Jeopardy! is a classic game show -- with a twist. The answers are given first, and the contestants supply the questions. Three contestants, including the previous show's champion, compete in six categories and in three rounds (with each round's "answers" being worth more prize money).Contestant images from 2015 onwards are provided courtesy of Fikkle Fame. Add to my shows

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2021 Professors Tournament Quarterfinal game 1, show # 8526. 2021x61
Hester Blum / English Professor at Penn State University in  University Park, Pennsylvania; Gautam Hans / Associate Clinical Professor of Law At Vanderbilt Law School in Nashville, Tennessee; Gary Hollis / Chemisrty Professor at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia.

season 2010

Show #6055 2010x231
Justin Sausville Vs. Marty Butterick Vs. Lisa McDermott, show # 6140. 2010x230
Justin Sausville vs. Marty Butterick vs. Lisa McDermott.
Ryan Fox Vs. Justin Sausville Vs. Cathy Markwiese, show # 6139. 2010x229
Ryan Fox vs. Justin Sausville vs. Cathy Markwiese.
Linda Percy Vs. Amy George Vs. Ryan Fox, show # 6138. 2010x228
Linda Percy vs. Amy George vs. Ryan Fox.
Linda Percy Vs. Graig Zethner Vs. Andrew Bach, show # 6137. 2010x227
Linda Percy vs. Graig Zethner vs. Andrew Bach.
Linda Percy Vs. Edgar Mihelic Vs. Maggie Diamond, show # 6136. 2010x226
Linda Percy vs. Edgar Mihelic vs. Maggie Diamond.
Brian McEntee Vs. Linda Percy Vs. Tim Wagner, show # 6135. 2010x225
Brian McEntee vs. Linda Percy vs. Tim Wagner.
Mark Runsvold Vs. Samer Ismail, Vs. Brian McEntee, show # 6134. 2010x224
Mark Runsvold vs. Samer Ismail vs. Brian McEntee.
Mark Runsvold Vs. Maria Boyland Vs. Zac Youngblood, show # 6133. 2010x223
Mark Runsvold vs. Maria Boyland vs. Zac Youngblood.
Mark Runsvold Vs. Christine Janson Vs. Tom Vaughan, show # 6132. 2010x222
Mark Runsvold vs. Christine Janson vs. Tom Vaughan.
Mark Runsvold Vs. Karawan Meade Vs. Jerry Hou, show # 6131. 2010x221
Mark Runsvold vs. Karawan Meade vs. Jerry Hou.
Kathleen Lee Vs. Mark Runsvold Vs. Aric Wu, show # 6130. 2010x220
Kathleen Lee vs. Mark Runsvold vs. Aric Wu.
Paul Barbour Vs. Kathleen Lee Vs. Janet Vigen Levy, show # 6129. 2010x219
Paul Barbour vs. Kathleen Lee vs. Janet Vigen Levy.
Damian Yu Vs. Sarah Powell Vs. Paul Barbour, show # 6128. 2010x218
Damian Yu vs. Sarah Powell vs. Paul Barbour.
Damian Yu Vs. Ian Leggin Vs. Judy Neuwirth, show # 6127. 2010x217
Damian Yu vs. Ian Leggin vs. Judy Neuwirth.
Rachel Winer Vs. Damian Yu Vs. Christopher Stephens, show # 6126. 2010x216
Rachel Winer vs. Damian Yu vs. Christopher Stephens.
2011 Kids Week Game 5, show # 6125. 2010x215
Tony Harkin vs. Maddie Harrington vs. Dominic Olivera.
2011 Kids Week Game 4, show # 6124. 2010x214
Emma Couture vs. Brooke Martin vs. Neil Patel.
2011 Kids Week Game 3, show # 6123. 2010x213
Emma Johnson vs. B.D. Schwarz vs. Andrew Zazzera.
2011 Kids Week Game 2, show # 6122. 2010x212
Rahul Francis vs. Dillon McCormick vs. Meg Walker.
2011 Kids Week Game 1, show 6121. 2010x211
Graham Doskoch vs. Aria Gerson vs. Charlotte Scott.
Rachel Winer Vs. Josh Cabat Vs. Ben Wong, show # 6120. 2010x210
Rachel Winer vs. Josh Cabat vs. Ben Wong.
Jeff Amoros Vs. Meg Price Vs. Rachel Winer, show # 6119. 2010x209
Jeff Amoros vs. Meg Price vs. Rachel Winer.
Adam Marshall Vs. Jeff Amorosm Vs. Dolores DeStefano, show # 6118. 2010x208
Adam Marshall vs. Jeff Amoros vs. Dolores DeStefano.
Adam Marshall Vs. Chris Clayton Vs. Polly Ruf, show # 6117. 2010x207
Adam Marshall vs. Chris Clayton vs. Polly Ruf.
Jay Rhee Vs. Adam Marshall Vs. Dan Carroll, show # 6116. 2010x206
Jay Rhee vs. Adam Marshall vs. Dan Carroll.
Jay Rhee Vs. Marc Tracy Vs. Elaine Garrett, show # 6115. 2010x205
Jay Rhee vs. Marc Tracy vs. Elaine Garrett.
Jay Rhee Vs. Andrew Dobbs Vs. Pat Connor, show # 6114. 2010x204
Jay Rhee vs. Andrew Dobbs vs. Pat Connor.
