goodbye to all her friends.
Ep. #8554 34x200
Brad reluctantly agrees to work with Victor to find the Grugeon Reliquary. Ashley decides to go to Hong Kong. Korbel fills Colleen in on some of his past.
Ep. #8553 34x199
Amber tells Kay that she has been trying to find out what Sylvia's clues meant. Katherine asks J.T. to try and find out if Philip is still alive. Worried about Lauren, Phyllis talks to Michael. Sheila tries unsuccessfully to convince Paul to let her go. Drucilla is shaken when she is confronted by a friend of Carmen's called David. Later David reveals to Leanna Love that he was planning on proposing to Carmen. He also claims that he has proof that Drucilla killed Carmen.
Ep. #8552 34x198
Cassie's family remember her on what would of been her birthday. Colleen tries to convince herself that she still loves J.T. Colleen is surprised to find Amber with Korel at his place when she goes there with J.T. Jill is shocked by the news that her son could still be alive.
Ep. #8551 34x197
Victor tells Nikki that he is secretly continuing to look into Brad's past and that he has hired somebody to keep an eye on Brad and Victoria. After Brad confronts the person following him and finds out that he work for Victor he admits his full past to Victor. Victor offers to help Brad find the Grugeon Reliquary. Kay tells Jill that Phillip could still be alive. Amber uses Korbel's computer to look for information on Kay.
Ep. #8550 34x196
Colleen ends up making love with J.T. as she prepares to move out and ends up deciding to stay. Brad tells Victoria that he believes that somebody is following him. Victor offers Ashley some advise and she decides to take the Hong Kong job.
Ep. #8549 34x195
Knowing that she is unhappy in Genoa, Jack suggests that Ashley goes to Hong Kong to work on the Jabot products over there. Michael manages to follow Paul and is shocked when he learns that he is holding Sheila prisoner. Korbel suggests that Colleen apply for the Mondavi art fellowship which would mean studying in Rome. Colleen tells J.T that she is moving out.
Ep. #8548 34x194
Korbel wakes up next to Amber whilst Coleen tells J.T. that she wants to end things between them. Amber lets Colleen know that she slept with Corbel after seeing her text messages on his phone. Michael is certain that Paul is hiding something and is determined to discover what it is. Kay shares her fears with Nikki and Nikki realizes that if her worries are true Jill's son could still be alive. Jack is questioned by Will and Sullivan.
Ep. #8547 34x193
The Phyllis look a like is revealed as Sheila and she begs Paul to tell somebody else that he is keeping her captive in case anything happens to him. After Paul leaves, Sheila vows to get even with everybody. When Lauren cancels her and Michael's plans to go see Nicholas and Phyllis they come over instead. Il Divo sing to help everybody celebrate the new year. Kay works out what her dreams mean.
Ep. #8546 34x192
Victor tells Michael and Nikki that he has decided to no longer look into Brad's past. The Winter's family learn that Jack's DNA was on the earring along with Devon's. Colleen is disappointed when Korbel decides to spend New Year's Eve with Amber. Jack learns that his DNA was found on Carmen's earring. Nicholas tells Phyllis the truth as to why Sharon was kidnapped. Paul goes to see a woman who looks like Phyllis.
Ep. #8545 34x191
Brad, Victoria and Rebecca tell Victor the truth. Colleen continues to be drawn to Korbel. Ashley tells Jack that she is fed up with having to lie to everybody. Will lets Michael know that Jack's DNA was found on one of Carmen's earrings that she was wearing on the day she died.
Ep. #8544 34x190
Colleen feels that she needs to distance herself from Korbel but he manages to convince her not to drop his class. Devon rips up a parking ticket he finds after Drucilla admits to him it belongs to her and that she was planning on confronting Carmen on the night she died. After he learns that somebody has been snooping into his past Brad wonders if he should just tell Victor the truth.
Ep. #8543 34x189
Jack gives Sharon for Christmas a necklace to remember their Caribbean trip. Gloria and Joanna continue to clash and Joanna ends up falling into the Christmas tree. Victor toasts all his family and friends when they all gather together. Nicholas and Phyllis tell his parents and Noah that they have decided to name their daughter Summer.
Ep. #8542 34x188
Lily is surprised when Colleen admits that she slept with Korbel. Colleen cant find the words to tell J.T. about what happened. Phyllis and Nicholas take the baby home for Christmas. William tells Jack that he needs a sample of his DNA.
Ep. #8541 34x187
Jill and Kay wonder what the messages Sylvia Browne got from Phillip mean. Gloria and Lauren's mother argue. Victor asks Michael to look into Brad's past. Colleen feels awkward when she sees Korbel with Victoria.
Ep. #8540 34x186
Victor tries to find out more about Brad's past from Rebecca. Victor isn't happy when Victoria lies to him and he is determined to uncover the truth. Korbel and Colleen make love as J.T. shows up looking for her. As Nicholas and Lily help save Daniel's life, Jack helps Phyllis give birth.
Ep. #8539 34x185
Whilst stuck in the storm together Sharon and Brad discuss the past they shared. Even though they realize that they still have feelings for one another they both agree that they can have no future together. Korbel and Colleen end up sharing another kiss. Daniel is trapped in the car after the accident and Nicholas tries to free him. Sylvia Brown gives Kay a reading.
Ep. #8538 34x184
Bad weather forces the gala to be canceled. Lauren is surprised when her mother shows up for a visit. Lily and Daniel are involved in a car accident. The weather causes power cuts all over Genoa and Phyllis becomes trapped in a lift with Jack as she is about to go into labor.
Ep. #8537 34x183
As Jack tries to get Gloria stopped from using the family name, John's ghost appears in front of him again. The judge decides that Gloria can still use the family name. Victoria introduces Korbel to her father. Phyllis learns that she will have to have a c-section to help deliver the baby safely.
