Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime. Add to my shows

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Wednesday 12th May 62x95
Seb provides Abi with some new evidence. Roy's concern for Nina causes him to lash out at Evelyn. Michael and Grace bring Glory home.

season 58

Friday 29th December 58x271
Roy begs Carla to face up to her fears. Geraldine seeks an ally in her quest to reclaim Summer. Steve grows concerned for Michelle.
Wednesday 27th December 58x270
Alya makes a disturbing discovery about her new clients. Carla's proposition angers Robert. Toyah confides her insecurities to Angie.
Tuesday 26th December 58x269
Revenge proves a bitter pill for Adam to swallow. Carla laps up the local gossip but hides a secret of her own. Bethany grants Craig's Christmas wish.
Monday 25th December 58x268
Billy and Peter have a ding-dong scarily on high. Aidan casts a shadow over the Connors' festive frolics. Brian feels the long arm of the law.
Friday 22nd December 58x267
Aidan begs Carla to show faith in him. Tracy amuses herself at Steve's expense. Santa Brian runs out of seasonal goodwill.
Friday 22nd December 58x266
A grief-stricken Peter fights old demons. Aidan and Alya's plans for Underworld collapse. Tracy gets Steve into the Christmas spirit.
Thursday 21st December 58x265
Peter and Billy get embroiled in a courtroom drama. Aidan and Alya propose a partnership to Matthew. Brian returns bearing gifts for Cathy.
Wednesday 20th Decenber 58x264
Leanne falls victim to a dastardly con. Aidan asks Johnny for his backing. Todd bans Billy from confessing to the Barlows.
Wednesday 20th Decenber 58x263
Leanne dips her toe back into the dating game. Eva proves the perfect tonic for Adam's elf. Aidan and Alya hope to clinch a big new deal.
Monday 18th December 58x262
Phelan blames Anna as Eileen is taken to hospital. Eva vows to find Leanne a man. Aidan tries to scupper Adam's business meeting.
Monday 18th December 58x261
Gary distracts Phelan while Anna hunts for evidence. Daniel boxes clever with Chesney. Robert learns the outcome of his cancer tests.
Friday 15th December 58x260
Chesney accuses Daniel of assault. David stumbles upon Anna's hiding place. Tyrone and Fiz's argument reaches stalemate.
Friday 15th December 58x259
Chesney goes to extreme lengths to punish Daniel. Fiz suspects Ruby of playing with fire. Eva offers Aidan a heartfelt apology.
Wednesday 13th December 58x258
Daniel makes Chesney feel sick to his stomach. Faye sees Phelan's true colours. Craig shares his feelings with Bethany.
Wednesday 13th December 58x257
Chesney's romantic gesture for Sinead dismays Daniel. Robert hopes for a fresh start. Kevin calls time on his relationship with Anna.
Monday 11th December 58x256
Robert learns that the Bistro has been robbed. Fiz and Beth's feud gets reignited. Rana perjures herself to protect Zeedan.
Monday 11th December 58x255
Michelle takes a risk to solve Robert's money woes. Tyrone and Fiz quarrel over their daughters. Kate and Rana have a secret assignation.
Friday 8th December 58x254
Michelle is horrified when Robert collapses. Kirk and Tyrone dupe Beth and Fiz into meeting for a drink. Aidan apologises to Alya.
Friday 8th December 58x253
Robert snaps at Zeedan upon his return to work. Alya feels excluded from her own business. Tyrone pines for his old mate Kirk.
Wednesday 6th December 58x252
George's latest health scare alarms Mary, Jude and Angie. Anna's grief becomes unbearable. Brian upstages Roy in Santa's grotto.
Wednesday 6th December 58x251
Phelan sends Luke on a wild goose chase. Mary's allies take action on her behalf. Anna breaks down over Gary's demise.
Monday 4th December 58x250
David and Nicola have a heated confrontation. Rana lies to keep Luke off her back. The Appletons' plans upset Mary.
Monday 4th December 58x249
Sarah receives devastating news about Gary. Rana resists the pressure to confess all to Zeedan. Luke grows curious about Andy's fate.
Friday 1st December 58x248
Luke deplores Rana's treatment of Zeedan. Billy plays cupid to Adam and Eva. Henry takes a nervous Gemma out for dinner.
Friday 1st December 58x247
Rana and Kate are forced to spend time together. Billy alleviates his guilt by helping the Barlows. Bethany returns in Mary's hour of need.
Wednesday 29th November 58x246
Mary's protestations of innocence fall on deaf ears. Aidan employs dirty tricks to scupper the factory sale. Phelan blackmails Gary.
Wednesday 29th November 58x245
Mary finds herself accused of harming her grandson. Gary shares a dark family secret with Faye. Kate makes a hasty announcement.
Monday 27th November 58x244
Todd attempts to hide the truth from Billy. Faye decides where her loyalties lie. Gemma discovers Henry's family connections.
Monday 27th November 58x243
Todd turns detective to set Billy's mind at rest. Mary enjoys precious time with her grandson. Seb divulges Phelan's story to Faye.
