Jeopardy! is a classic game show -- with a twist. The answers are given first, and the contestants supply the questions. Three contestants, including the previous show's champion, compete in six categories and in three rounds (with each round's "answers" being worth more prize money).Contestant images from 2015 onwards are provided courtesy of Fikkle Fame. Add to my shows

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2021 Professors Tournament Quarterfinal game 1, show # 8526. 2021x61
Hester Blum / English Professor at Penn State University in  University Park, Pennsylvania; Gautam Hans / Associate Clinical Professor of Law At Vanderbilt Law School in Nashville, Tennessee; Gary Hollis / Chemisrty Professor at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia.

season 2008

Show #5598 2008x232
Show #5597 2008x231
Stefan Goodreau Vs. John Munson Vs. Emily Bruemmer, show # 5680. Season Finale. 2008x230
Stefan Goodreau vs. John Munson vs. Emily Bruemmer.
Stefan Goodreau Vs. Zach Goldberg Vs. Rosanne Coloccia, show # 5679. 2008x229
Stefan Goodreau vs. Zach Goldberg vs. Rosanne Coloccia.
Stefan Goodreau Vs. Marty Moran Vs. Nina Sudhakar, show # 5678. 2008x228
Stefan Goodreau vs. Marty Moran vs. Nina Sudhakar.
Stefan Goodreau Vs. Brent Philyaw Vs. Sarah Linn, show # 5677. 2008x227
Stefan Goodreau vs. Brent Philyaw vs. Sarah Linn.
Peter Wiscombe Vs. Stefan Goodreau Vs. Ellyn Feerick, show # 5676. 2008x226
Peter Wiscombe vs. Stefan Goodreau vs. Ellyn Feerick.
2009 Kids Week game 5, show # 5675. 2008x225
Cate Heine vs. Thulasi Seshan vs. Kevin Yokum.
2009 Kids Week game 4, show # 5674. 2008x224
Jacob Hambalek vs. Tayonna Jones vs. Parker Norton.
2009 Kids Week game 3, show # 5673. 2008x223
Gabby Dannunzio vs. Ethan Russo vs. Michelle Schrier.
2009 Kids Week game 2, show # 5672. 2008x222
Zachary Baumgartner Vs. Jacob Joyner Vs. Sophia Marianiello.
2009 Kids Week game 1, show # 5671. 2008x221
Scotty Ballard vs. Jimmy Miotto vs. Savannah Morgan.
Alyssa McRae Vs. Peter Wiscombe Vs. Kathleen O'Day, show # 5670. 2008x220
Alyssa McRae vs. Peter Wiscombe vs. Kathleen O'Day.
Alyssa McRae Vs. Tyler Crosby Vs. Daphna Atias, show # 5669. 2008x219
Alyssa McRae vs. Tyler Crosby vs. Daphna Atias.
Alyssa McRae Vs. Henok Kebede Vs. Clare O'Keeffe, show # 5668. 2008x218
Alyssa McRae vs. Henok Kebede vs. Clare O'Keeffe.
Joe Webb Vs. Alyssa McRae Vs. John Hashop, show # 5667. 2008x217
Joe Webb vs. Alyssa McRae vs. John Hashop.
Chris Hernandez Vs. Jessica Harry Vs. Joe Webb, show # 5666. 2008x216
Chris Hernandez vs. Jessica Harry vs. Joe Webb.
Nina Ginocchio Vs. Chris Hernandez Vs. Najah Ali, show # 5665. 2008x215
Nina Ginocchio vs. Chris Hernandez vs. Najah Ali.
Nina Ginocchio Vs. Shima Majidi Vs. Nelson Jesudas, show # 5664. 2008x214
Nina Ginocchio vs. Shima Majidi vs. Nelson Jesudas.
Nina Ginocchio Vs. Tiffiny Fisher Vs. Michael Huntington, show # 5663. 2008x213
Nina Ginocchio vs. Tiffiny Fisher vs. Michael Huntington.
Tui Sutherland Vs. Tyrone Rogers Vs. Nina Ginocchio, show # 5662. 2008x212
Tui Sutherland vs. Tyrone Rogers vs. Nina Ginocchio.
Tui Sutherland Vs. David Starr Vs. Kelani Chan, show # 5661. 2008x211
Tui Sutherland vs. David Starr vs. Kelani Chan.
Emily Heaney Vs. Tui Sutherland Vs. Bryan Portershow # 5660. 2008x210
Emily Heaney vs. Tui Sutherland vs. Bryan Porter.
James Erwin Vs. Emily Heaney Vs. Srikanth Sivashankaran, show # 5659. 2008x209
James Erwin vs. Emily Heaney vs. Srikanth Sivashankaran.
James Erwin Vs. Alex Fineman Vs. Cyn Mayo, show # 5658. 2008x208
James Erwin vs. Alex Fineman vs. Cyn Mayo.
Ingrid Nelson Vs. Rae Sailor Vs. James Erwin, show # 5657. 2008x207
Ingrid Nelson vs. Rae Sailor vs. James Erwin.
Ingrid Nelson Vs. Jennifer Klein Vs. Mike Bartlett, show # 5656. 2008x206
Ingrid Nelson vs. Jennifer Klein vs. Mike Bartlett.
