Comedian James Cunningham absolutely loves eating, but cannot cook to save his life. So he’s thrilled with his latest gig as the host of Eat St. Add to my shows

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Foodie Call 05x26
First up...we’re cruising to Los Angeles, California for awesome Asian American burgers and more, with the Meso Hungry truck! Signature dishes include a Sake and Chili infused Ramen noodle Burger with shiitake mushrooms and egg. Next…we cruise to New Orleans, Louisiana for sensational southern cuisine at the Foodie Call truck! Fans love their roasted porchetta sandwich topped with creamy apple arugula salad! Then…we’re curbside in Houston, Texas for comfort food with global flair at the Ladybird bus! Here you can try a Tokyo Dog with house-smoked goat cheese spread, Japanese mayo and Bonito fish flakes. And Finally…we roll to Orlando, Florida for unique Portuguese fusion at the Bem Bom truck where you can treat your tastebuds to a savoury, scratch-made lamb burger with housemade jalapeño tomato jam and lemon feta compote.
Swede As Can Be 05x25
Houston We Have a Food Truck 05x24
Monster Trucks 05x23
Ground shaking street food in Orlando, Florida at the Curbside Chef truck, in Orange County, California at the Burger Monster truck, in Austin, Texas at the Vegan Nom trailer and finally we roll across the state into San Antonio, Texas at the Wheelie Gourmet truck.
The Spice is Right 05x22
The greatest value on wheels in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Frencheeze food truck, in San Antonio, Texas at the Spice Sea truck, in Denver Colorado at the Street Eats truck and finally back in San Antonio again at the Crazy Carl's truck.
Miami Mia 05x21
Rule Brittania 05x20
Flying the food truck flag in Toronto, Ontario at the Fiesty Jack truck, in Nashville Tennessee at the Crepe A Diem truck, in Phoenix Arizona at the Luncha Libre truck and finally in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Lola Deux truck.
Seoul Food 05x19
Soul food on wheels in Orlando, Florida at the Sushi and Seoul on a Roll truck, in Denver, Colorado at the Big Kiwi's Gourmet Eats truck, in Austin, Texas at the Peached Tortilla truck and finally in Los Angeles, California at the Steel City Sandwiches truck.
Serial Grillers 05x18
The most wanted street food in Houston, Texas at the Kurbside Eatz truck, in New Orleans, Louisiana at the La Cocinita truck, in Portland, Maine at the Bite Into Maine trailer and finally in Tuscon, Arizona at the Serial Grillerz trailer.
Dead Beetz 05x17
The best curbside eats in Phoenix Arizona at the Frank Truck, in Austin Texas at the Mickelthwait Craft Meats trailer, in Victoria, British Columbia at the Deadbeetz truck and finally in San Antonio, Texas at the Lagniappe Today truck.

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