Jay Rhee Vs. Kartik Venguswamy Vs. Kate Sparich, show # 6113. 2010x203
Jay Rhee vs. Kartik Venguswamy vs. Kate Sparich.
Jay Rhee Vs. Julianna Suchard Vs. Scott Goldstein, show # 6112. 2010x202
Jay Rhee vs. Julianna Suchard vs. Scott Goldstein.
Danielle Harlow Vs. Sam Fleming Vs. Jay Rhee, show # 6111. 2010x201
Danielle Harlow vs. Sam Fleming vs. Jay Rhee.
Stewart Tuttle Vs. Steve Sobelman Vs. Danielle Harlow, show # 6110. 2010x200
Stewart Tuttle vs. Steve Sobelman vs. Danielle Harlow.
Nick Condon Vs. Stewart Tuttle Vs. Lisa Longo, show # 6109. 2010x199
Nick Condon vs. Stewart Tuttle vs. Lisa Longo.
Nick Condon Vs. John Mingey Vs. Michael Vlach, show # 6108. 2010x198
Nick Condon vs. John Mingey vs. Michael Vlach.
Nick Condon Vs. LuEllen Buhrman Vs. Jeff Fleischer, show # 6107. 2010x197
Nick Condon vs. LuEllen Buhrman vs. Jeff Fleischer.
Amy Larimer Vs. Nick Condon Vs. Daniel Trudeau, show # 6106. 2010x196
Amy Larimer vs. Nick Condon vs. Daniel Trudeau.
Mary Anna Martell Vs. Amy Larimer Vs. Ben Sack, show # 6105. 2010x195
Mary Anna Martell vs. Amy Larimer vs. Ben Sack.
Tim Kuehn Vs. Mary Anna Martell Vs. Makeen Huda, show # 6104. 2010x194
Tim Kuehn vs. Mary Anna Martell vs. Makeen Huda.
Sam Meyer Vs. Tim Kuehn Vs. Chris Hauck, show # 6103. 2010x193
Sam Meyer vs. Tim Kuehn vs. Chris Hauck.
Sam Meyer Vs. Lindsey Peterson Vs. Crystal Leonard, show # 6102. 2010x192
Sam Meyer vs. Lindsey Peterson vs. Crystal Leonard.
Jericho Saria Vs. Joanna Liff Vs. Sam Meyer, show # 6101. 2010x191
Jericho Saria vs. Joanna Liff vs. Sam Meyer.
Jericho Saria Vs. Patrick Stubbins Vs. Nancy Hale, show # 6100. 2010x190
Jericho Saria vs. Patrick Stubbins vs. Nancy Hale.
Michael Philpy Vs. Steve Tipton Vs. Jericho Saria, show # 6099. 2010x189
Michael Philpy vs. Steve Tipton vs. Jericho Saria.
Ty Cone Vs. Michael Philpy Vs. Maggie Berndt, show # 6098. 2010x188
Ty Cone vs. Michael Philpy vs. Maggie Berndt.
Matt Larson Vs. Ty Cone Vs. Jennifer Najarian, show # 6097. 2010x187
Matt Larson vs. Ty Cone vs. Jennifer Najarian.
Monica Iyer Vs. Roberta Candalino Vs. Matt Larson, show # 6096. 2010x186
Monica Iyer vs. Roberta Candalino vs. Matt Larson.
Chloe Horning Vs. Renee Huff Vs. Monica Iyer, show # 6095. 2010x185
Chloe Horning vs. Renee Huff vs. Monica Iyer.
Tom Brown Vs. Chloe Horning Vs. Carl Aveni, show # 6094. 2010x184
Tom Brown vs. Chloe Horning vs. Carl Aveni.
Tom Brown Vs. Amy Ruberg Vs. James Ma, show # 6093. 2010x183
Tom Brown vs. Amy Ruberg vs. James Ma.
Matt Neville Vs. Tom Brown Vs. Gay Haubner, show # 6092. 2010x182
Matt Neville vs. Tom Brown vs. Gay Haubner.
Matt Neville Vs. Cindy Clark Vs. Joseph Tambornino, show # 6091. 2010x181
Matt Neville vs. Cindy Clark vs. Joseph Tambornino.
Matt Neville Vs. Adam Kapp Vs. Tracey Davidson, show # 6090. 2010x180
Matt Neville vs. Adam Kapp vs. Tracey Davidson.
Lisa Bloomberg Vs. Matt Neville Vs. Beverly Jones, show # 6089. 2010x179
Lisa Bloomberg vs. Matt Neville vs. Beverly Jones.
Lisa Bloomberg Vs. Gary Rosche Vs. Flora Peir, show # 6088. 2010x178
Lisa Bloomberg vs. Gary Rosche vs. Flora Peir.
Joyce Newmark Vs. Lisa Bloomberg Vs. Ramesh Mantha, show # 6087. 2010x177
Joyce Newmark vs. Lisa Bloomberg vs. Ramesh Mantha.
Joe McKee Vs. Denise Troy Vs. Joyce Newmark, show # 6086. 2010x176
Joe McKee vs. Denise Troy vs. Joyce Newmark.