Marianne Fichtel Vs. Ingrid Nelson Vs. Mark Winslett, show # 5655. 2008x205
Marianne Fichtel vs. Ingrid Nelson vs. Mark Winslett.
Marianne Fichtel Vs. Naomi Seiler Vs. Damon White, show # 5654. 2008x204
Marianne Fichtel vs. Naomi Seiler vs. Damon White.
Francois Dominic Laramée Vs. Anthony Ambrogi Vs. Marianne Fichtel, show # 5653. 2008x203
Francois Dominic Laramée vs. Anthony Ambrogi vs. Marianne Fichtel.
Francois Dominic Laramée Vs. Travis Shaw Vs. Ellen Brown, show # 5652. 2008x202
Francois Dominic Laramée vs. Travis Shaw vs. Ellen Brown.
A.J. Schumacher Vs. Francois Dominic Laramée Vs. Jocelyn Certner, show # 5651. 2008x201
A.J. Schumacher vs. Francois Dominic Laramée vs. Jocelyn Certner.
Jason Pratt Vs. A.J. Schumacher Vs. Deb Ronning, show # 5650. 2008x200
Jason Pratt vs. A.J. Schumacher vs. Deb Ronning.
Jason Pratt Vs. Kyle Abello Vs. Beth Ford, show # 5649. 2008x199
Jason Pratt vs. Kyle Abello vs. Beth Ford.
Baltazar Pinedo Vs. Jennifer Yang Vs. Jason Pratt, show # 5648. 2008x198
Baltazar Pinedo vs. Jennifer Yang vs. Jason Pratt.
Baltazar Pinedo Vs. Kate Bilo Vs. Tony Terry, show # 5647. 2008x197
Baltazar Pinedo vs. Kate Bilo vs. Tony Terry.
Andrew Schwartz Vs. Baltazar Pinedo Vs. Cindy Wassouf, show # 5646. 2008x196
Andrew Schwartz vs. Baltazar Pinedo vs. Cindy Wassouf.
Andrew Schwartz Vs. Bonnie Fish Vs. Roy Ha, show # 5645. 2008x195
Andrew Schwartz vs. Bonnie Fish vs. Roy Ha.
Harris Cohen Vs. Nikki Egan Vs. Andrew Schwartz, show # 5644. 2008x194
Harris Cohen vs. Nikki Egan vs. Andrew Schwartz.
Harris Cohen Vs. Bryan Cothorn Vs. Joanna Lees, show # 5643. 2008x193
Harris Cohen vs. Bryan Cothorn vs. Joanna Lees.
Sara Doran Vs. Harris Cohen Vs. Ana Catalina Posada, show # 5642. 2008x192
Sara Doran vs. Harris Cohen vs. Ana Catalina Posada.
Justin Bernbach Vs. Steven Engelfried Vs. Sara Doran, show # 5641. 2008x191
Justin Bernbach vs. Steven Engelfried vs. Sara Doran.
Justin Bernbach Vs. John Mariz Vs. Robert Kennedy, show # 5640. 2008x190
Justin Bernbach vs. John Mariz vs. Robert Kennedy.
Justin Bernbach Vs. Anna Bingley Vs. Theresa Conlon, show # 5639. 2008x189
Justin Bernbach vs. Anna Bingley vs. Theresa Conlon.
Justin Bernbach Vs. Allison Lesh Vs. Stephen Stiegel, show # 5638. 2008x188
Justin Bernbach vs. Allison Lesh vs. Stephen Stiegel.
Justin Bernbach Vs. Stacie Carvill Webb Vs. Chris Couvelier, show # 5637. 2008x187
Justin Bernbach vs. Stacie Carvill Webb vs. Chris Couvelier.
Justin Bernbach Vs. Katy Karlin Vs. Charles Swanson, show # 5636. 2008x186
Justin Bernbach vs. Katy Karlin vs. Charles Swanson.
Justin Bernbach Vs. Deborah Charles Vs. Lindsay Barnes, show # 5635. 2008x185
Justin Bernbach vs. Deborah Charles vs. Lindsay Barnes.
Andy Davis Vs. Justin Bernbach Vs. Sarah Howison, show # 5634. 2008x184
Andy Davis vs. Justin Bernbach vs. Sarah Howison.
Andy Davis Vs. Erik Krauss Vs. Laura DiSilverio, show # 5633. 2008x183
Andy Davis vs. Erik Krauss vs. Laura DiSilverio.
Susan Hankins Vs. Andy Davis Vs. Cynthia Reedy, show # 5632. 2008x182
Susan Hankins vs. Andy Davis vs. Cynthia Reedy.
Jean Cui Vs. Elliott Rountree Vs. Susan Hankins, show # 5631. 2008x181
Jean Cui vs. Elliott Rountree vs. Susan Hankins.
2009 College Championship final game 2, show # 5630. 2008x180
Eric Betts vs. Patrick Tucker vs. Laura Myers.
2009 College Championship final game 1, show # 5629. 2008x179
Eric Betts vs. Patrick Tucker vs. Laura Myers.
2009 College Championship semifinal game 3, show # 5628. 2008x178
Patrick Tucker vs. Erica Greil vs. Mark Petterson.
2009 College Championship semifinal game 2, show # 5627. 2008x177
Greg Lichtenstein vs. Laura Myers vs. Andrew Ceppos.
