Every day the men and women of the Department of Homeland Security patrol more than 100,000 miles of America's borders. This territory includes airports, seaports, land borders, international mail centers, the open seas, mountains, deserts and even cyberspace. Now viewers will get an unprecedented look at the work of these men and women while they use the newest technology to safeguard our country and enforce our laws. Comprised of 13 hour-long episodes shot entirely on location throughout the United States, Homeland Security USA is based on a popular Australian series now in its fifth season. Produced by Oscar and Emmy-winner Arnold Shapiro (Scared Straight, Big Brother), the series takes cameras into situations never before seen on television, with each episode covering eight or more locations on the "front lines" where the officers and agents work each day. They have a job that is dangerous, difficult and always unpredictable. These aren't heroes. They're average men and women working against an epic landscape. The Department's missions include everything from vetting adoption papers and checking visitors' passports to intercepting undocumented immigrants, drugs and other contraband, and stopping potential terrorists trying to cross our borders. What viewers will see is powerful, dramatic, unforgettable and emotional, with unexpected moments of humor. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Season 2, Episode 11 01x14
Strip Clubs. Open on Thursday. Hmmm. 01x13
Officers receive a tip that a woman is coming to the US to engage in prostitution. Officer Page helps a man who may be a suicide risk and learns that the man just wants to stay in Canada. Officer Walton investigates a man who may be smuggling in diesel and find something odd in the man's tool box.
Were You Actually on The Bachelor? 01x12
Border patrol pulls over a car with a child that appears to be sleeping in the back. A Dominican man who traveled to Columbia triggers suspicion with his short trip. Officers catch a woman smuggling marijuana in her tire. Border Patrol looks for 10 people they suspect are illegal immigrants.
There Goes Another Broken Heart Thanks to CBP 01x11
We're a Nation of Immigrants. All of Us. 01x10
Border patrol officials secure passages into the United States.
What Kind of Grades Did You Get in Recess? 01x09
A convicted sex offender with an outstanding warrant is arrested at an airport. The U.S. Coast Guard saved many lives in New Orleans when hurricane Katrina wrecked havoc.
They Call Me the Rottweiler. 01x08
At New York's JFK International Airport, a passenger confuses the customs officers when he claims to be a boxer from Africa, and the passports of two young girls maybe a case of mistaken identity. Also, at the U.S./Mexico border, three teens are asked about their destination and are forced to show their cargo they are returning home with.
There Could Be a Tiger In There. 01x07
An airline passenger is detained in Miami when a large sum of cash is found on her; agents at the Texas-Mexico border stop a bus traveler; sixteen women crossing the border from Canada are stopped after claiming to be going to the U.S. for a bachelor party; and in Alaska, husband-and-wife agents carefully mind the Canadian-U.S. border.
Manatees? Y’know. Whatever. They’re Cool. 01x06
The Coast Guard in Florida tickets a man for riding his Jet Ski in protected waters, and a fishing boat full of suspicious cargo and a man fleeing from the scene has the customs officers in Puerto Rico on alert. Also, a man in New York is questioned concerning the Nathalie Holloway disappearance case; and a trained beagle has his senses set on a passenger's lunch.
I Did One Stupid Mistake. It Cost my Whole Life. 01x05
When the customs officials in Buffalo become suspicious of the story of a Turk emigrating to Canada, the result is being separated from his wife and child. Then, officers in El Paso pay close attention to a canine inspection of an SUV. Also, the security officers in Pittsburgh get into a discussion with a student from MIT over passengers rights, and a mail center in New York inspects a package which arrives from Afghanistan.

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