Narrated by award-winning actress Lynn Whitfield, the series explores the devastating consequences when all-consuming romantic passion erupts with such intensity that ordinary people commit unthinkable and criminal acts in the name of love. Driven by powerful real-life stories, Fatal Attraction weaves together intimate first person interviews, evocative cinematography, and exclusive interrogation footage. Each episode opens with a shocking crime and then flashes back through reenactments to the beginning of the incident providing viewers a glimpse into the dark heart of a dangerous romance. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Devils Amongst Us 07x06
When 20-year-old honor student Cathy Torrez doesn't return to her Southern California home after her shift at a local drugstore, her mother immediately suspects something is amiss. But it's not until her body is found a week later that police begin to dig into her private life, looking at boyfriends past and present, in hopes of finding a killer.
Deadly Obsession 07x05
Twisted Affair 07x04
After 23-year-old Trudie Hall vanishes, scandals simmer to the surface, leading to multiple theories about what really happened to her.
Campus Crisis 07x03
Ardena Carter's life resembles a fairy tale, but when she vanishes, the community must band together and find her before they lose her forever.
Hotel Horror 07x02
When a couple disappears from their hotel room, detectives find hidden deceit and malevolence that will end in a tragic investigation.
The Eye Of The Storm 07x01
An assailant guns down a pastor, devastating his wife; detectives need to solve two decades worth of bloody secrets.
Southside Serial Killer 06x25
D.C. Disappearance 06x24
Night Terror 06x23
When police officer Crystal Parker is found shot to death in her bed, the entire town of East Point, Georgia is stunned.
Stabbed in the Back 06x22
A family's worst nightmare becomes a reality when a loving husband and father is attacked in the dead of the night. After the brutal stabbing of Damario Morris, his wife tries to protect their children from the horrible truth, but as the facts of the case emerge, nothing can shield them from the truth.

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