2009 College Championship semifinal game 1, show # 5626.. 2008x176
Scott Menke vs. Ariella Goldstein vs. Eric Betts.
2009 College Championship quarterfinal game 5, show # 5625. 2008x175
Andrew Ceppos vs. Ariella Goldstein vs. Patrick Tucker.
2009 College Championship quarterfinal game 4, show # 5624. 2008x174
Larissa Charnsangavej vs. Anthony Dedousis vs. Erica Greil.
2009 College Championship quarterfinal game 3, show # 5623. 2008x173
Eric Betts vs. Elyssa Browning vs. Greg Lichtenstein.
2009 College Championship quarterfinal game 2, show # 5622. 2008x172
Kadeem Cooper vs. Scott Menke vs. Courtney Trezise.
2009 College Championship quarterfinal game 1, show # 5621. 2008x171
Jennifer Duann vs. Laura Myers vs. Mark Petterson.
Jean Cui Vs. Toni Vitanza Vs. Andrew Swan, show # 5620. 2008x170
Jean Cui vs. Toni Vitanza vs. Andrew Swan.
Liz Murphy Vs. Larry Sullivan Vs. Jean Cui, show # 5619. 2008x169
Liz Murphy vs. Larry Sullivan vs. Jean Cui.
Liz Murphy Vs. Julio Alvarez Vs. Pat Miller, show # 5618. 2008x168
Liz Murphy vs. Julio Alvarez vs. Pat Miller.
Liz Murphy Vs. Benny Meyers Vs. Megan Lindley, show # 5617. 2008x167
Liz Murphy vs. Benny Meyers vs. Megan Lindley.
Liz Murphy Vs. Helen Springut Vs. Justin Klos, show # 5616. 2008x166
Liz Murphy vs. Helen Springut vs. Justin Klos.
Liz Murphy vs. Evelyn Chester vs. Peter Latouf0,0 show # 5615. 2008x165
Liz Murphy vs. Evelyn Chester vs. Peter Latouf.
Melanie Baker-Streevy Vs. Liz Murphy Vs. Daniel Wilkinson, show # 5614. 2008x164
Melanie Baker-Streevy vs. Liz Murphy vs. Daniel Wilkinson.
Stefanie Tomko Vs. Melanie Baker-Streevy Vs. Wright Polak , show # 5613. 2008x163
Stefanie Tomko vs. Melanie Baker-Streevy vs. Wright Polak.
Stefanie Tomko Vs. Alex Hooper Vs. Sue Romberg, show # 5612. 2008x162
Stefanie Tomko vs. Alex Hooper vs. Sue Romberg.
Kevin Joyce Vs. Stefanie Tomko Vs. Anthony Resnick, show # 5611. 2008x161
Kevin Joyce vs. Stefanie Tomko vs. Anthony Resnick.
Kevin Joyce Vs. Colette Windish Vs. Joe Pieper, show # 5610. 2008x160
Kevin Joyce vs. Colette Windish vs. Joe Pieper.
Kevin Joyce Vs. Monica Butler Vs. John Blanton, show # 5609. 2008x159
Kevin Joyce vs. Monica Butler vs. John Blanton.
Marc Sacks Vs. Kevin Joyce Vs. Anjali Bonner , show # 5608. 2008x158
Marc Sacks vs. Kevin Joyce vs. Anjali Bonner.
Michael O'Malley Vs. Marc Sacks Vs. Regan Hofmann, show # 5607. 2008x157
Michael O'Malley vs. Marc Sacks vs. Regan Hofmann.
James Holst Vs. Nancy Gow Vs. Michael O'Malley, show # 5606. 2008x156
James Holst vs. Nancy Gow vs. Michael O'Malley.
Priscilla Ball Vs. Louisa Kreider Vs. James Holst, show # 5605. 2008x155
Priscilla Ball vs. Louisa Kreider vs. James Holst.
Jeff Mangum Vs. Priscilla Ball Vs. Rick Robbins, show # 5604. 2008x154
Jeff Mangum vs. Priscilla Ball vs. Rick Robbins.
Becky Anderson Vs. Jeff Mangum Vs. Melissa Hunter, show # 5603. 2008x153
Becky Anderson vs. Jeff Mangum vs. Melissa Hunter.
Eric LaForest Vs. Becky Anderson Vs. Peter Murray, show # 5602. 2008x152
Eric LaForest vs. Becky Anderson vs. Peter Murray.
Kevin Rainforth Vs. Eric LaForest Vs. Kelly Dobbin, show # 5601. 2008x151
Kevin Rainforth vs. Eric LaForest vs. Kelly Dobbin.
Diane Wilshere Vs. Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta Vs. Kevin Rainforth, show # 5600. 2008x150
Diane Wilshere vs. Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta vs. Kevin Rainforth.
Daniel Stauss Vs. Diane Wilshere Vs. Brian Boone, show # 5599. 2008x149
Daniel Stauss vs. Diane Wilshere vs. Brian Boone.
Heather Menzel Vs. Daniel Stauss Vs. Judy Shulman, show # 5598. 2008x148
Heather Menzel vs. Daniel Stauss vs. Judy Shulman.
Anne Reilly Vs. Heather Menzel Vs. Adam Pan, show # 5597. 2008x147
Anne Reilly vs. Heather Menzel vs. Adam Pan.
