The former Chicago cop and security guard of "The Jerry Springer Show'' gets his own talk show adapted from the popular "Steve to the Rescue'' shows he did while filling in for Springer. Wilkos says he hopes his show will provide him with a platform to stand up for everyday people and help viewers in need on The Steve Wilkos Show. Add to my shows

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Episode 131 10x131
Episode 130 10x130
Episode 129 10x129
Episode 128 10x128
Episode 127 10x127
Dramatic DNA Results 10x126
Ashley's questionable past prevents Antwaun's mother from accepting Ashley's children as her grandchildren; Shannon wants to be sure Taylor's kids are her grandkids before she gets too attached to them.
Did You Molest Our 2 Children? 10x125
Starr thinks her partner is molesting their kids; Jodie called the show as soon as he was bailed out of jail for sexual abuse of a minor.
My Baby Was Severely Beaten: I Need the Truth 10x124
All of Chaquanna's children were taken from her because the baby suffered various injuries that have left her paralyzed; Crystal and Darrell were accused of abuse because their daughter sustained serious injuries, including brain damage.
I Know My Brother Cheated on the DNA Test 10x123
Ray's sister believes he intentionally altered the results of a paternity test to show that the child was not his; Jason recently learned that he may have a 20-year-old daughter.
Your Brother Raped Me -- Are You a Monster Too? 10x122
Fatima, who had to testify against her stepfather when she was a child, fears that his brother is molesting her 5-month-old daughter; Lorraine fears that her husband has been sexually abusing their son.

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