From the outside, families seem like harmonious units in loving homes. But you don't necessarily know what secrets families are hiding from the outside world. This series, narrated by actress Brenda Strong, explores families hiding the most extreme of family secrets: murder. Each episode of "Blood Relatives" explores a death in a family, unraveling the motives of the family members, all of whom are potential suspects -- and potential victims. Sibling rivalries, disputes over family businesses and infidelity are some of the factors that lead to the families' ultimate betrayals. Add to my shows

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Burning Love 06x03

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A Deadly Education 06x02
Bloody Valentine 06x01
Clash of the Tartans 05x10
The Four Horsemen 05x09
Children of the Scorn 05x08
Darkness Before Don 05x07
Axe to Grind 05x06
In Montgomery, Ala., high society plays host to an uninvited party guest; murder is on the menu when one family's distrust and finger pointing lead detectives on a cross-country trek for a killer.
Rocking the Cradle 05x05
In Honesdale, Pa., a family copes with teen pregnancy, addiction and heartache, then someone from the past stirs the pot to bring about a murder.
All Tied Up and Nowhere to Go 05x04
In Orange County, Calif., a fortunate family's luck runs out when murder comes knocking.
Death is in the Heir 05x03
In Little Washington, N.C., old money combines with a get-rich-quick attitude to put a family in jeopardy.

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