A musical prodigy, gets into a gifted program called Advanced Natural Talents at the local high school. Add to my shows

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season 1

Body of EvidANTs 01x25
Olive is shocked to discover that her pet robot, Hegel, is no longer functioning and has suspicious screwdriver scratches on his back. When a screwdriver is found in Chyna's locker, Chyna suspects that she has been framed and vows to find the real culprit. In the end, it is revealed that Chyna accidentally overfed Hegel. Various characters like Angus, Fletcher, etc. are revealed to be thinking they murdered Hegel by accident as well.
Ballet dANTser 01x24
Violet, a sports prodigy with slight anger issues, joins the A.N.T. Program. Violet is not afraid of the older kids, including Lexi, who orders Chyna to keep the girl far away from her. Meanwhile, some of the older students take a drivers-education class.
PatANT Pending 01x23
Olive and Fletcher come up with an idea for a massaging backpack after seeing Chyna struggle with hers. Afraid of mixing friendship with business, Olive and Fletcher decide to keep an inquiring Chyna out of the loop. Meanwhile, Lexi keeps fake breaking her arms and legs, and evens pretends to just be a head, to get the attention away from Paisley, who actually breaks her bones because of Lexi's scams.
Some EnchANTed Evening 01x22
Fletcher asks Chyna out. Olive tells her to lie so she does not hurt Fletcher's feelings. Chyna says that she has a boyfriend so Fletcher lies and says he has a girlfriend. Olive suggests they should double date so the two must find fake dates. Meanwhile, Gibson coaches the cheerleading team because Coach Mandy died, but Lexi wants to win an upcoming cheerleading contest and thinks he is a bad coach. She fires him, and Gibson shows up at the contest with his own team.
PerformANTS 01x21
Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus want to go to a horror punk band's concert, but they know Roxanne will never let them go if she knows what kind of band it is. In order to convince her, they pretend they are going to see a kid's band, which backfires when she decides to tag along. Meanwhile, Cameron tries to get backstage at the concert by getting a job as a tattoo artist.
You're the One That I wANT 01x20
When Chyna gets the lead in the school musical, Lexi tries to sabotage the show with the help of Fletcher, who does not want Chyna to fall for the leading man, Jared. Meanwhile, Cameron learns that Gibson has been living at the school and offers to let him stay in his family's living room.
SANTas Little Helpers 01x19
Principal Skidmore asks Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher to build toys for kids at an orphanage. They find out that it is a scam and instead Principal Skidmore sells it for profit. They then booby-trap the toys, but Principal Skidmore has a change of heart and gives the toys to the orphanage, so they must get the toys back. Meanwhile, Darryl follows Roxanne around to see what she is getting him for Christmas.
America Needs TalANT 01x18
A reality show "America Needs Talent" arrives at Webster High, and everyone auditions to be on it; however Chyna and Lexi both get picked as finalists for the reality show. Chyna arrives just in time before the show. Meanwhile, Olive and Paisley enter a game show competition, and Cameron, Fletcher and Darryl wait in line at a popular bacon truck. Only to have Angus buy everything off the truck.
Slumber Party ANTics 01x17
Chyna and Olive decide to host their own slumber party when Lexi does not invite them to hers. Chyna realizes that none of her guests have arrived except for Olive. Lexi video chats with her and to Chyna's dismay, all of her guests are at Lexi's slumber party. Chyna gets an idea since Olive painted her wall green, she will use it as a green screen. Chyna video chats Lexi and Lexi is jealous when she sees how much fun they are having, not knowing that it is a party scene from an old movie used as Chyna and Olive's background.
IgnorANTs is Bliss 01x16
When a deafening noise caused by Fletcher makes Olive lose her memory, Chyna, Fletcher, and Angus go to great lengths to get her memory back before Principal Skidmore dismisses her from the A.N.T. Program and sends her to kindergarten. Chyna later finds out that Olive actually regained her memory but is pretending that she has not. Meanwhile, Lexi and Cameron enter the Webster High dog show hosted by Gibson.
cANTonese Style Cuisine 01x15
Chyna is excited to meet Madam Goo Goo and gets her phone number; however, when the ANTs go to a fortune cookie factory, Chyna realizes she lost Madam Goo Goo's phone number in the vat of fortunes. Olive, Fletcher, and Angus help her get it back. Meanwhile, Lexi finds out she was not invited to McKenna's birthday party and vows to find why.
MutANT Farm 01x14
In this Halloween version of the pilot episode "transplANTed", it is Chyna's first day in the "MUTANT Program", where the ANTs and Gibson are monsters and the older kids are regular humans. Chyna is a Medusa, so she fits right in with her new Mutant Program friends: Olive, a mad scientist; Fletcher, a vampire; and Angus, a zombie. The social hierarchy roles have been reversed and the older kids are actually scared of the ANTs, so Gibson pairs everybody off to help prepare for the "mutants only" Halloween dance.
The ReplacemANT 01x13
