Jeopardy! is a classic game show -- with a twist. The answers are given first, and the contestants supply the questions. Three contestants, including the previous show's champion, compete in six categories and in three rounds (with each round's "answers" being worth more prize money).Contestant images from 2015 onwards are provided courtesy of Fikkle Fame. Add to my shows

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2021 Professors Tournament Quarterfinal game 1, show # 8526. 2021x61
Hester Blum / English Professor at Penn State University in  University Park, Pennsylvania; Gautam Hans / Associate Clinical Professor of Law At Vanderbilt Law School in Nashville, Tennessee; Gary Hollis / Chemisrty Professor at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia.

season 2009

Meg Miller Vs. J.D. Lowry Vs. James Richardson, show # 5910. Season Finale 2009x230
Meg Miller vs. J.D. Lowry vs. James Richardson.
Jen Fick Vs. Markus Iturriaga Vs. Meg Miller, show # 5909. 2009x229
Jen Fick vs. Markus Iturriaga vs. Meg Miller.
Nora Corrigan Vs. Jen Fick Vs. Alyssa Morgan, show # 5908. 2009x228
Nora Corrigan vs. Jen Fick vs. Alyssa Morgan.
Alison Stone Roberg Vs. Vince Femenella Vs. Nora Corrigan, show # 5907. 2009x227
Alison Stone Roberg vs. Vince Femenella vs. Nora Corrigan.
Alison Stone Roberg Vs. John Cunningham Vs. Pamela Nelson, show # 5906. 2009x226
Alison Stone Roberg vs. John Cunningham vs. Pamela Nelson.
Alison Stone Roberg Vs. Joe Gallagher Vs. Rich Baker, show # 5905. 2009x225
Alison Stone Roberg vs. Joe Gallagher vs. Rich Baker.
John Krizel Vs. Dan Highlands Vs. Alison Stone Roberg, show # 5904. 2009x224
John Krizel vs. Dan Highlands vs. Alison Stone Roberg.
John Krizel Vs. Sarah Minson Vs. Tom Alexander, show # 5903. 2009x223
John Krizel vs. Sarah Minson vs. Tom Alexander.
John Krizel Vs. Gene Beed Vs. Donna Gottlieb, show # 5902. 2009x222
John Krizel vs. Gene Beed vs. Donna Gottlieb.
John Krizel Vs. Michael Muller Vs. Susan Neuffer, show # 5901. 2009x221
John Krizel vs. Michael Muller vs. Susan Neuffer.
Van Lane Vs. John Krizel Vs. Leslie Williams, show # 5900. 2009x220
Van Lane vs. John Krizel vs. Leslie Williams.
Van Lane Vs. Neal Eggeson Vs. Bryn Reinecke, show # 5899. 2009x219
Van Lane vs. Neal Eggeson vs. Bryn Reinecke.
Van Lane Vs. Victoria Rduch Vs. Chris Dungan, show # 5898. 2009x218
Van Lane vs. Victoria Rduch vs. Chris Dungan.
Saad Hasan Vs. Anne Anglim Vs. Van Lane, show # 5897. 2009x217
Saad Hasan vs. Anne Anglim vs. Van Lane.
Aaron Wicks Vs. Barbara Gayle Vs. Saad Hasan, show # 5896. 2009x216
Aaron Wicks vs. Barbara Gayle vs. Saad Hasan.
2010 Kids Week game 5, show # 5895. 2009x215
Vivian Lappenbusch vs. Jack Weisman vs. Sita Yerramsetti.
2010 Kids Week game 4, show # 5894. 2009x214
Jessica Anderson vs. Caroline Evans vs. Thomas Horn.
2010 Kids Week game 3, show # 5893. 2009x213
Molly Gier vs. Joli Millner vs. Bryce Piotrowski.
2010 Kids Week game 2, show # 5892. 2009x212
Andrea Salt vs. Ethan Waldman vs. Will Walters.
2010 Kids Week game 1, show # 5891. 2009x211
John Farley vs. Surabhi Iyer vs. Kyle Ziemnick.
Dave Edwards Vs. Aaron Wicks Vs. Kim Platnick, show # 5890. 2009x210
Dave Edwards vs. Aaron Wicks vs. Kim Platnick.
Steven Milton Vs. Kristina Glithero Vs. Dave Edwards, show # 5889. 2009x209
Steven Milton vs. Kristina Glithero vs. Dave Edwards.
Steven Milton Vs. Jeff Gordon Vs. Cara Colville, show # 5888. 2009x208
Steven Milton vs. Jeff Gordon vs. Cara Colville.
Janet Bradlow Vs. Christopher Scheeren Vs. Steven Milton, show # 5887. 2009x207
Janet Bradlow vs. Christopher Scheeren vs. Steven Milton.
Janet Bradlow Vs. Katie Bruton Vs. Stefanie Small, show # 5886. 2009x206
Janet Bradlow vs. Katie Bruton vs. Stefanie Small.
Janet Bradlow Vs. Lisa Cerrato Vs. Matthew Levine, show # 5885. 2009x205
Janet Bradlow vs. Lisa Cerrato vs. Matthew Levine.
Joey Genereux Vs. Janet Bradlow Vs. Grant Colvin, show # 5884. 2009x204
Joey Genereux vs. Janet Bradlow vs. Grant Colvin.