Friday 24th November 58x242
Anna tries a new approach with Phelan. Mary leaps to Angie's defence. Robert hides the extent of his financial troubles.
Friday 24th November 58x241
Robert heads to the casino to escape his problems. Phelan spreads some good fortune. Daniel pokes his nose into Billy's business.
Thursday 23rd November 58x240
Dev gets a shock when Gina hits the headlines. Robert rejects Chesney's gesture of goodwill. Peter identifies Steve's perfect woman.
Wednesday 22nd November 58x239
Robert stubbornly refuses to accept his diagnosis. Gina feels the force of Sally's fury. Gemma meets her Prince Charming.
Wednesday 22nd November 58x238
Michelle takes matters into her own hands. Uninvited guests interrupt Sally's inauguration party. Norris receives a worrying summons.
Monday 20th November 58x237
Sinead is shaken by Joseph's brush with disaster. Tracy offers Michelle an insight into Robert's behaviour. Tim gives Gina's business a boost.
Monday 20th November 58x236
Sinead jumps at the chance to let her hair down. Michelle tackles Robert about his lie. Colin seeks Moira's help in his quest for the truth.
Friday 17th November 58x235
Anna tells Gary about Phelan's latest blackmail. The Nazirs await Rana's arrival at the register office. Kate's behaviour arouses suspicion.
Friday 17th November 58x234
Rana spends her wedding day thinking of Kate. Colin makes an intriguing discovery about Norris. Phelan covers his tracks in front of Eileen.
Wednesday 15th November 58x233
Nicola threatens all that Phelan holds dear. Todd begs Billy not to dredge up ancient history. Rana's pre-wedding jitters baffle Zeedan.
Wednesday 15th November 58x232
Phelan fields some tricky questions from the police. Zeedan pushes Rana and Kate together. Todd recruits Adam to help Billy.
Monday 13th November 58x231
Billy shocks Todd with a confession. Fiz faces the wrath of Beth. Toyah persuades Angie to be honest with Jude.
Monday 13th November 58x230
Billy's past comes back to haunt him. Alya and Aidan's plans go up in smoke. Michelle welcomes Robert home from prison.
Wednesday 8th November 58x229
Mary's error of judgement leaves Angie enraged. Alya rescues Aidan from humiliation. Chesney asserts his authority in his own home.
Wednesday 8th November 58x228
Angie confides her troubles to Toyah. Aidan's sleeping arrangements cause a stir. Sinead admires Daniel's rapport with Joseph.
Monday 6th November 58x227
Johnny's announcement incenses Aidan. Mary hosts a dinner party with a hidden agenda. Adam plays his trump card with Colin.
monday 6 58x226
Adam and Rosie embark on a mission of mercy. Gemma relays good news to Underworld's unemployed. Sally comes clean to Seb.
Friday 3rd November 58x225
The evidence against Anna begins to mount. Rita has a change of heart regarding her future plans. Craig's irrational fears affect his work.
Friday 3rd November 58x224
Seb and Faye anxiously await their test results. Aidan interferes in Adam's business. Todd hopes to ease Summer's troubles.
Wednesday 1st November 58x223
David gets wind of Gary's big secret. Beth puts Craig in an awkward situation. Anna maintains her innocence to Seb.
Wednesday 1st November 58x222
Gary returns home to worrying news of Nicola. The police have some questions for Anna. David invites Shona to move in with him.
Monday 30th October 58x221
Seb causes ructions between Anna and Faye. Sinead nervously prepares for stepmum duties. Who will be elected mayor of Weatherfield?
Monday 30th October 58x220
Phelan visits Seb with an ulterior motive. Sally's campaigning fails to create a buzz. Tyrone's lies become more elaborate.
Friday 27th October 58x219
Nicola hears Phelan's side of the story. Andy has one more shot at freedom. Rosie's negligence places Anna in the frame.
Friday 27th October 58x218
Nicola delves into Phelan's murky past. Aidan and Alya celebrate their success. Tyrone and Fiz are forced to cover their tracks.
Wednesday 25th October 58x217
Anna and Nicola exchange secrets. Steve endures the double date from hell. Craig stands up to his new police mentor.
Wednesday 25th October 58x216
Phelan engineers a clash between Seb and Anna. Tyrone and Fiz receive an unexpected windfall. Gina decides to find Steve a woman.
Monday 23rd October 58x215
Faye witnesses Seb's domestic troubles first-hand. Phelan informs Andy of the substitute prisoner's identity. Aidan sinks to his lowest ebb.
Monday 23rd October 58x214
Faye confronts Seb with her suspicions. Phelan comes face to face with an old adversary. Alya struggles to make her mark in business.
Friday 20th October 58x213
Mary and the Appletons await news of George. Faye grows suspicious of Seb and Anna. Gina embarrasses Sally at her soiree.
Friday 20th October 58x212
Mary takes action to stop her family from leaving. Phelan fails to spot jeopardy lying in wait. Billy struggles with his guilt.
Wednesday 18th October 58x211
Billy's loss of control threatens his future. Jude's announcement leaves Mary heartbroken. Anna causes a rift between Phelan and Seb.