Fred Beukema Vs. Anne Reilly Vs. John Pitzel, show # 5596. 2008x146
Fred Beukema vs. Anne Reilly vs. John Pitzel.
Fred Beukema Vs. Peter Bonilla Vs. Meg Slachetka, show # 5595. 2008x145
Fred Beukema vs. Peter Bonilla vs. Meg Slachetka.
Fred Beukema Vs. Sonia Chawla Vs. Mark Lock, show # 5594. 2008x144
Fred Beukema vs. Sonia Chawla vs. Mark Lock.
Dana Sause Vs. Beth Crosland Vs. Fred Beukema, show # 5593. 2008x143
Dana Sause vs. Beth Crosland vs. Fred Beukema.
2009 Tournament of Champions Finals 2, show # 5592. 2008x142
Larissa Kelly vs. Aaron Schroeder vs. Dan Pawson.
2009 Tournament of Champions Finals 1, show # 5591. 2008x141
Larissa Kelly vs. Aaron Schroeder vs. Dan Pawson.
2009 Tournament of Champions Semifinals 3, show # 5590. 2008x140
Mark Wales vs. Aaron Schroeder vs. Ben Bishop.
2009 Tournament of Champions Semifinals 2, show # 5589. 2008x139
Larissa Kelly vs. Cora Peck vs. Dave Simpson.
2009 Tournament of Champions Semifinals 1, show # 5588. 2008x138
Dan Pawson vs. Matt Kohlstedt vs. Donna Vogel.
2009 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals 5, show # 5587. 2008x137
Deborah Fitzgerald vs. Erik Nelson vs. Mark Wales.
2009 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals 4, show # 5586. 2008x136
Aaron Schroeder vs. Jim Stevens vs. Donna Vogel.
2009 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals 3, show # 5585. 2008x135
Ben Bishop vs. Lisa Klink vs. Dave Simpson.
2009 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals 2, show # 5584. 2008x134
Larissa Kelly vs. Matt Kohlstedt vs. Tom Morris.
2009 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals 1, show # 5583. 2008x133
Carl Brandt vs. Dan Pawson vs. Cora Peck.
2009 Celebrity Jeopardy!, show #5582. 2008x132
Aisha Tyler vs. Tom Bergeron vs. Elizabeth Perkins.
Inta Antler Vs. Dana Sause Vs. Barry Petchesky, show # 5581. 2008x131
Inta Antler vs. Dana Sause vs. Barry Petchesky.
Sara Harold Vs. Stephanie Herndon Vs. Inta Antler, show # 5580. 2008x130
Sara Harold vs. Stephanie Herndon vs. Inta Antler.
Tim McMahon Vs. Clay Brown Vs. Sara Harold, show # 5579. 2008x129
Tim McMahon vs. Clay Brown vs. Sara Harold.
Kara Mohler Vs. Noah Sheola Vs. Tim McMahon, show # 5578. 2008x128
Kara Mohler vs. Noah Sheola vs. Tim McMahon.
Sanders Kleinfeld Vs. Ted Skotnicki Vs. Kara Mohler, show # 5577. 2008x127
Sanders Kleinfeld vs. Ted Skotnicki vs. Kara Mohler.
Edie Chang Vs. Rachel Anderson Vs. Sanders Kleinfeld, show # 5576. 2008x126
Edie Chang vs. Rachel Anderson vs. Sanders Kleinfeld.
Leland Graham III Vs. Edie Chang Vs. Charles Murphy, show # 5575. 2008x125
Leland Graham III vs. Edie Chang vs. Charles Murphy.
Leland Graham III Vs. Bruce Hanson Vs. Dawn Bacak, show # 5574. 2008x124
Leland Graham III vs. Bruce Hanson vs. Dawn Bacak.
Jorge Rivero Vs. Maria Borga Vs. Leland Graham III, show # 5573. 2008x123
Jorge Rivero vs. Maria Borga vs. Leland Graham III.
Kenneth Burns Vs. Kelly Rabin Vs. Jorge Rivero, show # 5572. 2008x122
Kenneth Burns vs. Kelly Rabin vs. Jorge Rivero.
Jeanie Welch Vs. Jerome Socolof Vs. Kenneth Burns, show # 5571. 2008x121
Jeanie Welch vs. Jerome Socolof vs. Kenneth Burns.
Jeanie Welch Vs. Jessie Hopper Vs. Gavin Dluehosh, show # 5570. 2008x120
Jeanie Welch vs. Jessie Hopper vs. Gavin Dluehosh.
Dan Smith Vs. Jeanie Welch Vs. Matt Cushman, show # 5569. 2008x119
Dan Smith vs. Jeanie Welch vs. Matt Cushman.
Dan Smith Vs. Kathy Gillespie Hennelly Vs. Tanya Hayes, show # 5568. 2008x118
Dan Smith vs. Kathy Gillespie Hennelly vs. Tanya Hayes.
Dan Smith Vs. Annette Meier Vs. Lane Galloway, show # 5567. 2008x117
Dan Smith vs. Annette Meier vs. Lane Galloway.
Diane Trap Vs. Bing Luke Vs. Dan Smith, show # 5566. 2008x116
Diane Trap vs. Bing Luke vs. Dan Smith.