2011 Teachers Tournament final game 2, show # 6085. 2010x175
Lori Kissell vs. Larry DeMoss vs. Charles Temple.
2011 Teachers Tournament final game 1, show # 6084. 2010x174
Lori Kissell vs. Larry DeMoss vs. Charles Temple.
2011 Teachers Tournament semifinal game 3, show # 6083. 2010x173
Kathy Casavant vs. Charles Temple vs. Matt Polazzo.
2011 Teachers Tournament semifinal game 2, show # 6082. 2010x172
Charley Tinkham vs. Lori Kissell vs. John Shoe.
2011 Teachers Tournament semifinal game 1, show # 6081. 2010x171
Larry DeMoss vs. Dan Crosby vs. Elisabeth Raab.
2011 Teachers Tournament quarterfinal game 5, show # 6080. 2010x170
Catherine Carson vs. Larry DeMoss vs. Judd Hess.
2011 Teachers Tournament quarterfinal game 4, show # 6079. 2010x169
Grafton Brown vs. Charles Temple vs. Sally Umbach.
2011 Teachers Tournament quarterfinal game 3, show # 6078. 2010x168
Lori Kissell vs. Matt Polazzo vs. Elisabeth Raab.
2011 Teachers Tournament quarterfinal game 2, show # 6077. 2010x167
Caitlin Millat vs. Viki Radden vs. Charley Tinkham.
2011 Teachers Tournament quarterfinal game 1, show # 6076. 2010x166
Kathy Casavant vs. Dan Crosby vs. John Shoe.
Joe McKee Vs. Grant Wing Vs. Ian Pickus, show # 6075. 2010x165
Joe McKee vs. Grant Wing vs. Ian Pickus.
Denis Theriault Vs. Joe McKee Vs. Maya Zwerdling, show # 6074. 2010x164
Denis Theriault vs. Joe McKee vs. Maya Zwerdling.
Brian Meacham Vs. Denis Theriault Vs. Virginia Ogozalek, show # 6073. 2010x163
Brian Meacham vs. Denis Theriault vs. Virginia Ogozalek.
Brian Meacham Vs. Sarah Canfield Fuller Vs. Andy Levin, show # 6072 2010x162
Brian Meacham vs. Sarah Canfield Fuller vs. Andy Levin.
Brian Meacham Vs. Emily Barkley-Levenson Vs. Chuck Narikiyo, show # 6071. 2010x161
Brian Meacham vs. Emily Barkley-Levenson vs. Chuck Narikiyo.
Brian Meacham Vs. KC Frodyma Vs. Nick Cohen, show # 6070. 2010x160
Brian Meacham vs. KC Frodyma vs. Nick Cohen.
Robin Woolsey Vs. Brian Meacham Vs. Beth Miller, show # 6069. 2010x159
Robin Woolsey vs. Brian Meacham vs. Beth Miller.
Mary Mitchell Vs. Kirsten Ruemenapp Vs. Robin Woolsey, show # 6068. 2010x158
Mary Mitchell vs. Kirsten Ruemenapp vs. Robin Woolsey.
Sara Heard Vs. Jason Rhode Vs. Mary Mitchell, show # 6067. 2010x157
Sara Heard vs. Jason Rhode vs. Mary Mitchell.
Sara Heard Vs. Andrew Fuller Vs. John Paul Manuel, show # 6066. 2010x156
Sara Heard vs. Andrew Fuller vs. John Paul Manuel.
Sara Heard Vs. Jim Fenton Vs. Amy Fulton Stout, show # 6065. 2010x155
Sara Heard vs. Jim Fenton vs. Amy Fulton Stout.
Sara Heard Vs. Annie Douglass Vs. Miguel Ruiz, show # 6064. 2010x154
Sara Heard vs. Annie Douglass vs. Miguel Ruiz.
Tim Kresowik Vs. Michelle Franklin Vs. Sara Heard, show # 6063. 2010x153
Tim Kresowik vs. Michelle Franklin vs. Sara Heard.
Tim Kresowik Vs. Stephanie Munroe Vs. Daniel Cohen, show # 6062. 2010x152
Tim Kresowik vs. Stephanie Munroe vs. Daniel Cohen.
Christopher Short Vs. Heather Timberlake Vs. Tim Kresowik, show # 6061. 2010x151
Christopher Short vs. Heather Timberlake vs. Tim Kresowik.
Christopher Short Vs. Kimberly Sheppard Vs. Anselm Chen, show # 6060. 2010x150
Christopher Short vs. Kimberly Sheppard vs. Anselm Chen.
Christopher Short Vs. Mickey McLaurin Vs. Helen Hostetter, show # 6059. 2010x149
Christopher Short vs. Mickey McLaurin vs. Helen Hostetter.
Christopher Short Vs. Connie Loren Vs. Beth Ford Roth, show # 6058. 2010x148
Christopher Short vs. Connie Loren vs. Beth Ford Roth.
Christopher Short Vs. Cory Biggs Vs. Cindy Peterson, show # 6057. 2010x147
Christopher Short vs. Cory Biggs vs. Cindy Peterson.
Christopher Short Vs. Ko Otaka Vs. Tom Moosbrugger, show # 6056. 2010x146
Christopher Short vs. Ko Otaka vs. Tom Moosbrugger.
