Intervention is an American television reality show dealing with the struggles faced by many different kinds of addicts. Each episode follows one or two participants, each of whom has a substance dependence or other mentally and/or physically damaging problem. The subjects believe they are being filmed for a documentary on their problem, but their situations are actually being documented in anticipation of an intervention by family and/or friends. During the intervention, each participant is given an ultimatum: go into rehabilitation immediately, or risk losing contact, income, or other privileges from the loved ones who instigated the intervention. Often, other tactics are used to persuade the addicted person into treatment, which vary depending on the situation; some of these include threats to invoke outstanding arrest warrants, applying for custody of the addict's children, foreclosing on the addict's property, and break-up of marriages or other relationships. The producers usually follow up months later to monitor the addicted person's progress and film it for "follow-up" episodes of the series or for shorter "web updates" available on the show's website. Add to my shows

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Shiann G. 17x04

Latest episodes

Carrie E. 17x10
A promising, young boxer turns to drugs after losing an important fight and ends up living on the streets.
Erin / Joshua 17x09
A former rock 'n' roll groupie turns tricks to support her $1,700-a-week addiction to painkillers; a man turns to heroin to escape the memories of teenage traumas.
Joshua B. 17x03
A successful businessman who underwent back surgery develops a life-threatening addiction to pain pills and hand sanitizer.
Tanisha L. 17x02
A woman lives a dream life as an assistant to rap icon Snoop Dogg until the brutal murder of her fiance sends her spiraling into heroin addiction.
Katherine C. 17x01
A bright college student with dreams of becoming a journalist is abducted and brutally assaulted, causing her to become dependent on a dangerous mix of drugs to mask the trauma.
Robert 16x08
Jonel 16x07
Brian 16x06
Alicia D 16x05
Robert 16x04
Two sisters unite in an attempt to save the life of their younger brother, who has followed his mother's destructive path of drug abuse.

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