Deepak Tamasker Vs. Diane Trap Vs. Brian Stack, show # 5565. 2008x115
Deepak Tamasker vs. Diane Trap vs. Brian Stack.
Deepak Tamasker Vs. Kelley Halstead Vs. Mark Halpin, show # 5564. 2008x114
Deepak Tamasker vs. Kelley Halstead vs. Mark Halpin.
Richard Wiggs Vs. Deepak Tamasker Vs. Jennifer Seiger, show # 5563. 2008x113
Richard Wiggs vs. Deepak Tamasker vs. Jennifer Seiger.
Devin Flanigan Vs. Richard Wiggs Vs. Sarah Smee, show # 5562. 2008x112
Devin Flanigan vs. Richard Wiggs vs. Sarah Smee.
Julia Dominick Vs. Ken Nail Vs. Devin Flanigan, show # 5561. 2008x111
Julia Dominick vs. Ken Nail vs. Devin Flanigan.
Gail Flemmons Vs. Julia Dominick Vs. Laura Groch, show # 5560. 2008x110
Gail Flemmons vs. Julia Dominick vs. Laura Groch.
Gail Flemmons Vs. Herbie Tinsley Vs. Nick Leggatt, show # 5559. 2008x109
Gail Flemmons vs. Herbie Tinsley vs. Nick Leggatt.
Chris Norlin Vs. Louis Irizarry Vs. Gail Flemmons, show # 5558. 2008x108
Chris Norlin vs. Louis Irizarry vs. Gail Flemmons.
Carolyn Young Vs. Chris Norlin Vs. Brooke Anthony, show # 5557. 2008x107
Carolyn Young vs. Chris Norlin vs. Brooke Anthony.
Jack Feerick Vs. Garrett Laws Weinberg Vs. Carolyn Young, show # 5556. 2008x106
Jack Feerick vs. Garrett Laws Weinberg vs. Carolyn Young.
Jack Feerick Vs. Noelle McHugh Vs. Alan Kluegel, show # 5555. 2008x105
Jack Feerick vs. Noelle McHugh vs. Alan Kluegel.
Jack Feerick Vs. Brian Lee Vs. Cynthia Astle, show # 5554. 2008x104
Jack Feerick vs. Brian Lee vs. Cynthia Astle.
Andy Walvoord Vs. Linda Tomsho Vs. Jack Feerick, show # 5553. 2008x103
Andy Walvoord vs. Linda Tomsho vs. Jack Feerick.
Keith Costigan Vs. Andy Walvoord Vs. Allison Jones, show # 5552. 2008x102
Keith Costigan vs. Andy Walvoord vs. Allison Jones.
Matt Kohlstedt Vs. Keith Costigan Vs. Melinda Hautala, show # 5551. 2008x101
Matt Kohlstedt vs. Keith Costigan vs. Melinda Hautala.
Matt Kohlstedt Vs. Rachel Kain Vs. Quinn Conway, show # 5550. 2008x100
Matt Kohlstedt vs. Rachel Kain vs. Quinn Conway.
Matt Kohlstedt Vs. Luis Román Vs. Chris Schleicher, show # 5549. 2008x99
Matt Kohlstedt vs. Luis Román vs. Chris Schleicher.
Matt Kohlstedt Vs. Trevor Janes Vs. Lynne McKenna Frazier, show # 5548. 2008x98
Matt Kohlstedt vs. Trevor Janes vs. Lynne McKenna Frazier.
Matt Kohlstedt Vs. Jerry Pyzansky Vs. Rebecca Wilkinson, show # 5547. 2008x97
Matt Kohlstedt vs. Jerry Pyzansky vs. Rebecca Wilkinson.
Michele Lee Amundsen Vs. Lori Karman Vs. Matt Kohlstedt, show # 5546. 2008x96
Michele Lee Amundsen vs. Lori Karman vs. Matt Kohlstedt.
Meagan Grote Vs. Fayaz Kabani Vs. Priscilla Ball, show # 5545. 2008x95
Meagan Grote vs. Fayaz Kabani vs. Priscilla Ball.
Greg Jones Vs. Meagan Grote Vs. Bill Menezes, show # 5444. 2008x94
Greg Jones vs. Meagan Grote vs. Bill Menezes.Re-aired 12/25/20 as one of Alex Trebek's 10 favorite episodes.
Samantha Lubrani Vs. Greg Jones Vs. Judy Rowen, show # 5543. 2008x93
Samantha Lubrani vs. Greg Jones vs. Judy Rowen.
Jack McPherson Vs. Samantha Lubrani Vs. Shawn St. Clair, show # 5542. 2008x92
Jack McPherson vs. Samantha Lubrani vs. Shawn St. Clair.
Jack McPherson Vs. Debbie Israel Vs. Pat Arnett, show # 5541. 2008x91
Jack McPherson vs. Debbie Israel vs. Pat Arnett.
Kori Tyler Vs. Jack McPherson Vs. Ellen Gluckman, show # 5540. 2008x90
Kori Tyler vs. Jack McPherson vs. Ellen Gluckman.
Ranjan Ramchandani Vs. Kori Tyler Vs. Erik Townsend, show # 5539. 2008x89
Ranjan Ramchandani vs. Kori Tyler vs. Erik Townsend.