Amanda Wallwin Vs. Mark Samburg Vs. Christopher Short, show # 6055. 2010x145
Amanda Wallwin vs. Mark Samburg vs. Christopher Short.
Ellen Dickens Vs. J.D. Lopez Vs. Amanda Wallwin, show # 6054. 2010x144
Ellen Dickens vs. J.D. Lopez vs. Amanda Wallwin.
Ted Sitting Crow Garner Vs. Ellen Dickens Vs. Paul Cheng, show # 6053. 2010x143
Ted Sitting Crow Garner vs. Ellen Dickens vs. Paul Cheng.
Denise O'Connor Vs. Jennifer Carlo Vs. Ted Sitting Crow Garner, show # 6052. 2010x142
Denise O'Connor vs. Jennifer Carlo vs. Ted Sitting Crow Garner.
Julie Ross Godar Vs. Trey McCraw Vs. Denise O'Connor, show # 6051. 2010x141
Julie Ross Godar vs. Trey McCraw vs. Denise O'Connor.
Megan Barnes Vs. Eric Sebert Vs. Julie Ross Godar, show # 6050. 2010x140
Megan Barnes vs. Eric Sebert vs. Julie Ross Godar.
Megan Barnes Vs. Michael Brown Vs. Connie McClung, show # 6049. 2010x139
Megan Barnes vs. Michael Brown vs. Connie McClung.
Megan Barnes Vs. Jamie Santo Vs. Janet Russell, show # 6048. 2010x138
Megan Barnes vs. Jamie Santo vs. Janet Russell.
Tom Kunzen Vs. Barry Cohen Vs. Megan Barnes, show # 6047. 2010x137
Tom Kunzen vs. Barry Cohen vs. Megan Barnes.
Tom Kunzen Vs. Stephen Huey Vs. Erin Maxwell, show # 6046. 2010x136
Tom Kunzen vs. Stephen Huey vs. Erin Maxwell.
Tom Kunzen Vs. Christine Varnado Vs. Duncan Stewart, show # 6045. 2010x135
Tom Kunzen vs. Christine Varnado vs. Duncan Stewart.
Tom Kunzen Vs. Zack Azzam Vs. Mary Linnenbringer, show # 6044. 2010x134
Tom Kunzen vs. Zack Azzam vs. Mary Linnenbringer.
Tom Kunzen Vs. Rebecca Rogers Vs. Peter Perigo, show # 6043. 2010x133
Tom Kunzen vs. Rebecca Rogers vs. Peter Perigo.
Lori Cain Vs. Kristi Myers Vs. Tom Kunzen, show # 6042. 2010x132
Lori Cain vs. Kristi Myers vs. Tom Kunzen.
Katie Sowder Vs. Ethan Dougherty Vs. Lori Cain, show # 6041. 2010x131
Katie Sowder vs. Ethan Dougherty vs. Lori Cain.
Tim Maas Vs. Mary McGlynn Vs. Katie Sowder, show # 6040. 2010x130
Tim Maas vs. Mary McGlynn vs. Katie Sowder.
Quinn McDonald Vs. Tim Maas Vs. Evan Bastian, show # 6039. 2010x129
Quinn McDonald vs. Tim Maas vs. Evan Bastian.
Mike Nelson Vs. Harley Savage Vs. Quinn McDonald, show # 6038. 2010x128
Mike Nelson vs. Harley Savage vs. Quinn McDonald.
Mike Nelson Vs. Joe Mastroeni Vs. Meg Khavari, show # 6037. 2010x127
Mike Nelson vs. Joe Mastroeni vs. Meg Khavari.
Carl Bradshaw Vs. Mike Nelson Vs. Dawn Hart, show # 6036. 2010x126
Carl Bradshaw vs. Mike Nelson vs. Dawn Hart.
Carl Bradshaw Vs. Sara Lichterman Vs. Mark Pudlow, show # 6035. 2010x125
Carl Bradshaw vs. Sara Lichterman vs. Mark Pudlow.
Kate Rowland Vs. Cecilia Boudreau Vs. Carl Bradshaw, show # 6034. 2010x124
Kate Rowland vs. Cecilia Boudreau vs. Carl Bradshaw.
2010-2011 Teen Tournament final game 2, show # 6033. 2010x123
Raynell Cooper vs. Kailyn LaPorte vs. Raya Elias-Pushett.
2010-2011 Teen Tournament final game 1, show # 6032. 2010x122
Raynell Cooper vs. Kailyn LaPorte vs. Raya Elias-Pushett.
2010-2011 Teen Tournament semifinal game 3, show # 6031. 2010x121
Nikhil Desai vs. Raynell Cooper vs. Kate Wadman.
2010-2011 Teen Tournament semifinal game 2, show # 6030. 2010x120
Erin Hart vs. Kailyn LaPorte vs. Lindsey Thiesfeld.
2010-2011 Teen Tournament semifinal game 1, show # 6029. 2010x119
Brandon Welch vs. Idrees Kahloon vs. Raya Elias-Pushett.
2010-2011 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 5, show # 6028. 2010x118
Raynell Cooper vs. Erin Hart vs. Carlee Jensen.
2010-2011 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 4, show # 6027. 2010x117
Cosi Audi vs. Idrees Kahloon vs. Lindsey Thiesfeld.
