This expansive drama series stars Oscar winner Jeremy Irons in his Golden Globe-nominated role as Pope Alexander VI, the cunning, manipulative patriarch of the infamous Borgia dynasty, who builds an empire by bribing, buying and muscling his way into the papacy. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Prince 03x10
Alexander and Cesare have reconciled; the Borgias are ready to move against their enemies; Catherina is determined to resist a siege; Cesare learns that Alfonso has become aggressive.
The Gunpowder Plot 03x09
Micheletto kills his lover and disappears; Cesare races to rescue Lucrezia; Alfonso begins to drink heavily; Alexander and Mattai scheme to corner the market in Italian sulphur.
Tears of Blood 03x08
Pilgrims travel to Rome for the Jubilee year celebrations; Catherina wants to hinder the festival; Mattai's contacts destroy a Turkish fleet; Lucrezia sees a change in Frederigo; Micheletto learns his lover is a spy.
Lucrezia's Gambit 03x07
Cesare burns Constanzo's palace to contain the plague; Lucrezia seeks a Neapolitan power base for herself; one of the candidates for Ferdinand's replacement is accused of trying to kill the other.
Relics 03x06
Cesare lands in northern Italy; Catherina sends a plague-infested cloth to Alexander; Alexander taxes a newly arrived Jewish communtiy; Mattai gains the Pope's respect.
The Wolf and the Lamb 03x05
Cesare's diplomatic mission is a success; Bianca takes her own life; Alexander and Sforza conspire to repay Gonzaga; Lucrezia travels to Naples; King Ferdinand continues the refusal of recognizing Giovanni.
The Banquet of Chestnuts 03x04
Cardinal Farnese discovers Versucci's theft; Alexander calls for a Crusade; Giulia arranges an orgy for the new Cardinals; King Ferdinand learns that Lucrezia's marriage has not been consummated.
Siblings 03x03
The purged Cardinals are stripped of their titles and wealth; King Ferdinand refuses to accept Giovanni; Cesare considers an alliance with the old enemy; Alexander sticks to his plan; Lucrezia is abandoned on her wedding night.
The Purge 03x02
Pope Alexander seeks revenge against the cardinals; Rufio is ordered to rally support from the mercenary warlords; Lucrezia becomes annoyed with her future in-laws.
The Face of Death 03x01
Pope Alexander fights for his life; the cardinals fight for control of the papacy; Cesare and Micheletto track the assassin; Della Rovere prepares to make his move.

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