Victoria Harkavy Vs. Ranjan Ramchandani Vs. Rick Meneskie, show # 5538. 2008x88
Victoria Harkavy vs. Ranjan Ramchandani vs. Rick Meneskie.
Victoria Harkavy Vs. Ranjan Ramchandani Vs. Alison Miester, show # 5537. 2008x87
Victoria Harkavy vs. Ranjan Ramchandani vs. Alison Miester.
Michael Portnoy Vs. Victoria Harkavy Vs. Andrew Kasson, show # 5536. 2008x86
Michael Portnoy vs. Victoria Harkavy vs. Andrew Kasson.
Michael Portnoy Vs. Ben Reiter Vs. Rebecca Drinnon, show # 5535. 2008x85
Michael Portnoy vs. Ben Reiter vs. Rebecca Drinnon.
Shyra Latiolais Vs. Michael Portnoy Vs. Edith Roberts, show # 5534. 2008x84
Shyra Latiolais vs. Michael Portnoy vs. Edith Roberts.
Scott Shive Vs. Brian Gohacki Vs. Shyra Latiolais, show # 5533. 2008x83
Scott Shive vs. Brian Gohacki vs. Shyra Latiolais.
Jim Stevens Vs . Scott Shive Vs. Emily Branson, vshow # 5532. 2008x82
Jim Stevens vs. Scott Shive vs. Emily Branson.
Jim Stevens Vs. Ed Rozmiarek Vs. Laura Mitchell, show # 5531. 2008x81
Jim Stevens vs. Ed Rozmiarek vs. Laura Mitchell.
Jim Stevens Vs. Cathy Flanagan Vs. Mikey Stewart, show # 5530. 2008x80
Jim Stevens vs. Cathy Flanagan vs. Mikey Stewart.
Jim Stevens Vs. Lee Brooks Vs. Deb DeGeorge, show # 5529. 2008x79
Jim Stevens vs. Lee Brooks vs. Deb DeGeorge.
Jim Stevens Vs. Marmi Maramot Vs. Helene Glass, show # 5528. 2008x78
Jim Stevens vs. Marmi Maramot vs. Helene Glass.
Jim Stevens Vs. Sam Johnston Vs. Chet Perry, show # 5527. 2008x77
Jim Stevens vs. Sam Johnston vs. Chet Perry.
Milt Hathaway Vs. Jim Stevens Vs. Kristin Schleicher, show # 5526. 2008x76
Milt Hathaway vs. Jim Stevens vs. Kristin Schleicher.
Milt Hathaway Vs. Diane Hyra Vs. Daniel Ogorzalek, show # 5525. 2008x75
Milt Hathaway vs. Diane Hyra vs. Daniel Ogorzalek.
Stevie Benson Vs. Carrie Hotchkiss Vs. Milt Hathaway, show # 5524. 2008x74
Stevie Benson vs. Carrie Hotchkiss vs. Milt Hathaway.
George Yates Vs. Stevie Benson Vs. Nicole Welch, show # 5523. 2008x73
George Yates vs. Stevie Benson vs. Nicole Welch.
Justin Waters Vs. Jeannie Leoutsakos Vs. George Yates, show # 5522. 2008x72
Justin Waters vs. Jeannie Leoutsakos vs. George Yates.
Christine Carrino Gorowara Vs. Cyndy Hawley Vs. Justin Waters, show # 5521. 2008x71
Christine Carrino Gorowara vs. Cyndy Hawley vs. Justin Waters.
Christine Carrino Gorowara Vs. Anthony Stinton Vs. Tim Rask, show # 5520. 2008x70
Christine Carrino Gorowara vs. Anthony Stinton vs. Tim Rask.
Matt Jacobs Vs. Christine Carrino Gorowara Vs. Sean Kottke, show # 5519. 2008x69
Matt Jacobs vs. Christine Carrino Gorowara vs. Sean Kottke.
Geoff Moore Vs. Matt Jacobs Vs. Barb Schwartz, show # 5518. 2008x68
Geoff Moore vs. Matt Jacobs vs. Barb Schwartz.
Geoff Moore Vs. Lydia Haile Fassett Vs. Rich Smreker, show # 5517. 2008x67
Geoff Moore vs. Lydia Haile Fassett vs. Rich Smreker.
Ben Bishop Vs. Geoff Moore Vs. Kathy Sahlmann, show # 5516. 2008x66
Ben Bishop vs. Geoff Moore vs. Kathy Sahlmann.
Ben Bishop Vs. Lauren Robb Vs. Greg Morrison, show # 5515. 2008x65
Ben Bishop vs. Lauren Robb vs. Greg Morrison.
Ben Bishop Vs. Ian Gould Vs. Michele Frankl, show # 5514. 2008x64
Ben Bishop vs. Ian Gould vs. Michele Frankl.
Ben Bishop Vs. Josie Dickson Vs. Zac Showers, show # 5513. 2008x63
Ben Bishop vs. Josie Dickson vs. Zac Showers.
Judy Mermelstein Vs. Marcie Berson Vs. Ben Bishop, show # 5512. 2008x62
Judy Mermelstein vs. Marcie Berson vs. Ben Bishop.
Peter Pinnow Vs. Judy Mermelstein Vs. Michael Gerardi, show # 5511. 2008x61
Peter Pinnow vs. Judy Mermelstein vs. Michael Gerardi.
