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Wednesday 12th May 62x95
Seb provides Abi with some new evidence. Roy's concern for Nina causes him to lash out at Evelyn. Michael and Grace bring Glory home.

season 60

Tuesday 31st December 60x281
In a bid to get out of taking Tracy to a gig, Steve makes out Tim is ill so he has to go to work, but that plan soon backfires. Abi confides in Eileen that she fancies Kevin, Ray thanks Alya for her help with the New Year's Eve party, and offers her Michelle's old job as Events Manager.
Monday 30th December 60x280
The residents reel as the true nature of Gary's work is revealed following the Christmas Day shooting. Johnny and Jenny confront Ray in the bistro, outraged that he's trying to scupper their New Year's Eve party. When Abi reveals she's meeting Kevin for a drink, Sally realises her ex still fancies the mechanic.
Monday 30th December 60x279
As the police investigate Gary's dealings, they believe he's been operating as a loan shark. Ryan tells Ray that he can stick his job, Tyrone suspects that Kevin fancies Abi, and when Tracy reveals that Amy is looking for work experience in the solicitors' office, Paula offers a placement with her.
Friday 27th December 60x278
Michelle heads to the bistro to hand over the keys to the new owner, but when the mystery buyer turns out to be Ray, she sets about smashing up the place. Elsewhere, Ali reveals that he's told the police about Gary's secret life as a loan shark, and a mortified Fiz confesses to Tyrone and Jade how she bought a gun for the shop, and it was then stolen.
Thursday 26th December 60x277
Following one of the most dramatic Christmas Days in Weatherfield history, the long-suffering Street residents come to terms with the aftermath and try to get their lives back in order.
Wednesday 25th December 60x276
Gary's stunned to find the furniture shop door open, and the gun and its ammunition missing. A worse-for-wear Derek lurches into the Rovers looking for Windass, pulls out a gun and fires a shot. Shona's plan for David's treasure hunt is soon forgotten when she and the Platts find themselves in the middle of a shootout. And while Seb comes to a decision about his future with Emma, Michelle puts her affairs in order as she makes plans to leave Weatherfield.
Tuesday 24th December 60x275
Gary frees Derek from his bonds, and Fiz calls at the furniture shop to drop off items from a house clearance, including a live antique gun. In the Rovers, a drunk Ali vows to win back Maria and see Gary get his comeuppance. Elsewhere, Marion rails at Shona and David for banning Max from seeing her.
Monday 23rd December 60x274
Gary lies to Maria that Derek ran into financial trouble, so he swooped in to save the factory and the workers' jobs. Later, he locks a tied-up Derek in the furniture shop overnight, determined to make sure he misses his flight to Florida with his kids. Fiz and Tyrone find Jade on Victoria Street and drag her back to No 9 and, while Rita decorates her tree alone, Emma informs Seb that Alina came looking for him.
Monday 23rd December 60x273
Nick and Sarah unveil the refurbished factory to the staff, keeping quiet about Derek's change of heart, while Sean reveals to an appalled Fiz that Jade is living on the streets. Rita tells Gemma she has arranged to visit Mavis over Christmas, despite the fact she has no plans to go anywhere. Emma and Seb become a couple, but will Alina ruin their romance?
Friday 20th December 60x272
Robert's court hearing is delayed when new information comes to light, Gary gets wind of Derek's plot to sell the factory, and Roy attempts to make peace with Nina.
Wednesday 18th December 60x271
Michael waits in vain for a visit from Grace and Tianna.
Wednesday 18th December 60x270
Roy makes an error of judgement by leaving Richard unattended.
Monday 16th December 60x269
Michael hops to give Tianna a magical Christmas.
Monday 16th December 60x268
Robert and Paula pick over the evidence against him.
Friday 13th December 60x267
Robert has been living a double life for months now, but Friday 13th looks like being especially unlucky for the Weatherfield chef as evidence begins to pile up against him. Elsewhere, Tim springs a surprise proposal on Sally, and new parents Gemma and Chesney bring their babies home.
Wednesday 11th December 60x266
Daniel struggles to forgive himself for betraying Sinead, and Tim goes in search of a divorce. Meanwhile, Maria confronts Gary about his source of income. And Michelle boots a furious Robert out of the bistro kitchen, pointing out it's no longer his business.
Monday 9th December 60x265
Maria and Gary deal with the news of her pregnancy, while Geoff and Yasmeen's announcement sets alarm bells ringing for Tim. Elsewhere, the Barlows grow concerned for Daniel, and Rita's thrilled when she bumps into Norris and he agrees to pop in for a cuppa, but he can't stay long as he's meeting Freda.
Friday 6th December 60x264
Paul accuses Bernie of jeopardising the case against Kel, and Carla informs the police of Robert's violent past. Meanwhile, Rita realises that she is surplus to requirements.
Friday 6th December 60x263
Bernie takes the law into her own hands to punish Kel, and the police question Robert about Vicky's disappearance. Meanwhile, Derek turns up at Gary's shop in desperate need of cash.
Wednesday 4th December 60x262
Michelle suspects Robert of foul play when Vicky goes missing, and Daniel insists on staying at home with Bertie. Meanwhile, Emma is touched by Seb's thoughtful surprise.
Wednesday 4th December 60x261
Michelle prepares to expose Robert's betrayal on their wedding day, and Paul summons the strength to share his story. Meanwhile, Ken refuses to leave Daniel alone to wallow in grief.
Monday 2nd December 60x260
To foil Vicky's threats, Robert signs over his business to Michelle. Meanwhile, Nina rejects Roy's offer of financial assistance, and Daniel fights tears as he watches videos of Sinead.
Monday 2nd December 60x259
A vengeful Vicky gatecrashes Robert and Michelle's family gathering, Emma looks forward to her date with Seb, and Roy makes a discovery in Richard's flat.
Friday 29th November 60x258
Fiz and Tyrone learn that Hope can return to school, and Roy criticises the inefficiency of Richard's carer. Meanwhile, Adam advises Michelle to abandon her plan.
Wednesday 27th November 60x257
Jade expresses concerns about Fiz's parenting, and Roy and Nina clash over Richard's care. Elsewhere, Sarah suggests an alternative business model for Underworld.
Wednesday 27th November 60x256
Fiz apologises for keeping secrets from Tyrone, and Roy faces opposition from Richard's daughter, Nina. Meanwhile, Paul receives counselling for his abuse.
Monday 25th November 60x255
A furious Kel locks Bernie inside No 5 with him, while Fiz and Tyrone blame Hope for the fire. Elsewhere, Michael pledges financial support for his daughter.
Monday 25th November 60x254
The police come calling for Kel, and Michael begs Grace to give him another chance. Meanwhile, Nick outlines his vision for an all-new Underworld.
Friday 22nd November 60x253
As Gemma and Bernie return with the laptops and photos, Paul is horrified to see his terrible past laid before him. Elsewhere, Aggie jeopardises Michael's negotiations with Grace, and Peter and Carla worry about Daniel.
