Every Witch Way follows 14-year-old Emma Alonso, as she moves to Miami and her ordinary life is turned upside-down when she discovers that she is a witch. Luckily Emma quickly finds a friend in tomboy Andi but when Emma develops a crush on the boy next door, Daniel, she also has to deal with his Queen Bee ex-girlfriend Maddie, a girl who has her own magical family secret. Just as Emma's new found witch skills start to materialise, she also has to negotiate the halls of Iridium High. Maddie and her clique The Panthers run the school and the boys on the swim team, the Sharks, are always up to something to win or impress a girl. Plus there's no chance of getting away with any social blunders as Miss Information, the school gossip, documents everything on her blog read by the entire school. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

A Girl's Sacrifice 04x18
Mommie Dearest 04x17
The group decides to stage a ``witchervention'' for Emma; Jax finally learns the truth about his family.
Stop Emma 04x16
Emma's friends decide that they must do something to stop her for good; Jake has surprising information for Jax.
Frenemies 04x15
Emma works to become more powerful even though she is alienating all of her friends; Jake attempts to see his family again.
What If? 04x14
Emma's search for a time manipulation spell causes a huge rift between her and Andi; Diego searches for more Kanays.
Power In A Bottle 04x13
Jax discovers where Jake and Jessie are hiding; Emma continues to abuse her magic and strips the Council of its powers.
Back To Square One 04x12
Emma considers going back in time to save her mother; Daniel wants to return to the Everglades; Jake and Jessie go into hiding.
Van Pelt Reunion 04x11
Emma misses her mother and becomes consumed with finding out more about her; an unwelcome guest appears at the Van Pelt reunion.
Diego's Wipedown 04x10
After the Continuum break ends, Emma works hard to restore her relationship with Jax; Maddie tries to get Diego to forgive her.
The Final Countdown 04x09
Jax learns the truth about his family; Emma does everything she can to restore Daniel's memory in the few hours that he has left.

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