2010-2011 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 3, show # 6026. 2010x116
Nikhil Desai vs. Raya Elias-Pushett vs. Andrew Van Duyn.
2010-2011 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 2, show # 6025. 2010x115
Raphie Cantor vs. Steven Ho vs. Kailyn LaPorte.
2010-2011 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 1, show # 6024. 2010x114
Christian Ie vs. Kate Wadman vs. Brandon Welch.
The IBM Challenge Day 3, show # 6023. 2010x113
Ken Jennings vs. Watson vs. Brad Rutter.
The IBM Challenge Day 2, show # 6022. 2010x112
Ken Jennings vs. Watson vs. Brad Rutter.
The IBM Challenge Day 1, show # 6021. 2010x111
Ken Jennings vs. Watson vs. Brad Rutter.
Paul Wampler Vs. Sarah Monteith Vs. Kate Rowland, show # 6020. 2010x110
Paul Wampler vs. Sarah Monteith vs. Kate Rowland.
Paul Wampler Vs. Betsy Stephenson Vs. Milind Kulkarni, show # 6019. 2010x109
Paul Wampler vs. Betsy Stephenson vs. Milind Kulkarni.
Paul Wampler Vs. Daniel Cohen Vs. Sean Priest, show # 6018. 2010x108
Paul Wampler vs. Daniel Cohen vs. Sean Priest.
Paul Wampler Vs. Rachel LeCroy Vs. Keagan Baker, show # 6017. 2010x107
Paul Wampler vs. Rachel LeCroy vs. Keagan Baker.
Roger Mueller-Kim Vs. Paul Wampler Vs. Erin Beach, show # 6016. 2010x106
Roger Mueller-Kim vs. Paul Wampler vs. Erin Beach.
Fred Cofone Vs. Roger Mueller-Kim Vs. Kristi Springer, show # 6015. 2010x105
Fred Cofone vs. Roger Mueller-Kim vs. Kristi Springer.
Fred Cofone Vs. Mai Do-Burrous Vs. Marty Christy, show # 6014. 2010x104
Fred Cofone vs. Mai Do-Burrous vs. Marty Christy.
Molly Rosenbusch Vs. Fred Cofone Vs. Mike Huijon, show # 6013. 2010x103
Molly Rosenbusch vs. Fred Cofone vs. Mike Huijon.
Eureka Nutt Vs. Molly Rosenbusch Vs. Ron Roberts, show # 6012. 2010x102
Eureka Nutt vs. Molly Rosenbusch vs. Ron Roberts.
Eureka Nutt Vs. Jean Dupon Vs. Johnny Marigliano, show # 6011. 2010x101
Eureka Nutt vs. Jean Dupon vs. Johnny Marigliano.
Lisa Dvorak Vs. Doug Payne Vs. Eureka Nutt, show # 6010. 2010x100
Lisa Dvorak vs. Doug Payne vs. Eureka Nutt.
Tom Jennings Vs. Lisa Dvorak Vs. Kara French, show # 6009. 2010x99
Tom Jennings vs. Lisa Dvorak vs. Kara French.
Gitta Neufeld Vs. Tom Jennings Vs. Ryan Nelson, show # 6008. 2010x98
Gitta Neufeld vs. Tom Jennings vs. Ryan Nelson.
Amanda Sonmor Vs. Abie Hadjitarkhani Vs. Gitta Neufeld, show # 6007. 2010x97
Amanda Sonmor vs. Abie Hadjitarkhani vs. Gitta Neufeld.
Amanda Sonmor Vs. Josh Magri Vs. Elaine Thompson, show # 6006. 2010x96
Amanda Sonmor vs. Josh Magri vs. Elaine Thompson.
Scott Harris Vs. Sandy Hollimon Vs. Amanda Sonmor, show # 6005. 2010x95
Scott Harris vs. Sandy Hollimon vs. Amanda Sonmor.
Jeff Gorham Vs. Julie Wolfson Vs. Scott Harris, show # 6004. 2010x94
Jeff Gorham vs. Julie Wolfson vs. Scott Harris.
Anthony Fox Vs. Margaret Metcalf Vs. Jeff Gorham, show # 6003. 2010x93
Anthony Fox vs. Margaret Metcalf vs. Jeff Gorham.
Anthony Fox Vs. Ali Binazir Vs. Carrie Oken, show # 6002. 2010x92
Anthony Fox vs. Ali Binazir vs. Carrie Oken.
Anthony Fox Vs. Claudia Kasvin Vs. Gerard Coletta, show # 6001. 2010x91
Anthony Fox vs. Claudia Kasvin vs. Gerard Coletta.
Anthony Fox Vs. John McLean Vs. Matt McQueary, show # 6000. 2010x90
Anthony Fox vs. John McLean vs. Matt McQueary.
Tom Toal Vs. Anthony Fox Vs. Sarah Olson, show # 5999. 2010x89
Tom Toal vs. Anthony Fox vs. Sarah Olson.
Sally O'Rourke Vs. Tom Toal Vs. Elisabeth Karlin, show # 5998. 2010x88
Sally O'Rourke vs. Tom Toal vs. Elisabeth Karlin.
Dan Jensen Vs. Justin Braganza Vs. Sally O'Rourke, show # 5997. 2010x87
Dan Jensen vs. Justin Braganza vs. Sally O'Rourke.
