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The Doctor Falls 10x12

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World Enough and Time 10x11
The Eaters of Light 10x10
The Doctor, Bill, and Nardole travel to Scotland in the distant past to learn what happened to the Ninth Legion.They soon discover an alien creature stalking the woods, and the gate that must remain guarded no matter what.
Empress of Mars 10x09
The Doctor and Bill end up stranded on Mars investigating how a 19th century message appeared on the 21st century Mars. They find Victorian soldiers... invading an ancient Ice Warrior hive.
The Lie of the Land 10x08
Bill finds herself in a world that is ruled by the Monks, and has always believed that the Monks have been there to guide humanity and defend it. Worse, the Doctor is working with the Monks to solidify their rule.
The Pyramid at the End of the World 10x07
The Monks materialize a 5,000-year-old pyramid as a threat, and then demand the consent of Earth's leaders to save the planet from imminent destruction.
Extremis 10x06
Oxygen 10x05
The Doctor takes Billy and Nardole to a space station in the future in response to a distress call. They discover that 36 of the 40 crew members are dead... but their suits aren't.
Knock Knock 10x04
Bill and her mates receive an offer to move into an old house at a price they can't refuse. However, they soon discover that the price is much higher than promised.
Thin Ice 10x03
The Doctor takes Billy to the Great Frost Fair on the Thames in 1814... and they discover that something is living beneath the ice. Something huge, and hungry.
Smile 10x02
For her first proper trip, the Doctor takes Billy to a colony in the future. They discover that the skeleton crew has been wiped out, and a terrible fate awaits the awakening colonists unless they do something.

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