Chopped is a cooking competition show that is all about skill, speed and ingenuity. Each week, four chefs compete before a panel of expert judges and turn baskets of mystery ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. Course by course, the chefs will be "chopped" from the competition until only one winner remains. The challenge? They have seconds to plan and 30 minutes to cook an amazing course with the basket of mystery ingredients given to them moments before the clock starts ticking! And the pressure doesn't stop there. Once they've completed their dish, they've got to survive the Chopping Block where our three judges are waiting to be wowed and not shy about voicing their culinary criticisms! Our host, Ted Allen, leads this high-energy, high-pressure show that will have viewers rooting for a winner and cheering for the losers. Chopped is a game of passion, expertise and skill — and in the end, only one chef will survive the Chopping Block. Who will make the cut? The answer is on Chopped! Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Alton's Maniacal Baskets: Finale 2021x29
In the wild conclusion of Alton Brown's Maniacal Baskets Tournament, champions from the first four battles compete for the title of Chopped Grand Champion! Before cooking begins, Alton has a big announcement that's sure to get the chefs fired up. Of course, the finale ingredients are super tough. For the entree round, the chefs open the baskets to discover one of the items staring back at them! A weird wedding cake is part of the dessert round puzzle as the two remaining chefs face off to see who will score major bragging rights and the grand prize.
Alton's Maniacal Baskets: Part 4 2021x28
Alton Brown has taken control of the Chopped baskets, enlisting his fans' help to curate maniacal ingredients for an epic tournament. In the first round, two of the chefs decide to make the same thing. Will the judges prefer one version to the other? In the entree basket, the chefs find a fermented Japanese dish that's definitely an acquired taste as well as a strange banana product. It just might be the most difficult Chopped basket ever! Finally, the two bold chefs who make it to the dessert round must work with a fluffy, porky surprise.
Alton's Maniacal Baskets: Part 3 2021x27
Make it maniacal! Alton Brown is in charge of an extraordinary Chopped tournament, and the competitors must brace themselves for shocking surprises in the baskets that have been selected with help from Alton's conspiring fans. In the first basket, the chefs get a big surprise ingredient with a challenging texture. Can they make delicious appetizers with it? In the entree round, some sticky beans and a peculiar salad are shockers, and the final chefs attempt to make winning desserts from the wild ingredients in the third basket.
Alton's Maniacal Baskets: Part 2 2021x26
Alton Brown is back with more maniacal baskets! As the tournament heats up, the competitors brace for zany, brainy ingredients courtesy of Alton and his like-minded social media fans. Creativity abounds in the first round as the chefs attempt to make impressive appetizers with a super stinky ingredient. In the second round, a unique style of apple pie may have the competitors asking, "Why?!" While Alton and the judges chatter about chitterlings, the competitors have to figure out how to use them in a dessert!
Alton's Maniacal Baskets: Part 1 2021x25
Alton Brown is at it again! The chefs in his Maniacal Baskets tournament are seriously tripped up by a canned wonder in the appetizer round, and the clock isn't doing them any favors either. A shelf-stable surprise in the entree basket is unlikely to be a crowd pleaser. Can the chefs elevate it? In the dessert round, pudding in the basket would ordinarily be nice to see, but not this particular type of pudding!
Time Capsule: Future Foods! 2021x24
Fast-forward to the year 3000! In this Chopped: Time Capsule battle, the basket ingredients are representative of foods we might be noshing on in the future, including insects in the first round! In the second basket, the competitors find an alternative protein and what could be the next big grain. The last two contenders must work with an innovative milk product and a meatless sausage in the dessert round.
Time Capsule: '90s Foods! 2021x23
In this Chopped: Time Capsule battle, the chefs set out to make trendy 1990s foods yummy for a new millennium. The combination of ingredients in the first basket confuses the competitors. Can they shake off their doubts and hammer out great plates? Judge Scott Conant is unimpressed by the canned pasta in the entree basket, and the chefs try to surprise him with how they transform it. Finally, there are some fun nostalgic items in the dessert basket, but missteps threaten to derail one competitor's plans.
Time Capsule: '60s Foods! 2021x22
Traveling back in time has never tasted so good! In this battle of the Chopped: Time Capsule series, the competing chefs have to cook with foods that were popular in the 1960s. A certain soda and some sweet meat are part of the appetizer basket, but the clock seems to be the most difficult aspect of the challenge. In the second round, a crazy casserole demands the chefs' attention, and in the dessert round, both chefs seem to have a clear plan, but will all of their ideas make it to the plate?
PB and J 2021x21
Hooray for PB and J! The ingredient baskets in this battle are inspired by a low-brow, high-protein, nostalgic classic: peanut butter and jelly! The chefs are encouraged to innovate, but the 20-minute clock in the appetizer round causes some issues. A giant sweet surprise in the second basket must find its way, somehow, onto chicken entree plates, and in a dramatic final round, not everything goes smoothly for the chefs as they hustle to complete their PB and J desserts.
Taco Brawl 2021x20
Let's taco 'bout it! Four chefs attempt to prove who deserves to win all the dinero for their all-taco meal. A frantic first round leads to some missteps in the kitchen, and fish tacos are in order for the entree round, when the chefs find red snapper in the baskets. In the dessert round, a festive cocktail is part of the puzzle, but will the judges be toasting the chefs' final plates?

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