Ep. #8536 34x182
Amber agrees to go to the gala with Korbel. Victor tells Michael that Jack is the real owner of Jabot. Colleen is upset when she sees Amber and Korbel together.
Ep. #8535 34x181
Even though she realizes that she has to stay away from Korbel, Colleen is touched when he gives her a book to help her with her research. Michael questions Brad and Jack about Carmen's murder. A CSI team search Newman Enterprises for more clues.
Ep. #8534 34x180
Kay tells Jill that the DNA results prove that she is her daughter after all. Nicholas asks his sister if she can be sure that Brad had nothing to do with Carmen's death. Neil pledges to Drucilla that his future is with her. Colleen shares her problems with Korbel.
Ep. #8533 34x179
Gloria finds out that the producers of the show no longer want her. Phyllis has some tests done on the baby to make sure that it's OK. Gloria finds out that the show have offered the position to Jill. Kay learns that the DNA results are in.
Ep. #8532 34x178
J.T. agrees to help Paul to continue investigating Carmen's murder on the quiet. Amber is introduced to Lily, Kay and Jill. Jill is offered some advise from a psychic. Devon's official adoption is approved by a judge.
Ep. #8531 34x177
Everybody is happy when Dr. Mintz implants a hearing aid which restores Devon's hearing. After talking about her recurring dreams with Jill, Kay realizes that Jill might not be her daughter after all. Kay and Jill decide to have DNA tests conducted. Brad shares his fears with Paul and Paul tells Michael that he has decided that he can no longer work on Carmen's murder.
Ep. #8530 34x176
Jana and Kevin get ready to move into the new apartment. Lauren introduces Amber to everybody and offers her a job. Sharon is upset at witnessing a close moment between Nicholas and Phyllis. Abby hears Jack and Ashley discussing the fact that he owns Jabot. Abby tells Nikki and Victor what she heard and they realize that Ashley is working with Jack. Victor is upset when Ashley lies to him to cover for Jack.
Ep. #8529 34x175
Brad prepares his mother for the meeting with Korbel. After talking with Victoria they decide to cancel the meeting. Ashley clashes with Gloria at work. After finding out that Yolanda is back on drugs Neil and Drucilla tell Devon that they want to adopt him officially.
Ep. #8528 34x174
Neil feels responsible for everything that has happened. Phyllis clashes with Sharon. Michael, Neil and Paul look for evidence to try and clear Devon.
Ep. #8527 34x173
When he returns to school Devon is given a hard time about the pending trial. J.T. fills Colleen in on what he has managed to find out about Korbel. Kevin manages to hack into Jack's bank account and learns that he transferred money into a secret account belonging to Carmen on the day she died. Michael asks Will why he didn't tell him about this.
Ep. #8526 34x172
It's the opening night for Indigo and Neil are and Drucilla are pleased by the turn out. Amber shows up and ends up singing when a band cancels. Colleen asks J.T. to find out more about Korbel.
Ep. #8525 34x171
Jack continues to try and make it look like he has cut all his ties to Jabot. Michael asks Brad why he went to see Carmen on the day of her death.
Ep. #8524 34x170
William shares all the evidence he has about Devon with Paul and Michael. After looking at the tape of Devon arriving at Carmen's place, Paul and Michael see Brad there too. Devon tells Michael that his DNA would of been under Carmen's nails because he clashed with her in the lift on the day of her death. Korbel wants to interview Rebbecca but Colleen refuses and tells her father. Brad is determined to find out what Korbel is up to.
Ep. #8523 34x169
Everybody celebrates Thanksgiving. Jack is convinced that Drucilla killed Carmen. Jack sees John's ghost again.
Ep. #8522 34x168
Devon is upset when he wakes up from surgery and still cant hear. Lauren is upset when she cant get the baby to stop crying and Gloria can. Michael shares his theories with Kevin about Jack secretly being in charge of Jabot. Ji Min and Jack use Phyllis to make it look like to everybody that they aren't working together.
Ep. #8521 34x167
Devon is arrested before he has his surgery to try and get his hearing back. Devon is released on bale and returns to have have his surgery. Drucilla and Neil learn from Michael that Devon's DNA was found under Carmen's nails. Kay talks with Paul about the recurring nightmares she has been having. Gloria finds out that Will spent the night with Jill. Victor tries to convince Jack to become involved in politics.
Ep. #8520 34x166
Phyllis learns that her unborn child is going to be fine but is told to have plenty of rest. Brad demands that Colleen tells him everything she told Korbel about him. Will gets the papers ordering Drucilla and Neil's arrests. Will believes that Neil is lying to cover for Drucilla. Neil and Drucilla learn from Michael that Devon is the prime suspect in the case.
Ep. #8519 34x165
Jill blames Kay for Billy leaving town and still isn't happy about her selling Jabot. Jill and William grow closer over dinner. Phyllis has a contraction.
Ep. #8518 34x164
Michael insists that Drucilla and Neil must be honest with him otherwise they will have to find themselves another lawyer. Will confronts Neil about lying to him when he discovers some new evidence. Colleen asks her father why he got J.T. to investigate Korbel.
Ep. #8517 34x163
Victor is upset about the fact that Jack has been lying to him as he thought they had become friends. A judge tells the Winter's family that they must hand over their passports.
Ep. #8516 34x162
After getting the Lab reports back, Will gets some evidence linking Devon to the crime. Colleen isn't happy whet she learns that J.T. has been looking into Korbel's past. Ji Min and Jack plot to get rid of Gloria from the company. Michael and Victor decide to work together to bring Jack down.
Ep. #8515 34x161
Neil, Paul and Michael talk about Carmen's murder and share their theories. Colleen talks about Carmen's murder with Korbel.
