Three celebrated food experts put the latest group of contestants through a series of challenging elimination rounds and turn one home cook into a culinary master. Add to my shows

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Roy Choi - Elevated Street Food 11x09
The pioneering king of the food truck revolution, Roy Choi, tasks the home cooks with making a street food dish worthy of a Michelin star restaurant. This week, the home cooks are fighting for immunity in the next challenge.

season 11

Jonathan Waxman - California Mystery Box 11x08
The top 10 home cooks take on a Californian Mystery Box Challenge, with Michelin Star Chef Jonathan Waxman as guest judge. It's the highest stakes challenge yet with an elimination no one sees coming.
Nancy Silverton - Pasta Challenge 11x07
With the top 10 at their fingertips and an elimination on the table, Michelin Star chef Nancy Silverton challenges the home cooks with a fresh pasta challenge. The cooks must prove they can master this Italian staple and impress with a pasta dish of their own.
Michael Mina - Meat Roulette 11x06
It's the home cooks' first Mystery Box challenge and to add to the pressure, Michelin Star chef Michael Mina is the guest judge of this week's challenge. The cooks must create a MASTERCHEF-worthy beef dish without knowing what cut of beef they will be cooking until the mystery box is opened.
Sherry Yard - Dessert Challenge 11x05
One of the world's most influential pastry chefs, Sherry Yard, visits the MASTERCHEF kitchen. With elimination on the line, this dessert challenge puts the spotlight on the home cooks' baking skills for the first time.
Chef Morimoto - Monkfish Challenge 11x04
Legendary Michelin Star chef Morimoto sets the bar high with his monkfish demonstration, leaving the cooks desperate to impress in their first elimination challenge.
Paula Deen - Auditions Round 3 11x03
It's the final audition round of the season and only five of the 15 white aprons remain unclaimed for the season. The undeniable queen of Southern cuisine, Paula Deen is this week's legendary guest judge, alongside Gordon, Joe & Aarón.
Curtis Stone - Auditions Round 2 11x02
The next round of home cooks have just 45 minutes to impress the judges.
Emeril Lagasse - Auditions Round 1 11x01
Home cooks serve up their signature dishes to the judges.

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