Wednesday 18th October 58x210
Billy offers Peter an apology. Chesney impresses Sinead with his response to a crisis. Mary's constant interference irks Angie.
Monday 16th October 58x209
Simon's confession creates conflict between Peter and Billy. Sinead blames herself for Chesney's situation. Liz looks after number one.
Monday 16th October 58x208
A grieving Summer seeks to numb the pain. Chesney pushes himself beyond his limit. Phelan outlines his plan for Andy's replacement.
Friday 13th October 58x207
Todd's brush with the law infuriates Billy. Daniel incurs the wrath of Cindy's husband. Mary welcomes Jude and Angie back to Weatherfield.
Friday 13th October 58x206
Phelan acts fast to cut off Daniel's line of enquiry. Summer follows Todd's poor example. Kate demands answers from Rana.
Wednesday 11th October 58x205
Zeedan asks Rana to make it legal. The Connors confront Adam with their evidence. Can David and Shona find a way forward together?
Wednesday 11th October 58x204
Rana wrestles with her feelings of confusion. Nicola needs to confide in someone. Amy and Asha make mischief for Brian.
Monday 9th October 58x203
Shona's skeletons come tumbling out of the closet. Imogen reacts badly to Kate's rejection. Amy settles her beef with Brian.
Monday 9th October 58x202
David's run-in with Shona's ex puts his kids in danger. Billy decides to make Adam pay. Rana surprises Zeedan with a suggestion.
Friday 6th October 58x201
Daniel earns a reward from his boss Cindy. Fiz accuses Beth of exploiting her family. Shona's behaviour arouses David's suspicions.
Friday 6th October 58x200
Andy hits rock bottom. Shona receives an unwelcome visitor on her birthday. Intrepid Daniel has Phelan running scared.
Wednesday 4th October 58x199
Phelan inadvertently provides Daniel with a new lead. Faye confronts Seb with her suspicions. Can a cocky Nathan evade justice?
Wednesday 4th October 58x198
Daniel digs for dirt on Phelan's flats swindle. Rita goes missing on the day of her operation. Craig's nerves jeopardise an important task.
Monday 2nd October 58x197
Will Nathan's plan to derail his trial succeed? Adam declares his feelings for Eva. Anna refuses to turn her back on Seb.
Monday 2nd October 58x196
Mel resorts to drastic measures to keep Bethany away from court. Anna has a revealing encounter with Seb's mum. Daniel detects scandal in Phelan's past.
Friday 29th September 58x195
Nicola provides Gary with a sympathetic ear. Mel plants a seed of doubt in Bethany's mind. The rift between Rana and Kate widens.
Friday 29th September 58x194
Gary takes out his stress on an oblivious Sarah. Bethany appeals to Mel for support. Liz gets the wrong end of the stick.
Wednesday 27th September 58x193
Bethany and Sarah attempt to win over Mel. Andy concocts a scheme to secure his freedom. Gary comes under fire on home turf.
Wednesday 27th September 58x192
Bethany is perturbed by a visit from Mel. Gary fails to hide his latest injuries. Todd turns detective to expose Adam.
Monday 25th September 58x191
Bethany accepts Audrey's job offer. Craig's family encourage him to follow his heart. Liz deals with the repercussions of her man-trap.
Monday 25th September 58x190
Audrey forms a plan for Bethany's future. Liz learns the identity of her online scammer. Sarah tries to get in touch with Gary.
Friday 22nd September 58x189
Johnny reaches a momentous decision. Michelle's stalking ordeal takes its toll on her. Sally finds herself in Kirk's shadow.
Friday 22nd September 58x188
Aidan is alarmed by developments at the factory. Michelle gathers evidence against Will. Liz lays a trap for the man who conned her.
Wednesday 20th September 58x187
The pieces fall into place for a horrified Michelle. Adam's plan for Underworld comes to fruition. Colin makes Norris an offer for the Kabin.
Wednesday 20th September 58x186
Will Jenny or Eva succeed in becoming Mrs Connor? Rita faces an uncertain future. Michelle enters the lion's den.
Monday 18th September 58x185
Aidan's confession plunges Eva into turmoil. Michelle unwittingly reveals her hand to Will. Norris and Mary play Mr and Mrs.
Monday 18th September 58x184
Eva prepares to unleash her final revenge on Aidan. Rita's disappearance sparks a frantic search. Will realises he has been taken for a fool.
Friday 15th September 58x183
Eva pushes Maria too far. Kate hurts Rana with a shocking accusation. Gemma and Jenny fear for Rita.
Friday 15th September 58x182
Eva uses her hen party to take aim at Maria and Jenny. Gemma puts Rita's memory to the test. Rana reluctantly accepts Kate's invitation.
Wednesday 13th September 58x181
Gary shares his woes with an unexpected confidante. Maria suspects Adam and Eva. Rana makes excuses to avoid Imogen.
Monday 11th September 58x180
Eileen and Nicola pay a surprise visit to Phelan's house. Anna resolves to help Seb. Sarah is troubled by the change in Gary.
Monday 11th September 58x179
Andy tastes freedom when Phelan takes a big risk. Anna tackles Seb about his home life. Izzy's news gives Gary pause for thought.