Friday 22nd November 60x252
Gemma and Bernie break into Kel's flat and find not only Daniel's laptop, but a stack of old photos of Paul and some other kids. Elsewhere, Michael hopes to become part of his daughter's life, and Beth calls at Daniel's flat to find him sobbing.
Wednesday 20th November 60x251
Gemma throws Bernie out of her house and Michael is rocked by a sighting of his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, the police arrive at the pawn shop and arrest Daniel. Can Craig and Peter persuade the owner to drop the charges by explaining the circumstances?
Wednesday 20th November 60x250
Daniel is devastated to discover the laptop has gone and decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Paul harbours suspicions of Bernie, and James seeks Michael's help to keep his secret from coming out.
Monday 18th November 60x249
As the wake continues in the Rovers, Daniel lets himself into the flat and is shocked to find it trashed. Meanwhile, Tyler and Vicky see red over Robert's betrayal, and Paul and David confide in each other.
Monday 18th November 60x248
Daniel returns in time for the funeral, and in a moving service everyone says goodbye to Sinead before gathering at the Rovers for the wake. Michelle's behaviour confuses Carla, and Paul questions Billy's decision to employ Bernie.
Friday 15th November 60x247
Michelle confronts Robert about his double life, and Peter implores Daniel to bring Bertie home. Elsewhere, Amy fakes an injury to keep Emma close.
Wednesday 13th November 60x246
Robert tries to stop Michelle and Vicky meeting by his hospital bed, and Roy reveals his identity to Richard. Meanwhile, Chesney and Gemma celebrate their windfall.
Wednesday 13th November 60x245
Robert dodges some tricky questions from Michelle, and Roy learns of Richard's life-threatening disease. Elsewhere, Chesney and Gemma reconsider their position.
Monday 11th November 60x244
Robert's car accident arouses Michelle's suspicions.
Monday 11th November 60x243
Chesney and Gemma receive a lucrative offer.
Friday 8th November 60x242
Ali confronts Gary with evidence of his money-lending racket.
Thursday 7th November 60x241
Shona banks on David being released in time for their wedding.
Wednesday 6th November 60x240
Shona and David receive a glimmer of hope. Sally accuses Abi of chasing Kevin's money.
Wednesday 6th November 60x239
Billy pleads with Josh to clear David's name.
Monday 4th November 60x238
Nick is thwarted in his bid to make contact with Josh.
Monday 4th November 60x237
Maria comforts Ali when he is reported for negligence.
Friday 1st November 60x236
Jealous that Maria and Gary have arranged a date, Ali dismisses Emma's pain as food poisoning, but it turns out to be far more serious. Gemma is worried when she is told she is being discharged but the babies must remain at the hospital in Llandudno.
Thursday 31st October 60x235
David appears in court, accused of attempted murder, Bethany quizzes Maria about her feelings for Gary, who takes a shine to him at a Halloween party, and the challenges of motherhood frighten Gemma.
Wednesday 30th October 60x234
Gemma goes into labour in a cable car over Wales, and Jade persuades Fiz to leave her in charge of the family. Meanwhile, Geoff revels in the role of host.
Wednesday 30th October 60x233
Chesney and Gemma escape to Llandudno for the day, and Fiz confides her suspicions about Hope to Jade. Elsewhere, Shona receives upsetting news of David.
Monday 28th October 60x232
Chesney plans to propose to Gemma, and Daniel decides to take a break with Bertie. Meanwhile, David maintains his innocence under police interrogation.
Monday 28th October 60x231
Gemma and Chesney are horrified to see that in her magazine interview, Bernie has painted Chesney as a love rat. Beth reacts angrily to Daniel's defence of Bethany, and Gail offers her support to Shona.
Friday 25th October 60x230
Sinead says a final goodbye to her loved ones, Daniel contemplates life as a widowed father, and Gail arrives home to find Bethany in turmoil.
Thursday 24th October 60x229
Sinead records some messages for Bertie. Tracy intervenes to reconcile the Osbournes. An emotional Daniel returns to face the music.
Wednesday 23rd October 60x228
Daniel hits the bottle following Sinead's rejection, Craig turns on a devastated Bethany, and Imran tackles David about the incriminating video footage.
Wednesday 23rd October 60x227
Bethany admits her true feelings to Audrey, Sinead confronts Daniel with her discovery, and David promises Shona that he did not attack Josh.
Monday 21st October 60x226
David insists on punishing Josh himself, Daniel seeks solace in Bethany's arms, and Max makes a sincere apology to a relieved Shona.
Monday 21st October 60x225
Sinead's family organises an early Christmas for her, Max voices concerns to Shona, and a prison riot provides David with an opportunity for revenge.
Friday 18th October 60x224
David voices his concerns over the tense atmosphere in the prison and is worried when Shona tells him about Max staying at Marion's house and how Marion plans to apply for custody of her grandson. Gemma is infuriated to find that a photo of her stuck in the turnstile has made the front page of the Gazette and that she is being harassed by journalists, while Bethany struggles with her short story for the writing course.
Wednesday 16th October 60x223
Chesney takes Gemma to the hospital after she is finally set free from the turnstile, and Bethany asks James about his life as a professional footballer. Marion reveals to Shona that she is Max's grandma and also claims that Shona is an unfit mother.
Wednesday 16th October 60x222
The severity of her illness hits Sinead hard as she is forced to use a wheelchair to get to a family picnic, and Faye struggles to look after Lily and Harry. Gemma tells Chesney she's wangled free VIP tickets to County's match, but her delight turns to embarrassment when she gets stuck in the turnstile.
Wednesday 9th October 60x221
Ken shares Sinead's prognosis with the partygoers, Paula persuades Sophie to follow her heart and Max hides a secret from Shona.
Wednesday 9th October 60x220
As Ken marks 80 years, Sinead learns that her days are numbered. Abi sets up a date for Kevin, and David comes to the aid of a fellow inmate.
Monday 7th October 60x219
Ali tells Maria their relationship is over, Ken revises plans for his birthday celebrations and Robert lies to Vicky about his holiday with Michelle.
Monday 7th October 60x218
Ali's good deed for Maria places Liam in harm's way, Robert sets out to have his revenge on Ray, and Dev takes Asha to see Dr Gaddas.
Friday 4th October 60x217
Dev is stunned to find Asha has been trying to lighten her skin, and Michelle tells Robert how Ray made a pass at her and is now making her life hell. Meanwhile, Kevin tells Debbie that he can't accept the money their Aunt Vi left.
Wednesday 2nd October 60x216
Kel tells him Paul that if he breathes a word about their relationship, he'll tell the cops the truth about his assault. Debbie breaks the news to Kevin that their Auntie Vi has died and has left ú200k. Asha goes on her date, and Mary realises Dev's daughter stole his credit card.
Wednesday 2nd October 60x215
The police quiz Kel about the attack but he lies, making out he was jumped by strangers. Kevin's disappointed when old friend Martine fails to show up for their date, and Dev's concerned when he receives a text from Asha telling him she's seeing a boy after school.
