In Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Dawn Harper doesn't have much in common with brothers Nicky, Ricky and Dicky except for a birthday. Sibling rivalry often consumes the quadruplets, but they can come together to solve problems that arise. Dawn acts as leader of the pack but, really, is just one of the quartet; quirky Nicky has the answer to almost everything; Ricky has a high IQ but gets into trouble with his siblings; charming Dicky always has a way with words. Situations show the preteens planning their own "grown-up" birthday parties and seeing a scary movie for the first time. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Not-so-sweet Charity 03x15
Dawn almost has a big secret revealed when the boys try to impress some girls by putting on a talent show for charity.
The Quadshank Redemption 03x14
The quads' free-day adventure to a school carnival is put in jeopardy when they get detention, so they must devise a plan to break out of detention.
The Buffa-Lowdown 03x13
Ricky takes advantage of his power on the school's news show, but when the other quads learn the reason, they band together to help him.
I Want My Mae B. Back 03x12
Dawn becomes jealous when Mae starts spending time with Miles, so she enlists the help of her brothers to separate them.
This Little Piggy Went to the Harpers 03x11
When the quads kidnap a rival soccer team's pig mascot as a prank, they have to pass it off as Anne's surprise birthday present to avoid being caught forgetting her birthday.
Tween Wolf 03x10
The quads' eavesdropping threatens to ruin their annual boys vs. girls scare night campout because of a misunderstanding about going through "the change.''
Ele-Funk in the Room 03x09
When Dawn and Mae have a falling out, Dawn forbids Nicky, Ricky and Dicky from going to an upcoming concert with her, but the boys have other plans in mind.
To Be Invited or Not to Be 03x08
The quads make a new friend, an amazing inventor, but when not all of them get invited back to hang out again, they start to wonder why.
What's The Worst That Quad Happen? 03x07
When a curse hits the Harper house, thunder goes off and everything turns out bad for the family, the family is trying to find out how this all started, so they retraced all the steps before the curse to try and stop the curse.
Ye Olde Hand Holde 03x06
When Dawn boasts that she is more mature than the boys and is ready to go on a first date, a competition is sparked between the quads.

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