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Women Behind Bars & The Business of Making Art 05x12
The number of women incarcerated in the U.S. has increased 700% since 1980, overwhelming prisons and jails originally designed for men. The majority are nonviolent offenders and mothers serving out sentences in facilities often unprepared to address their most basic needs. Isobel Yeung spends time in prisons across the country, discovering what it means to be an American woman behind bars.
Engineering Immortality & Robot Revolution 05x11
Looming breakthroughs in genomics, pharmaceuticals and stem cell research bring humanity to a second longevity explosion; robotics and the computers that power them are poised for a leap forward with the emergence of artificial intelligence.
Taliban Resurgence 05x10
The Taliban now control more territory than they have at any point since they were overthrown in 2001. Yet the war in Afghanistan barely gets mentioned today, even as civilian and security deaths continue to rise. Ben Anderson returns to the conflict he's covered for ten years, re-uniting with several Afghans - an Army Major, a Policeman who dismantles IEDs and a family who were forced to fight to defend their home - for a shocking report that questions what America's longest war has actually accomplished.
Medical D├ętente & Bananas 05x09
There are thousands of types of bananas but Americans have eyes for only one kind - the very marketable yellow Cavendish, which accounts for 95% of global banana exports. But this multi-billion dollar industry is under threat. A fungus called Panama Disease is rapidly infecting portions of the world's Cavendish crops and could spell disaster for the monoculture-dependent worldwide banana trade. VICE heads to the heart of banana country in Latin American and the Philippines to see the devastating effects of the disease and to investigate what the loss of the banana would really mean besides a less colorful lunchbox.
Fast Food of Arabia & Nollywood 05x08
Life Under Sharia & Plastic Oceans 05x07
End of Amateurism 05x06
College athletics have seen explosive revenue growth in the last decade, fueled by media contracts and corporate sponsors. In order to enter this system, the NCAA requires players to forego profits, and instead offers them scholarships and access to state-of-the-art facilities. But with college sports now a multi-billion-dollar industry, the question being asked in federal court remains whether that compensation is enough. Gianna Toboni travels the U.S. college sports landscape, meeting athletic directors, coaches, sports marketers and the players themselves to see the role money plays in amateur athletics today.
Black and Blue & Our Bionic Future 05x05
In St. Louis, activists and police officers talk about race and policing; recent advancements in bioengineering bring about scientific breakthroughs in rehabilitation for people with disabilities.
Kings of Cannabis & Into the Darkness 05x04
Two strain hunters scour the Democratic Republic of Congo searching for one of the rarest species of cannabis; nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson meets the scientists working to unlock the secrets of the Universe.
When the Earth Melts & The Displaced 05x03

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