Dan Jensen Vs. Michael Rose Vs. Margaret Murphy, show # 5996. 2010x86
Dan Jensen vs. Michael Rose vs. Margaret Murphy.
Dan Jensen Vs. Dana Gresko Vs. Gabe Perez-Giz, show # 5995. 2010x85
Dan Jensen vs. Dana Gresko vs. Gabe Perez-Giz.
Steve Gratz Vs. Dan Jensen Vs. Maureen Abell, show # 5994. 2010x84
Steve Gratz vs. Dan Jensen vs. Maureen Abell.
Steve Gratz Vs. Erik Lang Vs. Melissa Nilles, show # 5993. 2010x83
Steve Gratz vs. Erik Lang vs. Melissa Nilles.
Genaro Lopez Vs. Alex Marchyshyn Vs. Steve Gratz, show # 5992. 2010x82
Genaro Lopez vs. Alex Marchyshyn vs. Steve Gratz.
Lyn Thomas Vs. Genaro Lopez Vs. Annemarie Brentrup, show # 5991. 2010x81
Lyn Thomas vs. Genaro Lopez vs. Annemarie Brentrup.
Ellen Kimmel Vs. Allysen Meijer Vs. Lyn Thomas, show # 5990. 2010x80
Ellen Kimmel vs. Allysen Meijer vs. Lyn Thomas.
Ellen Kimmel Vs. Whitney Manzo Vs. Matt Creamer, show # 5989. 2010x79
Ellen Kimmel vs. Whitney Manzo vs. Matt Creamer.
Marissa Goldsmith Vs. Raghuveer Mukkamalla Vs. Ellen Kimmel, show # 5988. 2010x78
Marissa Goldsmith vs. Raghuveer Mukkamalla vs. Ellen Kimmel.
Marissa Goldsmith Vs. Alice Jackson Vs. Anthony Curtis, show # 5987. 2010x77
Marissa Goldsmith vs. Alice Jackson vs. Anthony Curtis.
Marissa Goldsmith Vs. Andrea Barnes Vs. Ryan Vogt, show # 5986. 2010x76
Marissa Goldsmith vs. Andrea Barnes vs. Ryan Vogt.
Tom Nissley Vs. Marissa Goldsmith Vs. Chris Quin, show # 5985. 2010x75
Tom Nissley vs. Marissa Goldsmith vs. Chris Quin.
Tom Nissley Vs. Corey York Vs. Samantha Barry, show # 5984. 2010x74
Tom Nissley vs. Corey York vs. Samantha Barry.
Tom Nissley Vs. Ester Murdukhayeva Vs. Dennis Loo, show # 5983. 2010x73
Tom Nissley vs. Ester Murdukhayeva vs. Dennis Loo.
Tom Nissley Vs. Danni Steiner Vs. Andrew Sullivan, show # 5982. 2010x72
Tom Nissley vs. Danni Steiner vs. Andrew Sullivan.
Tom Nissley Vs. Julia Carlis Vs. Bob Fulmer, show # 5981. 2010x71
Tom Nissley vs. Julia Carlis vs. Bob Fulmer.
Tom Nissley Vs. Nina Kiekhaefer Vs. Teresa Lane, show # 5980. 2010x70
Tom Nissley vs. Nina Kiekhaefer vs. Teresa Lane.
Tom Nissley Vs. Tim Klein Vs. Jen Huff, show # 5979. 2010x69
Tom Nissley vs. Tim Klein vs. Jen Huff.
Tom Nissley Vs. Alexis Hawley Vs. Anthony Flores, show # 5978. 2010x68
Tom Nissley vs. Alexis Hawley vs. Anthony Flores.
Jonathan Corbblah Vs. Judy Arnold Vs. Tom Nissley, show # 5977. 2010x67
Jonathan Corbblah vs. Judy Arnold vs. Tom Nissley.
Sandra McClellan Vs. Jonathan Corbblah Vs. Keri McConaghy, show # 5976. 2010x66
Sandra McClellan vs. Jonathan Corbblah vs. Keri McConaghy.
Liz Maziarz Vs. Sandra McClellan Vs. Eugene Henderson, show # 5975. 2010x65
Liz Maziarz vs. Sandra McClellan vs. Eugene Henderson.
Adam Bibler Vs. Liz Maziarz Vs. Steve Meer, show # 5974. 2010x64
Adam Bibler vs. Liz Maziarz vs. Steve Meer.
Josh Powell Vs. Adam Bibler Vs. Kate Palladino, show # 5973. 2010x63
Josh Powell vs. Adam Bibler vs. Kate Palladino.
Josh Powell Vs. Rich Zayatz Vs. Jamie O'Hagin, show # 5972. 2010x62
Josh Powell vs. Rich Zayatz vs. Jamie O'Hagin.
Josh Powell Vs. Christina Barley Vs. Will Durbin, show # 5971. 2010x61
Josh Powell vs. Christina Barley vs. Will Durbin.
Ariel Schneider Vs. Andy Holt Vs. Josh Powell, show # 5970. 2010x60
Ariel Schneider vs. Andy Holt vs. Josh Powell.
Ariel Schneider Vs. Kate Reilly Vs. Francesca Huemer Kelly, show # 5969. 2010x59
Ariel Schneider vs. Kate Reilly vs. Francesca Huemer Kelly.