Sunday 10th September 58x178
Anna discovers Faye's plan to run away with Seb. Family secrets threaten Peter and Toyah's future. A frightened Rita turns on Norris.
Friday 8th September 58x177
Michelle vows to put a stop to Rich's reign of terror. Faye plans a secret trip for Seb. Rita dismisses Gemma's concerns for her health.
Friday 8th September 58x176
Will masterminds a drugs raid on the bistro. Faye suspects Seb of hiding something. Rita confides in Norris about her memory lapses.
Wednesday 6th September 58x175
Eileen seeks the truth behind Phelan's shifty behaviour. Will comforts Michelle on Robert's day in court. Gemma hatches a plan to help Rita.
Sunday 3rd September 58x174
Phelan makes a grave decision about Andy's fate. Rana and Kate's night out ends in upset. Todd leaves Summer and Amy to their own devices.
Wednesday 30th August 58x173
Gemma fears for Rita's declining state of mind. Nicola hears about Phelan's property scam. Sally decides to run for mayor of Weatherfield.
Monday 28th August 58x172
Gary downplays the dangers of his work in front of Sarah. Rosie rides to Gemma's rescue. Gina resents Sally's judgmental attitude.
Monday 28th August 58x171
Gary and Sarah find that making up is hard to do. Gemma endures further humiliation. Sally uncovers Gina's latest lie.
Friday 25th August 58x170
Mary stuns Jude with an emotional bombshell. David and Shona struggle to see a way forward. Will plays the concerned friend to Michelle.
Friday 25th August 58x169
Norris and Mary prepare to become man and wife. David confronts Shona about her plans for Clayton. Tyrone has a brainwave.
Wednesday 23rd August 58x168
Chesney abandons Hope and Ruby. Mary falters under Angie's questioning. Clayton begs Shona for help.
Monday 21st August 58x167
Phelan displays his temper to Nicola. Shona grows concerned for Clayton's future. Fiz and Sinead rumble Chesney's charade.
Monday 21st August 58x166
Shona's stroke of good luck turns sour. An anxious Chesney volunteers for childminding duties. Mary awaits the arrival of Jude and his family.
Friday 18th August 58x165
Phelan gets tough on Nicola's behalf. Liz falls victim to an online scammer. Kate discovers Luke and Alya's secret romance.
Friday 18th August 58x164
Gary confides his shocking secret to Alya. Rita shows no sympathy as Gemma faces the police. Nicola asks a favour of Phelan.
Wednesday 16th August 58x163
Mischievous Eva leaves Maria in the lurch. Rita points the finger at Gemma. Tracy ridicules Mary's marriage plans.
Monday 14th August 58x162
Eva throws Jenny's wedding plans into chaos. Emotions run high for Gemma and Rita. Mary regrets lying to Jude.
Monday 14th August 58x161
Eva decides to show Aidan some mercy. Gemma aims to impress some old mates. Sally frets over Gina's spending habit.
Friday 11th August 58x160
Eva acts fast to throw Aidan off the scent. Chesney masks his inner anxiety. Will Sarah see through Gary's lies?
Friday 11th August 58x159
Chesney's return to work proves disastrous. Rosie sets her sights on saving Mrs Banks. Reality bites for Gary.
Wednesday 9th August 58x158
Gary buries his doubts for financial gain. Rosie forces Todd and Adam to interview her. Sinead worries about Chesney.
Monday 7th August 58x157
A vengeful Robert gives Rich a beating. Gary lands himself in hospital. Alya makes her move on Luke.
Monday 7th August 58x156
Robert prays for news of missing Michelle. Liz meddles in Steve's love life. Rosie yearns for a new challenge.
Friday 4th August 58x155
Steve's proposal sends Leanne reaching for the bottle. Erica vows to fix things with Dev. Danger lurks around the corner for Michelle.
Friday 4th August 58x154
Old habits die hard for singleton Steve. Michelle demands answers from Robert. Billy attempts to bond with Summer.
Wednesday 2nd August 58x153
Battle lines are drawn between Dev and Kev. Robert issues a strong warning to Rich. Nicola and Phelan discover the truth.
Monday 31st July 58x152
Robert keeps Michelle in the dark. Erica sees potential in Dev's business opportunity. Luke and Alya plan a cosy night in.
Monday 31st July 58x151
Robert resorts to drastic measures. Dev's show of support for Erica falls flat. Steve invites Leanne to play happy families.
Friday 28th July 58x150
Robert and Michelle arrive at a worrying conclusion. Steve approaches Peter with a proposition. Sophie calls in Gina's debt.
Friday 28th July 58x149
Robert and Michelle fall victim to an unknown attacker. Moira puts Liz in her place at work. Leanne's fortunes take an upward turn.
Wednesday 26th July 58x148
Cracks open up between Robert and Michelle. Toyah keeps a secret from Peter. Can Billy and Todd get their girl?
Monday 24th July 58x147
Billy and Todd are moved by Summer's plight. Gemma pursues justice for Chesney. Bethany hears from the police.
Monday 24th July 58x146
A new era dawns at the Rovers Return. Daniel eyes a fresh career opportunity. Leanne suffers a rude awakening.
