Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas features five outrageous Bridezillas and their husbands living together in the same house for an extreme marriage boot camp in an effort to work out their marriage demons and answer the burning question - Is their marriage worth saving? Couples whose marriages are on a path to destruction undergo a two-week boot camp run by husband and wife counseling team, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, and rounded out by counselors Dana Hamman and David Bishop. During this intensive program, these four counselors go head to head with the bridezillas and their mates, putting them through a progressive series of strategic exercises and drills designed to get at the root of what’s destroying their marriages. In the end, couples are faced with the ultimate question: How do you stay married to a bridezilla? Add to my shows

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Family Edition: Episode 5 08x05

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Family Edition: Mama Don't Play 08x04
A Boot Camp Thanksgiving sparks family war when a brutal game of football underscores negative traits; Farrah takes a tumble while Paula gets put in a big time-out; Debra's secret erupts in her absence.
Family Edition: Another Brick in the Wall 08x03
The blame game hits the families like a ton of bricks in the fight to keep relationships afloat; cheaters pay the price when busted; Farrah and Debra's abuse issues erupt; Debra's big secret.
Family Edition: Close Your Coffin 08x02
A birthday bash takes a deadly turn; families say final goodbyes at a surprise funeral; Paula unleashes her rage while the Sorrentinos' loyal brotherhood destructs; Kendra faces her worst nightmare -- her mother.
Family Edition: Wreck the Halls 08x01
Four reality stars and their toxic family members check into Boot Camp as a last resort; after two years of silence, Kendra and Patti face off; a surprise holiday celebration sparks a brutal confrontation.
You Booze, You Lose 07x10
The cops are called when Joe destroys the house in a booze-fueled rage; dirty details from a wild night out are exposed and fuel a fight between Gabi and Victor; the final ring ceremony.
Lying in the Wait 07x09
What the Buck 07x08
Things ignite when the couples must forgive their own worst enemy; inner demons are exposed; Buck unleashes his temper; Joe flirts with another woman and Renee goes ballistic.
Joe Blows 07x07
I'm Too Sexy for My Dirt 07x06
Let Them Eat Pie 07x05
The stars dish out blame! When faced with a jury of their peers, harsh judgment comes crashing down. Bachelorette couple hits their breaking point.

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