Tom Zamojcin Vs. Ariel Schneider Vs. Terence Scroope, show # 5968. 2010x58
Tom Zamojcin vs. Ariel Schneider vs. Terence Scroope.
Charlie Penrod Vs. Tom Zamojcin Vs. Allie Hagan, show # 5967. 2010x57
Charlie Penrod vs. Tom Zamojcin vs. Allie Hagan.
Judy Shewmake Vs. Kristin Anderson Vs. Charlie Penrod, show # 5966. 2010x56
Judy Shewmake vs. Kristin Anderson vs. Charlie Penrod.
Laura Button Vs. Kemi James Vs. Judy Shewmake, show # 5965. 2010x55
Laura Button vs. Kemi James vs. Judy Shewmake.
Bob Kennedy Vs. Matthew Warren Vs. Laura Button, show # 5964. 2010x54
Bob Kennedy vs. Matthew Warren vs. Laura Button.
Bob Kennedy Vs. Rebecca O'Brien Vs. Stephanie Gumble, show # 5963. 2010x53
Bob Kennedy vs. Rebecca O'Brien vs. Stephanie Gumble.
George Tsuji Vs. Bob Kennedy Vs. Megan Cornell, show # 5962. 2010x52
George Tsuji vs. Bob Kennedy vs. Megan Cornell.
Vito Cortese Vs. Aimee Slater Vs. George Tsuji, show # 5961. 2010x51
Vito Cortese vs. Aimee Slater vs. George Tsuji.
2010 Autumn College Championship final game 2, show # 5960. 2010x50
Erin McLean vs. Hans von Walter vs. Sam Spaulding.
2010 Autumn College Championship final game 1, show # 5959. 2010x49
Erin McLean vs. Hans von Walter vs. Sam Spaulding.
2010 Autumn College Championship semifinal game 3, show # 5958. 2010x48
Sid Chandrasekhar vs. Sam Spaulding vs. Lea Tottle.
2010 Autumn College Championship semifinal game 2, show # 5957. 2010x47
Steve Greene vs. Ellen Eichner vs. Hans von Walter.
2010 Autumn College Championship semifinal game 1, show # 5956. 2010x46
Erin McLean vs. Kyle Kahan vs. Marshall Flores.
2010 Autumn College Championship quarterfinal game 5, show # 5955. 2010x45
Amanda J. Ray vs. Katie Singh vs. Sam Spaulding.
2010 Autumn College Championship quarterfinal game 4, show # 5954. 2010x44
Marshall Flores vs. Steph Gagelin vs. Tim Relihan.
2010 Autumn College Championship quarterfinal game 3, show # 5953. 2010x43
Folake Dosu vs. Ellen Eichner vs. Kyle Kahan.
2010 Autumn College Championship quarterfinal game 2, show # 5952. 2010x42
Erin McLean vs. Lea Tottle vs. Hans von Walter.
2010 Autumn College Championship quarterfinal game 1, show # 5951. 2010x41
Sid Chandrasekhar vs. Olivia Colangelo vs. Steve Greene.
Vito Cortese Vs. John Wen Vs. Jeanne Breen, show # 5950. 2010x40
Vito Cortese vs. John Wen vs. Jeanne Breen.
Vito Cortese Vs. Rony Josaphat Vs. Jennifer Hill, show # 5949. 2010x39
Vito Cortese vs. Rony Josaphat vs. Jennifer Hill.
Dave Ellis Vs. Anne McFadden Vs. Vito Cortese, show # 5948. 2010x38
Dave Ellis vs. Anne McFadden vs. Vito Cortese.
Silvio Menzano Vs. Dave Ellis Vs. Jocelyn Casser, show # 5947. 2010x37
Silvio Menzano vs. Dave Ellis vs. Jocelyn Casser.
Marie Braden Vs. Molly Adams Vs. Silvio Menzano, show # 5946. 2010x36
Marie Braden vs. Molly Adams vs. Silvio Menzano.
Jesse Cuevas Vs. Ricky Kreitner Vs. Marie Braden, show # 5945. 2010x35
Jesse Cuevas vs. Ricky Kreitner vs. Marie Braden.
Jesse Cuevas Vs. Barbara Brown Vs. George Villarreal, show # 5944. 2010x34
Jesse Cuevas vs. Barbara Brown vs. George Villarreal.
Jesse Cuevas Vs. Bert Rubini Vs. Sarah Whitaker, show # 5943. 2010x33
Jesse Cuevas vs. Bert Rubini vs. Sarah Whitaker.
Pam Jones-Pigott Vs. Laura Spadanuta Vs. Jesse Cuevas, show # 5942. 2010x32
Pam Jones-Pigott vs. Laura Spadanuta vs. Jesse Cuevas.
Ari Stern Vs. Reggie LaFond Vs. Pam Jones-Pigott, show # 5941. 2010x31
Ari Stern vs. Reggie LaFond vs. Pam Jones-Pigott.
Kathleen Mikulis Vs. Ari Stern Vs. Mary Van Tyne, show # 5940. 2010x30
Kathleen Mikulis vs. Ari Stern vs. Mary Van Tyne.