Monday 30th September 60x214
Leaving Kel unconscious in the ginnel, Paul hurries away, Fiz is stunned to find Jade pouring her heart out to Evelyn about her abusive ex husband, and tired of Adam's obsession with Gary, Sarah heads out in a huff.
Monday 30th September 60x213
A drunk Paul confronts Kel in the ginnel and tries to kiss him, while Adam offers Ryan a wad of cash to come clean and admit Gary beat him up. Evelyn lets herself into No 9 and catches Jade rifling through the drawers.
Friday 27th September 60x212
Paul flies off the handle at Billy in the cafe and struggles to make peace with his memories of the past, while Amy gets to the bottom of Asha's behaviour. Tyrone forces Fiz to explain a clandestine phone call and Shona visits David again and is incensed to learn of Max's suspension.
Wednesday 25th September 60x211
Adam confronts Gary with evidence of his attack on Ryan, Kel urges Paul to move on from the past and, after visiting the headmaster, Shona tells Leanne that Max has been suspended.
Wednesday 25th September 60x210
Gemma's latest scan creates cause for concern, while Adam learns that it was Gary who attacked Ryan and confides in Imran. Evelyn's nonplussed when Fiz receives a birthday card from Jade, Hope's former teaching assistant in Birmingham.
Monday 23rd September 60x209
James opens up to Michael about his secret gay life with his friends in London and Gary uses Ryan's injuries to send a warning to Derek, making it clear that the same will happen to him if he doesn't get far away from Izzy.
Monday 23rd September 60x208
Gary makes Ryan regret not settling his debt and Max stirs up trouble for Audrey in the salon, while Michael reveals to James that he overheard his conversation with Bethany and tackles him about his sexuality.
Friday 20th September 60x207
The neighbours gather for Ed's birthday party, and Gary discovers what Derek has been up to in his absence. Meanwhile, a morose Daniel drowns his sorrows.
Wednesday 18th September 60x206
Sinead accuses Daniel of wishing away her final days, and Billy seeks advice from David regarding Paul. Elsewhere, James invites Bethany out for a drink.
Wednesday 18th September 60x205
Sinead's sickness leaves her feeling tired and weak, and James offers Bethany a sympathetic ear. Meanwhile, Billy urges Sean to tread carefully around Paul.
Monday 16th September 60x204
Billy asks questions about Paul's past, and Ali fails to hide his struggles from Toyah. Elsewhere, Aggie defies Ed and plans a surprise party behind his back.
Monday 16th September 60x203
Bernie and Kel's reunion provokes hostility from Paul, and Sinead drags Daniel to visit a hospice. Meanwhile, Robert leaves Ryan to supervise Ali's recovery.
Friday 13th September 60x202
Ali begs Dr Gaddas for a diazepam prescription, but she is not fooled and urges him to get help for his addiction. Chesney uncovers Bernie's positive pregnancy test scam, and Kate asks Sophie if she'd like to go travelling with her.
Wednesday 11th September 60x201
Sinead and Daniel are stunned when she discovers the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, and she has a few months to live. They share their news with a distraught Ken, Peter, Carla, Adam and Beth, and come to terms with their future.
Wednesday 11th September 60x200
Daniel and Sinead's honeymoon is scuppered by news from the hospital, and Ali is fuming as his dealer is arrested. Meanwhile, Sophie reckons Abi's web page could be a money-spinner for the garage as Kevin's an internet sensation.
Monday 9th September 60x199
Sinead tells Daniel that she's found a lump, and Ray invites Michelle up to his room to discuss the franchise plan, with alarming results. Meanwhile, Abi lets Kevin down gently, and Maria accuses Ali of cheating on her with Emma.
Monday 9th September 60x198
Daniel is stunned when he finds Sinead at the bistro in her wedding dress, but her happiness is short lived when Beth finds a lump on her relative's neck. Meanwhile, Robert's annoyed to hear that Michelle's agreed to Ray's franchise deal, and Tyrone urges Kevin to ask Abi out.
Friday 6th September 60x197
Sinead harbours suspicions of Daniel and Bethany, and Emma lays her cards on the table for Steve. Elsewhere, Michelle commits to Ray without consulting Robert.
Friday 6th September 60x196
Bethany's setback sends Daniel on the warpath, and the McDonalds invite Emma for tea. Elsewhere, Ray presents Michelle with a flattering business proposition.
Wednesday 4th September 60x195
Eileen departs for a new life with Jan, and Steve uses his powers of persuasion to grant Emma's wish. Meanwhile, Bethany's first attempt at writing impresses Daniel.
Wednesday 4th September 60x194
Sean cottons on to Eileen's escape plan, and Steve recruits the Bailey boys to help Emma. Meanwhile, Fiz decides to home-school Hope.
Monday 2nd September 60x193
Tyrone suspects Hope of lying about the fire, and Geoff makes a fool out of Yasmeen. Elsewhere, Seb invites Mary to take Eileen's place at Number 11.
Monday 2nd September 60x192
Hope goes into hiding in the empty factory, and Geoff allows Yasmeen to believe his days are numbered. Meanwhile, Eileen is determined to move away with Jan.
Friday 30th August 60x191
The police and a reporter turn up at the school as Tyrone pleads with Evelyn to see sense, and Robert says he has CCTV of Jed trying to blackmail him. Realising Tim is in the dark, Yasmeen urges Geoff to tell him about his illness.
Friday 30th August 60x190
Jan reveals his intention to lie low in Birmingham until after the court case and urges Eileen to come with him, and Evelyn resorts to extreme measures when she hears there's no room for Hope at the local school. When Geoff turns up for work at Speed Daal, Yasmeen refuses to let him lift a finger.
Wednesday 28th August 60x189
Robert gives in to Jed's blackmail, and Seb breaks a confidence to persuade Alina to stay. Elsewhere, Brian shares bad news about Hope's school place, and Geoff lets Yasmeen think he could have cancer.
Wednesday 28th August 60x188
Tyrone is alarmed when he realises he's forgotten to enrol Hope at Bessie Street for the new school year. Robert panics when Jed turns up at the bistro, and Alya tries to reconcile Geoff and Yasmeen.
Monday 26th August 60x187
Robert is frantic as he tries to please the two women in his life with a pair of rings, Ryan lies to Gary about his unpaid wages, and Moira attempts to take Eileen's mind off Jan. Jan tells Eileen that he loves her and wants her to move away with him to Amsterdam, and Robert lies to Michelle, claiming the van was broken into and the ring stolen. When a drunk Derek threatens Gary that he will pocket the cash from the factory, Windass makes it clear it would be the last stunt he ever pulled.
Friday 23rd August 60x186
Amy and Tracy set off to try to find Emma, Shona is furious at Max for ruining Lily's party, and Eileen returns to work and announces she's giving up men. Elsewhere, Ed and Aggie are reunited, much to the delight of their sons.
Friday 23rd August 60x185
Emma announces she is leaving Weatherfield, and Tim tells Eileen to pull herself together. Meanwhile, Bethany informs Daniel that she's going to write up her experience with Nathan as it might help other girls to avoid the same trap.