Paul Kursky Vs. Sharyle Doherty Vs. Joey Genereux, show # 5883. 2009x203
Paul Kursky vs. Sharyle Doherty vs. Joey Genereux.
Paul Kursky Vs. Chris Vermilion Vs. Autumn Haag, show # 5882. 2009x202
Paul Kursky vs. Chris Vermilion vs. Autumn Haag.
Paul Kursky Vs. Eric Rau Vs. Terrill Wilkins, show # 5881. 2009x201
Paul Kursky vs. Eric Rau vs. Terrill Wilkins.
Paul Kursky Vs. Jon Zerolnick Vs. Katherine Thompson, show # 5880. 2009x200
Paul Kursky vs. Jon Zerolnick vs. Katherine Thompson.
Paul Kursky Vs. Peggy Enright Vs. Matt Cavanaugh, show # 5879. 2009x199
Paul Kursky vs. Peggy Enright vs. Matt Cavanaugh.
Anne Triolo Vs. Paul Kursky Vs. Laura White, show # 5878. 2009x198
Anne Triolo vs. Paul Kursky vs. Laura White.
Marty Scott Vs. Jonah Busch Vs. Anne Triolo, show # 5877. 2009x197
Marty Scott vs. Jonah Busch vs. Anne Triolo.
Marty Scott Vs. Marianthe Colakis Vs. Mark Passerrello, show # 5876. 2009x196
Marty Scott vs. Marianthe Colakis vs. Mark Passerrello.
Marty Scott Vs. Ken Eberle Vs. Jennifer Roberson, show # 5875. 2009x195
Marty Scott vs. Ken Eberle vs. Jennifer Roberson.
Kyle Hutchinson Vs. Marty Scott Vs. Ilana Cohen, show # 5874. 2009x194
Kyle Hutchinson vs. Marty Scott vs. Ilana Cohen.
Peter Hall Vs. Kyle Hutchinson Vs. Dan Katz, show # 5873. 2009x193
Peter Hall vs. Kyle Hutchinson vs. Dan Katz.
J.R. Lind Vs. Peter Hall Vs. Jessica Freeman, show # 5872. 2009x192
J.R. Lind vs. Peter Hall vs. Jessica Freeman.
J.R. Lind Vs. Becky Henderson Vs. Joshua Weiss, show # 5871. 2009x191
J.R. Lind vs. Becky Henderson vs. Joshua Weiss.
Jeff Johnson Vs. Felicia Ko Vs. J.R. Lind, show # 5870. 2009x190
Jeff Johnson vs. Felicia Ko vs. J.R. Lind.
Jeff Johnson Vs. Greg Lyon Vs. Susan Thatcher, show # 5869. 2009x189
Jeff Johnson vs. Greg Lyon vs. Susan Thatcher.
Cathy Melocik Vs. Gerry Cuddyer Vs. Jeff Johnson, show # 5868. 2009x188
Cathy Melocik vs. Gerry Cuddyer vs. Jeff Johnson.
Cathy Melocik Vs. Shaun Desmond Vs. Cheryl Parrott, show # 5867. 2009x187
Cathy Melocik vs. Shaun Desmond vs. Cheryl Parrott.
Aaron Ammerman Vs. Sally Ronald Vs. Cathy Melocik, show # 5866. 2009x186
Aaron Ammerman vs. Sally Ronald vs. Cathy Melocik.
Tom LaPorta Vs. Aaron Ammerman Vs. Elizabeth Schmitt, show # 5865. 2009x185
Tom LaPorta vs. Aaron Ammerman vs. Elizabeth Schmitt.
Tom LaPorta Vs. Bill Benison Vs. Nancy Williams, show # 5864. 2009x184
Tom LaPorta vs. Bill Benison vs. Nancy Williams.
Tom LaPorta Vs. Arv Reddy Vs. Colleen Kennedy, show # 5863. 2009x183
Tom LaPorta vs. Arv Reddy vs. Colleen Kennedy.
Buddy Wright Vs. Amy Watts Vs. Tom LaPorta, show # 5862. 2009x182
Buddy Wright vs. Amy Watts vs. Tom LaPorta.
Buddy Wright Vs. Jenna Strickland Vs. Gordon Purcell, show # 5861. 2009x181
Buddy Wright vs. Jenna Strickland vs. Gordon Purcell.
2010 Tournament of Champions final game 2, show # 5860. 2009x180
Jason Zollinger vs. Vijay Balse vs. Stefan Goodreau.
2010 Tournament of Champions final game 1, show # 5859. 2009x179
Jason Zollinger vs. Vijay Balse vs. Stefan Goodreau.
2010 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 3, show # 5858. 2009x178
Justin Bernbach vs. Andy Srinivasan vs. Vijay Balse.
2010 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 2, show # 5857. 2009x177
Liz Murphy vs. Nick Yozamp vs. Jason Zollinger.
2010 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 1, show # 5856. 2009x176
Terry Linwood vs. Stefan Goodreau vs. Dave Belote.
2010 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 5, show # 5855. 2009x175
Vijay Balse vs. Stefan Goodreau vs. Jason Zollinger.