Ep. #8514 34x160
Brad asks J.T. about Korbel. Nikki quizzes Sharon about Jack. Kay discovers that Billy has pawned one of her belongings. Victor tries to learn more about Ji Min. When Jack offers him a job overseas and to pay all his gambling debts Billy accepts.
Ep. #8513 34x159
Colleen sees Korbel talking with Victoria at the club. Gloria spoils Lauren and Michael's dinner party. Jill and Will share a kiss after their dinner date but are interrupted by Kay and Esther.
Ep. #8512 34x158
Drucilla is worried about lying in front of the grand jury. After giving their testimonies Neil and Drucilla are relieved and believe they have done well. Devon has to have a DNA test. Phyllis is determined to be honest about Drucilla on the stand. J.T. and Korbel find that they have something in common.
Ep. #8511 34x157
Jack is questioned about Carmen and blows his cover about Jabot. Kevin finds his mother on the Internet trying to find out more about Will. Jill thinks that everybody should give Billy the benefit of the doubt. Billy later admits to Jill and Jack that he owes thousands of dollars in Miami.
Ep. #8510 34x156
William is not happy with Michael representing the Winter's family. Lauren finds it difficult to cope with the baby. Kevin tells his mother that he is moving in with Jana. Neil and Drucilla are worried about Devon being a suspect in Carmen's murder. Jill sees William hugging Gloria. Brad is questioned about Carmen's death.
Ep. #8509 34x155
Lauren returns home with Michael and the baby. Jill is worried about Billy's gambling. William and Det. Sullivan see Devon on the surveillance tape outside of Carmen's room and also spot Brad on it.
Ep. #8508 34x154
Lauren feels nervous around Phyllis. Michael tries to make her feel better by telling her that he had second tests run on Sheila's body and they have confirmed that it was 100% her body. Colleen says sorry to Prof. Korbel for kissing him and leaves quickly. Neil and Drucilla decide to say that they were together at the time of the murder.
Ep. #8507 34x153
William is determined to bring Carmen's killer to justice. Jack, Neil and Drucilla are questioned on where they were just before the time of Carmen's murder. Brad tells Victoria about going to see Carmen on the night she was murdered. Colleen kisses Prof. Korbel as he comforts her over Carmen's murder.
Ep. #8506 34x152
Neil realizes that Carmen is dead and when Drucilla shows up he instructs her to take the children home. Later Michael tells Drucilla and Neil that there is sure to be a murder investigation. Victor admits to Nikki that he has been faking his change in personality to stop Jack from finding out that he is on to him.
Ep. #8505 34x151
Neil's new club opens. Victor realizes that Jack took advantage of his illness. Nicholas and Phyllis miss the concert when they decide to stay home. Neil finds Carmen's dead body in the alley behind the club.
Ep. #8504 34x150
Lauren tells Phyllis how Sheila had plastic surgery before her death to look just like her. Michael confronts Carmen withe the information Paul gave him. Brad realizes that Carmen has heard him and Victoria talking to Paul about his past life. Devon picks up an envelope that Carmen dropped after he bumps into her and takes it to her apartment.
Ep. #8503 34x149
Carmen turns down Jack's job offer but does tell him that she will keep his secret. Sharon and Jack learn that Phyllis and Nicholas got married. Nicholas shocks his parents with the news of his marriage. Paul gives Michael information on Carmen's past.
Ep. #8502 34x148
Nicholas and Phyllis are married. Drucilla turns down a chance to settle out of court which would mean spending two years in prison. Lily confronts Carmen.
Ep. #8501 34x147
Phyllis and Nicholas leave to elope. Ashley tells Mr. Kim that she knows that Jack is the real owner of Jabot. After seeing a message on Jack's phone, Carmen suspects that he is up to something. To get her out of town, Jack offers Carmen an overseas job. Lauren becomes suspicious of everyone. Paul shows Michael and Lauren a picture proving Sheila is dead and they are shocked to see she had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis.
Ep. #8500 34x146
Drucilla shares her fears with Sharon. Neil and Drucilla help the kids move into their new apartment. Phyllis and Nicholas tell Michael and Lauren about their plans to elope to Mexico to get married. Jack takes Carmen's mobile phone by mistake. Paul tells Lauren and Michael that he has discovered that Sheila has had plastic surgery and murdered the surgeon who did it on her so that nobody will know her identity.
Ep. #8499 34x145
Lauren is relieved when she is finally allowed to hold her baby. Billy shows Jana around his home. Victor and Nikki are suspicious of Jack's friendship with Mr. Kim.
Ep. #8498 34x144
Victor introduces himself to Mr. Kim. Michael is worried about Lauren's condition. Lily shocks Drucilla by telling her that she thinks that it is a good idea that Devon is moving out. Lily offers Devon a place to stay with her and Daniel. Neil takes Drucilla to his new club.
Ep. #8497 34x143
Devon decides to move out. Lauren is worried that Sheila is going to steal her new born baby. Things heat up between Jack and Sharon.
Ep. #8496 34x142
Carmen refuses to back down from pressing charges against Drucilla. Jack tells Ashley that nobody can know their secret. Jack has Mr. Kim takeaway Jill's authority as CEO of Jabot. Colleen informs Prof. Korbel that she is looking for the Grugeon Reliquary for her step mother.
Ep. #8495 34x141
Lauren and the baby suffer complications after the baby is born early. Both Lauren and Michael are relieved when they discover that the baby is fine. Because of the lawsuit Victoria tells Drucilla that she is going to have to fire her. Colleen introduces Victoria to her teacher, Prof. Korbel.
Ep. #8494 34x140
Lauren is terrified when she goes into labor to early. Brad isn't happy when he learns that Victoria is still after the reliquary.
