Hollyoaks is a British soap opera on Channel 4. The drama follows the lives of a group of residents living in the fictional village of Chester. Add to my shows

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2017-06-27 23x127

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2017-06-26 23x126
2017-06-23 23x125
It's the school prom and Hunter tells Neeta how he feels, Lily is feeling self-conscious, while Tony and Diane offer some help. Myra gives Cleo advice but it doesn't go to plan.
2017-06-22 23x124
DS Armstrong is nearly caught by Tegan when up to his old tricks, and Marnie is overwhelmed when she receives some true kindness.
2017-06-21 23x123
Leela is caught off-guard, while Mac begs for another chance. Lily is shocked by Alfie's knowledge and Marnie reaches breaking point.
2017-06-20 23x122
Marnie receives some news about the Nightingales, while Zack is tricked again. Tegan and Misbah have a stressful encounter, and Neeta catches Lily up to no good.
2017-06-19 23x121
Lisa and Tegan begin plotting together, while Marnie confides in Myra that she is furious with Mac again. Meanwhile, Lily is struggling to cope with school work.
16/06/2017 23x120
Darren finds out that Ryan has set Kyle up, while Neeta, Hunter and Alfie are organising the school ball in Jade's honour. Alfie helps Marnie and Mac work on their relationship.
15/06/2017 23x119
Ryan tries to talk to a drunken Mercedes but she just wants to be left alone. Lily is alarmed by Scott, and Darren pressurises Kyle. Meanwhile, family problems continue for the Nightingales when they find out that Nathan's headstone is ready.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x118
Myra asks Esther for a job at The Bean and Mercedes confronts Ryan. Meanwhile, Lily has a check-up at the hospital and Tom worries about her later at the fete.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x117
Mercedes and Diane come across some video footage taken by Scott and are stunned by what they discover.

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