Teen Titans Go! is a character-driven comedy series focuses on the funny that happens in between saving the world and living together as teenagers without adult supervision. The comedic mayhem of the animated series is punctuated by pranks and the occasional need to fight crime, but it will also deal with the everyday issues of adolescence. With epic staring contests to decide who does the laundry, a series of quests and battles to construct the perfect sandwich or fighting crime in Jump City, one thing is for sure, these Titans will always be ready for an adventure inside the house and out. Add to my shows

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Batman's Birthday Gift 07x19

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EEbows 07x18
Polly Ethylene and Tara Phthalate 07x17
Trans-Oceanic Magical Cruise 07x16
It's fun on the high seas as the Titans enjoy a cruise filled with dangerous missions, fast cars, and alien attacks.
Manor and Mannerisms 07x15
Robin attends the Wayne Manor ball, hoping to become heir of the mansion, but will the other Titans spoil his chances?.
Creative Geniuses 07x14
The Titans visit the Jump City Comic Book Con where they meet Marv Wolfman and George PĂ©rez, but also tangle with Control Freak over an exclusive toy.
T is for Titans 07x13
The Titans are shocked to learn that the T Tower had previous owners.
Cy & Beasty 07x12
Cyborg and Beast Boy can't agree on the better character, Tom or Jerry, so they play a little game of cat and mouse.
Space House - Part 4 07x11
Space House - Part 3 07x10
Space House - Part 2 07x09

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