Wednesday 21st August 60x184
Emma tells her mum Fiona about Steve being her biological dad, and Ed agrees to let James lend him ú5,000, but later Michael finds Ed sat staring at a gambling site. And as Geoff sees his doctor, it is clear there is nothing wrong with him.
Wednesday 21st August 60x183
Steve tells Emma he has done a DNA test and he is her biological dad, and having found a positive pregnancy test Aggie and Ed confront Michael. At the Bistro, Geoff tries to help Yasmeen with her online banking, and then mentions he has some health issues.
Monday 19th August 60x182
Geoff packs his bag to stay at Tim's, telling Yasmeen she is not good for his mental health. Meanwhile, Craig is knocked down by angry wife involved in a row over Bethany's past, and Steve confides in Liz that he's sent off a tuft of Emma's hair for DNA testing.
Monday 19th August 60x181
Bethany is shocked when a family arrive at the Bistro and she recognises the dad from Nathan's parties. Yasmeen discovers Geoff has set up security cameras all over the house for her safety, and when Aggie returns home, she finds Ed has glued himself to the wall.
Friday 16th August 60x180
Steve keeps Tracy and Emma in the dark. Yasmeen comes under fire after the bridge game ends in chaos. Bernie and Michael team up to profit from Gemma's pregnancy.
Friday 16th August 60x179
Steve offers support to a grieving Emma. Geoff gives Yasmeen news of her insurance payout. Ken hosts a bridge game in the Rovers.
Wednesday 14th August 60x178
Robert's double life gains a further complication. Geoff stakes his claim as Yasmeen's partner. Asha hides something from oblivious Dev.
Wednesday 14th August 60x177
Robert begs Vicky and Tyler not to leave for Ireland. Mary tries to bring Asha out of her shell. Steve discovers that he might have another daughter.
Monday 12th August 60x176
Audrey turns detective following Emma's bereavement. Robert dashes to intercept Vicky's visit to Michelle. Sarah backs down for the sake of her colleagues.
Monday 12th August 60x175
Emma's dad delivers a shattering revelation on his deathbed. Fists fly when Robert interferes in Jed's plans. Sarah's misgivings threaten the factory's future.
Friday 9th August 60x174
Sarah blocks Gary's plans for the factory. Maria consoles Emma over her dad's illness. Seb bids a reluctant farewell to Alina.
Friday 9th August 60x173
Seb and Eileen pick up the pieces. Emma shares upsetting news concerning her father. Gary introduces an investor to fund the factory rebuild.
Wednesday 7th August 60x172
Jan shows his true colours to a devastated Eileen. Ryan underestimates the risk of angering Gary. Ken is disappointed by Claudia's plans.
Wednesday 7th August 60x171
Eileen's doubts of Jan lead her to the nail salon. Gary tackles Ryan about his missing cash. Toyah is troubled by her conscience for duping Claudia.
Monday 5th August 60x170
Jan delivers an unconscious Seb to hospital. Gary loses money after leaving Ryan in charge. Mary aims to expose Evelyn's pricing scam.
Monday 5th August 60x169
Seb tries to get a message to Alina but is confronted by Nikolai, Robert arrives at Vicky's to find Jed there, and Imran uses insider information to offer Claudia ú10k under the asking price for her flat.
Friday 2nd August 60x168
Tyler's dad Jed poses a new threat to Robert. Jan attempts to throw Seb and Eileen off the scent. Jenny and Kate call a truce for Johnny's sake.
Friday 2nd August 60x167
Jan's shifty behaviour inflames Seb's suspicions. Robert fears that Carla is about to unravel his lies. Johnny blames Jenny for Kate feeling unwanted.
Wednesday 31st July 60x166
Ray offers a stunned Michelle the role of Events Manager across his whole chain, which plays right into Robert's hands. When Abi calls at the garage and offers to help, Kevin and Tyrone enjoy winding her up, aware she's been fired from her new job. Elsewhere, Kate decides to return to work.
Wednesday 31st July 60x165
Robert realises Tyler's awards ceremony is the same function that Michelle and Alya are catering for, so he strives to keep the two women in his life apart. Jenny and Kate have conflicting plans for Johnny's cash, and Seb tells Rachel he knows her game and he's watching her.
Monday 29th July 60x164
Seb refuses to turn a blind eye to Alina's plight and is horrified to realise that Rachel and her husband are people trafficking. As the doctor confirms Vicky is suffering from gallstones and the baby is fine, Robert promises that from now on she's his main priority. Elsewhere, Kevin refuses to forgive Paula and makes it clear she's not welcome at No 13.
Monday 29th July 60x163
Seb is horrified by Alina's living arrangements when he finds her cowering at the back of the nail salon. Paula assures Sophie she's genuinely sorry for causing her family grief and really does love her, and Vicky's illness calls Robert away from the bistro.
Friday 26th July 60x162
Paula's confession angers Kevin and Sophie, and Gemma stews over Chesney and Bernie's conflicting stories. Meanwhile, Seb realises that Alina lied to avoid him.
Friday 26th July 60x161
Kevin leaves Jack home alone at the mercy of an intruder, and Bernie's brazen advances terrify Chesney. As Steve and Tim set off to a unicorn party, Tracy and Liz follow them. They're stunned to find the duo in the back of the horsebox dressing Tiny.
Wednesday 24th July 60x160
Gemma and Paul's mum Bernie causes a stir, and Maria and Ali face opposition from an over-protective Michelle. Meanwhile, Tracy learns of Steve's deception.
Wednesday 24th July 60x159
Gemma and Chesney discuss the quads on local radio, and Kevin shares misgivings about Sophie's plans. Meanwhile, Alya and Ryan matchmake Maria and Ali.
Monday 22nd July 60x158
Maria does a runner from her date, and Toyah and Imran offer Nick and Leanne an apology. Elsewhere, Roy receives a gift from a mystery benefactor.
Monday 22nd July 60x157
Gary gets caught red-handed trying to frame Rick, and Gemma hides her new job from Chesney. Meanwhile, Evelyn's smear campaign lands Roy in trouble.
Friday 19th July 60x156
In the Rovers, Peter lunges at Gary, blaming him for destroying both Kate and Carla's lives. Meanwhile, Maria's latest date seems to be barking, in more ways than one, and Kirk's appalled when Beth tries to auction off her factory shares. Elsewhere, Evelyn accuses Larry of doing a botch job of the cafe wiring and trying to fleece Roy.
Wednesday 17th July 60x155
Gary does his best to remain calm when questioned by police over the factory roof collapse, and Beth offers to sell her factory shares to Sean. At the nail salon, Jan warns Alina not to get in contact with Seb again as it's too dangerous.
Wednesday 17th July 60x154
Sharon is not convinced when Gary claims that Rick has gone into hiding abroad, and Sarah has a suggestion for the Underworld staff regarding the factory's future. Meanwhile, Maria meets up with an internet date.
