Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime. Add to my shows

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Monday 10th May 62x93
Amy advises Asha against giving Corey an alibi. Abi quizzes Nina about the attack. Kelly panics as the net closes in on her.

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Friday 7th May 62x92
Corey swears to Asha that he is innocent, but it would be best if she tells the police that he was with her all evening, while Nina struggles to remember anything about the attack.
Friday 7th May 62x91
Worried sick about Seb, Abi asks Kevin to cancel their wedding. Corey covers his tracks by telling Kelly to say nothing, while Asha is oblivious to their involvement in the attack.
Wednesday 5th May 62x90
Roy is stunned to discover that Nina sustained several blows to her head and is undergoing an operation. Asha reels at the news of the assault, while Corey acts shocked.
Wednesday 5th May 62x89
While Abi and Kevin enjoy their respective hen and stag parties, Asha and Summer discover they have been partying in a stolen car, and Seb and Nina suffer a vicious attack.
Monday 3rd May 62x88
Sharon calls Harvey's heavy with details of Leanne's hideout, and Nina mentions to Asha that she saw Corey openly flirting with Kelly in Speed Daal.
Monday 3rd May 62x87
Harvey's heavies watch Carla and Peter meet in a car park, and Abi's day goes from bad to worse with a series of setbacks sending her stress levels through the roof.
Friday 30th April 62x86
Peter gets caught in the crossfire of Simon's escape. Todd receives a poignant reminder of his past. Tyrone accuses Kevin and Abi of snubbing Alina.
Friday 30th April 62x85
Sharon gives Sam a message to pass to Nick. Eileen berates George for dismissing Todd. Simon breaks cover to visit his dad.
Wednesday 28th April 62x84
Sam takes Sharon into his confidence. Peter receives great news about his transplant. Kevin and Abi are shocked at Tyrone's presumption.
Wednesday 28th April 62x83
Sharon helps Sarah to throw Sam a birthday party. Asha enjoys living with Corey. Carla and Peter take advantage of an empty house.

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