Friday 21st July 58x145
The end is in sight for Bethany. Eva is in it up to her neck. Toyah is excited about her new start.
Friday 21st July 58x144
Craig takes the biggest risk of his life. Phelan is shocked by Nicola's request. Eva schemes her way into a new job.
Wednesday 19th July 58x143
Eva and Adam join forces. Phelan is dying to get to know Nicola. Bethany takes a step on the road to recovery.
Monday 17th July 58x142
Seb lets Nicola in on a secret. David offers Shona an olive branch. Roy finds himself in Brian's firing line.
Monday 17th July 58x141
Aidan is blackmailed by a desperate Adam. Shona makes David an offer he cannot refuse. Phelan takes his frustrations out on Seb.
Friday 14th July 58x140
Gary gets a surprise job offer. David is forced to face some home truths. Erica is given food for thought.
Friday 14th July 58x139
Sarah is so near to justice, yet so far. Craig plays with fire. Liz makes an enemy at work.
Wednesday 12th July 58x138
Liz and Steve sign away the pub. Bethany swears Craig to silence. Kevin and Anna face a rocky road ahead.
Monday 10th July 58x137
Anna's world comes crumbling down. Craig grows uneasy about Neil. Johnny makes Eva think again.
Monday 10th July 58x136
Kevin is pushed to the brink. Aidan feels left in the dark. Sarah turns to the police for help with Bethany.
Friday 7th July 58x135
Jenny puts her heart on the line. Bethany spirals after more bad news. Erica and Kevin make use of their quiet time.
Friday 7th July 58x134
Todd accepts Adam's offer. Kevin is exasperated by Anna's change of heart. Jenny wants answers.
Wednesday 5th July 58x133
Michelle is shocked by Robert's revelation. Eva wants to play Aidan at his own game. Billy and Todd pay their last respects.
Monday 3rd July 58x132
Michelle is floored by Robert's secret past. Eva is left to plot alone. Eileen's plan backfires.
Monday 3rd July 58x131
Chesney gets caught in the crossfire. Eileen is paranoid about Phelan's past. Adam is back and he means business.
Friday 30th June 58x130
Phelan has some talking to do. Gina is up to her old tricks. Rich threatens to reveal some home truths about Robert.
Friday 30th June 58x129
Phelan's secret is revealed. Gina pushes all the wrong buttons for Tim. Eva lays her cards on the table.
Monday 26th June 58x128
Eva has a big decision to make. Phelan strolls down memory lane. Robert's past threatens his new status quo.
Monday 26th June 58x127
Eva makes a devastating discovery. Phelan tries to make an impression. Michelle has a proposal for Robert.
Friday 23rd June 58x126
Anna reels from Kevin's betrayal. Cathy and Brian are caught in the act. Has Craig got the measure of Neil?
Friday 23rd June 58x125
Kevin and Erica share more than just their woes. Aidan prepares to break Eva's heart. Zeedan steps in the way of love.
Wednesday 21st June 58x124
The police hunt for Bethany intensifies. Todd and Billy are dismayed by Summer's decision. Gary gives Anna some tough love.
Monday 19th June 58x123
Bethany goes missing. Todd and Billy fall at the first hurdle. Kevin cannot win with Anna.
Monday 19th June 58x122
Mary is Bethany's only hope. Billy and Todd enjoy Summer time. Has Kevin found the answer he has been looking for?
Friday 16th June 58x121
Johnny has second thoughts. Billy and Todd make a decision about Summer. Is Aidan's secret about to be revealed?
Friday 16th June 58x120
Tracy pushes Daniel too far. Kate threatens to reveal Johnny's secret. Billy makes a promise.
Wednesday 14th June 58x119
Kate discovers the truth. Adam finds out Aidan and Maria's secret. Ken offers Daniel a lifeline.
Monday 12th June 58x118
Maria struggles with Eva and Aidan's engagement. Johnny makes a big decision. Phelan is thoughtful about an offer.
Monday 12th June 58x117
Maria gets in the way of Eva's romantic plans. Johnny discovers his fate. Cathy is chuffed with Brian's invitation.
Friday 9th June 58x116
Maria swaps one ankle bracelet for another. Jenny is amused by Johnny. Eva is frustrated that her plan has failed.
Friday 9th June 58x115
Shona takes her secret to the grave. Bethany's burning desire horrifies Sarah. Eva thwarts Maria and Aidan's tryst.
Wednesday 7th June 58x114
Ken makes a decision. Shona has got some talking to do. Can the Platts win Bethany round?
Monday 5th June 58x113
The Platts pull together for Bethany. Ken calls a family meeting. Johnny is impressed with Gina.
Monday 5th June 58x112
Bethany is still under Nathan's spell. Sinead breaks Daniel's heart. Gail rejects Leanne and Oliver.
Friday 2nd June 58x111
Bethany's rescue has unforeseen consequences. Leanne cries over her loss. Will Ken's attacker be brought to justice?
Thursday 1st June 58x110
Bethany pushes herself to prove her love. Kevin throws Anna a party. What does a confession mean for the Barlows?
