To impress his ex-girlfriend, a nerdy teen starts selling drugs online out of his bedroom -- and becomes one of Europe's biggest dealers. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Everybody gets a second chance 03x06
A high-stakes situation leaves the friends scrambling to figure out their next move. 
To make amends, maybe be friends 03x05
To celebrate the end of their Abitur exams, the students throw a costume party at school — and things get a little out of control. 
Before you turn the key, I have one more thing to say 03x04
The guys take a road trip to Rotterdam. Marie asks Lisa to keep an eye on her brother. When Moritz crosses a line, Dan does damage control. 
Does this condemn me, lock me away? 03x03
Moritz hires a high-priced business consultant. Kira and Dan come up with new ways to raise money for Lenny's medical treatment. 
A misdemeanor, a little trip 03x02
Lenny helps Moritz with the site on one condition: that they keep their collaboration a secret. Meanwhile, Jens frets about his son's future. 
A single failure, a little slip 03x01
Under pressure from Goodtimes, Moritz races to rebuild MyDrugs during a school trip to the woods, but code bugs — and allergies — derail his progress. 
Don't be evil. 02x06
The guys' rivalry heats up. At a party in Rotterdam, Moritz gets a rude awakening and tries to warn his friends.
Move Fast and Break Things 02x05
Moritz confides in Lisa, who warns him to clean up his act. Later, a tempting offer from Goodtimes tests his loyalty to Lenny and Dan.
Buy It. Sell It. Love It. 02x04
Following a dangerous standoff, the guys search for a way to convert their bitcoins into cash, and Moritz's many lies start to catch up with him.
Inspired by Real Life 02x03
Inspired by the results of a career test, Moritz embraces his role as CEO — but loses his cool when Lenny suggests Kira join the team.

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