In a world where thought and faith are controlled, one man fights to set knowledge free. Leonardo da Vinci is tortured by a gift of superhuman genius. He finds himself in a conflict between truth and lies, religion and reason, past and future. His aspirations are used against him by opposing forces – luring him into a game of seduction where those who despise his intellect need him most.His quest for knowledge nearly becomes his undoing, but da Vinci's genius prevails and he emerges as an unstoppable force that lifts an entire era out of darkness and propels it into light. His story becomes a mirror into our own world, calling us all to join his fight to free the future. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Ira Deorum 03x10
Leo must put his faith in his friends and in himself to have a chance to defeat the Turks.
Angelus Iratissimus 03x09
Leo and Sophia struggle to control the mysterious device they've built. Back in Florence, Riario awaits judgment while Lorenzo and Vanessa take their partnership to the next level.
La Confessione Della Machina 03x08
Nico and Zo turn to an old enemy to gain support for the Crusade; Leo is ambushed by the Labyrinth.
Alis Volat Proplis 03x07
A former nemesis returns to Florence and stands in opposition to Crusade efforts; Vanessa and Nico ponder their futures; Leo attempts to decipher the Turkish armor.
Liberum Arbitrium 03x06
The Monster of Italy is captured but not all is safe as danger still lurks and poses a threat to the upcoming Crusade Festival.
Anima Venator 03x05
A paranoid Leonardo becomes shut off from his friends, while an endangered Lucrezia searches for a way to make amends for past sins.
The Labrys 03x04
Carlo's attempt to program Leonardo into becoming "one" with the Labyrinth leads him to slip into an alternate reality that could prove life-threatening.
Modus Operandi 03x03
Leonardo investigates a horrific murder that may result in the Labyrinth being exposed.
Abbadon 03x02
Leonardo plans an escape from Otranto, but those closest to him may still be imperiled.
Semper Infidelis 03x01
In the Season 3 premiere, the Ottoman Empire invades Otranto, forcing Leonardo and his allies to retreat.

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