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Devil in a Red Dress 01x07
Forbidden Fruit 01x06
In an enhanced episode, Kate gets a modeling gig in Miami that she hopes will offer an escape from the others. Meanwhile, Katie Ann makes a decision about her future that may come as a surprise to Mary; and Jeremiah digs up shocking footage of Kate.
What's the Beef? 01x05
Mike and Jeremiah cause a near-brawl, and Katie Ann gets her first taste of English recreation when she goes to the rodeo with Abe and Rebecca.
Flirting With Disaster 01x04
Lingering sexual tension between Sabrina and Jeremiah raises some eyebrows; unwanted guests show up in Fla.
Facing Demons 01x03
The group finally arrives in Fla. only to find out that they have no place to stay.
Shunned & on the Run 01x02
Nothing to Lose (Pilot) 01x01

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