Three celebrated food experts put the latest group of contestants through a series of challenging elimination rounds and turn one home cook into a culinary master. Add to my shows

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Roy Choi - Elevated Street Food 11x09
The pioneering king of the food truck revolution, Roy Choi, tasks the home cooks with making a street food dish worthy of a Michelin star restaurant. This week, the home cooks are fighting for immunity in the next challenge.

season 9

Finale Pt. 2 09x23
The home cook with the best overall menu will be crowned the winner.
Finale Pt. 1 09x22
The three remaining home cooks will face their final challenge when they are each asked to prepare a three-course menu for the judges.
The Semi Final 09x21
The final four are split into two teams, and will need to cook one incredible entrée for the judges' mentors – Chefs Daniel Boulud, Jonathan Waxman and Lidia Bastianich. The judges will choose which winning team will move on, leaving the final two to battle it out in a do-or-die pressure test.
Battle of the Beef 09x20
The Top Five home cooks face a series of pressure-filled skills tests using an incredibly common protein – beef. The judges will decide which contestant will claim a safe spot on the balcony and who will face another culinary test. The two weakest home cooks go head-to-head to claim the final spot in the Top Four, while the other will be cut..
Cooking with Heart 09x19
The remaining five receive a heart-warming mystery box challenge, in which contestants will create a dish inspired by their loved-ones.
Restaurant Takeover 09x18
The Top Six face the Restaurant Takeover Challenge at Providence in Los Angeles. The home cooks split into two teams and must feed a dining room filled with 48 guests. The judges will evaluate each team's performance and the losing team will face the challenging pressure test, after which someone will be sent home.
Waste Not Want Not 09x17
The six remaining contestants face a Mystery Box challenge filled with waste – literally. The home cook who makes the best dish from food scraps will be safe in the elimination challenge, during which they'll take on another Mystery Box Challenge – but, this time, with all the best and freshest ingredients.
American Heroes 09x16
The seven remaining home cooks will divide into two teams and race against the clock to serve restaurant-quality dishes to 25 California firefighters.
Tag Team 09x15
The contestants are told they will be competing in the dreaded Tag Team Challenge.
Sky's the Limit 09x14
The remaining home cooks split into two teams and are tasked with serving 100 dishes to hungry airmen in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the March Air Reserve Base.
Just for the Halibut 09x13
The Top 12 face their third skills test in the MASTERCHEF kitchen and replicate the proper way to break down a halibut. Those who fail to impress the judges are then tasked with creating a stunning original dish using their broken-down fish. Some contestants yield a bountiful filet, while others offer up a poor portion of protein. Ultimately, the judges will decide who will be left floundering and sent home.
Frying Tonight 09x12
The Top 13 contestants face a mystery box challenge with a stockpot and cooking oil and are tasked with making a dish that features a deep-fried element. An extra layer of pressure is put on the contestants as the judges cook alongside them. The winner of the challenge receives a major advantage in the elimination challenge – a citrus-centered dish. The judges then will decide who will stay and who will be sent home.
The Kids are Alright 09x11
The Top 14 contestants are split into two teams to compete in a fine dining challenge and are to cook 39 dishes for a group of very discerning judges who have big expectations. Contestants are surprised when diners are revealed and forced to scramble and alter their dishes to accommodate the guests. Ultimately the winning team's recipe will be printed in Family Circle Magazine. The losing team will compete in a cupcake pressure test with special guest and pastry chef Christina Tosi. The judges will decide who will stay and who will be sent home.
Rise or Fall 09x10
The Top 15 contestants are split into eight teams (with Joe joining one team) to cook a chicken dish. The losing contestants then compete in a Souffle pressure test.
The Big Not Easy 09x09
In this week's first challenge, the contestants face a mystery box filled with fresh seafood and must create a dish using two items from it. The chefs who fail to impress the judges will face an elimination challenge and be asked to upgrade one of the most popular frozen dinner dishes, Salisbury Steak.
A Gordon Ramsay Wedding 09x08
The contestants head to Malibu, CA, and cook for MASTERCHEF Season Seven winner Shaun O'Neale's wedding – with MASTERCHEF host and judge Gordon Ramsay officiating! After splitting into two teams, the home cooks have limited time to prepare and cook 51 appetizers and 51 entrees for guests in attendance. Then, it is up to the judges to decide who will stay and who will head home.
World Cup Dishes 09x07
The contestants face a mystery box challenge where they must create a dish using one common ingredient – walnuts. The winner will receive three huge advantages. Later, the MASTERCHEF kitchen welcomes American soccer legend and FOX Sports Soccer Analyst, Alexi Lalas, who will introduce a street food themed elimination challenge that involves popular food among soccer fans in various countries. Then, it is up to the judges to decide who will head home.
Trouble Brewing 09x06
This week on MASTERCHEF, the Top 20 venture out of the kitchen and head to the historic Anheuser Busch brewery in Los Angeles for their first team challenge of the season. The two teams must cook a beer-infused lunch for more than 100 employees at the brewery who will each place a vote on his or her favorite dish. The team that receives the least amount of votes will head back to the kitchen for a banana cream pie pressure test that will determine who will be eliminated.
Gordon Ramsay Masterclass 09x05
In the first skills test of the season, MASTERCHEF host/judge/executive producer Gordon Ramsay teaches the home cooks how to properly break down a crab, before the contestants must replicate his work. The contestants whose skills don't cut it, face an elimination challenge during which Ramsay will show them how to make his signature Crab Benedict dish. It is then up to the judges to decide who stays and who goes home.
Home State Heroes 09x04
In the first mystery box challenge of the season, the Top 24 must prep, cook and plate one dish featuring an ingredient unique to each of their home states.
The Judges Do Battle, Pt. 3 09x03
Forty-three of America's finest home cooks compete in the MASTERCHEF Battle of the Apron challenge, during which they will face off against each other to earn a spot in the Top 24. Then, in the first mystery box challenge of the season, the Top 24 must prep, cook and plate one dish featuring an ingredient unique to each of their home states. Find out who will be heading home.
The Judges Do Battle, Pt. 2 09x02
The judges each will have eight aprons to hand out to the home cooks whom they deem worthy.
The Judges Do Battle 09x01
Judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich each will have eight aprons to hand out to the home cooks whom they deem worthy – and they then will mentor those contestants throughout the competition.

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