Peter Pinnow Vs. Rose Pate Vs. Kyle Holtan, show # 5510. 2008x60
Peter Pinnow vs. Rose Pate vs. Kyle Holtan.
Nathaniel Barnes Vs. Peter Pinnow Vs. Danielle Sexton, show # 5509. 2008x59
Nathaniel Barnes vs. Peter Pinnow vs. Danielle Sexton.
Nathaniel Barnes Vs. Durant Gipson Vs. Erin Haramoto, show # 5508. 2008x58
Nathaniel Barnes vs. Durant Gipson vs. Erin Haramoto.
Nathaniel Barnes Vs. Jillian Rebmann Vs. Guil Prickette, show # 5507. 2008x57
Nathaniel Barnes vs. Jillian Rebmann vs. Guil Prickette.
Brian Muth Vs. Nathaniel Barnes Vs. Jean MacKay Jackson, show # 5506. 2008x56
Brian Muth vs. Nathaniel Barnes vs. Jean MacKay Jackson.
2008-B Teen Tournament Finals 2, show # 5505. 2008x55
Anurag Kashyap vs. Bradley Silverman vs. Audrey Hosford.
2008-B Teen Tournament Finals 1, show # 5504. 2008x54
Anurag Kashyap vs. Bradley Silverman vs. Audrey Hosford.
2008-B Teen Tournament Semifinals 3, show # 5503. 2008x53
Karan Takhar vs. Anurag Kashyap vs. Sarah Marx.
2008-B Teen Tournament Semifinals 2, show # 5502. 2008x52
Bradley Silverman vs. Shelby Malone vs. Jay Schrader.
2008-B Teen Tournament Semifinals 1, show # 5501. 2008x51
Brandon Saunders vs. Ben Chuchla vs. Audrey Hosford.
2008-B Teen Tournament Quarterfinals 5, show # 5500. 2008x50
Charlie Carbery vs. Ben Chuchla vs. Shelby Malone.
2008-B Teen Tournament Quarterfinals 4, show # 5499. 2008x49
Haley Batz vs. Sarah Marx vs. Jay Schrader.
2008-B Teen Tournament Quarterfinals 3, show # 5498. 2008x48
Audrey Hosford vs. Drew Scheeler vs. Karan Takhar.
2008-B Teen Tournament Quarterfinals 2, show # 5497. 2008x47
Casey Clough vs. Brandon Saunders vs. Bradley Silverman.
2008-B Teen Tournament Quarterfinals 1, show # 5496. 2008x46
Katie Houghton vs. Anurag Kashyap vs. Christopher Weis.
Brian Muth Vs. Lanny Springs Vs. Martin Garnar, show # 5495. 2008x45
Brian Muth vs. Lanny Springs vs. Martin Garnar.
David Skaar Vs. Kate McCoy Vs. Brian Muth, show # 5494. 2008x44
David Skaar vs. Kate McCoy vs. Brian Muth.
David Skaar Vs. Shelly Mills Vs. Karthik Balasubramanian, show # 5493. 2008x43
David Skaar vs. Shelly Mills vs. Karthik Balasubramanian.
David Skaar Vs. Matt Hackler Vs. Mary Beam, show # 5492. 2008x42
David Skaar vs. Matt Hackler vs. Mary Beam.
Carl Brandt Vs. David Skaar Vs. Catherine Muldoon, show # 5491. 2008x41
Carl Brandt vs. David Skaar vs. Catherine Muldoon.
Carl Brandt Vs. Anders Reynolds Vs. Edith Kealy, show # 5490. 2008x40
Carl Brandt vs. Anders Reynolds vs. Edith Kealy.
Carl Brandt Vs. Jen Weaver Vs. Phil Fernandez, show # 5489. 2008x39
Carl Brandt vs. Jen Weaver vs. Phil Fernandez.
Carl Brandt Vs. Pat Thornton Vs. Tristan Snell, show # 5488. 2008x38
Carl Brandt vs. Pat Thornton vs. Tristan Snell.
Mathew Safer Vs. Becka Feighner Vs. Carl Brandt, show # 5487. 2008x37
Mathew Safer vs. Becka Feighner vs. Carl Brandt.
Mathew Safer Vs. Debra Johnson Vs. Randy Gold, show # 5486. 2008x36
Mathew Safer vs. Debra Johnson vs. Randy Gold.
Tom Stetina Vs. Mathew Safer Vs. Mandy Walters Whitaker, show # 5485. 2008x35
Tom Stetina vs. Mathew Safer vs. Mandy Walters Whitaker.
Mike Maheu Vs. Kathy Lague Vs. Tom Stetina, show # 5484. 2008x34
Mike Maheu vs. Kathy Lague vs. Tom Stetina.
Mike Maheu Vs. Alex Harriger Vs. Margaret Seiler, show # 5483. 2008x33
Mike Maheu vs. Alex Harriger vs. Margaret Seiler.
Meredith Robbins Vs. Mike Maheu Vs. Eli Edwards, show # 5482. 2008x32
Meredith Robbins vs. Mike Maheu vs. Eli Edwards.
Meredith Robbins Vs. Lynn Olson Vs. Ryan Thrasher, show # 5481. 2008x31
Meredith Robbins vs. Lynn Olson vs. Ryan Thrasher.
