Rick is a mentally gifted, but sociopathic and alcoholic scientist and a grandfather to Morty; an awkward, impressionable, and somewhat spineless teenage boy. Rick moves into the family home of Morty, where he immediately becomes a bad influence. Add to my shows

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The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy 03x05
Beth fails as a mother; Summer has body issues.

Latest episodes

Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender 03x04
Rick and Morty are summoned by the Vindicators to stop Worldender but end up in a deathtrap conceived by Drunk Rick.
Pickle Rick 03x03
Rick turns himself into a pickle in one of his crazy experiments. The Smith family attends therapy.
Rickmancing the Stone 03x02
Summer starts acting out in this one, broh. Morty goes ham too broh
The Rickshank Rickdemption 03x01
Nathan Fillion guest stars as one of Rick's intergalactic prison guards. The episode shows how Rick gets out of his prison, then returns to the family whose life he ruins one crazy experiment at a time.
The Wedding Squanchers 02x10
Birdperson is getting married and invites the Smith family to the wedding.
Look Who's Purging Now 02x09
Morty makes a mistake and Jerry and Summer work on their father daughter relationship.
Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate 02x08
Jerry gets sick and Rick sparks up the TV.
Big Trouble in Little Sanchez 02x07
Rick joins in on hijinks, Beth and Jerry sort out relationship issues.
The Ricks Must Be Crazy 02x06
Rick forgets to check his oil, and must repair his car.
Get Schwifty 02x05
Rick and Morty must step up and save things; a new religion starts up.

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