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Episode 20 09x20
Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville investigate whether finance deals used by millions of people to buy a new car are all they are cracked up to be. Plus how fraudsters have left people selling goods online hundreds of pounds out of pocket, thanks to a surprising loophole that means sellers are completely unprotected. The team also learns why a pensions company hasn't been able to reassure its customers as to what has happened to their cash.
Episode 19 09x19
Julia Somerville, Gloria Hunniford and Angela Rippon investigate whether staff at one of the biggest names on the high street are telling shoppers the entire truth about a product they are very keen for people to buy. The team also finds out how long appliances and gadgets can really be expected to last. More problems are solved at the Rip Off Britain pop-up shop, and there is a look at why the companies that say they can help you reclaim tax you are entitled to are not providing anything more than you could do yourself, for free.
Episode 18 09x18
Episode 17 09x17
Episode 16 09x16
Episode 15 09x15
Episode 14 09x14
Episode 13 09x13
Episode 12 09x12
Episode 11 09x11
A man who successfully fought back the fraudsters explains how he got back the money they had stolen from him, and more problems are solved at the Rip Off Britain pop-up shop.

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