Merlin Secrets and Magic is a companion series to the popular Merlin series on BBC One. The series features backstage footage and interviews with the cast and crew. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

That's a Wrap 01x13
Featuring a look at the explosive series finale, and the cast meet their most ardent fans.
The Dragons' Den 01x12
A behind-the-scenes look at how the sequences with the devious dragon, played by John Hurt, were filmed.
Beauty and the Thief 01x11
A look behind the scenes at an epic sword fight where Arthur gets to flex his princely pecs. Plus, the return of the cute but evil little munchkin Mordred, and cast and crew talk also about how the arrival of bad boy Alvarr affects the magical Morgana.
Love Fool 01x10
As the heads of the kingdoms converge on Camelot, there is a behind the scenes look at the Sweet Dreams episode. On location in France, the fun that the cast have in between takes is clearly evident.
Hardwork and Heartbreak 01x09
Featuring an in-depth look at leading man Merlin, played by Colin Morgan, the hardest-working lad in Camelot. His new love interest Freya is also profiled, plus how the elements conspired against the filming of the episode's climactic final scene.
A Family Affair 01x08
There is the lowdown on the mysterious Morgause, played by Emilia Fox, and interviews with cast and crew to find out how they filmed the epic family fight between Prince Arthur and his father King Uther.
Witch Hunt 01x07
On location with Richard Wilson (and a wig named Martin) as he is roughed up by a frightening new villain, the Witchfinder, played by Charles Dance. Dance discusses his contributions to the character and reveals a surprising hidden talent.
Con-Troll Freak 01x06
Features a look at Camelot's odd couple, King Uther Pendragon and his troll wife Catrina. No stranger to fantasy fiction, cast and crew reflect at what the esteemed actor Anthony Head has brought to this regal role and we go backstage once more to see the troublesome troll in action.
Trolly Dolly 01x05
On location in France, the programme gatecrashes a right royal wedding, and guest star Sarah Parish explains just what it takes to turn into the troll that softens Camelot's stern king. Plus, unmasking the secrets behind the show's incredible prosthetic make-up.
Maid to be Queen 01x04
There is an in-depth look at Guinevere, played by Angel Coulby. From lowly maid to the future queen of Camelot, the programme finds out what makes Angel tick and how she got the role of the woman who will melt Prince Arthur's heart.

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