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Ingenious Inventors 08x06
In this week's episode mankind's most Ingenious Inventors are given the Horrible Histories treatment, as we take in everything from the invention of the wheel to the crisp, featuring the Gutenberg press, the man who invented both the dictionary (very successfully) and manned flight (less successfully), and the Greeks vs the Chinese battling as to which of them are History's best inventors.

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Heroic Heroes And Villainous Villains 08x05
This week Horrible Histories takes a look at the world's greatest Heroes and Villains: on the Heroic side, we've everything from Douglas Bader's frequent escapes to the first men on the moon and Martin Luther King Jr, whereas our more Villainous side contains Al Capone, Rameses the Great, and Steve Biceps brings us History's Deadly 60.
Atrocious Artists 08x04
A look at some of history's greatest artists, from the first images painted onto the walls of caves through to Chris Ofili's work with elephant poo. We discover the most stolen painting in history, how Picasso and Dali found innovative ways of paying for things without using money, the horror of painting people smiling, and see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Renaissance Artists help a lady in distress.
Ridiculous Romantics 08x03
Exceptional Explorers 08x02
Horrible Histories goes pear-shaped in an explorers special, meeting Christopher Columbus as he tries to teach a class that the world is indeed, shaped like a pear. On the strict instructions of Emperor Nero, some hapless Roman centurions are quite literally stuck in the mud, searching for the source of the Nile. And intrepid Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen has to dig his way out of the snow with a frozen poo. From the Vikings' first small steps on American soil, to humankind's first giant leaps on the moon, join Horrible Histories on this epic adventure.
Monstrous Musicians 08x01
Horrible Histories reveals history's most monstrous musicians. From the earliest screeches of the neanderthal, right through to Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar, Rattus Rattus guides us through the story of music making, even bumping into Simon Cowell at Beethoven's 'H Factor' audition. Starring Ryan Sampson and Gemma Whelan.
Horrible Histories Specials: The Grizzly Great Fire Of London 07x03
Staggering Storytellers 07x02
William Shakespeare 07x01
Savage Songs Special 06x15
A special episode of the historical sketch show, featuring songs from the series by King Alfred, Henry VIII, William the Conqueror and more.
It's a Wicked World Special 06x14
A special episode of the historical sketch show, featuring ghastly Genghis Khan, the wise Confucius and a dance-off during a naval battle!

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