Get ready for some thrills and chills with Channel Zero, a horror anthology series. Each six hour installment draws inspiration from a different "creepypasta" (user-generated horror stories published online). Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Two of Us 04x06
Ian tries to make himself and Jillian an item, but Tom and Jack have other plans... and Tall Boy has plans for them.
You Belong to Me 04x05
Tom learns the truth about Ian's father and reveals it to Jillian.
Bizarre Love Triangle 04x04
After instructing Jillian in how to uncreate Pretzel Jack, Ian meets with her father Bill.
Love Hurts 04x03
After Jack pays another visit, Ian rescues Jillian and Tom and then tells Jillian what she has to do to control Jack.
Where Did You Sleep Last Night 04x02
Jillian goes back to her childhood home, and then both her and Tom pay visits to their therapists.
Ashes on My Pillow 04x01
Newlyweds move back into the home where they grew up, and find a mysterious door in the basement that opens up wife Jillian's suspicions that her husband Tom is having an affair.
Sacrifice Zone 03x06
The landlord makes his entrance, and nothing will be the same when the Peaches fail to present Izzy as the sacrifice. Despite Zoe's efforts, Alice looks into the God's universe.
The Red Door 03x05
Alice embraces the Peaches to avoid insanity, and Zoe tries to convince her to leave after learning that Izzy is "marked".
Alice in Slaughterland 03x04
Luke makes a critical mistake after taking Robert's body to Louise. Meanwhile, Alice goes through the door and tries to find Zoe, who is having lunch with the Peaches.
All You Ghost Mice 03x03
After Zoe cuts her leg shaving, Alice takes her to the hospital. Louise, Luke, and Nathan go with her and encounter Robert.