2010 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 4, show # 5854. 2009x174
Joey Beachum vs. Justin Bernbach vs. Christine Valada.
2010 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 3, show # 5853. 2009x173
Dave Belote vs. Regina Robbins vs. Andy Srinivasan.
2010 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 2, show # 5852. 2009x172
Terry Linwood vs. Stephen Weingarten vs. Nick Yozamp.
2010 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 1, show # 5851. 2009x171
Ryan Chaffee vs. Liz Murphy vs. Patrick Tucker.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational final game 2, show # 5850. 2009x170
Michael McKean vs. Cheech Marin vs. Jane Curtin.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational final game 1, show # 5849. 2009x169
Michael McKean vs. Cheech Marin vs. Jane Curtin.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational semifinal game 3, show # 5848. 2009x168
Neil Patrick Harris vs. Jane Kaczmarek vs. Cheech Marin.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational semifinal game 2, show # 5847. 2009x167
Michael McKean vs. Isaac Mizrahi vs. Charles Shaughnessy.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational semifinal game 1, show # 5846. 2009x166
Pat Sajak vs. Jane Curtin vs. Harry Shearer.
Buddy Wright Vs. Antoinette Aubert Vs. Shubha Ghosh, show # 5845. 2009x165
Buddy Wright vs. Antoinette Aubert vs. Shubha Ghosh.
Buddy Wright Vs. Linda Smith Vs. Robin Poché, show # 5844. 2009x164
Buddy Wright vs. Linda Smith vs. Robin Poché.
Randall Johnson Vs. Buddy Wright Vs. Alexandra Helprin, show # 5843. 2009x163
Randall Johnson vs. Buddy Wright vs. Alexandra Helprin.
Randall Johnson Vs. Megan Kardine Vs. Brett Garner, show # 5842. 2009x162
Randall Johnson vs. Megan Kardine vs. Brett Garner.
Kathy Kenny Vs. Gabe Hernandez Vs. Randall Johnson, show # 5841. 2009x161
Kathy Kenny vs. Gabe Hernandez vs. Randall Johnson.
Phil Bucska Vs. Kathy Kenny Vs. Carl Saras, show # 5840. 2009x160
Phil Bucska vs. Kathy Kenny vs. Carl Saras.
Phil Bucska Vs. Hilary Caws-Elwitt Vs. Chris Staaf, show # 5839. 2009x159
Phil Bucska vs. Hilary Caws-Elwitt vs. Chris Staaf.
Amy Wilson Vs. Phil Bucska Vs. Patsy Chrysson, how # 5838. 2009x158
Amy Wilson vs. Phil Bucska vs. Patsy Chrysson.
Ken Starnes Vs. Amy Wilson Vs. Rick Reed, show # 5837. 2009x157
Ken Starnes vs. Amy Wilson vs. Rick Reed.
Ian Silverman Vs. Ken Starnes Vs. Elizabeth Richards, show # 5836. 2009x156
Ian Silverman vs. Ken Starnes vs. Elizabeth Richards.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational quarterfinal game 9, show # 5835. 2009x155
Jane Curtin vs. Isaac Mizrahi vs. CCH Pounder.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational quarterfinal game 8, show # 5834. 2009x154
Neil Patrick Harris vs. Rebecca Lobo vs. Hill Harper.
Arthur Christy Vs. Ian Silverman Vs. Charlotte Hotchkiss, show # 5833. 2009x153
Arthur Christy vs. Ian Silverman vs. Charlotte Hotchkiss.
Morgan Saxby Vs. Arthur Christy Vs. Andrew Sidden, show # 5832. 2009x152
Morgan Saxby vs. Arthur Christy vs. Andrew Sidden.
Morgan Saxby Vs. Debbie Russell Vs. Amanda Lahan, show # 5831. 2009x151
Morgan Saxby vs. Debbie Russell vs. Amanda Lahan.
Morgan Saxby Vs. Sarah Sumadi Vs. Jack Aponte, show # 5830. 2009x150
Morgan Saxby vs. Sarah Sumadi vs. Jack Aponte.
Karla Ruksys Vs. Marv Peña Vs. Morgan Saxby, show # 5829. 2009x149
Karla Ruksys vs. Marv Peña vs. Morgan Saxby.
Brandon Hathaway Vs. Karla Ruksys Vs. Conor Collins, show # 5828. 2009x148
Brandon Hathaway vs. Karla Ruksys vs. Conor Collins.
Brandon Hathaway Vs. David Hoskins Vs. Emily Bryk, show # 5827. 2009x147
Brandon Hathaway vs. David Hoskins vs. Emily Bryk.
Laura Hughes Vs. Brandon Hathaway Vs. Nancy West, show # 5826. 2009x146
Laura Hughes vs. Brandon Hathaway vs. Nancy West.
Jessica Trudeau Vs. Laura Hughes Vs. Gary Gambino, show # 5825. 2009x145
Jessica Trudeau vs. Laura Hughes vs. Gary Gambino.
Matt Drury Vs. Ken Burke Vs. Jessica Trudeau, show # 5824. 2009x144
Matt Drury vs. Ken Burke vs. Jessica Trudeau.
Stacy Braverman Vs. Pat Garahan Vs. Matt Drury, show # 5823. 2009x143
Stacy Braverman vs. Pat Garahan vs. Matt Drury.
