Chris Hardwick will lead three celebrity contestants down the ultimate internet wormhole. Culling from the darkest recesses of social media, they will compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture. Add to my shows

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Mac DeMarco, Amanda Seales, Brett Gelman 2017x97
Tonight's guests are Mac DeMarco, Amanda Seales, Brett Gelman.

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Steve Agee, Baron Vaughn, Alice Wetterlund 2017x96
Tonight's guests are Steve Agee, Baron Vaughn, Alice Wetterlund.
Nick Swardson, Tom Lennon, TBA 2017x95
Tonight's guests are Nick Swardson, Tom Lennon, TBA.
Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy, Griffin McElroy 2017x94
Tonight's guests are Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy, Griffin McElroy.
Kate Micucci, Justin Martindale, Matt Braunger 2017x93
Tonight's guests are Kate Micucci, Justin Martindale.
Dave Thomason, Emily Heller, Ian Abramson 2017x92
Dave Thomason, Emily Heller and Ian Abramson eavesdrop on conversations at a furry convention, #ComicBookAMovie and make up British porn movie titles.
Jim Norton, Kristin Chenoweth, James Davis 2017x91
Jim Norton, Kristin Chenoweth and James Davis get texts from a butt-shaped iPhone, make up #HipsterBooks and answer questions about low-budget theater costumes.
Hal Rudnick, Andy Signore, Jenny Nicholson 2017x90
Hal Rudnick, Andy Signore and Jenny Nicholson of Screen Junkies find out what's upsetting "Doctor Who" fans, make "Game of Thrones" teen-friendly and list #ComicConFoods.
Kevin Durand, Ginger Gonzaga, Iman Shumpert 2017x89
Tonight's guests are Kevin Durand, Ginger Gonzaga, Iman Shumpert.
Penn Jillette, Teller, Arj Barker 2017x88
Penn Jillette, Teller and Arj Barker imagine how Nevada officials will deal with its weed shortage, offer tips to New York City commuters and list #RichMovies.
Howie Mandel, Mamrie Hart, David Koechner 2017x87
Howie Mandel, Mamrie Hart and David Koechner create campaign slogans for Pitbull, sing #CowSongs and make up modern SAT analogies.

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