Monday 15th July 60x153
Eileen confronts Jan, Sarah confides in Adam about Nick's alibi, and when Kelly tracks Gary down, he drops the bombshell that her dad was actually a loan shark. With the cafe deemed unsafe due to electrical problems, Peter and Carla move into No 1, and Roy moves into No 9 with Tyrone.
Monday 15th July 60x152
Liz finds some worrying information about Jan, and Nick goes to the police with a photo, which he claims proves he was nowhere near the factory at the time of the roof collapse. When Gary calls in to Rick's office, he is rattled to find his daughter, Kelly.
Friday 12th July 60x151
In court, Nick blames his brain injury for his actions, accusing David of being the mastermind behind the theft. Meanwhile, Eileen opens up to Jan about her marriage to Phelan, and Seb calls at the nail bar hoping to take Alina for lunch, but her boss tells him she has quit and disappeared.
Wednesday 10th July 60x150
Nick tells David he plans to take full responsibility for the stolen money, and the consultant gives Sinead the good news that her tumour has shrunk. After returning from Vicky's, Robert lies to Michelle that he got called away to help a young offender.
Wednesday 10th July 60x149
Sinead is called in for her MRI scan, Sarah phones the police after Gail fails to return, and Audrey blames Nick and David for driving her away. Meanwhile, Robert promises Vicky he will be there for the midwife appointment, but is torn when he's left in charge of the Bistro.
Monday 8th July 60x148
Audrey is still frosty with Gail after she abandoned her in the hospital, and Steve gets his licence back but sneakily tells Adam not to tell Tracy. Ryan and Alya decide to play along to Michelle's efforts of trying to set them up.
Monday 8th July 60x147
With Michelle at a fundraiser, Robert arranges to visit Vicky, but soon finds himself torn between the two. Kirk returns with a bombshell for Beth, and Sean confronts Paul, convinced that he was his attacker.
Friday 5th July 60x146
Gail gets the family together to iron out their differences, and when Beth drops the bombshell that Carla has gifted her factory shares to the workforce, Nick is outraged. After the medical centre charity box goes missing, Sean tells Moira he thinks it was Paul, and Geoff suggests Yasmeen is too old to be taking on extra work.
Wednesday 3rd July 60x145
Peter is worried that Carla's psychosis is making her do rash things. Geoff makes out to Yasmeen that he accidentally gave his own bank details to the old insurer for her jewellery payout, and in the Rovers, Maria fails to notice when Ali makes a pass at her.
Wednesday 3rd July 60x144
Peter and Carla return from Carlisle and move back into Roy's flat, and David is angry to hear about Nick's latest attempt to stay out of prison, so he decides to play dirty himself. Elsewhere, Maria's astonished by the raunchy nature of the responses to her dating ad.
Monday 1st July 60x143
Alya and Ryan suspect Geoff of the robbery, and Nick is angry to discover Leanne alone in the flat and no sign of Gail and Audrey for birthday drinks. Meanwhile, with encouragement from Emma, Maria sets up a profile on a dating site.
Monday 1st July 60x142
Yasmeen discovers her jewellery and photos missing, and Geoff is quick to blame Alya's DJ mates. Nick tries to speak to Audrey to build bridges, but Paula reminds him he is in breach of his bail conditions by approaching her. And Sarah worries that Carla will want to take back the factory reins when she returns.
Friday 28th June 60x141
A teenage girl arrives looking for Rick, and Geoff undermines Alya's efforts to get Yasmeen to go to work. Meanwhile, David is advised to ease Shona's fears over their future, and Gail suggests a girly spa night to Maria.
Wednesday 26th June 60x140
Despite Sarah's pleas for calm, Adam is convinced that Gary assaulted her, while Geoff returns home and is horrified to discover that Yasmeen's been mugged. Elsewhere, Tim has an idea for a business venture involving a horse-drawn carriage.
Wednesday 26th June 60x139
Adam quizzes Sarah about how she really got the bruise on her arm. At Speed Daal, Geoff pours water on Ryan's mixing desk and lets Yasmeen think she did it. Later, as she leaves with the takings, Yasmeen is dragged screaming into an alleyway.
Monday 24th June 60x138
Geoff is fuming with Yasmeen when she returns from a wine-tasting, Robert assures Vicky that he and Michelle are history, and in order to avoid dinner at No 6, Tim agrees to help Steve build Amy's flatpack wardrobe.
Monday 24th June 60x137
Robert reveals his plan to throw a surprise wedding, and having found out from Bethany about Rick's visit, Craig says the police will look into it. Elsewhere, Gemma is thrilled at the idea of selling her quads story to the Press, while Chesney is appalled.
Friday 21st June 60x136
Michelle catches Robert lying about his whereabouts, and Michael takes advantage of his brother James' celebrity. Elsewhere, Beth's photo of Bertie stirs emotions in Sinead.
Wednesday 19th June 60x135
Bethany voices her disapproval of Sarah dating Adam, and Wayne bids a fond farewell to Roy. Elsewhere, Ed and Ken encourage Aggie and Claudia to bury the hatchet.
Wednesday 19th June 60x134
Gary fights for his life against a vengeful Rick, and Roy gains an insight into his mother's hidden past. Meanwhile, Robert's surprise leaves Michelle bemused.
Monday 17th June 60x133
Gary sets out to rescue Sarah from Rick's clutches, and Robert recruits the Connors to organise a party for Michelle. Elsewhere, Aggie and Claudia turn up the volume on their feud.
Monday 17th June 60x132
Sarah sneaks off to meet Adam at a hotel without telling Bethany, and Roy reveals the secret of his mother's ring. Meanwhile, Michelle and Robert savour their reunion.
Friday 14th June 60x131
As Michelle gives Michael a gentle ribbing on the street, Robert confides in Daniel about how he misses Michelle and blames himself for ruining their relationship. Having spent the night with Adam, Sarah makes it clear she wants to keep their relationship secret, while Ed helps Roy with his broken cooker and Sinead receives a letter from the hospital confirming her MRI scan.
Wednesday 12th June 60x130
Sarah and Adam are almost caught in a compromising position by Gary, while Aggie and Ed tear into James for risking his career as a footballer by getting involved in a car accident. Robert puts on a brave face as Michelle arrives for her date, and Sally and Tim agree that Tiny can be their joint project.
Wednesday 12th June 60x129
Adam offers to help Sarah free of charge in her mission to take control of the factory. Steve is horrified to realise that James - who has moved into No 3 with his parents - is the lad he threatened in his taxi. Michael tracks Michelle down to the bistro and invites her to join him for a drink.
Monday 10th June 60x128
David and Shona set off in search of Natalie after finding out her address from Tracy. As Tim accuses Geoff and Yasmeen of Tiny's disappearance, Sally reveals she sold the horse, while in the Rovers, Ed enjoys winding up Ken and Chesney, telling them that the new owners of No 3 have 10 children and a similar number of animals.
Monday 10th June 60x127
After consulting with Adam, Nick warns Sarah that he intends to take back control of the factory whether she likes it or not. With Yasmeen also wanting to pull out of the syndicate, Sally threatens the women with legal action, while Mary and Ken watch with sadness as Ed clears the contents of No 3 into a skip.