Manny Maldonado III Vs. Stacy Braverman Vs. Emily Cloyd, show # 5822. 2009x142
Manny Maldonado III vs. Stacy Braverman vs. Emily Cloyd.
Regina Robbins Vs. Manny Maldonado III Vs. Melissa Kowalski, show # 5821. 2009x141
Regina Robbins vs. Manny Maldonado III vs. Melissa Kowalski.
Regina Robbins Vs. Kerry Smith Vs. Huat Lim, show # 5820. 2009x140
Regina Robbins vs. Kerry Smith vs. Huat Lim.
Regina Robbins Vs. Susan Malmo Vs. Sean Burns, show # 5819. 2009x139
Regina Robbins vs. Susan Malmo vs. Sean Burns.
Regina Robbins Vs. Tatiana Walton Vs. Derek Honoré, show # 5818. 2009x138
Regina Robbins vs. Tatiana Walton vs. Derek Honoré.
Kristian Zoerhoff Vs. Regina Robbins Vs. Colin McLain, show # 5817. 2009x137
Kristian Zoerhoff vs. Regina Robbins vs. Colin McLain.
Kristian Zoerhoff Vs. Jonathan Sanchez Vs. Lisa Horowitz, show # 5816. 2009x136
Kristian Zoerhoff vs. Jonathan Sanchez vs. Lisa Horowitz.
Jim Banks Vs. Sarah Bright Vs. Kristian Zoerhoff, show # 5815. 2009x135
Jim Banks vs. Sarah Bright vs. Kristian Zoerhoff.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational quarterfinal game 7, show # 5814. 2009x134
Anderson Cooper vs. Aisha Tyler vs. Cheech Marin.
Amanda Baber Vs. Jessica Shafer Vs. Jim Banks, show # 5813. 2009x133
Amanda Baber vs. Jessica Shafer vs. Jim Banks.
Rachel Pildis Vs. Jayson Johnson Vs. Amanda Baber, show # 5812. 2009x132
Rachel Pildis vs. Jayson Johnson vs. Amanda Baber.
Robert Knecht Schmidt Vs. Rachel Pildis Vs. Nick Gorski, show # 5811. 2009x131
Robert Knecht Schmidt vs. Rachel Pildis vs. Nick Gorski.
Cyd Musni Vs. Robert Knecht Schmidt Vs. Sarah Rubin, show # 5810. 2009x130
Cyd Musni vs. Robert Knecht Schmidt vs. Sarah Rubin.
Cyd Musni Vs. Leslie Sommer Vs. Ryan Stander, show # 5809. 2009x129
Cyd Musni vs. Leslie Sommer vs. Ryan Stander.
Vijay Balse Vs. Cyd Musni Vs. Kyle Mathews, show # 5808. 2009x128
Vijay Balse vs. Cyd Musni vs. Kyle Mathews.
Vijay Balse Vs. Becki Norris Vs. Shelby Sadler, show # 5807. 2009x127
Vijay Balse vs. Becki Norris vs. Shelby Sadler.
Vijay Balse Vs. Kirby Nelson Vs. Karen Hoffman, show # 5806. 2009x126
Vijay Balse vs. Kirby Nelson vs. Karen Hoffman.
Vijay Balse Vs. Todd Aiello Vs. Miriam Carson, show # 5805. 2009x125
Vijay Balse vs. Todd Aiello vs. Miriam Carson.
Jordan Brand Vs. Vijay Balse Vs. Ann Rusthoven, show # 5804. 2009x124
Jordan Brand vs. Vijay Balse vs. Ann Rusthoven.
Jesse Achtenberg Vs. Jordan Brand Vs. Suzanne Tetreault, show # 5803. 2009x123
Jesse Achtenberg vs. Jordan Brand vs. Suzanne Tetreault.
Amy Tyszkiewicz Vs. Jesse Achtenberg Vs. Julia Brown, show # 5802. 2009x122
Amy Tyszkiewicz vs. Jesse Achtenberg vs. Julia Brown.
Ben Auer Vs. Anne Damon Vs. Amy Tyszkiewicz, show # 5801. 2009x121
Ben Auer vs. Anne Damon vs. Amy Tyszkiewicz.
Ben Auer Vs. Ashok Bhaskar Vs. Kori Tyler, show # 5800. 2009x120
Ben Auer vs. Ashok Bhaskar vs. Kori Tyler.
Tom Toce Vs. Rhonda Scarborough Vs. Ben Auer, show # 5799. 2009x119
Tom Toce vs. Rhonda Scarborough vs. Ben Auer.
Tom Toce Vs. Graham Norris Vs. Leslie Hurd, show # 5798. 2009x118
Tom Toce vs. Graham Norris vs. Leslie Hurd.
Ginny Bartlett Vs. Tom Toce Vs. Stewart Yeargin, show # 5797. 2009x117
Ginny Bartlett vs. Tom Toce vs. Stewart Yeargin.
Elizabeth Galoozis Vs. Ginny Bartlett Vs. Matt MacGregor, show # 5796. 2009x116
Elizabeth Galoozis vs. Ginny Bartlett vs. Matt MacGregor.