Ep. #8493 34x139
The judge agrees bail for Drucilla. Nicholas and Phyllis are denied them the right to get married until six months after Nicholas' divorce from Sharon is finalized. Phyllis acts surprised by Nicholas' surprise engagement party. Lauren confronts Gloria and Michael for not telling her about spying on Jack. Kevin tries to convince Lauren that the plan was all his. After arguing with Michael, Lauren has stomach cramps.
Ep. #8492 34x138
Michael and Lauren learn that Sheila is in Argentina. Lauren discovers that Gloria and Michael have been spying on Jack. Drucilla admits to Neil that she has clashed with Carmen again and is later arrested.
Ep. #8491 34x137
Noah records a video for Nicholas' birthday. Jack is impressed by Gloria's perfume idea. Devon is frustrated at not being able to hear. Phyllis and Nicholas hope to get married before 6 months. Drucilla argues with Carmen.
Ep. #8490 34x136
Jack sees the vision of his father again. Nicholas tells Sharon about his plans for a surprise engagement party for Phyllis but she later blurts it out to Phyllis.
Ep. #8489 34x135
Ashley is happy that Jabot is back in the family but knows that she will have to keep quiet about it for the time being. Sharon spends more time with Jack. Nicholas makes plans for a surprise engagement party for Phyllis.
Ep. #8488 34x134
Devon refuses to allow the deathness to change his life. Devon's friends decide to help him so that he can go back to school. Katherine signs the papers to make House of Kim the new owners of Jabot. Jack reveals to Ashley that he is really the new owner of Jabot.
Ep. #8487 34x133
The doctor tells Drucilla that it is too early to know where Devon will regain his hearing. Neil makes adjustments at home when Devon is released from the hospital. Kay refuses Jack's improved offer for Jabot. When Michael reports that House of Kim is clean, Kay decides to sell Jabot to them.
Ep. #8486 34x132
Devon realizes that he can't hear anything. Brad tells Victoria that he wants to make things up to her for what he has put her through. Jack decides to let Billy spy on Katherine for him. John's ghost appears to Jack again. Michael reveals to Katherine that Raaz Cosmetics is a front for Jack to buy Jabot.
Ep. #8485 34x131
Kay receives a rival bid for the company. Victor is surprised by how close Jack and Sharon have become. Kevin shows Gloria an email John had sent to Jack before he died. Victor realizes that Jack is up to something. Kevin and Michael believe that they have discovered what Jack is up to. Devon wakes up.
Ep. #8484 34x130
Kevin is worried that Jack is on to him when he starts deleting his emails. Devon's condition is stabilized. Brad confronts Victoria after finding the birth control pills.
Ep. #8483 34x129
Devon's condition is not good at the hospital. Ashley is suspicious of Jack's actions. Gloria bumps into Will Bardwell at a support group for people who have lost their partners.
Ep. #8482 34x128
Jacks plan to gain control of Jabot is put into action. Jack is haunted by a vision of his father again. Nikki asks Nicholas to keep an eye on Victor whilst she is out of town. Devon collapses. At the hospital Drucilla learns that Devon could have meningitis.
Ep. #8481 34x127
Devon tells Carmen to stay away from Neil. Victor believes that Brad has more secrets he is keeping. Victoria asks her doctor for a prescription for birth control pills knowing that Brad would like another child.
Ep. #8480 34x126
Kevin tells Gloria how he has hacked into Jack's email account so that they will be ready for what ever he has planned. Nikki meets Brad's mother. Brad fills Nikki and Victor in on his past. Drucilla's therapist suggests that she and Neil stay away from each other for a few weeks so that they can think things over.
Ep. #8479 34x125
Drucilla meets with the therapist. Gloria impresses Kay and Jill. Jack and Ashley aren't happy when Kay gives the go ahead for Gloria to develop a new product. Nicholas sees Jack and Sharon together.
Ep. #8478 34x124
Nikki helps Victor get through his seizure. Neil asks Nicholas for some advise. Sharon agrees to go with Jack to the opening of the N.V.P. spa in the Caribbean. Nikki clashes with Jack.
Ep. #8477 34x123
Victor has a headache and later collapses. Brad is relieved to see his mother again.
Ep. #8476 34x122
Kevin plans to find out what Jack is up to. Jack plans to trick Katherine into selling Jabot to him. Victor wakes up after his surgery and is allowed to go home.
Ep. #8475 34x121
Kay and Jill discuss the idea of selling Jabot. Michael tries to find out from Phyllis what is going on at Jabot. Nicholas has a surprise for Phyllis. Kay tells Jack that she has decided not to sell after all. Victor goes into surgery.
Ep. #8474 34x120
Carmen refuses to drop the case against Drucilla. When Gloria learns that Kay is considering selling Jabot she begs her not to. Ashley clashes with Gloria. Victor learns that surgery may help him.
Ep. #8473 34x119
Victor accuses Nikki of putting him in the hsspital because she wants rid of him. Victoria and Nicholas are worried for their father's sanity. Victor cant remember pointing a gun at Nikki. Carmen goes to the police station to complain against Drucilla. Neil bails Drucilla out after she is arrested.
Ep. #8472 34x118
Jack tells Sharon that he doesn't want to be with her just to get back at Phyllis and Nicholas. When Nikki startles Victor, he points a gun at her. After she manages to soothe him she calls an ambulance for him. Drucilla breaks in Carmen's room and wrecks the place after seeing her spending time with Neil. The doctor at the hospital says that Victor's new medicine is giving him the side effect of schizophrenia. Neil and Carmen are shocked to discover what Drucilla has done.
Ep. #8471 34x117
The N.V.P. gala gets under way. Jack and Ashley aren't happy to see Gloria at the gala. Brad learns that his mother is missing. Jack is shocked when he learns that Phyllis and Nicholas are getting married. Neil isn't happy when a drunk Drucilla bad mouths Carmen at the gala. Victor remains paranoid and decides to go home.