Friday 7th June 60x126
Norris prepares to bid farewell to the street, and Leanne demands total honesty from Nick. Meanwhile, Chesney invites Gemma to move back into number five.
Wednesday 5th June 60x125
Gemma and Chesney face up to the reality of having four babies. Dev leaves Evelyn in charge at the shop. Gary begs Sarah for another chance.
Wednesday 5th June 60x124
Trouble comes in fours for Gemma and Chesney. Gail tries to mend her fractured family. Gary smarts when Sarah joins Adam for a drink.
Monday 3rd June 60x123
Gary abandons his scruples to raise cash for Sarah. David goes back on his word to Nick. Dev is furious to learn how Asha defied him.
Monday 3rd June 60x122
Sarah seizes control of the factory from Nick. David strikes a deal with the devil. Asha refuses to let Dev upset her party plans.
Friday 31st May 60x121
In the grips of her psychosis, Carla escapes the flat. Roy and the Connors form a search party. Peter is desperate to rescue the woman he loves.
Thursday 30th May 60x120
Nick decides to blame David for his crime. Peter realises that caring for Carla is beyond his capabilities. The Metcalfes' absconding horse wreaks havoc.
Wednesday 29th May 60x119
Audrey takes in the enormity of her grandsons' betrayal. A paranoid Carla avoids taking her medication. Rick threatens to end Gary's life.
Tuesday 28th May 60x118
Nick frantically strives to keep the truth from Audrey. Gary endangers himself to save Sarah from Rick. Tim offers to sort Sally's horse headache.
Monday 27th May 60x117
Leanne refuses to join Nick's family holiday. Carla's continued decline distresses Peter and Michelle. Sally's syndicate takes ownership of a horse.
Friday 24th May 60x116
Leanne, Toyah and Sarah have a dangerous encounter. Natalie causes a rift between Shona and David. Sally forms a syndicate to buy a horse.
Friday 24th May 60x115
Leanne and Toyah visit Rick's office in search of clues. Natalie decides to make David and Nick sweat. Eileen, Liz and Tracy stage a takeover bid.
Wednesday 22nd May 60x114
Steve takes charge of James after an accident. Leanne and Sarah speculate that Nick borrowed cash from a loan shark. David tries to let Natalie down gently.
Wednesday 22nd May 60x113
A nervy Steve overreacts to some rowdy youths in his cab. Leanne grows curious about how Nick got his money. Natalie makes a move on David.
Monday 20th May 60x112
Leanne invites Toyah to move in, following her split from Imran. Steve explains his involvement in the robbery. David stays late at work to give Natalie barber training.
Monday 20th May 60x111
Imran overhears Toyah complaining about him to Leanne. The police call at Street Cars to investigate the armed robbery. Nick urges David to exploit Natalie's crush on him.
Friday 17th May 60x110
Steve pleads for mercy from the armed robber. Nick and David dread the police examining their accounts. Seb promises to take care of Alina.
Friday 17th May 60x109
Steve takes a huge risk by picking up a taxi fare off the street. Nick faces more questions from the police. Peter and Michelle bring Carla home to Roy's flat.
Wednesday 15th May 60x108
Peter arranges to care for Carla at home. Tracy encourages Steve to break the law in pursuit of profit. Seb invites Alina to stay the night.
Wednesday 15th May 60x107
Ken refuses to haul Peter out of rehab to be at Carla's side. Tim and Steve consider developing a Street Cars app. Beth makes a discovery about Kirk's big break.
Monday 13th May 60x106
The extent of Carla's delusions shocks Roy. Steve admits his financial concerns to Tracy. The regulars share the limelight at the Rovers' talent show.
Monday 13th May 60x105
Roy fears for Carla's health without her medication. Seb traces Alina to her new workplace. Emma steps in when Yasmeen lets Geoff down.
Friday 10th May 60x104
Freda realises how much Norris cares for Mary. Ryan justifies his behaviour to Bethany. Sophie and Paula get their relationship back on track.
Friday 10th May 60x103
Ryan needs Alya's co-operation to keep Bethany on side. A startling discovery awaits Robert at a hotel. Norris apologises for trying to protect Mary.
Wednesday 8th May 60x102
Ryan is won over by Bethany's explanation. Norris's betrayal leaves Mary shaken. Amy sets Asha up on a date with the boy of her dreams.
Wednesday 8th May 60x101
Ryan turns his attentions to Alya after a knock back from Bethany. Freda finds letters for Mary among Norris's belongings. A message from Peter alarms Michelle.
Monday 6th May 60x100
Norris demands a divorce from Mary so that he can marry Freda. Yasmeen uncovers Geoff's deception. Bethany goes out of her way to help Ryan.
Monday 6th May 60x99
Mary accuses Freda of foul play. Geoff schemes in order to get Yasmeen to himself. Ryan laments the demise of his promising DJ career.
Friday 3rd May 60x98
Chesney implores Gemma not to run away. Mary reels when Freda delivers a bombshell from Norris. Yasmeen vows to prove Sally wrong.
Friday 3rd May 60x97
Gemma packs her bags to go and live with her mum. Mary discovers that Jan has trifled with her affections. Nick orders David to throw Shona off the scent.
Wednesday 1st May 60x96
Leanne must decide if she can stand by her man. Tim accuses Sally of trying to control him. Chesney misreads Ryan's intentions towards Gemma.
Wednesday 1st May 60x95
Nick's arrest puts Leanne's faith in him to the test. Sally hosts a healthy dinner party in Tim's honour. Jan worries about Mary's idea of their friendship.
Monday 29th April 60x94
Nick insists that someone is trying to frame him. Ken and Claudia take charge of a fragile Peter. Tim rebels against Sally's boot camp.
Monday 29th April 60x93
Toyah discovers Wayne's stolen report in Nick's bedroom. Ken supports Peter as Carla's absence takes its toll. Sally overhauls Tim's diet and fitness regime.
Friday 26th April 60x92
Simon pulls Peter back from the brink. Nick receives news that fuels Toyah's suspicions. Seb dreads Alina's reaction to his HIV status.
Friday 26th April 60x91
Peter and Johnny follow up another sighting of Carla. Chesney orders Gemma to see a doctor. Seb has a manicure in order to spend time with Alina.
Wednesday 24th April 60x90
Peter's search leads him to Carla's childhood estate. Gary begs Sarah for another chance. Seb and Alina's first date gets cut short.
Wednesday 24th April 60x89
Simon helps Peter in his quest to find Carla. Rita offers an alternative explanation for Gemma's symptoms. Kirk considers pursuing a music career.
Monday 22nd April 60x88
Eileen learns of Gary's latest stroke of bad luck. Kirk aims to restore peace at Bertie's chaotic christening party. Gemma predicts the end for her and Chesney.
Monday 22nd April 60x87
Sarah is sickened to discover the identity of Gary's loan shark. Beth delights in Ken's misfortune. Seb's new business gets off to a promising start.
Friday 19th April 60x86
Gemma storms off following a row with Chesney. Rick clears out Gary's yard to settle his debt. Eileen takes in Jan as a paying guest at Number 11.
