Samurai Jack is a brave and honorable samurai from the distant past trapped in a nightmarish future. He is terrorized by his sworn enemy, the evil shapeshifting demon Aku. He quests for a way back to the past so that he may stop Aku once and for all. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Episode CI 05x10
Aku televises Jack's pending death to the entire world, and the armies of the future rise up against him. But all hope lies in the love of a man for a woman.
Episode C 05x09
Aku learns from Scaramouch that Jack has lost his sword... but doesn't learn that Jack has recovered it. However, the demon discovers that he has another far more potent weapon to use against Jaack.
Episode XCIX 05x08
Jack and Ashi grow closer as they fight for their lives against first Aku's tiger soldiers and then an alien leech prisoner.
Episode XCVIII 05x07
While Jack meditates to restore his balance and recover his mystic sword, Ashi protects him against thousands of soldiers... and the woman who was like a mother to her.
Episode XCVII 05x06
As Ashi searches for Jack, she encounters some of the creatures that he's helped in the past and learns how he has inspired thousands.
Episode XCVI 05x05
After Jack convinces Ashi of Aku's evil, the two of them go to rescue enslaved children. However, Jack soon believes that he has killed them. Meanwhile, an ally from the past leads an attack on Aku's fortress.
Episode XCV 05x04
After he and Ashi are swallowed by a gigantic monolithic monster, Jack must struggle to escape with a prisoner intent on his death.
Episode XCIV 05x03
After dealing with his wound, Jack turns to fight the remaining six Daughters of Aku and draws upon the wisdom of his father.
Episode XCIII 05x02
Jack faces his newest enemy, while Aku ponders what to do with his unaging foe
Episode XCII 05x01
After fifty years, Jack is still trapped in the future. Unaged by his passage through time, Jack has upgraded his arsenal but continues his fight against the minions of Aku... unaware that a group of priestesses are training the Daughters of Aku to kill him.

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