Ep. #8470 34x116
Victor informs Brad that he will be watching him whilst he is working at Newman Industries. Gloria tries to find an ally in Billy. Lily tells her father that she is moving back in with Daniel and that she intends to make her marriage work. Neil shows Devon the club he is considering buying. Noah puts pictures around his father and Phyllis' new place to remind him of his old life.
Ep. #8469 34x115
Nicholas sees Jack and Sharon kissing and later tells Phyllis. Nicholas informs Sharon that he and Phyllis are moving into the tack house to be close to Noah. Ashley isn't happy when Jill insists that Gloria will be staying at the company. Lily tells Daniel that she wants to move back in with him and they share a kiss. Carmen shows Neil a possible venue for his new club. Jill insists to Billy that he must start at the bottom at Jabot. Ashley asks Will to be her date at the spa opening night.
Ep. #8468 34x114
Jack suggests to Victor that NVP should buy Jabot but Kay refuses to sell. Kay fills Jill in on what Billy has been upto. Jill and Kay decide to promote Gloria at Jabot. Michael convinces Kevin not to leave Jabot so that he can watch out for Gloria. Nicholas and Sharon meet with their divorce lawyers and afterwards Jack gives Sharon a lift home. Jack kisses Sharon.
Ep. #8467 34x113
Jack sees a vision of his father who tells him that he is furious with the way he has treated Gloria. Sharon is shocked when Noah tells her that Nicholas and Phyllis are planning on getting married. The judge rules that John's second will is going to replace the first one. Gloria cant believe that she is going to be left with nothing. Jack sees John's image again and he isn't happy.
Ep. #8466 34x112
Ashley is worried that Jack manipulated their father into changing his will. Michael tries to get the judge to see just how much John loved Gloria. Nicholas shares the news with Noah that he is going to have a brother or sister and that he intends to marry Phyllis.
Ep. #8465 34x111
Jack tells Carmen how he wants to get Jabot back in his family. Daniel surprises Lily with a picnic in the woods. Sharon tells Drucilla about being kidnapped.
Ep. #8464 34x110
Lily agrees to go out on a date with Daniel. Jack insists to Gloria and Kevin that they are no longer part of the family. Michael is suspicious of the new will and Gloria and Kevin move in with him and Lauren. Jack tells his sister that he hopes to gain control of Jabot once again.
Ep. #8463 34x109
Gloria learns that she has been cut out of John's new will. Nicholas is worried about Noah. Jack throws Gloria out of the house.
Ep. #8462 34x108
Victor returns home to his family. Using binoculars, Drucilla sees Neil kiss Carmen in her hotel room. Jack learns from Christine that the lawyer who was supposed to file John and Gloria’s marriage license never did, which means that they were never legally married. The prison chaplin calls Jack and tells him that John gave him a hand written will and that he will bring it over.
Ep. #8461 34x107
Gloria is late for the service as John's funeral gets underway. Everybody remembers things about him. When Gloria shows up she discovers that she has it and blames Jack for telling her the wrong time. Gloria, Michael, Lauren, and Kevin conduct their own service by John's casket. Later Jack blames Gloria for his father's death.
Ep. #8460 34x106
Lauren gives Michael his grandmother's diary. Drucilla sees Neil having dinner with Carmen. Ashley is surprised to learn that half of her father's estate has been left to Gloria.
Ep. #8459 34x105
J.T. and Colleen wake up together. Later Brad asks J.T. if he will continue to investigate Oscar Volkmann to find out if his family is still in danger. Noah tells his father that he wishes that he would move back home.
Ep. #8458 34x104
John's family are devistated that he is dead. Colleen tells J.T. that she wants to sleep with him. Brad tells Sharon that they cant see each other anymore and he pledges his future to Victoria. Sharon is nervous when she hears a noise outside of her house. Nicholas and Phyllis look forward to the future.
Ep. #8457 34x103
Victoria tells Nicholas that Sharon is to blame for her marriage problems. When Nikki finds out that Victor was in Kansas she calls Hope who tells her that he has left to go to a monastery. John's family say their goodbyes and his ventilator is turned off.
Ep. #8456 34x102
Sharon sends Nicholas away so that he can be with Phyllis. Jack tries to convince Gloria to let John go and she finally agrees to allow the ventilator to be turned off.
Ep. #8455 34x101
Brad manages to convince J.T. and Paul not to tell anybody about what happened at the church. John's family are devistated by the news about him. Daniel gives Lily the news that she has that she passed physics and can finally graduate high school. Drucilla is upset when she sees Neil with Carmen.
Ep. #8454 34x100
Nickolas and the kidnapper face off. J.T. and Paul sneak into the church but are seen by the kidnapper. A struggle follows and Brad who has also showed up manages to kill the kidnapper and Sharon is freed. Billy returns home to be there for his father at the hospital. The doctor tells John's family that he is brain dead.
Ep. #8453 34x99
John's family are told that he has suffered a massive stroke as the doctors work on him. Michael thanks his wife for finding somebody that might be able to decipher his grandmother’s diary. J.T. and Paul work out that Sharon is being held in Cleveland and head off there. A meeting is set up for Nicholas to swap the reliquary for Sharon. A gun is pushed into his back as he turns up at the meeting point.
Ep. #8452 34x98
John's family learn that he has been rushed to the hospital and that he has suffered a minor stroke. Gloria, Ashley and Jack are allowed to see John one person at a time. As John is talking with Jack he has trouble breathing. Gloria is distraught when a code blue is called to John's room. Lily talks to Daniel.