Wednesday 31st May 58x109
Nick's hopes of survival are sinking fast. Bethany and Shona are at the hands of Nathan. Kevin prepares a surprise.
Tuesday 30th May 58x108
Ken is at the mercy of his attacker. Nick finds himself in a dangerous situation. Shona pushes Nathan too far.
Monday 29th May 58x107
Ken gets a confession. Shona issues Nathan with a warning. Has Nick said too much?
Friday 26th May 58x106
Leanne has had enough. Sally instils some family values. Does Ken know the identity of his attacker?
Friday 26th May 58x105
There is a row brewing at the Rovers. Tim goes after Gina. Cathy has a question for Brian.
Wednesday 24th May 58x104
The truth becomes clearer for Ken. Sally's troll is unmasked. Peter and Toyah celebrate.
Monday 22nd May 58x103
Adam puts Daniel to the test. Accusations fly between Sarah and Bethany. Johnny and Aidan bury their secrets at Underworld.
Monday 22nd May 58x102
Adam sticks the boot into Daniel. Johnny faces some unwelcome news. Norris has Mary running around after him.
Friday 19th May 58x101
Sarah holds the key to Bethany's freedom. Kate worries about Johnny. Toyah gives Nick some harsh home truths.
Friday 19th May 58x100
Bethany needs some liquid courage. Kate suspects an affair. Leanne is overcome with guilt.
Wednesday 17th May 58x99
Bitter Nick puts Leanne on the spot. Adam takes the bull by the horns. Mary has her work cut out with Norris.
Monday 15th May 58x98
Anna is driven to distraction. Nick looks to the future. Will the Battersby girls come through for Peter?
Monday 15th May 58x97
Peter is gutted to learn Toyah's true feelings. Faye is caught out. Nick is determined to play nice.
Friday 12th May 58x96
Can Nick get some perspective? Is Toyah's dream over again? Anna makes excuses to Kevin.
Friday 12th May 58x95
Michelle and Steve's issues have repercussions. It is D-Day for Toyah. Is justice on the cards for David?
Wednesday 10th May 58x94
Sally unwittingly keeps her enemy close. Nick approaches boiling point. Will David and Shona ruffle each other's feathers?
Monday 8th May 58x93
Maria has to unfriend Eva. Victory tastes sweet for Michelle. Sally makes a discovery about Gina.
Monday 8th May 58x92
Sally is concerned for her sister. Rana has a surprise for Zeedan. Is Maria cut out for life as a mistress?
Friday 5th May 58x91
Aidan and Maria play a dangerous game. Rob and Tracy resort to desperate measures. Will Bethany agree to Nathan's plans?
Friday 5th May 58x90
Maria takes Aidan down. Amy is in for a big surprise. Bethany has nowhere to hide.
Wednesday 3rd May 58x89
Bethany is well and truly trapped. Tracy's escape plan is under threat. Michelle moves on.
Monday 1st May 58x88
Steve and Ken fear the worst. Bethany is made to feel the guilty party. Sophie and Rosie close ranks to protect Sally.
Monday 1st May 58x87
Tracy and Rob embark on a life on the run. Bethany tries to reach out to Sarah. Will Steve sign his divorce papers?
Friday 28th April 58x86
Bethany slips into an abyss. Rosie is left with a terrible dilemma. Tracy makes a break for it.
Friday 28th April 58x85
Sarah drives Bethany into the arms of danger. Rosie makes a shocking discovery. Todd's suspicions are seemingly confirmed.
Wednesday 26th April 58x84
Nathan exploits Bethany's guilt. Rosie worries about Sally. Todd is unnerved by Drew's questions.
Monday 24th April 58x83
Tracy begins to fear the worst about Amy. Gary makes matters worse. Toyah hides the truth from Peter.
Monday 24th April 58x82
Tracy feels the strain. Sarah and Gary crash Nathan's party. Toyah has a big decision to make.
Friday 21st April 58x81
Nathan twists Sarah's words to ensnare Bethany. Peter is forced to confront the truth. Freddie attempts to make amends.
Friday 21st April 58x80
Sarah lays down the law to Bethany. Kate is worried when Johnny loses his temper. Rita rebuffs Freddie.
Wednesday 19th April 58x79
The Barlows turn on each other. Nathan's influence on Bethany increases. Fiz meets an old friend.
Monday 17th April 58x78
Gail and Shona have a heart-to-heart. Adam's suspicions grow. It is war at the bistro.
Monday 17th April 58x77
Shona is shocked to learn David's secret. Rosie and Sophie want answers. Michelle and Leanne face off at the bistro.
Friday 14th April 58x76
Anna is shocked by David's gesture. Rosie channels Sally as she plays hardball. Phelan and Faye return from court.
Friday 14th April 58x75
It is a good Friday for Michelle. Gary and Sarah clash over David's legacy. Rosie and Sophie take action.
Wednesday 12th April 58x74
Tim takes matters into his own hands. Robert stuns Leanne. David receives a gift from beyond the grave.
Monday 10th April 58x73
Tim issues Sally with some tough love. Maria makes a heartfelt confession. Can Peter give Toyah the support she needs?