Meredith Robbins Vs. David Weiss Vs. Steffa Burke, show # 5480. 2008x30
Meredith Robbins vs. David Weiss vs. Steffa Burke.
Meredith Robbins Vs. Amanda Glaser Vs. Steven Jones, show # 5479. 2008x29
Meredith Robbins vs. Amanda Glaser vs. Steven Jones.
Todd Covert Vs. Kevin Finn Vs. Meredith Robbins, show # 5478. 2008x28
Todd Covert vs. Kevin Finn vs. Meredith Robbins.
Todd Covert Vs. Christina Dudley Vs. Nate Hudac, show # 5477. 2008x27
Todd Covert vs. Christina Dudley vs. Nate Hudac.
Luciano D'Orazio Vs. Todd Covert Vs. Mary Tuohy, show # 5476. 2008x26
Luciano D'Orazio vs. Todd Covert vs. Mary Tuohy.
Jim Davis Vs. Luciano D'Orazio Vs. Hannah Lynch, show # 54750. 2008x25
Jim Davis vs. Luciano D'Orazio vs. Hannah Lynch.
Jim Davis Vs. Vibin Kundukulam Vs. Amy Ballentine, show # 5474. 2008x24
Jim Davis vs. Vibin Kundukulam vs. Amy Ballentine.
Erik Nelson Vs. Kate Cell Vs. Jim Davis, show # 5473. 2008x23
Erik Nelson vs. Kate Cell vs. Jim Davis.
Erik Nelson Vs. Darren Munk Vs. Kitty O'Rourke, show # 5472. 2008x22
Erik Nelson vs. Darren Munk vs. Kitty O'Rourke.
Erik Nelson Vs. Sean Doyle Vs. Laura Wallace, show # 5471. 2008x21
Erik Nelson vs. Sean Doyle vs. Laura Wallace.
Erik Nelson Vs. Mengmeng Zhang Vs. Melissa Noble, show # 5470. 2008x20
Erik Nelson vs. Mengmeng Zhang vs. Melissa Noble.
Wes Pierce Vs. Erik Nelson Vs. Jenny Caplan, show # 5469. 2008x19
Wes Pierce vs. Erik Nelson vs. Jenny Caplan.
Wes Pierce Vs. Stuart Davidson Vs. Erin Worrell, show # 5468. 2008x18
Wes Pierce vs. Stuart Davidson vs. Erin Worrell.
Wes Pierce Vs. Matt Saxe Vs. Tova Perlmutter, show # 5467. 2008x17
Wes Pierce vs. Matt Saxe vs. Tova Perlmutter.
Brian Levinson Vs. Kit Carlson Vs. Wes Pierce, show # 5466. 2008x16
Brian Levinson vs. Kit Carlson vs. Wes Pierce.
Brian Levinson Vs. Andrew Hoekzema Vs. Tami Deeb, show # 5465. 2008x15
Brian Levinson vs. Andrew Hoekzema vs. Tami Deeb.
Brian Levinson Vs. Mark Raabe Vs. Pam Winters, show # 5464. 2008x14
Brian Levinson vs. Mark Raabe vs. Pam Winters.
Elza Reeves Vs. Brian Levinson Vs. Rebecca Molloy, show # 5463. 2008x13
Elza Reeves vs. Brian Levinson vs. Rebecca Molloy.
Tom Witek Vs. Mike Bindis Vs. Elza Reeves, show # 5462. 2008x12
Tom Witek vs. Mike Bindis vs. Elza Reeves.
Tom Witek Vs. Chris Frankel Vs. Carol Lee, show # 5461. 2008x11
Tom Witek vs. Chris Frankel vs. Carol Lee.
2008 Kids Week Reunion Game 5, show # 5460. 2008x10
Robert Arshonsky vs. Cassie Hill vs. David Hudson.
2008 Kids Week Reunion Game 4, show # 5459. 2008x09
Lisa Makar vs. Zach Safford vs. Dmitry Spivak.
2008 Kids Week Reunion Game 3, show # 5458. 2008x08
Curtis Joseph vs. Kendra Pettis vs. Anjali Tripathi.
2008 Kids Week Reunion Game 2, show # 5457. 2008x07
Allex Fambles vs. Yoni Freund vs. Joel Serna.
2008 Kids Week Reunion Game 1, show # 5456. 2008x06
Nate Austin vs. Melanie Bruchet vs. Max Johansen.
Daphne Matalene Vs. Tom Witek Vs. Cindy Schilling, show # 5455. 2008x05
Daphne Matalene vs. Tom Witek vs. Cindy Schilling.
Laura Novak Vs. Daphne Matalene Vs. Daniel Scott, show # 5454. 2008x04
Laura Novak vs. Daphne Matalene vs. Daniel Scott.
Greg Lindsay Vs. Laura Novak Vs. Karen Thomas, show # 5453. 2008x03
Greg Lindsay vs. Laura Novak vs. Karen Thomas.
Greg Lindsay Vs. Joe Nardella Vs. Carlo Uchello, show # 5452. 2008x02
Greg Lindsay vs. Joe Nardella vs. Carlo Uchello.
Emily Thorsley Vs. Greg Lindsay Vs. Kurt Davies, show # 5451. Season 25 Premiere. 2008x01
Emily Thorsley vs. Greg Lindsay vs. Kurt Davies.