Drama following the lives of a group of midwives working in the poverty-stricken East End of London during the 1950s, based on the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth. Add to my shows

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Episode 5 10x05
With sister Hilda away on a refresher course, sister Julienne steps in to carry out home visits. The new pupil midwives are settling in well, and there is a sense of hope in the air.While examining expectant mother Vera Sands during a routine visit, sister Julienne is concerned by her toddler daughter who is displaying troubling symptoms. Determined to find out what's wrong, sister Julienne and doctor Turner are on the case.Meanwhile, an overly protective mother struggles to cope with her daughter's teenage pregnancy and is insistent on keeping it low key, much to the frustration of new pupil midwife Nancy Corrigan.

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Episode 4 10x04
It's July 1966, and Britain is in the grip of World Cup fever. Unbeknown to Violet, Fred puts on an accumulator bet for the World Cup which keeps any winnings rolling forward. When England reaches the final against West Germany, Fred questions whether he has made the right decision.Nonnatus House awaits the arrival of four new pupil midwives. One of them, Nancy Corrigan, makes quite an impact.Meanwhile, Cyril and Lucille's relationship continues to blossom.
Episode 3 10x03
It's May 1966 and at clinic Shelagh examines an overweight lady who is expecting her third child. Concerned about her weight gain and subsequent symptoms, she discusses the case with Lucille, who comes across a new discovery.Dr Turner and Sister Hilda are flummoxed by a young patient whose health presents a series of challenges. They become increasingly concerned and do their best to get to the bottom of her unexplained ill health.
Episode 2 10x02
Trixie befriends a patient during a delivery, but is troubled by the news that she has subsequently been readmitted to the Lady Emily after collapsing unexpectedly at home. Sister Frances decides she needs to know more of the outside world if she is truly to understand her patients' needs, and Cyril and Fred come to the aid of a family who have been evicted from their home - although Violet is less than happy about their acts of charity.
Episode 1 10x01
Change is on the horizon in Poplar. Sister Julienne must determine whether a private clinic venture that will generate much needed income for Nonnatus House is a suitable workplace for the Sisters, and enlists the help of Trixie.
Episode 8 09x08
The local council threatens to cut funding to Nonnatus House. Nurse Crane cares for a bohemian, unmarried expectant mother.
Episode 7 09x07
Dr Kevin McNulty performs an excellent forceps delivery - his final supervision under Dr Turner. Trixie helps a blind mother, Marion, care for her new baby, but trouble starts when Marion's sister calls Social Services to intervene. Meanwhile, since Sgt. Woolf left, Nurse Crane has started to struggle with the cubs. Cyril suggests that he and Lucille should help Nurse Crane.
Episode 6 09x06
May's adoption by the Turners comes under threat when someone from her past appears. Valerie's cousin's baby has a devastating illness, andKevin returns to work with Dr Turner.
Episode 5 09x05
Sister Frances struggles to persuade the wife of a cancer patient to accept help, and as the nation obsesses over The Sound of Music, Sister Julienne considers the privileges of being a nun.
Episode 4 09x04
Four new doctors arrive at Nonnatus House and ruffle some feathers. Fred and Reggie try to help an old man and his pigeons, while Dr Turner tries to solve the old man's cough.
Episode 3 09x03
Lucille is trapped in a lift with a woman in labour while working at St Cuthbert's, and Nurse Crane helps a Sylheti woman with fistula.

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