Monday 10th April 58x72
Sally's trolls close in. Peter is arrested. Maria is hurt by Aidan's indifference.
Friday 7th April 58x71
Peter has some talking to do. Sinead pleads with Daniel. Bethany feels very alone.
Friday 7th April 58x70
Fate comes calling for Peter. Daniel packs a bag. Bethany smells a rat.
Wednesday 5th April 58x69
Peter finally gets his message heard. Daniel's ghosts come back to haunt him. Tracy goes looking for answers.
Monday 3rd April 58x68
Peter has something to hide. Adam plays a blinder. Is Faye telling Gary the truth?
Monday 3rd April 58x67
Ken cannot trust his own memory. Adam goes into damage control mode. Daniel and Sinead tackle the truth.
Friday 31st March 58x66
Sally's troll oversteps the mark. Brian and Cathy collide. Will Toyah believe Peter's plea?
Friday 31st March 58x65
Sally continues to fight the good fight. A flustered Brian struggles to stay on top of his lies. Alya praises Fiz's magic fingers.
Wednesday 29th March 58x64
Rosie is torn over a job offer. Brian goes behind Cathy's back. Johnny's suggestion stuns Jenny.
Monday 27th March 58x63
Will Ken push Peter off the wagon? Amy goes on a secret mission. Sinead insists Daniel should seize his opportunity.
Monday 27th March 58x62
Peter's world crumbles around him. Daniel is devastated by Sinead's news. Are Amy's nerves just performance anxiety?
Friday 24th March 58x61
Ken drops a bombshell on Toyah. Sinead has big news for Daniel. Tracy's resentment of Ken continues to grow.
Friday 24th March 58x60
Peter and Toyah are gazumped. Daniel searches in vain for Sinead. Seb makes things worse for himself with Faye.
Monday 20th March 58x59
Sinead bears the brunt of Ken's rage. Anna bans Faye from seeing Seb. Chloe makes a pass at Peter.
Monday 20th March 58x58
Daniel is caught between a rock and a hard place. Peter comes to Chloe's rescue. Seb's jealousy boils over.
Friday 17th March 58x57
Revenge is a dish best served cold for Michelle. Daniel is faced with a dilemma. Gail is thrilled for the happy couple.
Friday 17th March 58x56
Steve begs Leanne to do the right thing. Faye is floored by a blast from the past. Daniel's dilemma is academic.
Wednesday 15th March 58x55
Bethany falls deeper into Nathan's trap. Steve is forced to play hardball. Eagle-eyed Gail thinks she is onto something.
Monday 13th March 58x54
Sarah meets Bethany's mystery man. Michelle's pain gives Maria some clarity. Phelan takes Seb under his wing.
Monday 13th March 58x53
Bethany gives Nathan a false alibi. Will Maria spill the beans to Eva? Peter checks that the coast is clear for Chloe.
Friday 10th March 58x52
Peter finds solace with Chloe. Adam puts himself in harm's way. Bethany asks Nathan for a favour.
Friday 10th March 58x51
Peter's plan backfires. Adam's problems lead Tracy into the lion's den. Sarah reveals a secret from her past.
Wednesday 8th March 58x50
Adam is on borrowed time. Daniel is determined to scrub up for Sinead. Peter plays with fire.
Monday 6th March 58x49
Adam lands himself in hot water. Will Daniel have a change of heart? Rosie fights for girl power.
Monday 6th March 58x48
Amy interferes with Adam's plan. Rosie unwittingly catches an eye. Will Daniel reveal all to Ken?
Friday 3rd March 58x47
Daniel and Sinead have a big decision to make. Adam has found his man. Rita causes a chain reaction.
Friday 3rd March 58x46
Sinead makes a shocking discovery. Adam has a plan in mind. Sarah's protective instincts take over.
Wednesday 1st arch 58x45
Chesney's revenge backfires. Sally stages a protest. Gail insists on making amends with Shona.
Monday 27th February 58x44
Sally vows to protect her daughter. Gail and Shona face a stand-off. Chesney hopes for a romantic reunion with Sinead.
Monday 27th February 58x43
Sally learns some home truths about her girls. Shona finds herself in Gail's firing line. It is a special day for Rita.
Friday 24th February 58x42
Jenny and Aidan declare battle. Maria gives in to Liam's pressure. Cathy accepts Brian's offer.
Friday 24th February 58x41
Baby Oliver is welcomed into the world. Jenny refuses to be beaten. Aidan masks his guilt.
Wednesday 22nd February 58x40
Nick fights his insecurities. Michelle tries to move on. Will Jenny's idea fall apart at the seams?
Monday 20th February 58x39
There is new life on Coronation Street. Nathan draws Bethany in deeper. Will Roy forgive Brian?
Monday 20th February 58x38
Michelle and Steve bid a final farewell to Ruairi. Toyah's day is anything but uplifting. Sarah fumes at Bethany.
Friday 17th February 58x37
Bethany steps into the dragon's lair. Leanne galvanises Peter and Toyah. Guilty Steve attempts to comfort Michelle.
Friday 17th February 58x36
Bethany plays with fire. Nick and Peter are united in fear. It is back to reality for Steve and Michelle.