Olive becomes the new history teacher after the previous one quits due to Chyna unintentionally upsetting him. Olive decides to be a fun teacher, but her kind of educational fun that involves reenactments of historical events ends up with her being spit-balled by the other students. So Chyna tells her to demand respect, but she overdoes it by becoming mean and giving both Chyna and Lexi detention, forcing the rivals to team up to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Cameron accompanies Darryl in a police ride-along for a school report.
FraudulANT 01x12
Chyna and Fletcher meet Zanko, Fletcher's all-time favorite artist. Zanko is having trouble with inspiration, so Chyna urges Fletcher to give Zanko one of his paintings to inspire him, but when Zanko passes the painting off as his own at his comeback party, Chyna creates an elite team to rescue the painting and gets the help of Olive, Angus, and Wacky. Meanwhile, Paisley and Lexi audition to be a princess for a kid's birthday party for Roxanne.
PhilANThropy 01x11
When the school cannot afford to pay Gibson's salary, he gets fired, so Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher try to raise money by doing a web-a-thon called "Save Gibson". Meanwhile, Cameron pretends to be an elderly man because Lexi needs to show a former pageant queen that she volunteers at a senior center in order to keep her pageant crown.
ManagemANT 01x10
Cameron accidentally uploads a video of Chyna singing. To her luck, Hippo, a music producer, sees it and wants to make a music video, but Chyna refuses after he tries to change her image. Meanwhile, Fletcher, Paisley, Olive, and Angus compete in home economics. Hippo says films are in and music is out, so he ends up doing Cameron's movie instead of Chyna's song.
ClairvoyANT 01x09
Principal Skidmore gives out Wacky Awards and everyone receives one except for Cameron, so Chyna and Olive try to help him find his talent. They make him believe that he is a psychic by making everything he predicts happen. Meanwhile, Fletcher finds out that the dinosaur nuggets at the cafeteria have been replaced; he goes to the board meeting to get them back.In the end Cameron finally knows his not psychic after he predicts the end of the world and it does not happen.
ReplicANT 01x08
Chyna falls for a new student in the A.N.T. Program from the United Kingdom named Nigel, another artistic genius who goes to Webster High not in person but as a robot. Chyna asks Nigel out and they embark on a date, making Fletcher jealous. Meanwhile, Cameron challenges Olive at the arcade to see who can get the highest score on the game Donkey King.
The InformANT 01x07
After Darryl gets Chyna a bag from the evidence locker at the police station, she pretends to appreciate the thought of the gift, but when Fletcher tells Chyna and Olive about "Pudding Points", a contest with a prize for eating enough pudding, she tries to eat as much as possible to win a new designer bag. Darryl finds the new bag inside the bag he gave her and accuses her of shoplifting. He sends a police officer, Officer 3–9, undercover as a student named Charlie Brown to spy on her. When Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive find out that Charlie Brown is a cop, they pretend that they are robbing a house with Charlie as an accomplice.
Bad RomANTs 01x06
Gibson is depressed about his grandma moving out, so Chyna and Fletcher try to cheer him up. When he keeps following him, ruining Fletcher's chances of getting closer to Chyna, they try to find Gibson a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Lexi tries to get on the front page of the school newspaper, but must show Olive that she has done something newsworthy.
StudANT Council 01x05
After Chyna is denied entrance to the school dance, Olive tricks Chyna into running for student council. As she is campaigning, Angus tells her that to run for A.N.T. Rep, she has to participate in every school activity (including being a human cannonball, being the "Jumbo bunny" prize for whoever wins a game at the school fair and being the mirror ball at prom), so Chyna tricks Olive into running too.
SciANTs Fair 01x04
Chyna wants to stay up to watch High Heels High and Darryl gives her special permission if she studies after a couple of episodes; however, she stays up all night, and when she aces her science exam, she thinks that the teachers are giving her and the ANTs special treatment so they can compete and win trophies for Webster High. Meanwhile, Lexi and Cameron find Principal Skidmore's phone and keep it in order to receive the reward.
The PhANTom Locker 01x03
Cameron is annoyed by Olive, his locker neighbor, so he invents a story that her locker was built above an ancient burial ground and is haunted. Olive then moves into Chyna's locker to avoid the ghost, but ends up annoying Chyna to the point where she devises a scheme to make Olive face her fears. That night, Olive and Chyna try to spend the night in Olive's locker, but while Cameron is "haunting" them, he also wrecks the prank and Olive and Chyna discover his plan. Meanwhile, Fletcher is having problems with making Principal Skidmore look beautiful in a self-portrait.
ParticipANTs 01x02
Chyna and Olive make an effort to be more involved with their school's extracurricular activities and try out for the cheer-leading squad. Only Chyna gets accepted into the squad, but she gets more than she bargained for, when Lexi puts her cheer-leading skills to the test.
TransplANTed 01x01
Chyna, Olive and Fletcher have just become part of the Advanced Natural Talents (A.N.T.) Program – a program that specializes in allowing talented and gifted kids to skip middle school and go right to high school.

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