Hollyoaks is a British soap opera on Channel 4. The drama follows the lives of a group of residents living in the fictional village of Chester. Add to my shows

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2017-05-23 23x102
Hunter gets the wrong end of the stick when he sees Sally and Neeta talking. And Neeta makes a fatal move that could have big consequences.

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2017-05-22 23x101
Cleo and Joel share a moment as Prince and Hunter celebrate their birthday. There's some miscommunication between Hunter and Neeta, and the teens take a road trip to remember.
2017-05-19 23x100
James pressurises Marnie to continue with their revenge against Mac. Joel is struggling to cope and loses his cool during a talk at Hollyoaks High. Yasmine's lie is starting to catch up with her.
#MacNightingale 23x99
Leela and Zack have some explaining to do after Cindy's latest scheme. Yasmine has a new love interest in her sights, but quickly feels out of her depth. Marnie wonders whether she and James have gone too far, while Tom prepares for his driving test.
#TheNightingales 23x98
The Nightingales panic when Mac collapses. Cindy comes up with a plan to humiliate Simone, and Joel throws Cleo's help back in her face.
#JoelsGuilt 23x97
Zack gives Leela an ultimatum, while Simone thinks she's found someone more appropriate for her son to date. Cindy returns from holiday and immediately locks horns with political rival Simone. James and Marnie's plan could be about to unravel.
#JoelsGuilt 23x96
Joel returns, but Warren and Cleo are worried about his behaviour. Grace uses Goldie to get revenge on Warren, but Goldie is intrigued by something she overhears at The Loft.
#CourtneyCampbell 23x95
Nick is forced to defend himself again, but will anyone believe him? Neeta confronts Hunter after Prince's revenge. Jesse is worried about some unwanted interest in the salon.
#ShanesBack 23x94
Neeta is caught up in Shane's scam, and Hunter becomes a victim of Prince's revenge. Darcy targets Goldie in a bid to get Jesse back on her side. Tegan is stunned by harsh words from Nick.
#MadamsWedding 23x93
Nick makes a decision but finds it difficult to resist further temptation. Prince, Hunter and Shane break into the school but are trapped when Louis arrives.
#MadamsWedding 23x92
Hunter and Prince are shocked when their dad Shane returns. Zack's romantic surprise ends in a trip to the hospital, while Tegan gives Nick an ultimatum about their relationship.

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