Elizabeth Galoozis Vs. Lisa Dengate Vs. Pablo Garcia, show # 5795. 2009x115
Elizabeth Galoozis vs. Lisa Dengate vs. Pablo Garcia.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational quarterfinal game 6, show # 5794. 2009x114
Chris Matthews vs. David Duchovny vs. Charles Shaughnessy.
Jeremy Apsley Vs. Mayank Keshaviah Vs. Elizabeth Galoozis, show # 5793. 2009x113
Jeremy Apsley vs. Mayank Keshaviah vs. Elizabeth Galoozis.
Yevgeny Shrago Vs. Jeremy Apsley Vs. Christy Brown, show # 5792. 2009x112
Yevgeny Shrago vs. Jeremy Apsley vs. Christy Brown.
Rebecca Dixon Vs. Gillian Mabrey Vs. Yevgeny Shrago, show # 5791. 2009x111
Rebecca Dixon vs. Gillian Mabrey vs. Yevgeny Shrago.
2010 Winter College Championship final game 2, show # 5790. 2009x110
Ryan Stoffers vs. Nick Yozamp vs. Surya Sabhapathy.
2010 Winter College Championship final game 1, show # 5789. 2009x109
Ryan Stoffers vs. Nick Yozamp vs. Surya Sabhapathy.
2010 Winter College Championship semifinal game 3, show # 5788. 2009x108
Lindsay Eanet vs. Ryan Stoffers vs. Dan D'Addario.
2010 Winter College Championship semifinal game 2, show # 5787. 2009x107
Leah Anthony Libresco vs. Ashley Walker vs. Surya Sabhapathy.
2010 Winter College Championship semifinal game 1, show # 5786. 2009x106
James Hill III vs. Nick Yozamp vs. Samira Missaghi.
2010 Winter College Championship quarterfinal game 5, show # 5785. 2009x105
Lindsay Eanet vs. Leah Anthony Libresco vs. Prashant Raghavendran.
2010 Winter College Championship quarterfinal game 4, show # 5784. 2009x104
Dan D'Addario vs. Surya Sabhapathy vs. Nick Yozamp.
2010 Winter College Championship quarterfinal game 3, show # 5783. 2009x103
Robbie Berg vs. James Hill III vs. Rebecca Maxfield.
2010 Winter College Championship quarterfinal game 2, show # 5782. 2009x102
Samira Missaghi vs. Ashley Walker vs. Will Warren.
2010 Winter College Championship quarterfinal game 1, show # 5781. 2009x101
Lyndsey Romick vs. Ryan Stoffers vs. Danny Vopava.
Rebecca Dixon Vs. Francie Futterman Vs. Jordan Piel, show # 5780. 2009x100
Rebecca Dixon vs. Francie Futterman vs. Jordan Piel.
James Poulos Vs. Matt Perez Vs. Rebecca Dixon, show # 5779. 2009x99
James Poulos vs. Matt Perez vs. Rebecca Dixon.
Anna Tschetter Vs. Kelly Lathrop Vs. James Poulos, show # 5778. 2009x98
Anna Tschetter vs. Kelly Lathrop vs. James Poulos.
Andrew Fechner Vs. Rajeev Gorowara Vs. Anna Tschetter, show # 5777. 2009x97
Andrew Fechner vs. Rajeev Gorowara vs. Anna Tschetter.
Gila Stadler Vs. Andrew Fechner Vs. Diane Haltigan, show # 5776. 2009x96
Gila Stadler vs. Andrew Fechner vs. Diane Haltigan.
Ted Ahern Vs. Gila Stadler Vs. Darryl Konter, show # 5775. 2009x95
Ted Ahern vs. Gila Stadler vs. Darryl Konter.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational quarterfinal game 5, show # 5774. 2009x94
Pat Sajak vs. Elizabeth Perkins vs. Doug Savant.
Jason Zollinger Vs. Bern Samko V s. Ted Ahern, show # 5773. 2009x93
Jason Zollinger vs. Bern Samko vs. Ted Ahern.
Jason Zollinger Vs. Christine Havens Vs. Dan Campbell, show # 5772. 2009x92
Jason Zollinger vs. Christine Havens vs. Dan Campbell.
Jason Zollinger Vs. Kathy Braue Vs. Fideleon Damian, show # 5771. 2009x91
Jason Zollinger vs. Kathy Braue vs. Fideleon Damian.
Jason Zollinger Vs. Roddy Arz Vs. Joan Radell, show # 5770. 2009x90
Jason Zollinger vs. Roddy Arz vs. Joan Radell.
Jason Zollinger Vs. Adrianne Hiltz Vs. Andrew Chrzanowski, show # 5769. 2009x89
Jason Zollinger vs. Adrianne Hiltz vs. Andrew Chrzanowski.
Jason Zollinger vs. Janna Hutz vs. Thomas Meringolo, show # 5768. 2009x88
Jason Zollinger vs. Janna Hutz vs. Thomas Meringolo.
Mariann Cook Andrews Vs. Jennie Burroughs Vs. Jason Zollinger, show # 5767. 2009x87
Mariann Cook Andrews vs. Jennie Burroughs vs. Jason Zollinger.
Susan Poliniak Vs. Mariann Cook Andrews Vs. Alonso Duralde, show # 5766. 2009x86
Susan Poliniak vs. Mariann Cook Andrews vs. Alonso Duralde.