Wednesday 17th April 60x85
Sarah fears Gary will be implicated in the roof sabotage. Chesney catches Gemma fleecing Joseph at poker. Nick diverts the police's attention from his crime.
Wednesday 17th April 60x84
Gary meets a familiar face on his first day collecting debts. Chesney and Gemma's caravan holiday starts badly. Michelle lashes out at Robert.
Monday 15th April 60x83
Imran maintains his innocence under police interrogation. Kate receives Rana's personal effects. Bethany tells tales to Sarah about Gary.
Monday 15th April 60x82
Suspicion falls on Imran when Wayne's report is stolen. Peter informs Carla's family of her disappearance. Sally implores Tim to take his condition seriously.
Friday 12th April 60x81
Peter realises the extent of Carla's paranoia. Sally disapproves of Dev and Steve joking about Tim's health. Nick offers words of comfort to a grieving Imran.
Wednesday 10th April 60x80
Gary despairs when Rick targets Alex. Carla's grip on reality slips further away. Sinead completes her treatment and looks to the future.
Wednesday 10th April 60x79
Rick forces a reluctant Gary to work for him. Peter asks Kate to find out who is hounding Carla. Imran regrets taking his frustrations out on Toyah.
Monday 8th April 60x78
Peter grows concerned as Carla begins to unravel. Emma hosts a 'Mr and Mrs' contest at the Rovers. Natalie refuses to be beaten by Nick and David.
Monday 8th April 60x77
Carla receives a chilling message on Aidan's birthday. Chesney faces up to his own mortality. Nick and David encourage Natalie to quit her job.
Friday 5th April 60x76
Chesney tires of Gemma being irresponsible. Carla resolves to make amends to her workforce. David offers Natalie a trial at the barber's.
Wednesday 3rd April 60x75
Carla finds herself public enemy number one. Chesney berates Gemma for defrauding Mary. Rita plays matchmaker to Paul and Billy.
Wednesday 3rd April 60x74
Carla faces the repercussions of her confession. Chesney catches Gemma cheating in a radio phone-in quiz. Geoff brags about his gardening prowess.
Monday 1st April 60x73
Robert forces Carla to come clean during Rana's memorial. Gina finally receives Sally and Tim's forgiveness. A frightening sight meets Chesney's return home.
Monday 1st April 60x72
Imran accuses Carla of covering up the truth. Sally thanks Gina for saving Tim's life. Sinead spots a business opportunity at the barber's.
Sunday 31st March 60x71
Gary demands cash from Peter to pay off Rick. Beth and Claudia clash during Bertie's homecoming party. Gina refuses to turn a blind eye to Tim's suffering.
Friday 29th March 60x70
Daniel and Sinead bring Bertie home from hospital. Gary's good fortune proves short-lived. Sarah blames Seb for vandalising Gary's van. Wayne's questions fuel the speculation surrounding Carla. Robert wastes no time in replacing Ryan at the Bistro.
Wednesday 27th March 60x69
Robert returns but remains evasive about his absence. Wayne and Brian provide Roy with a promising lead. Gary finds the gate of the builders yard unlocked.
Wednesday 27th March 60x68
Michelle's praise spurs Ali into action. Wayne offers to assist Roy with his research. Sarah threatens to dump Gary if he keeps quiet about the roof.
Sunday 24th March 60x67
Grief stalks the street following the factory roof collapse. Carla, Nick and Gary are keen to conceal their guilt. Roy is reunited with a face from the past.
Wednesday 20th March 60x66
Kate dismisses Rana's doubts about proceeding with their nuptials. Carla admits to Peter that she knew the roof was unsafe. David suspects Nick of an insurance scam.
Wednesday 20th March 60x65
Sally lies unconscious in the debris of the fallen factory roof. Tim and Abi rush to the aid of the wounded protesters. Rana explains to Kate her reasons for the delay.
Monday 18th March 60x64
Sally and Gina's row brings down the factory roof. Rana insists on going ahead with the ceremony as planned. Carla begs Peter to stay in Weatherfield.
Monday 18th March 60x63
Carla is aghast that Peter is leaving town. Kate suggests to Rana that they postpone their wedding. The disgruntled factory workers occupy Underworld in protest.
Friday 15th March 60x62
Nick rumbles Carla's secret plan for the factory. Kate and Rana uninvite Lolly from their wedding. Seb's resentment of Gary intensifies.
Wednesday 13th March 60x61
Lolly overhears Kate making fun of her. Natalie demands money or a job from Nick. Robert accuses Carla of creating conflict for him and Michelle.
Wednesday 13th March 60x60
Lolly monopolises Kate and Rana's hen party. Evelyn starts work in the office at Webster's Autos. Gail finds a candidate for the barber vacancy.
Monday 11th March 60x59
Michelle informs Robert that she is not pregnant. Tyrone invents a reason for Evelyn to stay. David is furious at Nick for employing Gail.
Monday 11th March 60x58
Carla takes charge when Michelle suffers a scare. Evelyn finds Tyrone lying in wait for her. David struggles to cope alone at the barbers.
Friday 8th March 60x57
Nick and David fear their new business is doomed. Michelle drops a welcome bombshell on Robert. Geoff confesses to milking his injury.
Friday 8th March 60x56
Sabotage threatens the grand opening of the barber's. Carla hires Gary to do a quick fix on the factory roof. Evelyn's dog returns without her.
Thursday 7th March 60x55
Seb cements his fate by losing control of his temper. Nick unwittingly flirts with a business rival. Geoff suffers an accident at work that isn't his fault.
Wednesday 6th March 60x54
Seb fears the worst when Gary turns up at his party. Yasmeen shares her insecurities with Cathy. Chesney invites Gemma to move in to Number Five.
Wednesday 6th March 60x53
Seb sets his sights on Sarah for his 18th birthday. Yasmeen dodges Geoff's amorous intentions. Lolly's influence on Kate frustrates Rana.
Monday 4th March 60x52
Shona and Clayton are rushed into hospital. Sarah forces Gary to pay Seb a fair wage. Rana resents Lolly muscling in on her wedding plans.
Monday 4th March 60x51
Shona puts her life at risk for Clayton. Seb comes to Sarah's aid when Max goes missing. The council's chosen location for the bail hostel outrages Claudia.
Friday 1st March 60x50
Wednesday 27th February 60x49
Wednesday 27th February 60x48
Monday 25th February 60x47
Monday 25th February 60x46
Friday 22nd February 60x45
Paul reveals to Shona that Clayton is being let out for Dane's funeral.Billy suggests Shona goes to the service so that she can see her son, but will she agree?There's a mix up with the collection money at the factory after Kevin mistakes it for the cash left by Sophie. Can Gina explain the missing money, or has she accidentally landed herself in hot water?
Wednesday 20th February 60x44
Gina plans a party to win Sally round, while Kate discovers Rana has started the wedding plans and has invited too many people. Elsewhere, Amy knocks back Tracy when she wants some mum-and-daughter time.
