Ape men, sea monsters, goat suckers, giant worm monsters... This isn't your typical Animal Planet series! Check out our episode guide to "Lost Tapes" to find out what's in store this season. Add to my shows

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season 1

Deathworm/Hellhound 01x08
After becoming lost in an ATV race, a pair of friends spend a treacherous night on the Gobi desert.
Skinwalker/Mothman 01x07
Details from an encounter between a college student and a creature from Native America. A bridge collapse in West Virginia and the sighting of a mythical creature are tied together.
Megaconda/Thunderbird 01x06
A warehouse which is known for illegal animal trafficking has a dangerous and deadly creature slithering around freely. Next, a skateboarder says he was attacked from above by a huge winged creature.
Cave Demons/Death Raptor 01x05
An investigation in Afghanistan for allegedly witnessed mysterious flying creatures. Next, paranormal researchers investigate an owl-like creature.
Devil Dragon/Bigfoot 01x04
A survival expert believes he has been bitten by an animal which has been deemed extinct. Then, while at a remote forest output, a researcher is attacked.
Oklahoma Octopus 01x03
Monster of Monterey 01x02
A sailor in knocked over into California's Monterey Bay by a mysterious creature.
Swamp Creature 01x01