Andrea Saenz Vs. Vaughn Sandman Vs. Susan Poliniak, show # 5765. 2009x85
Andrea Saenz vs. Vaughn Sandman vs. Susan Poliniak.
Lysette Tidwell Vs. Andrea Saenz Vs. Brian Chang, show # 5764. 2009x84
Lysette Tidwell vs. Andrea Saenz vs. Brian Chang.
Jennifer Broders Vs. Carter Edman Vs. Lysette Tidwell, show # 5763. 2009x83
Jennifer Broders vs. Carter Edman vs. Lysette Tidwell.
Jennifer Broders Vs. Dave Artusi Vs. Kelly Loughead, show # 5762. 2009x82
Jennifer Broders vs. Dave Artusi vs. Kelly Loughead.
Neel Varde Vs. Jennifer Broders Vs. Charles Soule, show # 5761. 2009x81
Neel Varde vs. Jennifer Broders vs. Charles Soule.
Jessica Stapp Vs. Neel Varde Vs. Megan Langhoff, show # 5760. 2009x80
Jessica Stapp vs. Neel Varde vs. Megan Langhoff.
Jessica Stapp Vs. Hayes Davenport BVs. Patty Jasper, show # 5759. 2009x79
Jessica Stapp vs. Hayes Davenport vs. Patty Jasper.
Stephen Weingarten Vs. Sergiu Sanielevici Vs. Jessica Stapp, show # 5758. 2009x78
Stephen Weingarten vs. Sergiu Sanielevici vs. Jessica Stapp.
Stephen Weingarten Vs. Chris Gleason Vs. Breanne Reinhard Smith, show # 5757. 2009x77
Stephen Weingarten vs. Chris Gleason vs. Breanne Reinhard Smith.
Stephen Weingarten Vs. Vince Camillo Vs. Kathy Shinkle, show # 5756. 2009x76
Stephen Weingarten vs. Vince Camillo vs. Kathy Shinkle.
Stephen Weingarten Vs. Michael Boucher Vs. Susan Holmes-Garrity, show # 5755. 2009x75
Stephen Weingarten vs. Michael Boucher vs. Susan Holmes-Garrity.
Ryan Chaffee Vs. Stephen Weingarten Vs. Sarah Boyette, show # 5754. 2009x74
Ryan Chaffee vs. Stephen Weingarten vs. Sarah Boyette.
Ryan Chaffee Vs. Abby Collins Vs. Matt Green, show # 5753. 2009x73
Ryan Chaffee vs. Abby Collins vs. Matt Green.
Ryan Chaffee Vs. Allison Brown Vs. Dan Troha, show # 5752.. 2009x72
Ryan Chaffee vs. Allison Brown vs. Dan Troha.
Ryan Chaffee Vs. Tom Cohen Vs. Mallory Ortberg, show # 5751. 2009x71
Ryan Chaffee vs. Tom Cohen vs. Mallory Ortberg.
Jennifer Montgomery Vs. Ryan Chaffee Vs. Bobbie Fulton, show # 5750. 2009x70
Jennifer Montgomery vs. Ryan Chaffee vs. Bobbie Fulton.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational quarterfinal game 4, show # 5749. 2009x69
Christopher Meloni vs. Harry Shearer vs. Joshua Malina.
Jennifer Montgomery Vs. Bridget Lynch Vs. Kevin Cuddeback, show # 5748. 2009x68
Jennifer Montgomery vs. Bridget Lynch vs. Kevin Cuddeback.
Jennifer Montgomery Vs. Saif Rathore Vs. Naomi Schwer Bricker, show # 5747. 2009x67
Jennifer Montgomery vs. Saif Rathore vs. Naomi Schwer Bricker.
Siobhan McKenney Vs. Dave Mackie Vs. Jennifer Montgomery, show # 5746. 2009x66
Siobhan McKenney vs. Dave Mackie vs. Jennifer Montgomery.
Leigh Rosenecker Vs. Siobhan McKenney Vs. Jason James, show # 5745. 2009x65
Leigh Rosenecker vs. Siobhan McKenney vs. Jason James.
Jove Graham Vs. Leigh Rosenecker Vs. Seyi Fayanju, show # 5744. 2009x64
Jove Graham vs. Leigh Rosenecker vs. Seyi Fayanju.
Dave Belote Vs. Jove Graham Vs. Sarah Weinschenk, show # 5743. 2009x63
Dave Belote vs. Jove Graham vs. Sarah Weinschenk.Re-aired 12/29/20 as one of Alex Trebek's 10 favorite episodes.
Dave Belote Vs. Angie Harrison Vs. Paul Lavrakas, show # 5742. 2009x62
Dave Belote vs. Angie Harrison vs. Paul Lavrakas.
Dave Belote Vs. S. R. Sidarth Vs. Denise Feder, show # 5741. 2009x61
Dave Belote vs. S. R. Sidarth vs. Denise Feder.
Dave Belote Vs. Chris D'Orso Vs. Sheryl Silverstein, show # 5740. 2009x60
Dave Belote vs. Chris D'Orso vs. Sheryl Silverstein.
Dave Belote Vs. Todd Ryan Vs. Emily Brown, show # 5739. 2009x59
Dave Belote vs. Todd Ryan vs. Emily Brown.
