Chronicling the adventures of Dr. Chris Brown, Dr. Chris Pet Vet gives viewers unique insights into the life of one of the world's busiest vets and the animals to whom he's devoted his life. For those animals that require special services, Dr. Chris calls on his good friend and colleague Dr. Lisa Chimes, who works at an animal hospital specializing in unique animal care. Each episode of "Dr. Chris Pet Vet" delivers not only a carefully crafted mix of human and animal interest stories, but also features a variety of animals undergoing a range of medical procedures from elective surgery to highly advanced medical procedures. Add to my shows

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Courageous Kitty 05x01
Dr. Chris treats an abandoned kitten with extensive injuries before finding her a new home.

Latest episodes

Tiny Smiles 04x26
Dr. Chris tends to the dog of an inspirational 7-year-old who suffers from a brittle bone disease; a 6-year-old aspiring vet helps Dr. Lisa diagnose her listless puppy named Jelly.
17-Foot-Long Monsters 04x25
Dr. Chris treats a 17-foot-long crocodile with a wounded snout; a large scrub python concerns a neighborhood.
The Heart of the Matter 04x24
A small dog has a heart murmur; a giant alligator named Elvis needs treatment.
The Singing Dalmatian 04x23
Pluto the singing Dalmatian has lost his voice, and Dr. Chris fears that the cause may be sinister; a snake needs to have a piece of scale removed.
Flying Problems 04x22
Dr. Chris helps at the local bat hospital where a micro-bat is covered in mysterious goo; a 6-year-old aspiring vet helps diagnose Dr Lisa's listless puppy; a wild currawong arrives at the clinic with a wooden skewer through its wing.
Unusual Pets 04x21
A young family prepares for the challenges of owning a mini pig; an orphaned lamb that was adopted by a loving Dalmation; a dog with a skateboarding obsession.
The Tooth Fairy 04x20
A young dog suffers from a rare brittle bone disorder; a shorthaired pointer can't walk normally; an alligator named Horse.
Snoopy & Sunny 04x19
A Jack Russell terrier suffers strange attacks; a baby sun conure parrot damages his leg in a crash landing.
Lumpy Jaw 04x18
Dr. Chris is called to help a kangaroo with a nasty lump under its chin; Dr. Lisa tries to help save dogs affected by deadly ticks.
Take Care 04x17
A prized cheetah at a safari park has stopped eating; an animal is injured after being jumped on by one of its teenage owners

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