"PLAIN JANE" is a new summer reality series that transforms one woman from the inside out to reveal a brand new woman. Each of the eight episodes will feature a new "Jane" searching for the change of a lifetime. With the help of British fashion expert Louise Roe ("Fashion Police: The 2009 Grammy Awards"), each "Plain Jane" will receive a head-to-toe style transformation, including new wardrobe and confidence-building exercises. Once the transformation is complete, the formerly "Plain Jane" will surprise her unsuspecting crush with the new look and reveal her true feelings to him. A love connection is - or isn't - made. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

TBA 02x04
TBA 02x03
Jamie 02x02
Jamie gets to know Louise personally and starts training her skills to become a confident, sexy lady.
Sarah 02x01
Sarah, a 21-yr-old American studying in the U.K., says her clothes and hair are 'always a mess.' She gets flustered around guys she fancies - like her British crush Benny. Louise steers her in a fashion forward direction ... but can she lead Sarah toward romance.
Jane Plus 01x06
A woman who has managed to lose 100 pounds is given a makeover to impress a coworker she really likes.
Conservative Jane 01x05
A woman who goes to church and dresses conservatively receives a fashion makeover to impress the lead singer of a local band.
Wallflower Jane 01x04
See what lies beneath the surface when this week's Jane goes from predator to prey
Do Over Jane 01x03
Louise helps an aspiring writer from a small town transform and take a second chance at love.
No Risk Jane 01x02
From skydiving to speed dating, Louise yanks a USC student out of her comfort zone, helping this "Jane" to open up and gain the courage to tell her crush how she really feels.
Friend Zone Jane 01x01
Louise attempts to help a shy girl get rid of her "one of the guys" status.

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