At the top of the world, in the coldest parts of North America, there is a whole trucking industry that most people had never heard of. Some communities and industries can only be reached for a few months each year, when rivers or seas freeze over. Ice Road Truckers features the activities of drivers who operate trucks on seasonal routes crossing frozen lakes and rivers in remote arctic territories in Canada and Alaska. Add to my shows

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Of Ice and Men 11x07

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A Bridge Too Far 11x06
A small convoy heads out with an oversized load; Lisa Kelly and Reno Ward's skills are tested by the treacherous journey; Art Burke attempts to navigate an ice road over a frozen lake; Alex Debogorski stops to help a stranded trucker.
The Son Rises 11x05
Polar Industries must deliver an oversized load hundreds of miles north on the winter roads; owner Mark Koyhaykewych recruits Lisa Kelly, then calls in Reno Ward, the 23-year-old son of the late Darrell Ward; a blizzard adds a new layer of danger.
Meltdown Blues 11x04
A blast of arctic air reopens the ice roads; Steph Custance falls victim to severe icing and winds up in a ditch; truckers set out to see if the newly reopened ice crossings are really ready for their big rigs.
Helter Melter 11x03
A sudden warm-up threatens to derail the ice road season; Art Burke faces scary and slick roads; Lisa Kelly is forced to ask her former boss for financial help; Alex Debogorski encounters a mystery man walking alone on an isolated winter road.
Jackknife Jeopardy 11x02
Lisa Kelly finds herself in a real jam after jackknifing her truck deep in the back-country; Alex Debogorski gets more than he bargained for when he falls through a patch of thin ice; Todd Dewey comes to the aid of a stranded trucker.
The Ice Is Right 11x01
The drivers are ready for what is forecast to be a cold and busy winter, but the tragic passing of legendary driver Darrell Ward leaves the drivers wondering who can take his place.
The Final Ride 10x10
The truckers in the historic four-truck convoy face fire and a thin crossing; after Art Burke's engine dies, he must travel back to Winnipeg with Alex Debogorski over a trail that destroys his truck.
The Convoy 10x09
As the end of the season nears, Mark Kohaykewych makes a deal with rivals Darrell Ward and Lisa Kelly to join forces for a four-truck convoy; Alex Debogorski must complete one of the longest trails; Art Burke's truck gives out on the ice.
Hell Nino 10x08
Todd Dewey must fix his truck or find himself stranded a hundred miles from the nearest town; Alex Debogorski confronts a creek in the middle of the road; Art Burke receives bad news; Lisa Kelly battles an ice crossing unlike any she's seen.
Into the Fire 10x07
On her first solo trip, Steph Custance braves one of the longest ice crossings on the map; Darrell Ward attempts a triple delivery in a single day; an engine fire stops Lisa Kelly in her tracks; Todd Dewey celebrates his birthday stuck on a road.

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