In Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Dawn Harper doesn't have much in common with brothers Nicky, Ricky and Dicky except for a birthday. Sibling rivalry often consumes the quadruplets, but they can come together to solve problems that arise. Dawn acts as leader of the pack but, really, is just one of the quartet; quirky Nicky has the answer to almost everything; Ricky has a high IQ but gets into trouble with his siblings; charming Dicky always has a way with words. Situations show the preteens planning their own "grown-up" birthday parties and seeing a scary movie for the first time. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

The Wonderful Wizard of Quads 03x23
When Dawn does not get the part of Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz,'' she goes on a mission to prove she deserves the role.
YOCO 03x22
The Harpers get a new gadget that runs their entire household, but the quads take things a little too far when they are left alone with it.
A Space Quadyssey 03x21
Ricky is accepted into a junior astronaut training program, but only if his siblings join him.
The quads try to take the perfect picture at their Aunt Jackie's farm to best their rival quadruplets, the Kramdens, but end up hurting their aunt's chances to win a contest in the process.
Cementing the Quads' Legacy 03x19
The Quads want to pull off a big stunt so that their class will be remembered by future students, but when they find out that the personal legacy they are leaving behind is not great, they have to fix both before it is too late.
Quadpendence Day 03x18
The Harper Quads declare their independence when Dawn decides to get her ears pierced and the boys get a snake without their parents' permission.
Quad for Teacher 03x17
The quads accidentally force out the easy-going gym teacher after Ricky tripped him, ruining the class for everyone; he, Nicky, Dicky and Dawn think they've fixed everything with the perfect substitutes, but soon realize their parents have made things worse.
One Quadzy Summer 03x16
When Dawn and Mae get amazing summer jobs at Bouderly Hills Country Club, the boys get jealous and they try to ruin their summer vacation.
Not-So-Sweet Charity 03x15
Dawn almost has a big secret revealed when the boys try to impress some girls by putting on a talent show for charity.
The Quadshank Redemption 03x14
The quads' free-day adventure to a school carnival is put in jeopardy when they get detention, so they must devise a plan to break out of detention.

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