Hit the Floor explores the sexy world of professional basketball and the dancers who make the fans (and players) go wild. The Los Angeles Devils are the number one team in the league. When the arena lights go on all of Hollywood comes out to support the million dollar players. But in this city these men share the fame, adrenalin, money, sex and power with their dancers, the Devil Girls. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Final Seconds 04x08
As the Devils gear up to take on their biggest opponents this season, Miami, personal conflicts come to a head and Devils Nation will never be the same again. ;
Foul 04x07
As the Devils fight for the playoffs, power plays on and off the court threaten to destroy the lives of several members of Devils Nation. One couple splits while another poise to say "I do."
Hot Streak 04x06
While the Devils fight to stay alive, several relationships come under attack. Familiar faces return to Devils Arena with very different agendas. New alliances are formed, and a secret is revealed that could derail the future of the LA Devils for good.
End Game 04x05
What's done in the dark eventually comes to light, and the light couldn't be brighter than at the ISNY Awards show, where secrets are revealed, relationships are exposed and Jude is forced to fight for what he believes in. The battle lines are finally drawn between the LA Devils and a league threatening to rip them apart. ;
Number's Up 04x04
Pax confides in Jamie. German asks Derek to do the unthinkable. Eve decides how far she's willing to go to exact her master plan. the Devil Girls get gritty for charity by performing at an underground vogue battle.
Bad Blood 04x03
The stakes are high as a strip poker game stands between Jamie and London being front and center in the next Devil Girl promo campaign. Derek has redemption and revenge in mind.
Beast Mode 04x02
German makes a surprise return to Devils Nation, at a crisis point for Derek. The rivalry between Jamie and London heats up, as does the sexual tension between Jude and Noah. Jelena's dealt a major blow.
Slay 04x01
The Devils kick off a new season with an all-new team of Devil Girls. Questions hang over the fates of beloved couple Dersha and Zude, new romances form and someone's life goes up in flames.
Til Death Do Us Part 03x11
Devils Nation celebrates the wedding of Ahsha and Derek; everyone is a suspect in Jelena's shooting; everyone's lives are changed forever.
Possession 03x10
Derek's hiding a secret and Ahsha's world will never be the same; Sloane fights for her life; the fight for ownership of the Devils reaches a conclusion.

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