Shawna Brandle Vs. Dave Belote Vs. Kathleen Bursley, show # 5738. 2009x58
Shawna Brandle vs. Dave Belote vs. Kathleen Bursley.
Kimberly Jantz Vs. Shawna Brandle Vs. Ryan Swaim, show # 5737. 2009x57
Kimberly Jantz vs. Shawna Brandle vs. Ryan Swaim.
Jody Allen Vs. Leigh-Anne Marcellin Vs. Kimberly Jantz, show # 5736. 2009x56
Jody Allen vs. Leigh-Anne Marcellin vs. Kimberly Jantz.
Jody Allen Vs. Grant Quertermous Vs. Kelly Garza, show # 5735. 2009x55
Jody Allen vs. Grant Quertermous vs. Kelly Garza.
Mike Marmesh Vs. Nancy Riggs Vs. Jody Allen, show # 5734. 2009x54
Mike Marmesh vs. Nancy Riggs vs. Jody Allen.
Robert Bethune Vs. Mike Marmesh Vs. Cristy Stone, show # 5733. 2009x53
Robert Bethune vs. Mike Marmesh vs. Cristy Stone.
Ben Davis Vs. Jen Jacobsen Vs. Robert Bethune, show # 5732. 2009x52
Ben Davis vs. Jen Jacobsen vs. Robert Bethune.
Ben Davis Vs. Cathy Sorge Vs. Patrick Pence, show # 5731. 2009x51
Ben Davis vs. Cathy Sorge vs. Patrick Pence.Re-aired 12/28/20 as one of Alex Trebek's 10 favorite episodes.
Jarret Izzo Vs. Ben Davis Vs. Barbara Pfouts, show # 5730. 2009x50
Jarret Izzo vs. Ben Davis vs. Barbara Pfouts.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational quarterfinal game 3, show # 5729. 2009x49
Julie Bowen vs. Jane Kaczmarek vs. Robin Quivers.
Chris Rodrigues Vs. Drusha Mussmann Vs. Jarret Izzo, show # 5728. 2009x48
Chris Rodrigues vs. Drusha Mussmann vs. Jarret Izzo.
Chris Rodrigues Vs. Røb Severson Vs. Magdalen Powers, show # 5727. 2009x47
Chris Rodrigues vs. Røb Severson vs. Magdalen Powers.
Chris Rodrigues Vs. Scott Wells Vs. Melisa Paye-Mose, show # 5726. 2009x46
Chris Rodrigues vs. Scott Wells vs. Melisa Paye-Mose.
2009 Teen Tournament final game 2, show # 5725. 2009x45
Aidan Mehigan vs. Will Dantzler vs. Rachel Rothenberg.
2009 Teen Tournament final game 1, show # 5724. 2009x44
Aidan Mehigan vs. Will Dantzler vs. Rachel Rothenberg.
2009 Teen Tournament semifinal game 3, show # 5723. 2009x43
Lindsay Oxx vs. Gabe Orlet vs. Rachel Rothenberg.
2009 Teen Tournament semifinal game 2, show # 5722. 2009x42
Gabriel Johnson vs. Will Dantzler vs. Solomon Howard.
2009 Teen Tournament semifinal game 1, show # 5721. 2009x41
Zach Blumenfeld vs. Aidan Mehigan vs. Hema Karunakaram.
2009 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 5, show # 5720. 2009x40
Hema Karunakaram vs. Gabe Orlet vs. Stephanie Radke.
2009 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 4, show # 5719. 2009x39
Solomon Howard vs. Aidan Mehigan vs. Rachel Rothenberg.
2009 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 3, show # 5718. 2009x38
Gabriel Johnson vs. Lindsay Oxx vs. Forrest Sturgill.
2009 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 2, show # 5717. 2009x37
Zach Blumenfeld vs. Samantha Reback vs. Kennedy Stomps.
2009 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 1, show # 5716. 2009x36
Will Dantzler vs. Bonny Jain vs. Emily Lever.
Christine Valada Vs. Roopa Kalyanaraman Marcello Vs. Chris Rodrigues, show # 5715. 2009x35
Christine Valada vs. Roopa Kalyanaraman Marcello vs. Chris Rodrigues.
Christine Valada Vs. Ed Perez-Giz Vs. Sara Kniffen, show # 5714. 2009x34
Christine Valada vs. Ed Perez-Giz vs. Sara Kniffen.
Christine Valada Vs. William English Vs. Jennifer Cutshall, show # 5713. 2009x33
Christine Valada vs. William English vs. Jennifer Cutshall.
Christine Valada Vs. Jamison Hedin Vs. Imran Arif Maskatia, show # 5712. 2009x32
Christine Valada vs. Jamison Hedin vs. Imran Arif Maskatia.
Johnny Forrest Vs. Christine Valada Vs. Justin Gilbert, show # 5711. 2009x31
Johnny Forrest vs. Christine Valada vs. Justin Gilbert.
Randie Kim Vs. Johnny Forrest Vs. Jaime Mahoney, show # 5710. 2009x30
Randie Kim vs. Johnny Forrest vs. Jaime Mahoney.