Ep. #8451 34x97
After watching a tape of Sharon's kidnapping, Paul and J.T. discover a clue. Brad is relieved when he gets to speak to Sharon on the phone. Brad, Victoria and Nicholas buy a replica that they can pass off as the Grugeon reliquary and get ready to trade it for Sharon. Gloria has some good news for John. Gloria has some ideas for Jabot. John suffers with a headache and looses vision in one eye.
Ep. #8450 34x96
Brad is worried for Sharon's safety. Brad, Victoria and Nicholas move a step closer to locating the reliquary. Sharon tries to escape.
Ep. #8449 34x95
J.T. is dumped on Brad's doorstep. Brad fills J.T. in on his past. The kidnapper calls again making more threats and Brad promises him that he will have the reliquary soon. Nicholas convinces Phyllis to leave town for a while for her own safety. Kevin and Jana grow closer. Lily tells Devon that her marriage to Daniel is over.
Ep. #8448 34x94
Jack visits his father at the prison. Lily's parents are furious with Daniel when they learn the truth. Victor tells Hope about his illness when he recovers from his seizure. Nicholas answers Brad's phone when it rings and tells the kidnappers they have his wife and not Brad's.
Ep. #8447 34x93
Brad, Victoria, Paul and Nicholas continue their search for the reliquary. Victor has a seizure whilst Hope is in the garden. Lily tells her father about Alex being back in town. Daniel tells his mother about coming clean with Lily. When Alex wakes up, Kevin tries to blackmail him into leaving town by telling him that he has pictures of him attacking a woman. Kevin tells Daniel that their problems are over but Daniel replies it's too late as he has already admitted the truth to Lily.
Ep. #8446 34x92
Gloria drugs Alexis. Jana help Gloria and Kevin with their plan to get rid of Alex. Michael returns home. Daniel admits the truth to Lily and she storms out.
Ep. #8445 34x91
Brad, Victoria and Nicholas search for information on the Grugeon Reliquary. Victoria manages to get news of it's location. Phyllis tells Daniel to be honest with Lily.
Ep. #8444 34x90
Victor explains to Hope why he has come to see her. Brad is told to recover an artifact called the Grugeon reliquary if he ever wants to see Sharon again. Brad refuses to allow Victoria to call the police but does tell Paul about what is going on. Nicholas is shocked when he learns that Sharon has been kidnapped.
Ep. #8443 34x89
Victor tells Nikki that he’s going to go to a spiritual retreat but really goes to see Hope. Brad shares all of his past with Victoria. Brad receives a telephone call and learns that Sharon has been kidnapped. J.T. wakes up to find Sharon tied up next to him.
Ep. #8442 34x88
Brad tells his family about his past and claims that his family is from Rome and during the second world war the Nazi's killed his mother’s family. He continues that they had to change their names when they escaped to America. When Colleen asks him about the real Brad Carlton, he says that he was a school friend whose identity he took after he was killed in a car crash. A mysterious person searches through Brad's office. Brad, Victoria, Colleen and Abby leave for a trip to Hawaii where a woman waiting on the plane is introduced as Brad's mother. Somebody grabs Sharon when she shows up at Brad's house to see him.
Ep. #8441 34x87
Nicholas and Phyllis wake up together. Later he tells his parents that he and Sharon are getting a divorce. Jack tries to manipulate Victor. Colleen gets her father to admit that he is really George Kaplin.
Ep. #8440 34x86
Alex continues to create problems for Daniel and Kevin. Brad agress to Victoria's demands that he has no further contact with Sharon. Nicholas tells Phyllis that he is divorcing Sharon and they end up kissing.
Ep. #8439 34x85
Brad learns from Sharon that she is divorcing Nicholas. Victoria fires Sharon. Daniel talks to Jack about Alex. Colleen is shocked when she realizes that her father might have killed all of his family.
Ep. #8438 34x84
Brad admits to Victoria about what happened with Sharon and says that she came on to him. Nicholas and Sharon decide to get a divorce. Lauren surprises Michael. Victor tells Jack about switching his medication for asprins. Colleen tells Paul that she told her father that he was still being investigated by J.T. J.T. is tied up on a construction site.
Ep. #8437 34x83
Sharon continues kissing Brad when she sees Nicholas. Neil calls Carmen to cancel their date after Dru has come home early. Nicholas tells his sister that he has something important to tell her.
Ep. #8436 34x82
Even though she agress to stay with Nicholas, Sharon believes that he is only staying with her for Noah's sake. Sharon is comforted by Brad in the parking lot where they end up sharing a kiss which Nicholas witnesses. Alexis calls and again demands more money from Daniel and Kevin. Daniel tells Jack about what has been going on. Things heat up betwen Neil and Carmen. Neil is surprised when he returns home to find out that Dru has come home early.
Ep. #8435 34x81
Nicholas tells Phyllis that the paternity tests have confirmed him as the father of her unborn child and that he has decided to stay with Sharon. J.T. finds out more about Brad's past. After Daniel and Kevin exchange the tape that Alex has for the money he wants they learn that he has made another copy and wants even more money.
Ep. #8434 34x80
Alex threatens Kevin. Daniel decides not to tell Lily that Alex is back in town. Alexis wants money from Daniel to keep quiet about what Daniel did to Lily last year. Victor swaps his prescribed pills for some aspirin.
Ep. #8433 34x79
Jack realizes that Phyllis wants Nicholas to be the father of her unborn child. Colleen tells Daniel about the threats she has been receiving. When he finds a note on the doorstep addressed to himself, Daniel relaizes that the calls Colleen must of been getting must of been for him. Daniel realises that Alex is behind the threats. Victor learns that he might have epilepsy.
Ep. #8432 34x78
Paul and J.T. dig further into Brad's past in Cleveland. Nicholas send both Phyllis and Sharon an email that he needs to leave town for a few days. Victor sees the hallucination of the woman again and realizes that it is Hope.
