H2O: Just Add Water is a story about three normal teenage girls stumble upon a ancient cave they undergo a transformation that wll change their lives forever. H2O - Just Add Water, sees three very different girls facing everyday teen problems with an added twist - they're mermaids with incredible powers over water. Add to my shows

  • Seasons:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

season 1

A Twist in the Tail 01x26
Dr. Danger 01x25
Love Potion #9 01x24
In Too Deep 01x23
Fish Out Of Water 01x22
Red Herring 01x21
Hook, Line and Sinker 01x20
Hurricane Angela 01x19
Bad Moon Rising 01x18
Under the Weather 01x17
Lovesick 01x16
The Big Chill 01x15
Surprise! 01x14
Zane is determined to catch the "sea monster" he saw during his shipwreck, and he employs Lewis to help him. Lewis, even though looking for a part-time job, at first rejects his offer but after talking with the mermaids agrees to work with Zane to steer him off the Mako island. Cleo does not like her birthday party prepared for her as if she was still 6 years old, and goes for a long swim, but accidentally ends up where Zane and Lewis are.
Shipwrecked 01x13
The Siren Effect 01x12
Sink or Swim 01x11
Emma is helping a friend win a swimming competition while Lewis is doing all kinds of tests on Ricki and Cleo.
The Camera Never Lies 01x10
Dangerous Waters 01x09
The Denman Affair 01x08
Moon Spell 01x07
Young Love 01x06
Something Fishy 01x05
Party Girls 01x04
Catch of the Day 01x03
Cleo gets caught in the fishing net after trying to expose a poacher working for her dad who's using one of the boats to fish in the protected area of the sea where sea turtles are. Lewis calls the other two mermaids just in time to save Chloe and expose the poacher to her dad. Chloe is starting to accept who she is and what she can do underwater.
Pool Party 01x02
Girls are considering going to a pool party, but what with their problem with water and all, they decide not to go. But Cleo goes anyway and ends up being tossed inside the pool. Lewis comes to the rescue and find out she's a mermaid. Rikki discovers her new power of being able to make water evaporate or boil it.
Metamorphosis 01x01
Emma, Rikki and Cleo, three teenagers, found themselves marooned on an island after their boat runs out of fuel. The boat they took from a rich brat trying to pull a prank on Cleo. While on the island, they try to reach higher ground to get a cell phone signal, but Cleo falls down into a cavern. The two girls soon follow in a rescue attempt. They see a connecting pass through water as the only way out, but something magical happens as they all enter the water. Upon exiting on the other side, they get rescued by the harbor patrol. Next day, they find that upon touching the water they turn into mermaids. And not just that, but that they have the power to control the water itself.

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