Matt DeTura Vs. Mike Wilson Vs. Kathleen Mikulis, show # 5939. 2010x29
Matt DeTura vs. Mike Wilson vs. Kathleen Mikulis.
Matt DeTura Vs. Megan Griffiths Vs. Tommy Jordan, show # 5938. 2010x28
Matt DeTura vs. Megan Griffiths vs. Tommy Jordan.
Matt DeTura Vs. Jon Golbe Vs. Stephanie Bethel, show # 5937. 2010x27
Matt DeTura vs. Jon Golbe vs. Stephanie Bethel.
Sara Wilkinson Vs. Matt DeTura Vs. Paula Currall, show # 5936. 2010x26
Sara Wilkinson vs. Matt DeTura vs. Paula Currall.
Sara Wilkinson Vs. Robert Yowell Vs. Liz Tracey, show # 5935. 2010x25
Sara Wilkinson vs. Robert Yowell vs. Liz Tracey.
Sara Wilkinson Vs. Theo McLauchlin Vs. Anjali Chelliah Sawe, show # 5934. 2010x24
Sara Wilkinson vs. Theo McLauchlin vs. Anjali Chelliah Sawe.
Suzanne Rorick Vs. Sara Wilkinson Vs. Terry Andrews, show # 5933. 2010x23
Suzanne Rorick vs. Sara Wilkinson vs. Terry Andrews.
Carol Denny Vs. Suzanne Rorick Vs. Tim Campos, show # 5932. 2010x22
Carol Denny vs. Suzanne Rorick vs. Tim Campos.
Mike Hodel Vs. Dylan Payne Vs. Carol Denny, show # 5931. 2010x21
Mike Hodel vs. Dylan Payne vs. Carol Denny.
Mike Hodel Vs. Alli Johnson Vs. Brad Rodriguez, show # 5930. 2010x20
Mike Hodel vs. Alli Johnson vs. Brad Rodriguez.
Don Meals Vs. Mike Hodel Vs. Sarah Rabin Spira, show # 5929. 2010x19
Don Meals vs. Mike Hodel vs. Sarah Rabin Spira.
Don Meals Vs. Kelly Moore Vs. Peter Landesman, show # 5928. 2010x18
Don Meals vs. Kelly Moore vs. Peter Landesman.
Don Meals Vs. Kristen Schroeder Vs. James Brown, show # 5927. 2010x17
Don Meals vs. Kristen Schroeder vs. James Brown.
Emily Jusino Vs. Lois Petzold Vs. Don Meals, Vshow # 5926. 2010x16
Emily Jusino vs. Lois Petzold vs. Don Meals.
Mark McDonnell vs. Emily Jusino vs. Adam Podber, show # 5925. 2010x15
Mark McDonnell vs. Emily Jusino vs. Adam Podber.
Kara Spak Vs. Tegan Brown Vs. Mark McDonnell, show # 5924. 2010x14
Kara Spak vs. Tegan Brown vs. Mark McDonnell.
Kara Spak Vs. Claire Bea Vs. Molly Zeigler, show # 5923. 2010x13
Kara Spak vs. Claire Bea vs. Molly Zeigler.
Kara Spak Vs. David Zack Vs. Phyllis Grayson, show # 5922. 2010x12
Kara Spak vs. David Zack vs. Phyllis Grayson.
Kara Spak Vs. Beth Eckerd Vs. Robert Villarreal, show # 5921. 2010x11
Kara Spak vs. Beth Eckerd vs. Robert Villarreal.
Kara Spak Vs. Hillary Janikula Vs. Lyssette Flinchbaugh, show # 5920. 2010x10
Kara Spak vs. Hillary Janikula vs. Lyssette Flinchbaugh.
Russ Porter Vs. DJ Schepker Vs. Kara Spak, show # 5919. 2010x09
Russ Porter vs. DJ Schepker vs. Kara Spak.
Jelisa Castrodale Vs. Destiny Lilly Vs. Russ Porter, show # 5918. 2010x08
Jelisa Castrodale vs. Destiny Lilly vs. Russ Porter.
Roger Craig Vs. Matt Martin Vs. Jelisa Castrodale, show # 5917. 2010x07
Roger Craig vs. Matt Martin vs. Jelisa Castrodale.
Roger Craig Vs. Mary Keating Vs. Marisa Tam, show # 5916. 2010x06
Roger Craig vs. Mary Keating vs. Marisa Tam.
Roger Craig Vs. Shaama Pandya Vs. Ryan Hedlund, show # 5915. 2010x05
Roger Craig vs. Shaama Pandya vs. Ryan Hedlund.
Roger Craig Vs. Les Taub Vs. Ruth Anne Stevens-Klitz, show # 5914. 2010x04
Roger Craig vs. Les Taub vs. Ruth Anne Stevens-Klitz.
Roger Craig Vs. Kevin Knudson Vs. Katie Ganfield, show # 5913. 2010x03
Roger Craig vs. Kevin Knudson vs. Katie Ganfield.
Roger Craig Vs. Tony Fan Vs. Mandy Strine, show # 5912. 2010x02
Roger Craig vs. Tony Fan vs. Mandy Strine.
Meg Miller Vs. Scott Wells Vs. Roger Craig, show # 5911. Season Premiere 2010x01
Meg Miller vs. Scott Wells vs. Roger Craig.