Monday 18th February (2) 60x43
Amy is forced to give a statement regarding Tyler's offence. Carla's actions after the fire come under scrutiny. Tyrone puts Mary firmly in the friend-zone.
Monday 18th February (1) 60x42
Tracy refuses to let Tyler interfere with her adoption plans. The police question Carla about the fire. Mary lays on a special lunch for Tyrone.
Friday 15th February 60x41
Carla could hold the key to the arsonist's identity. Amy lies to Tracy about her pregnancy scan. Chesney springs a romantic surprise on Gemma.
Friday 15th February 60x40
Carla could hold the key to the arsonist's identity. Amy lies to Tracy about her pregnancy scan. Chesney springs a romantic surprise on Gemma.
Wednesday 13th February 60x39
Peter's boat catches fire, placing Simon in danger. Shona keeps David in the dark. Chesney accuses Gemma of setting Joseph a poor example.
Wednesday 13th February 60x38
Peter prioritises Simon over Abi. Clayton faces the consequences of Shona's actions. Gemma attempts to show off her domestic talents.
Monday 11th February 60x37
Nick demands an explanation from Shona. Abi takes the news of Peter's travels to heart. Carla recruits Brian to solve a mystery for Roy.
Monday 11th February 60x36
Clayton's enemies get too close for Shona's comfort. Johnny and Jenny return to chaos at the Rovers. Carla finds Roy sleepwalking in the street.
Friday 8th February 60x35
Shona refuses to go the extra mile for Clayton. Brian sweet-talks Rita into returning to work. Carla worries about Roy's latest obsession.
Friday 8th February 60x34
Johnny attempts to reach out to a fragile Jenny. Shona's concern for Clayton stirs up trouble. Brian struggles without Rita at The Kabin.
Wednesday 6th February 60x33
Shona breaks sad news to Clayton. Steve grows alarmed when Liz disappears. Nick and David's staff interviews meet with opposition.
Wednesday 6th February 60x32
Gemma stages an intervention as the Connors face court. Rita thwarts Brian and Cathy's big announcement. Bethany uncovers her uncles' masterplan.
Monday 4th February 60x31
Emma puts Chesney's feelings before her own. Peter lets Abi down gently. Jenny receives a visit from her nemesis, Liz.
Monday 4th February 60x30
Gemma catches Paul stealing from Roy. Jenny suffers a meltdown behind the bar. Abi looks forward to setting sail with Peter.
Friday 1st February 60x29
Peter sails close to the wind with Abi and Carla. Gemma publicly accuses Paul of stealing. Daniel finds Adam with his bags packed.
Friday 1st February 60x28
Peter assures Abi that he and Carla are just friends. An angry Seb spills Sarah's secret to Gary. Rita learns that Norris intends to sell The Kabin.
Wednesday 30th January 60x27
Abi and Seb attend the twins' adoption hearing. Steve and Tracy blame themselves for Amy's plight. A rejected Evelyn sets off on holiday.
Wednesday 30th January 60x26
Seb faces losing everything when Gary fires him. Amy considers her parents' proposal. Evelyn asks Roy to plead her case to Tyrone.
Monday 28th January 60x25
Evelyn finally tells Tyrone the truth about his birth. Sarah persuades Adam to apologise to Seb. Steve and Tracy offer to raise Amy's baby.
Monday 28th January 60x24
Steve and Tracy agree to support Amy's decision regarding the baby. Tyrone confronts Evelyn with his discovery. Sarah tries to keep Seb on side.
Friday 25th January 60x23
Tyrone gains an insight into Evelyn's past. Adam and Sarah share an intimate moment. Leanne disapproves of Peter's plans for Simon.
Friday 25th January 60x22
Sarah drowns her sorrows over Gary. Leanne defends Simon from Tracy's accusations. Tyrone follows Evelyn to discover her secret.
Wednesday 23rd January 60x21
Simon finds himself in the McDonalds' firing line. Tyrone worries about Evelyn's memory. Desperate to pacify Sarah, Gary turns to an old friend.
Wednesday 23rd January 60x20
Tracy quizzes Amy about the baby's father. Nick dashes Sarah and Gary's hopes. Abi embellishes her CV during her interview.
Monday 21st January 60x19
Steve and Tracy reel at news of Amy's pregnancy. Gary and Sarah are floored by their latest setback. Carla is relieved when Roy returns home.
Monday 21st January 60x18
Audrey learns that she must vacate her house. Amy skips school to attend a family planning clinic. Sally prepares Abi for a job interview.
Friday 18th January 60x17
Tracy and Steve consider trying for a baby. David announces his intention to open a new business. Sinead finally meets her baby boy.
Friday 18th January 60x16
Audrey decides to sell her stake in the salon. Tracy urges Daniel to be honest with Sinead. Kate ploughs ahead with wedding preparations.
Wednesday 16th January 60x15
Nick makes Leanne feel guilty. Sally suffers a terrifying encounter in prison. Daniel shelters Sinead from the truth about their son's health.
Wednesday 16th January 60x14
An unexpected visitor spells trouble for Nick. Daniel introduces his baby son to grandad Ken. Mary warns Tracy against toying with Steve.
Monday 14th January 60x13
Gina comes to the rescue when Sophie's plan falls apart. Sinead gives birth prematurely with Daniel by her side. Leanne quizzes Nick about Elsa.
Monday 14th January 60x12
Sophie leaps into action upon spotting Duncan's wife. Sinead receives disturbing news at the hospital. Nick's generosity plays into Elsa's hands.
Friday 11th January 60x11
Tim pursues Duncan, intent on forcing a confession from him. Daniel plans a romantic surprise for Sinead. Johnny asks a favour of Carla.
Friday 11th January 60x10
Tim and Sophie contact Duncan's daughter. Sinead dreads Daniel's reaction to her hair loss. Ken berates Audrey for her treatment of Claudia.
Wednesday 9th January 60x09
Audrey accuses Claudia of stealing her money. The misery of Sally's situation upsets Tim. The police come calling for a resident of the street.
Wednesday 9th January 60x08
The slog of prison life leaves Sally beaten. Eileen aims to restore peace between Liz and the Connors. Brian searches for a new direction.
Monday 7th January 60x07
Gina makes a discovery about Duncan. Gemma's rejection sends Chesney rebounding to Emma. Johnny fears Liz will shop him to the police.
Monday 7th January 60x06
Imran distracts Duncan while Gina breaks into his flat. Jenny pleads Johnny's case to a vengeful Liz. Gemma acts cruel to be kind to Chesney.
Friday 4th January 60x05
Gina demands Imran's help in catching Duncan.
Friday 4th January 60x04
Sally fears for her safety without Abi's protection.
Wednesday 2nd January 60x03
Audrey reports the theft to the police.
Wednesday 2nd January 60x02
Audrey receives alarming news of her finances, and Mary races Jude to Blackpool.
Tuesday 1st January 60x01
Audrey pins her hopes on Lewis proving Gail wrong. Carla pushes the boat out for Peter. David's old cellmate Paul turns up on the street.

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