Thursday 16th February 58x35
Bethany has good reason to fear Nathan. Sophie warns Rosie off Adam. Simon puts his foot down.
Wednesday 15th February 58x34
Adam tries to recruit Todd. Bethany realises how much she needs Nathan. Ken's high hopes for Daniel are dashed.
Monday 13th February 58x33
Adam digs for victory. Daniel makes a promise to Sinead. Nathan orders Mel to win Bethany round.
Monday 13th February 58x32
Adam muscles in as Rosie asks for help. Can Daniel keep his cool? Kate comes up with an idea to help Rana.
Friday 10th February 58x31
Chesney takes the fight to Daniel. Adam makes a deal with Rosie. Bethany gets a confidence boost
Friday 10th February 58x30
Is Daniel playing with fire? Rosie digs herself in deeper. Bethany ditches school for a new project.
Wednesday 8th February 58x29
Rosie and Sophie dice with danger. Daniel has a lot to learn. David is left intrigued by Shona.
Monday 6th February 58x28
There is something nasty in Rosie's luggage. Daniel and Sinead make a connection. Leanne gives Nick another chance.
Monday 6th February 58x27
Sophie returns home with more than duty free. Gemma gives Chesney some advice. Leanne is stunned by Nick's plans.
Friday 3rd February 58x26
Leanne feels completely betrayed. Kevin is attacked from all angles. Alya fails to halt Jenny's rise.
Friday 3rd February 58x25
Curiosity kills the cat for Leanne. Jenny intends to keep abreast of the industry. Kevin needs a little help from his friends.
Wednesday 1st February 58x24
Can Toyah give up her dreams for Peter? Kevin gets an unexpected offer of help. Ambitious Jenny has a business idea.
Monday 30th January 58x23
Toyah reaches breaking point. Kevin has a shocking proposal for Anna. Johnny gives Jenny a reality check.
Monday 30th January 58x22
Toyah is faced with a baby dilemma. Kevin and Tyrone are at loggerheads. Kate is in for a surprise.
Friday 27th January 58x21
Peter pushes Nick's buttons. Steve takes Michelle away from all the heartbreak. Luke spoils birthday girl Tracy.
Friday 27th January 58x20
Nick resorts to drastic measures. Adam is caught red-handed. It is too much too soon for Michelle.
Wednesday 25th January 58x19
Steve and Michelle say goodbye. Nick's paranoia boils over. Has Aidan pushed Alya too far this time?
Monday 23rd January 58x18
Robert is all the therapy Michelle needs. Phelan offloads his guilt. Nick realises that blood is thicker than water.
Monday 23rd January 58x17
Grief takes a worrying hold of Michelle. It is no honeymoon for Phelan. Nick rubs Peter up the wrong way.
Friday 20th January 58x16
Will Phelan win in love and war?Michelle asks Steve to come home.Chesney begs Sinead for a second chance
Friday 20th January 58x15
Andy tries to beat Phelan at his own game.Liz is pushed to breaking point.Bethany seeks further friendship from Nathan.
Wednesday 18th January 58x14
Kevin falls further foul of Phelan.Peter's stunned by Steve's bombshell.It's a fresh start for Shona.
Monday 16th January 58x13
Arsonist Andy reaches breaking point.Steve can't do right for doing wrong.Love is in the air for Sarah and Gary.
Monday 16th January 58x12
Steve's at a loss to help Michelle.Is Andy about to be discovered?One door closes and another opens for Bethany.
Friday 13th January 58x11
Michelle struggles to cope with the ultimate loss. Phelan gets caught out. Sarah is taken aback by Bethany's big dreams.
Friday 13th January 58x10
A grieving Michelle lashes out. The garage is heading for a crash. Bethany's new friendship comes with advantages.
Wednesday 11th January 58x09
Steve and Michelle's world crumbles. Zeedan sees red over Alya's disloyalty. Peter's dreams take a nosedive.
Monday 9th January 58x08
Michelle and Steve face an uncertain journey. Eva has got Peter over a barrel. Tyrone and Kevin discuss the garage's future.
Monday 9th January 58x07
Michelle gets an unwelcome surprise. Eva's claws are out for Toyah. Phelan turns the screw on Andy.
Friday 6th January 58x06
Michelle makes a shocking discovery. Peter's secret is out. Aidan keeps his enemy close.
Friday 6th January 58x05
Eva and Toyah come to blows over Leanne. Johnny has news for Jenny. Is the cat out of the bag for Rana?
Wednesday 4th January 58x04
Jenny's plan to topple Aidan backfires. Simon is left to cover for Peter. Can Cathy persuade Roy to reconsider his move?
Monday 2nd January 58x03
Aidan makes an enemy of the wrong person. Billy will not let Shona slip through his fingers. Roy is betrayed by Brian's ploy.
Monday 2nd January 58x02
Can Aidan resist temptation? Andy is the fly in Phelan's ointment. Will old habits die hard for Shona?
Sunday 1st January 58x01
Anna is rescued by her arch nemesis. Johnny makes a life-changing decision. Norris makes Mary a promise.

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