On Lucky Dog, animal trainer Brandon McMillan's second home is the neighborhood animal shelter where he is determined to rescue hard-to-love, out-of control, untrained and unadoptable dogs. Then, back at Brandon's training facility known as the Lucky Dog Ranch, he embarks on the seemingly impossible task of turning the frightened pooches into perfect pets. In the end, a lucky family will adopt an even luckier dog, making each episode an adoption story that warms the heart. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Tank 04x26
Brandon enlists the help of a rescued black lab to provide service for a Navy veteran.
Where Are They Now? 04x25
Brandon and his lucky dog team join a local parade to raise awareness for animal rescue.
Frankie 04x24
A Beagle mix has an aversion to training due to a troubled past.
Evie 04x23
A chihuahua mix hopes to make a splash with a water-loving family, but she needs to learn balance and water safety first.
Nikki 04x22
Brandon helps a Wheaten Terrier mix that struggles with life outside of a cage prepare for life in the busy tourist town of Solvang, Calif.
Sebastian 04x21
While preparing a young husky for life with its new family, Brandon must make sure that this former escape artist can part ways with its bad habits to prevent additional repeat visits to the local shelter.
Arts & Entertainment 04x20
A spaniel mix named Bean and four other pets are trained to live in the world of arts and entertainmen
Foxy 04x19
A Tennessee brindle mix gets an opportunity to help a young girl struggling with anxiety.
Aussie 04x18
Brandon must help a golden retriever-collie mix overcome separation anxiety before it can be adopted into a new home.
Dakota 04x17
Brandon must help a malamute mix overcome its emotional issues before the dog can be used to help a teenager with anxiety.

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