Ep. #8431 34x77
Nicholas tells his father about Phyllis being pregnant and that the baby could be his. Sharon shares her fears with Nikki. Colleen tells J.T. that she is worried about him going to Cleveland. Nicholas tells Phyllis that he loves her. After seeing his son and Sharon, Nicholas finds himself torn. Victor is working at home when the lights go off and he sees the mystery woman telling him not to be afraid. Carmen and Jack make love.
Ep. #8430 34x76
Jack goes to see Phyllis at the hospital after her accident where she tells him that she is pregnant and there is a chance the baby is his. Sharon is worried about the DNA test results.
Ep. #8429 34x75
Brad opens up to Victoria. Brad looks through the company's security tapes and sees J.T. hacking into his computer. Paul and J.T. decide that they need to go to Cleveland to find out more about Brad. J.T. and Colleen admit that they still love one another. Sharon is furious with Nicholas.
Ep. #8428 34x74
Ep. #8427 34x73
Ep. #8426 34x72
Nikki shares her concerns about Victor's health with Kay. Michael asks Gloria questions about his real father.
Ep. #8425 34x71
Kevin is given his first assignment at Jabot. Phyllis tells Michael that she has told Nicholas about her pregnancy.
Ep. #8424 34x70
Jack apologies to Phyllis for the way he has treated her recently. Nikki and Victor join them for dinner. Nicholas enjoys a night out with Sharon.
Ep. #8423 34x69
Phyllis asks Nicholas what he is going to do if he turns out to be the father of her baby. Sharon thanks Brad for being there for her.
Ep. #8422 34x68
Colleen shares her fears about her father with Lily. Nikki worries about Victor. Phyllis tells Nicholas on the plane on the way home that she is preganant and that the baby could be his.
Ep. #8421 34x67
The doctor cant find anything wrong with Victor. Jack celebrates his birthday with family and friends. Will kisses Jill on their date.
Ep. #8420 34x66
Sharon convinces Victor to see a doctor after finding him passed out. Phyllis tells Nicholas about his father selling his shares in the company to Jack. Brad remembers his past about the real Brad Carlton being dead and about stealing his identity.
Ep. #8419 34x65
After Ashley turns down his invitation of dinner, Will decides to ask Jill out on another date. Victor suffers with a headache and passes out. Kevin signs the contract for his job with Jabot. Victoria returns home to find the house has been burgled.
Ep. #8418 34x64
Nicholas is surprised to discover that Phyllis is on the plane with him. Kevin manages to impress Jill at his interview. Nikki is shocked when she learns that Victor has sold his shares in the company to Jack.
Ep. #8417 34x63
Brad asks Nicholas to go to Arizona for him while Nikki asks Phyllis to take her place on the trip to Arizona for her. Sharon turns down Nicholas' offer to go with him but later learns from her mother that Phyllis is going to be there too. Nikki finds it hard to adjust to Victor's new personality.
Ep. #8416 34x62
Jack agrees to buy Victor's stake in the company but states that Nikki or Phyllis can't find out until after the deal is sealed. Nicholas tells Sharon that he is committed to making their marriage work. Nikki is alarmed by what she finds in Victor's desk.
Ep. #8415 34x61
Colleen decides to help J.T. uncover her father's real identity. Daniel is shocked by the cost of the college fees. Victor asks Jack to buy him out of N.V.P. Nicholas and Sharon grow closer.
Ep. #8414 34x60
Jill is surprised to findout that her blind date is with Will Bardwell. Phyllis isn't happy when Jack dumps more work on her. J.T. shows Colleen a picture of the real Brad Carlton the person her father has been pretending to be for the past twenty years. Victor loses his memory again.
Ep. #8413 34x59
John receives a visit from Gloria. Phyllis decides to help Kevin get a job at Jabot after clashing with Ashley. J.T. breaks into Brad's office where Phyllis catches him.
Ep. #8412 34x58
Victor surprises Nikki by buying her a dog. Victor celebrates father's day with his family. Carmen and Jack flirt in front of Phyllis.
Ep. #8411 34x57
J.T is furious with Colleen for looking at files on his computer. Lauren and Michael are told that their baby looks healthy. Colleen tells Lily that J.T. was looking into her father's past.
Ep. #8410 34x56
Sharon tells Nicholas that the only reason she has decided to stop the divorce is for Noah's happiness. Brad shares some of his past with Victoria. Jack tries to make Phyllis jealous.
Ep. #8409 34x55
Brad isn't happy that Neil tried to stop him making the board at Newman Enterprises. Daniel argues with Lily. After talking with Jack, Sharon tells Nicholas that she has decided not to go ahead with the divorce.
Ep. #8408 34x54
Nicholas argues with Sharon. Lauren learns that Phyllis is also pregnant. Lily agrees to help Colleen get the password to J.T.'s computer.
Ep. #8407 34x53
Gloria is upset when Ashley tells her that Jabot won't be producing her new product idea. J.T. gives Colleen a new laptop. Nikki isn't pleased that she is going to have to work with Ashley again.
Ep. #8406 34x52
Nikki is surprised to learn that Victor has hired Jack and Victor later tells a surprised Phyllis and Brad that he hired Jack to replace him at N.V.P. Colleen offers Jana some advise.
Ep. #8405 34x51
Nicholas and Neil try to stop Brad from being elected to the board. Sharon bumps into Phyllis and declares a truce between them. Jack is intrigued by Victor's recent behaviour. Lily is upset as her mother leaves for her business trip.
Ep. #8404 34x50
Michael tries to reassure Lauren that her pregnancy is going to go without a hitch. J.T. copies the hard drive from Brad's computer. J.T. manages to cover what he has been up to when Victoria surprises him.