Jen McFann Vs. Paul Christiansen Vs. Randie Kim, show # 5709. 2009x29
Jen McFann vs. Paul Christiansen vs. Randie Kim.
Kevin Wilson Vs. Jen McFann Vs. George Long, show # 5708. 2009x28
Kevin Wilson vs. Jen McFann vs. George Long.
Kevin Wilson Vs. Debra Grehn Vs. Dave Castanien, show # 5707. 2009x27
Kevin Wilson vs. Debra Grehn vs. Dave Castanien.
Kevin Wilson Vs. Matt Blackwood Vs. Valerie Vicroy, show # 5706. 2009x26
Kevin Wilson vs. Matt Blackwood vs. Valerie Vicroy.
Terry Linwood Vs. Kevin Wilson Vs. Evelyn Beddow, show # 5705. 2009x25
Terry Linwood vs. Kevin Wilson vs. Evelyn Beddow.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational game 2, show # 5704. 2009x24
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar vs. Soledad O'Brien vs. Michael McKean.
Terry Linwood Vs. Carin House Vs. Joey Johnson, show # 5703. 2009x23
Terry Linwood vs. Carin House vs. Joey Johnson.
Terry Linwood Vs. David Garcia Vs. Abra Belke, show # 5702. 2009x22
Terry Linwood vs. David Garcia vs. Abra Belke.
Terry Linwood Vs. Jeff Kirby Vs. Emma Span, show # 5701. 2009x21
Terry Linwood vs. Jeff Kirby vs. Emma Span.
Terry Linwood Vs. Nathan Murphy Vs. Tammy Queen, show # 5700. 2009x20
Terry Linwood vs. Nathan Murphy vs. Tammy Queen.
Noam Osband Vs. Genevieve Sheehan Vs. Terry Linwood, show # 5699. 2009x19
Noam Osband vs. Genevieve Sheehan vs. Terry Linwood.
Nirav Shah Vs. Noam Osband Vs. Kim Taylor, show # 5698. 2009x18
Nirav Shah vs. Noam Osband vs. Kim Taylor.
Ben Flaccus Vs. Nicole Labruto Vs. Nirav Shah, show # 5697. 2009x17
Ben Flaccus vs. Nicole Labruto vs. Nirav Shah.
Lynn Swanbom Vs. Elizabeth Barrett Vs. Ben Flaccus, show # 5696. 2009x16
Lynn Swanbom vs. Elizabeth Barrett vs. Ben Flaccus.
Jenifer Thomas Vs. Josh Forsythe Vs. Lynn Swanbom, show # 5695. 2009x15
Jenifer Thomas vs. Josh Forsythe vs. Lynn Swanbom.
Andy Srinivasan Vs. Cheryl Williams Vs. Jenifer Thomas, show # 5694. 2009x14
Andy Srinivasan vs. Cheryl Williams vs. Jenifer Thomas.
Andy Srinivasan Vs. Jose Treviño Vs. Stan Chiueh, show # 5693. 2009x13
Andy Srinivasan vs. Jose Treviño vs. Stan Chiueh.
Andy Srinivasan Vs. Gregg Bingham Vs. Jessica Hawks, show # 5692. 2009x12
Andy Srinivasan vs. Gregg Bingham vs. Jessica Hawks.
Andy Srinivasan Vs. Pat Spangler Vs. Jeffrey Niblack, show # 5691. 2009x11
Andy Srinivasan vs. Pat Spangler vs. Jeffrey Niblack.
Christopher Nold Vs. Katie O'Reilly Vs. Andy Srinivasan, show # 5690. 2009x10
Christopher Nold vs. Katie O'Reilly vs. Andy Srinivasan.
Joann Mariani Vs. Rachel Landau Vs. Christopher Nold, show # 5689. 2009x09
Joann Mariani vs. Rachel Landau vs. Christopher Nold.
Jon Korn Vs. Kelsey Peterson Vs. Joann Mariani, show # 5688. 2009x08
Jon Korn vs. Kelsey Peterson vs. Joann Mariani.
Gary Bechtold Vs. Jon Korn Vs. Marlene Allen, show # 5687. 2009x07
Gary Bechtold vs. Jon Korn vs. Marlene Allen.
Gary Bechtold Vs. Diane Armstrong Vs. Austin Mercadante, show # 5686. 2009x06
Gary Bechtold vs. Diane Armstrong vs. Austin Mercadante.
Gary Bechtold Vs. Jillian Hinchliffe Vs. Claxton Graham, show # 5685. 2009x05
Gary Bechtold vs. Jillian Hinchliffe vs. Claxton Graham.
2009-2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational game 1, show # 5684. 2009x04
Wolf Blitzer vs. Dana Delany vs. Andy Richter.
Judy Nakamura Vs. Gary Bechtold Vs. Marcus Jackson, show # 5683. 2009x03
Judy Nakamura vs. Gary Bechtold vs. Marcus Jackson.
Enrique Machado Vs. Judy Nakamura Vs. Dave Sutherland, show # 5682. 2009x02
Enrique Machado vs. Judy Nakamura vs. Dave Sutherland.
Stefan Goodreau vs. Enrique Machado vs. Elisabeth Flynn, show # 5681. Season Premiere. 2009x01
Stefan Goodreau vs. Enrique Machado vs. Elisabeth Flynn.