Ep. #8403 34x49
Brad and Sharon make love again. A call from Victoria ends the fantasy world that Brad and Sharon have been living in. Lily tells her parents that she won't be graduating with everyone else. Lauren is worried about the baby after a visit to the doctor.
Ep. #8402 34x48
Noah is glad that Sharon has allowed Nickolas to return home. John and Gloria are told that they can't see John as he’s in solitary confinement. Nicholas tells Victoria that Sharon still wants a divorce. Brad finds out that Sharon is staying at the same hotel as him after his flight is diverted to New York. They enjoy dinner together and thinks turn passionate.
Ep. #8401 34x47
Devon thanks Neil for all his help after graduating. Lily learns that she has failed her physics exam. Phyllis is worried that she will have to admit the truth to Jack and Nicholas.
Ep. #8400 34x46
Daniel isn't impressed when Phyllis tells him that she is going back to work at Newman Enterprises. The benefit gets under way and Jewel performs on stage.
Ep. #8399 34x45
Gloria and Jack are worried about John and learn that he has got into trouble at the prison. Drucilla offers to cancel her business trip so that she can spend more time with her family.
Ep. #8398 34x44
Jack worries that his father is losing his grip on reality. Phyllis tells Michael about Ashley sacking her from Jabot and about Victor offering her a position at N.V.P. again.
Ep. #8397 34x43
Nicholas is unhappy that Sharon wants to go ahead with the divorce and asks her to wait until after the benefit to tell Noah. Ashley sacks Phyllis. Later Phyllis is offered a job at Newman Enterprises.
Ep. #8396 34x42
Ep. #8395 34x41
Ep. #8394 34x40
Ep. #8393 34x39
Ep. #8392 34x38
Ep. #8391 34x37
Ep. #8390 34x36
Ep. #8389 34x35
Ep. #8388 34x34
Ep. #8387 34x33
Ep. #8386 34x32
Ep. #8385 34x31
Ep. #8384 34x30
Ep. #8383 34x29
Ep. #8382 34x28
Ep. #8381 34x27
Ep. #8380 34x26
Ep. #8379 34x25
Ep. #8378 34x24
Ep. #8377 34x23
Ep. #8376 34x22
Ep. #8375 34x21
Ep. #8374 34x20
Ep. #8373 34x19
Ep. #8372 34x18
Ep. #8371 34x17
Ep. #8370 34x16
Ep. #8369 34x15
Ep. #8368 34x14
Sharon informs Nikki that Nicholas has been sleeping with Phyllis. Victor tells Phyllis that he can no longer continue working with somebody he cant trust. Michael wants his mother to confess the truth. J.T. tries to find out more about Brad's past from Jill. Victor refuses his daughters request to walk her down the isle.
Ep. #8367 34x13
A furious Victor confronts Nicholas about his affair with Phyllis. After talking with Sharon, Victor agrees to throw Phyllis out. J.T. admits to Colleen that he misses being with her. Michael is furious with Gloria. Will Bardwell is determined to find out who tampered with the cream.
Ep. #8366 34x12
Michael cant wait to become a father. Kevin admits to Michael that it was Gloria who tampered with the cream. Victor hears Daniel telling Phyllis that he wishes that he had never found out about her affair with Nicholas.
Ep. #8365 34x11
Michael learns that Lauren is pregnant. Gloria worries what will happen to her if the truth comes out.
Ep. #8364 34x10
Colleen is determined to find out who J.T. had the one night stand with. Lily convinces Daniel to take the job that Victor offers him. The forensics team finds the very same cleaning product that was in the cream at the Jabot lab.
Ep. #8363 34x09
Victoria is surprised that Brad hasn't invited any of his family or childhood friends to their wedding. Victor decides to offer Daniel a job. Sharon wants Nicholas to throw Phylis out of Newman Towers.
Ep. #8362 34x08
Victoria tells J.T that he must stop working for Victor or she will be forced to get rid of him. Brad and Victoria make up when she tells him that she isn't going to work with J.T anymore. Victor asks J.T to look into Brad's past. After Jabot have a press conference they learn that the woman in the hospital has died.
Ep. #8361 34x07
Phyllis is confronted by an angry Sharon. Victoria refuses Brad's request to fire J.T. Colleen talks J.T. into going to Lily and Daniel's house warming party with her. The husband of the woman in hospital refuses to settle with Jabot out of court.
Ep. #8360 34x06
Sharon tells Nicholas that she wants him to move out. Drucilla persuades Lauren to offer Lily a job. Gloria tells John about what has happened at Jabot before Jack can.
Ep. #8359 34x05
The Abbott's learn that one of the women who used the cream is on a ventilator. Jill wonders who want to sabotage the company. Nicholas tries to explain why he had an affair to Sharon. Neil wonders how Lily and Daniel will finance their lives.
Ep. #8358 34x04
After Sharon walks out on Nicholas Phyllis tries to comfort him but he pushes her away. Gloria tells Kevin that she cant be linked to the sabotaged cream. Nicholas tries to work things out with Sharon. Michael informs Kay and Jill that things don't look good for Jabot. Drucilla and Neil go out to dinner with Lily and Daniel.
Ep. #8357 34x03
Before Phyllis can warn Nicholas, Sharon confronts him about his affair. Ashley tries to work out what was wrong with the cream. Neil covers for Daniel with his parole officer.
Ep. #8356 34x02
Mac tells Kevin that she is not sure that she is ready for another relationship after they kiss. Jack and Ashley realize that they need to come up with a plan for damage limitation. Phyllis realizes that Sharon has found out about her affair with Nicholas.
Ep. #8355 34x01
Nicholas and Sharon are worried that Sharon knows the truth. Victoria tells her father that she plans to marry Brad within a month. Colleen is shocked to learn of Daniel and Lily's marriage.

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